The RPS Bargain Bucket: Glitzy High

As I do every weekend, I’ve been searching far and wide for the best deals on digitally distributed games for your PCs, and there seems to be some great deals around right now. Avoid missing any of the best deals this weekend by reading on for my highlights of which discounts are most worth your attention, and head to for an always updated record of the best deals on all platforms.

Back to the Future: The Game, Cargo Commander, Dungeon Hearts & Pid – £3.59/€4.27/$5.56
Price will fluctuate over time as detailed here. Registers on Steam.
I’ve not yet played any of these, but here’s what Mr Meer thought of the first episode of Back to the Future: The Game:

while broadly the license suits the genre, the short-form nature and established tech of this particular adventure game episode impose critical limitations. The game’s very much at its best in terms of aesthetic design – that music, those voices, and to some extent the stylised, toonish art, but most of all in the good-natured characterwork and nostalgic nods. Without any of that, this episode might seem almost as non-corporeal as Marty’s vanishing hand during the first movie’s climactic stage scene.

More here.
There’s also going to be three other games added to this bundle at some point. Dunno what they are though.

Tomb Raider – £12/€20/$20
I started playing this the other day. I don’t think it makes a particularly strong first impression. Everything is very automated early on, there’s a lot of mashing buttons when the game tells you to mash buttons, lots of holding forwards, there’s a couple of action sequences where you dodge left and right like on that iPhone game about a temple, sometimes you shoot some men and get an experience bonus if you shoot them in the head. Then sometimes you ‘find’ a secret tomb, which you know is a secret tomb because you get a “SECRET TOMB NEARBY” notification on your HUD when you walk past it, and there is a doorway with loads of arrows pointing towards it. There’s some very pretty bits, and the characters and setting are fairly interesting, but it feels like the game is playing me more than I am playing the game. I’ve heard conflicting reports over how much better it gets. I think I’ll stick with it. Read John’s thoughts here, and more RPS words over here.

Max Payne 3 – £6.24/€7.49/$9.99
Pretty decent price for this highly cinematic game about a man trying to fight alcohol and criminals, and often losing to both. Jim says this:

The gilded hand of Rockstar is visible in almost everything. The barrelling back and forth between corrupt, glitzy high society and grimy, glittery low-life criminality. The cutscenes that ache to be true cinema, the humour in the media-baiting ultraviolence. Of course it lacks the trademark open-worldiness of their original games. There’s the occasional open area to run around in, but this is a firmly story-driven conveyor belt of gun-action. But we shouldn’t expect anything else from this gangster gun-ballet sequel. Everything in the single-player part of the game is Payne through the filter of Rockstar: Gritty, funny, horrible.

More here. It’s got a killer soundtrack.

Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box – £2.49
I’m not sure if this discount is available anywhere other than the UK. It’s not uncommon for Origin to have region specific pricing/discounts.
Criterion’s brilliant game about driving cars around and smashing them into things. Jim put it this way:

There’s no hidden agenda here, just caricatured automotive ultra-violence. Some folks have suggest that the lack of a circuit-based, here-to-there kind of racing model means the game doesn’t pull you in, but I reject that. As soon as you’ve found the beat of doing event after event, you have no problem with forward momentum. Collecting cars, beating the various events – which include staying on the road as other cars try to take you down, mad stunt routes, waypoint-driven tours around the cityscape, as well as straightforward races – it’s a well-punctuated progression, allowing little sideshows of car-swapping housekeeping and exploration between the events. Hurtling off the given route and still thundering your way into the lead makes for brilliant racing, particularly when the last few moments of a race are a wheel-grinding chariot-race to the line.

Read the rest here.

