Frozen Synapse Ipad Vs Frozen Synapse PC

Try rubbing your hands all over the screenshot.
Crossplay used to be what happened to me when I played Team Fortress 2, but after a restraining order from my mouse pad and some anger management classes, I no longer feel the need to be angry at Pyros. Now the world has moved on, the word has taken on a new meaning: what happens when one gaming system and another defy all cultural boundaries and work together. Frozen Synapse is about to do just that with its iPad version: you’ll be able to play multiplayer across the PC and the iPad, and if you own both versions then you can continue your game you were playing on whatever system you have at hand. Toilet time just got tactical.

I want more of this kind of thing. I tend to not play games on my glassy slate, but fiddling with Frozen Synapse moves would probably help me ignore the bouquet of odors wafting through London’s buses in the coming summer. I’m a big fan of using a tablet or phone to access bits of PC games I’ve been playing, like this half-decent Planetside 2 app, but Frozen Synapse is so feature complete that it’s just the same game. It’s the perfect game for it. Here’s Paul from Mode 7 games to show you that everything I’ve just written is the truth. You can’t fake things on YouTube. They have algorithms.

If you don’t know what an iPad is, I found a long lost design meeting that explains it all.

so don’t drop your iPad, not unless you’re one of Zod’s acolytes. Frozen Synapse is slated (hah!) for a May 16th release.


  1. Sigh says:

    Fuck Yeah!

    I love Mode 7 and I love this game. I will happily purchase the iPad app and I bought FS at full price on release.

    • Henke says:

      Seconded. The iPad version was originally due to appear last year. So when 2012 came and went, I gave up hoping for it. When Frozen Endzone appeared I figured that was the final nail in the coffin. Surely they were focusing all their efforts on the new game now? Glad to see that wasn’t the case. :)

      • Cinek says:

        Nash, I think it still is the case.
        FS is dead for me now. All the friends who used to play it moved to the other games, devs did nothing to improve horrific UI, and I don’t see any reason for coming back to the game.

        Too little, too late.
        This should be released half a year ago. Than it might be interesting and popular app. But now? Only hardcore fans will benefit.

  2. Moraven says:

    This would be a great feature to have for the tablet version of Xcom. Playing between the HTPC with a controller and my main PC with steam cloud saves is great.

    And as with all games it seems, I await the (hopeful) Android version for my Nexus 7. Seems FS will be on Android eventually.

  3. Premium User Badge

    Earl-Grey says:

    This pleases me. -And my toilet.

  4. Radiant says:

    RPS Frozen Synapse season 20 [TWENTY!] is about to start and is currently taking sign ups.

    The skill level ranges from ‘what’s a synapse?’ to ‘intricate and inappropriate level 30’ and has multiple divisions to suit your skill level.


    link to

    It’s lovely and run by lovely people.

    • purdz says:

      I second this, I joined up a few seasons back and its been great.

      Given me reason to play the game again!

    • Zakski says:

      I had to ban myself from playing this game …

  5. Whiskey Jak says:

    “Toilet time just got tactical” Surely this is one of the greatest phrase of gaming journalism.

    Can’t wait for the iPad version, I’ll be flushing out my enemies.

    • Ross Angus says:

      Check those crevices corners.

    • mineshaft says:

      My toilet time was always tactical. Chemical weapons, a feint to the north followed by a movement to the south, encirclement, then out of nowhere a gigantic vortex swallows the whole battlefield.

      I prefer to think of it as Frozen Synapse getting toilety.

  6. tres says:

    Have they at least implemented timeout for turns? Last time I checked it was still pointless to play because whenever someone started losing he’d just not submit his turn at all and the game won’t ever end, meaning he won’t lose points.

    Great tactical game but the above issue made me want to stab the devs with icepick considering that issue has been there since the beginning and they were too busy with first making a DLC and now making a tablet version to fix broken basic mechanics of their game.

    • purdz says:

      They haven’t but currently the people playing multi-player are fairly decent or at least not of this nature. I had a similar problem on launch with games not being finished but it’s a lot better now.

      The challenges that you cant refuse are still rearing their head though. Annoying to get one person request a game with you on 5 separate occasions in the space of 2 minutes just while you’re trying to plan out an intricate move.

      The random generator also sometimes massively disadvantages you to the point its not worth playing so I guess it’s swings and roundabouts.

      Overall in the past couple of months I’ve had some great games on FS and I guess once the Ipad owners are whittled down to the people who don’t play like you stated then we shall enjoy it once again with fresh blood!

    • dsi1 says:

      They’ve had timeouts since release, IIRC its two weeks since last submit. (person who submitted last wins)

    • PaulMode7 says:

      We have had a lot of problems with this feature – it’s not worked consistently. Really sorry about that. We’ve completely reworked the server software behind the scenes and we’ve been deploying that over the last couple of weeks. “Two-week timeout” will come back in a more effective form very very soon – it should then work properly. Once again, apologies for this – I’ve not been happy with how long this has taken to get solved but hopefully it now will be.

      Please don’t hurt me. Ta.

  7. Inglourious Badger says:

    Yes! I finally entered the android tablet world last week but all the games are one button casual shizzle. A bit of tactical turn based loveliness will be much appreciated

  8. DonJefe says:

    “Toilet time just got tactical”. You made me laugh, Pearson.
    And yes, I am on the toilet as I write this.

  9. Ronlaen says:

    This game is great, I would buy it a second time if it ever came out on Android.

    • mogwaee says:

      I love this game to death! I plan to buy it on iPad AND Android =)

  10. Fungaming says:

    already bought the game on all platforms and i am totally in love with this game.
    PC Gaming | Far Cry 3

  11. windi says:

    Frozen Synapse is now available on today! I downloaded it 15 minutes ago and already can’t stop enough of playing it! Check it asap!