The One Who Blocks: Great LEGO: Breaking Bad Fanfilm

Meth. Not even once.
If the LEGO: [Insert Popular Culture Icon] series has been a bit too cute for you, then animator Brian Anderson has the perfect solution. Solution as in chemistry. Chemistry as in a bit of the plot of Breaking Bad. Breaking Bad as in he’s made a brilliant animation that shows just what BB would look like if Traveller’s Tales crammed it into their giant LEGO mould. It is perfect.

Warning: as cute as it is, it does contain spoilers for the first four seasons. Clicky if you have seen it, or if you just don’t care.

The bit I’m talking about is where Jesse and Walter have to rebuild their mobile meth den by collecting all the scattered LEGO pieces, then press A to cook up some delicious meth. It is a pivotal scene in the show and I’m flabbergasted that he dared to ruin it for everyone. Actually, the details are superb and subtle, but there are spoilers in the wonderfully observed character selection menu, as well as a scene ripped right from the end of season 3. The rest is magnificent LEGO gold that has nothing to do with Walter White’s journey to drugs kingpin, and everything to do with car crashing, minifig smashing, and meth collecting.

I wonder if there’s a meta commentary on the LEGO game’s addictiveness, here? Am I even allowed to say that? What about this: LEGO: more addictive than meth.


  1. MuscleHorse says:

    Fucking want.

    • markelven08 says:

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  2. analydilatedcorporatestyle says:

    Top picture, Cara looks unhappy on the right, nee soup I guess!

  3. Larkington says:

    Yes, but is it actual gameplay?

  4. Mr. Mister says:

    …radioactive barrels? I thought the show was abut chemistry.

  5. stoner says:

    OK, that LEGO is good…this is better. Be advised: the F-bomb is spoken.

  6. bantamsam says:

    I believe you mean….

    Bricking Bad!

  7. DrScuttles says:

    That’s great. While I’m not so keen on Lego characters having real voices, my enjoyment of Breaking Bad overrides this.
    Junior’s thing would be collecting plates of breakfast hidden throughout levels, right?

    • Mr. Mister says:

      Nothing can beat a mute Vader showing a family photo to Luke.

  8. trjp says:

    Awesome – I’d buy that…

    Tight Tight Tight Tight Tight Tiiiiiiiiiiiight

  9. rockman29 says:

    I don’t like any of the LEGO games… I love LEGO though, I still have my LEGO electric train :)

  10. PedroBraz says:

    The magic portal – link to

    is THE lego flick if any

  11. gizzy5 says:


  12. yhancik says:

    It has more gameplay than the GTA V trailer(s)

  13. GameCat says:

    Now I want LEGO: The Wire: The Game

    Omar’s comin’, yo!

  14. wireless says:

    You deserve to win an award for that title pun, Craig.

    I feel like he missed a chance for some game-within-game stuff, with the Jesse playing Rage scene. I could see Lego Batman working well as a substitute.

  15. P.Funk says:

    I think it was alright. Maybe I’m just too big of a BB fan to really like it since… well I think the whole drug dealer stand off scene was made to be silly, whereas the whole impact of the scene was with how dramatic and surprising it was.

    Its just nice to see good TV influencing the culture though. Makes me happy.

  16. joelreyes says:

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  17. Razumen says:

    Aaaaaand this is why most fans don’t (and shouldn’t) create video games. Seriously, you get an achievement for watching a cutscene, and then you run to some mounds to dig up an RV, while proceeding to button mash? Yeah, no thanks.