Deal of the week
Crazy Taxi, Jet Set Radio, NiGHTs into Dreams, SEGA Bass Fishing, Sonic Adventure DX, Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Generations & Space Channel 5: Part 2 – £9.68/€11.51/$14.99
This is from Amazon US so you’ll need to enter a US billing address. Jet Set Radio, NiGHTs into Dreams, Sonic Adventure 2 & Sonic Generations register on Steam.
Here’s a fairly large slice of Sega history, mostly consisting of a variety of Dreamcast ports that have gradually creeped onto the PC in recent years. On top of the straight ports of Dreamcast games, there’s the excellent NiGHTs remake, originally released for the PS2 in Japan only, it’s now had a PC release that looks fantastic at higher resolutions. Also included is Sonic Generations, which will allow you to play the Sonic Unleashed mod if you feel like it. Worth the price of admission, I think, and Amazon usually give you individual Steam keys if you want to split this with someone.

Also of note:
Crow, Darkout, Death Ray Manta, Draconian Wars, Enamel, Gravi, Grimind, Ichi & Little Racers STREET – £3.39/€4.03/$5.25
Get Loaded 2 for £15 promotion, featuring Sonic All-Stars Racing: Transformed, LEGO Lord Of The Rings, Civilization V Gold Edition, Sleeping Dogs & more.
The Cave – £3.23/€4.20/$4.85. Apply coupon “”. Registers on Steam.
The Basement Collection – 86p/€1.14/$1.14. Apply coupon “”.
Defense Grid: The Awakening – £1.74/€2.24/$2.49
Decent selection of games for 50% off at GOG.

More even more cheap games, you can always find the latest discounts over at


  1. Carra says:

    Tomb Raider shows as €25 to me. And it also shows “Out of Stock”.

    How a digital game can run out of stock is a mystery to me.

    • FriendlyFire says:

      Stores infrequently will run out of serial keys. GMG is particularly bad with that.

    • Vandelay says:

      I think the price Lewie is giving above is after you use a voucher, which he has forgotten to provide. It is normally on the front page, but it isn’t there at the mo. I did find GMG20-GGN5D-FC3NA in the “Complete Packs Week” page, but not sure if that will work on a game that is not in that particular sale. It just says “20% off selected games.”

  2. SkittleDiddler says:

    Regarding Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box — I’m an American who got his copy a couple years ago from EA’s European store by using a proxy service and a fake EA account. It runs fine on my system and even registered with my Origin client. Maybe that process will work for others here.

    • Deadly Sinner says:

      While I can’t be bothered to go through all of that for a game I have already played a bunch of, I find it interesting that every EA discount of the game is only available in the UK.

      • laodongkuaile says:

        Yes you’ll get them if you buy it now, no idea what they are going to be though.

  3. whatisvalis says:

    Anyone seen a good deal on Xcom?


    Seems Greenman have a weird combo on offer

    XCOM Enemy Unknown & NBA 2K13 Pack

    $16.24 with code GMG20-GGN5D-FC3NA

    • ShineyBlueShoes says:

      That is a weird combo but an excellent price if you’re interested in both games.

    • Jhoosier says:

      They had it in a combo pack with Bioshock Infinite as a preorder. I got it and have been playing that rather than Bioshock this weekend.

  4. drdss says:

    Max Payne 3 is showing as £12.49 (50% of £24.99) not £6.24 (50% of £12.49) for me. Anyone get the price listed above?

    • Malibu Stacey says:

      It was only up at that price until 18:00 today as the Max Payne franchise was the daily deal on Friday in the Rockstar weekend.

  5. MondSemmel says:

    Any opinions by RPSers on the games in the Groupees bundle, specifically Darkout, Gravi, Crow and Draconian Wars?
    And what about the new DLC/expansion for Defense Grid?

    EDIT: Beware of the SEGA Dreamcast ports! Check out e.g. the Steam forums to know what you are getting into.

    • Eight Rooks says:

      No idea about the rest of the bundle, but Crow was laughably bad on iThings. Some neat lighting effects and the soundtrack was okay, but otherwise it was a horrendously amateurish rail-shooter – bland level design, horrible modelling and animation, tedious shooting and a godawful multi-stage final boss that had an unskippable three-minute intro. Absolutely terrible, and you’d have to pay me to get me to play it again. I love the genre when it’s done right – Panzer Dragoon Orta is one of my favourite games of all time – but this pretty much had nothing to make me recommend it.

