A Planetside 2 Wish Comes True

Remember a while back I posted Six Things I’d like to see in Planetside 2? Well, one of them just got ticked off the list. The two-man Harasser buggy is happening, soon. Except it’s three-man, now. It’s Happiness Day at Rossignol Towers. See it in action below.

Yeah, this is going to define PS2 for me, I think. Exactly the sort of hit-and-run stuff I enjoy is now possible with this and with flashes. Perfect.

The harasser was – although only two man and unable to carry a MAX suit like this new beast – my vehicle of choice in the original game. Many happy hours were spent hunting parked galaxies with my chum James – who is now helping me make Sir, You Are Being Hunted.


  1. Rob Lang says:

    Isn’t the map better too? Or are you waiting for the new lattice system (also in test) before you tick that off?

    • AshRolls says:

      Yup even more important incoming update is the updates to the map with a new hex system. This should drastically improve the flow of battle and stop all the pointless ghost capping. See this screenshot for a good visual overview… link to planetside-universe.com

      and this article …

      link to themittani.com

      PS2 is really shining now with the alerts system too, loving it :)

      • buzzmong says:

        Just as a point of discussion, but you like the alert system?

        You don’t find it utterly horrible that it just causes a mass rush of most of the players to a single continent, which due to player volume, simply promotes the zerg even further?

        That’s my experience with alerts, as if you try and branch out from the zerg, you either run headlong into one (or both) of the enemy ones, or even with a decent squad and managing to avoid the zerg, you don’t have enough to actually cap a point, thanks to the sheer amount of players around to put up defences.

        It also has a terrible affect on the other continents as well, they become ghost towns, often with a single good squad rampaging around and not enough players to stop them or the fly boys simply locking down the entire map with their rocket pods.

        • AshRolls says:

          That’s the opposite of my alerts experience, and the alerts have generally being received positively by the ps2 community! I find the alerts provide fantastic battles, with real co-ordination happening between the outfits, a sense of purpose and urgency to the combat, and large scale combat on Esamir and Amerish actually happening instead of the usual Indar shenanigans!

          I haven’t had problems finding decent combat outside of the main zerg rollovers during alerts, it seems to just widen the battlefront across the whole front-line causing less of the pointless ghost-capping.

          Perhaps you are overestimating the effect that 12 men should be able to have on the map as a whole? However even then there should be plenty you can achieve if you choose your targets wisely.

  2. godofdefeat says:

    Ok, this might be something to get me back to PS2.

  3. Greg Wild says:

    I can see myself having an absolute heap of fun with this one. It was easily my favorite play style in PS1.

  4. zaik says:

    it’s a shame that they disabled the zero gravity part of the boost on the harasser. that was the best part of the entire vehicle.

    also link to youtubedoubler.com

  5. Larington says:

    One of my outfit mates recorded playtime on the test server through twitch TV’s auto recording functionality so you can see more extensive play time here: link to twitch.tv

    We experimented with different top loadouts and eventually settled on the halberd being the best for most peoples usage (And likely to only cost 250 cert points to access unless they change that value).

    (You’ll see more focused harasser play from about 30/35 minutes in when Nyct & I squad up)

  6. motherpuncher says:

    Can’t wait to see what the Giraffes can pull with this thing.

  7. ScubaMonster says:

    Just started playing PS2 and love the game.

  8. rockman29 says:

    I keep forgetting this is one of the reasons why I want a new PC… I’ve only bought RAM so far… XD

  9. hotmaildidntwork says:

    So do vehicle weapons work like infantry weapons, where you can unlock a weapon on one vehicle and have the same weapon be unlocked on all vehicles? The buggy seems to share a number of weapons with the MBTs. . .

    • Surlywombat says:

      No, sadly not.

      • hotmaildidntwork says:

        I thank you for your willingness to bring me this ill news. In recognition of your bravery I will shift my wrath to the *next* messenger I see.

  10. cunningmunki says:

    Can you switch off the chat box on the HUD yet? I just couldn’t play with that thing obscuring my view.

  11. AnotherGamingEnglishman says:

    Do yourselves a favour and be sure to watch that video on YouTube; the annotations are charming.

  12. AaronLee says:

    Spaaaace Murica!

    Edit: Yes, that was the most salient thing I took away from this.