Eve Tenth Anniversary ‘Origins’ Video Is Nebulous

With Eve‘s consolebox tie-in Dust 514 appearing soon – and persistently defying sense with its failure to appear on PC (I give it six months before a PC announcement) – as well as the tenth anniversary of the game looming, CCP have started ramping up Eve things. One such promotional moment is a new video (below) which charts the origin on the Eve universe, as well as its future. It’s fascinating to see the game poised to expand into other dimensions of play, and it certainly has covered some distance in that decade.

Makes you wonder if it really could make it another ten.


  1. kyrieee says:

    They should promote the game with this instead: link to youtube.com

    Seriously though, CCP make some of the best trailers but I don’t think we’ll get quite those level of graphics for another decade.

    • hotmaildidntwork says:

      I’ve always held that they were far better at trailers than they were at gameplay. Pulled me into Eve more than once, only to have me fall back out again a couple of months later. >_>

    • mandrill says:

      The trailers are _all_ made with in game(s) assets in the game’s engine. While some of the animations and action is out of kilter with how it actually happens in game (ships flying in formation, two avatars in the same room etc), the textures and models used are straight from the engine. CCP have a specially adapted client called Jessica which all the trailers are made in. So, we _can_ have graphics of that fidelity in our game, now.

      As an aside I’m slightly more dubious about the TV series now that I’ve heard its not going to be done in the same way and will have live actors not all CGI.

      • jellydonut says:

        Sure, you can have nice graphics in Eve, but no one actually plays the game in a way where you can see it.

        This game isn’t about shiny graphics, that’s not the appeal, but I guess when they have the capability they will market it that way.

        And hey, people who get trials and run missions for two weeks will at least see pretty spaceships and effects before they decide they’re going to quit because missions fucking suck.

        • doublethink says:

          I think its fair to mention with the huge success of Star Citizen people spoke quite loudly with their wallets that they want a Space Sim with graphics that push the current PC Gen tech much father than what CCP has done. The economy and complexity of the world they created is unmatched and will likely remain that way as they keep adding to it. That said, I think competition in the genre many called dead is wonderful.

          That’s all I’m saying.

    • stkaye says:

      Can someone explain to me exactly what I’m seeing happen in this video?

      • kyrieee says:

        The purple icons are Stealth Bombers that are decloaking in waves and launching dumb bombs (the very small white brackets) into large fleets of enemy ships (larger white and yellow brackets). The blue and white lights are ships dying :P. It’s one of the few AoE weapons in EVE, they’re very hard to use effectively but when someone does entire fleets can evaporate in seconds, like in this movie.

  2. msing says:

    Impressive, really am looking toward the TV show.

    Kinda wish EVE evolves madly… fps support for walking inside ships, cockpit view dogfights, and of course boarding/ on ship combat for dust. Basically for the two to become the same game.

    • Lev Astov says:

      Oh heck yeah, I want any space game to have boarding. Eve would be the best, though. I’d fly a marine frigate full of Dust players and try to latch on to enemy battleships so the marines could try to disable their systems.

    • mandrill says:

      You saw EVR right?

      • Didden says:

        Big difference between EVR and that actually being in EVE. I’m not holding my breath.

    • Cinek says:

      ” fps support for walking inside ships, cockpit view dogfights, and of course boarding/ ” – You are looking for Star Citizen.

  3. Bostec says:

    Not sure about the new expansion coming, well I say expansion, they are not really expanding much, more like updating. And there is not much that sounds good for us hi sec bears. ill wait till the full notes comes out and then consider the sub I think.

    • Apocalypse says:

      The new exploration in odyssey looks very promising, the old system with combat inferfering with your exploration was super annoying for single account use, the new system and the whole focus on exploration seems like something that works for nearly all players of eve.

  4. Calculon says:

    I played EVE for years, and had/have 5 characters, some of which are very impressive SP wise. Billions in the bank, and lucrative trade etc, but the problem with EVE has always been three fold for me (the last of which is no longer an issue based on the update patterns Im seeing now):
    1) Takes way too much of my time
    2) Nothing twitch based at all, it gets boring to just click modules and watch the statistical fight ensue
    3) CCP’s inability to actually complete ANYTHING – they always half roll out something that is full of issues and never go back to update/fix/resolve issues. With the last two updates – this has changed quite a bit and Im glad to see that they are finally getting around to major balance issues

    • mandrill says:

      I too have played EVE for years and am currently on an approximately 18 month break and I totally get where you’re coming from. EVE is expanding though and there will be other avenues to access the same universe (Dust for example, EVR for another more nebulous one that might or might not actually see commercial production) With Jon Lander (CCP Unifex, was exec producer of EVE) moving on to do stuff with mobile applications the avenues for playing in New Eden are going to multiply.

      I can see how the EVE point of access to New Eden can be off-putting, and as my last 18 months have demonstrated I’m sure there are loads of people that would love to explore the universe, just not in the way’s provided at the moment. I love New Eden, and there’s a special place in my heart for the EVE client, but more, and different, ways to look at the universe might allow me to find a client that I can engage more with and get more out of New Eden from.

    • Rufustan says:

      I’m another one in a similar boat, played for years, between my 2 characters got to have something like 120-130 million SP, but left for the same sort of reasons. I gave up on most combat about 18 months before I quit, because of lack of the feeling of any real control of a fight, and focused on industry.

      Finally gave up the game a couple of years ago, when I realised I was building checklists for each night’s play, and they were longer than the ones for my day job.

      On the other hand, its the only MMO I’ve played that I still think ‘one day I’ll go back’. Its a shame that most modern MMOs take away the sense of risk that is at the heart of Eve.

    • TimMc says:

      I played Eve for 5 years before quitting for the first reason, so I can see where you are coming from. Its thoroughly engrossing and you find yourself draw in constantly, so only way I could get my life on track was to drop it completely.

      Combat is very twitch based when you play in small fights though, or in small ships. Thats were the game shines – 5v5 engagements between roaming gangs where everyone knows eachother and has a specific role. However these engagements are hard to get since no one wants to risk losing in a game that bitch slaps you for doing so.

  5. Kazegami says:

    It’d be nice if we had an RPS corp running nicely in Eve.