    • lomaxgnome says:

      Draconian Wars is a good variant in the CCG genre, though it doesn’t play like Magic/Pokemon, so it may seem confusing (reminds me of the old Star Wars CCG mechanics wise). It isn’t terribly deep but will offer some variety of play for a dollar. Darkout is trying to be a decent looking Terraria clone; it was a horrible system hog graphics wise for me, and the graphics aren’t nearly impressive enough to explain or justify it. Also still seems quite buggy.

    • rohsiph says:

      Defense Grid Awakening is definitely worth it if you enjoyed the base game. It’s a true expansion, in that it’s not quite as long as a true sequel ought to be and doesn’t add much that’s truly new, but, like the Portal expansion, includes some interesting texture reskins and imaginative new rules in the levels. Unlike the Portal expansion, the story, dare I say, kind of resonates . . . and even has Alan Tudyk (Firefly, now Suburgatory) in a small bit.

      About the only thing that disappoints me about their whole project is how much of an uphill battle it looks like they’re having to fight to make their actual true sequel. I had thought everyone loved Defense Grid, and then they just barely managed to kickstart Awakening. But I enjoyed it . . . and it may not seem like it’s adding all that many levels, but each has multiple challenge modes. I sunk an additional 20 hours into it, and didn’t quite finish getting gold on everything.

    • Guzzleguts says:

      It’s not the fantastic bundle that the 1st build a greenlight was, is it?
      I went for Darkout and Enamel even though they appear quite similar. They’re both alright but I think I’ll wait for a few updates before playing properly.

  6. x1501 says:

    GreenManGaming also has a Steam key for Lara Croft And The Guardian Of Light for $3 (with the voucher). The game is said to be a competent and fun co-op adventure and almost never goes on sale on Steam.

    • lordcooper says:

      Ity goes on sale pretty often: link to

    • Universal Hamster says:

      Its more than competent. Its actually one of the very best Tomb Raider games. No-one was more surprised than me when it turned out to be so.

      • Wedge says:

        I think when it comes down to it, it may be my favourite game involving Lara Croft of all time, especially when you consider it’s basically two full versions of the game in one (since all the levels get reworked for playing co-op).

  7. Mac says:

    Is it just me or is te Bucket being posted later and later each Saturday? It used to be live in the morning didn’t it?

  8. malkav11 says:

    It really irritates me that Indieroyale has suddenly decided to obscure half of this bundle’s contents. Hi guys. I can’t tell if your bundle represents anything I want to buy unless I know what’s in it.

    In this particular case, of the four listed items I own three already and the fourth costs less than the bundle by a couple of bucks. So, if the other three items are things I either have or don’t care about (quite likely but not necessarily the case), then the bundle would be a complete waste of money.

    • Triplanetary says:

      Meh, Indie Royale burned through all the great indie games after the first few bundles.

      • malkav11 says:

        There’s been good stuff in almost every one of them, the problem being that much of the time I already own some or all of the above because the games have turned up in other bundles or gone on massive independent sale.

        • Liudeius says:

          Not really. They always make sure to have a single reasonable game, and then the rest is a waste of time and money (considering the caliber of most games today).
          Perhaps with the exception of that “best games” bundle which took a few of those single reasonable games from previous bundles and combined them.

          • malkav11 says:

            A matter of taste, I suppose. Almost every Indie Royale bundle I’ve looked at has had at least two-three games that are either critically well-regarded or I can personally vouch for being quality, sometimes significantly more than that, and some of them originally went for far more than the four or five bucks the bundle would have gone for. I’ve skipped a number of them but that’s usually because I already had the standout games in it and the second rank stuff was e.g. an abstract shooter that I have no possible interest in.

            It’s certainly been a much more regularly interesting proposition than, say, Indie Gala (which routinely scrapes the bottom of the barrel or offers a few tepid AA games that have been on sale a thousand and one times.), and for my tastes tends to be more exciting than the Humble Bundle as well, not because Humble Bundle games aren’t generally quality, but rather because they’re so well known and well regarded that I usually have long since acquired them by the time the Humble Bundle gets around to including them.

    • ShineyBlueShoes says:

      I actually liked the first few bundles they did where it was four games and then they added two or three bonus games later on. Same principle though the presentation is less appealing this way.

      • Makai says:

        How does it work exactly? if i buy the bundle now, will i get the 3 other “bonus” games? or i need to wait until they are revealed?

        • Shadowcat says:

          If you buy now, you’ll get everything that gets added subsequently.

          (Can you imagine the outrage from their customers if that wasn’t how it worked?)

  9. PsychoWedge says:

    Hm, Tomb Raider is a game that plays the gamer more then the gamer plays the game but Max Payne 3 just “lacks the trademark open-worldiness of their original games” and is a story driven shootery shooter so we shouldn’t expect anything else?

    50% of MP3 are cutscenes and everything cool happens in those. The actual game is shooting around in tiny rooms and tiny corridors for barely two minutes before you watch another two minute long cutscene. I still maintain that the cutscenes take up more time then the gaming bits on the lowest difficulty level. I never tried it though because I barely made it through the game in the first place because it was so tedious. Talk about a game that lacks every imaginable drop of flow… xD

    • SkittleDiddler says:

      Max Payne 3 is a horrible, horrible game and I wouldn’t suggest it to anyone, especially Max Payne fans. It literally encapsulates everything I despise about modern console-ported PC games.

  10. LTK says:

    Nuuvem lets you choose 3 games out of 15 for $15. There are a lot of great titles in there. Just be sure to get Google to translate the page, because everything’s in Brazilian. That’s why they’re so cheap.

    • tossrStu says:

      For anyone that’s interested, I checked the product pages on the site and the following games register on Steam, while the rest are either Origin, Uplay etc. or the product pages don’t state anything.

      Dead Island
      Deus Ex: HR
      Mount & Blade Collection
      Just Cause 2
      Dungeon Siege III
      Tropico 4 Gold

      • The Random One says:

        They only sell Steamworks games through Steam keys. Those the product pages don’t say anything probably are direct downloads.

      • GasToad says:

        Does that Dungeon Siege III come with the first 2?

        • malkav11 says:

          Dungeon Siege III is not generally sold with the previous two games unless you buy it directly on Steam. At best you might get it with its DLC. Of course, Dungeon Siege III is about ten times better than either previous game in the franchise, so you’re not missing that much.

  11. Makai says:

    does anyone know when the other 3 games from the indie royale will be revelead? and do you get them if you buy the bundle now?

    • ShineyBlueShoes says:

      Yes you’ll get them if you buy it now, no idea what they are going to be though.

  12. lordkrekt says:

    not sure if it registers with steam but Just cause 2 is $3.75 on the square enix online store
    link to

  13. LionsPhil says:

    Sim City 4 Deluxe just went on very cheap sale on Steam, too.

    • TechnicalBen says:

      Yep. £2.50 here. Get it!
      It’s worth twice that easily. Or more. :P
      Also at that price you can get it for a TF2 hat. :D

    • LionsPhil says:

      Ah, the joys of reading EULAs:

      12. Injunctive Relief. You agree that a breach of this License will cause irreparable injury to EA for which monetary damages would not be an adequate remedy and EA shall be entitled to seek equitable relief in addition to any remedies it may have hereunder or at law without a bond, other security or proof of damages.

      Given I only get to see this after the irreversable purchase is completed, I kind of doubt this has much force over here.

      • Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

        a breach of this License will cause irreparable injury to EA for which monetary damages would not be an adequate remedy

        Ah, the old “life of your first-born will also be forfeit” clause. If you don’t have a first-born, they’ll wait.

      • fish99 says:

        EA needs to die.