Rawbots Is Looking Ace, And For Money

The latest footage of Rawbots impresses even more than previously. The game in which you design, build and program your own robots, and indeed the world you play in. A sandbox sandbox. It looks a combination of daunting and remarkable – and check out the hand at the end of the video below.

This time we’re seeing the game accompanied by a very ambitious Kickstarter – $300k – but if the hardcore community gets behind this one it doesn’t seem impossible. Unlike my chances of building anything that works:

It’s worth checking out the KS page for the breakdown of exactly what the game is and how it works, especially the section on how robots are crafted. It’s when you get to the Visual Programming section that my brain whirs frantically, pops a cog, and then hisses steam.

If you’re already intrigued, you can buy the full game now for $30 and get into its alpha version. Although I imagine that right now they’d prefer you did that via the Kickstarter for the same price. (They might also want to consider a pledge bracket between $100 and $4000. Guys!) They tell me they’ve just released a new build that’s made a lot of adjustments according to feedback, with a new physics engine, world building, and even new gravity. They also report that they’ve fixed, er, “spherical construction”. Me too!


  1. Dana says:

    And they given it out for free !

    • Crimsoneer says:

      Yeah, I feel that was kind of silly. I suspect a fair few people won’t contribute to the kickstarter because, well, they got it for free on reddit.

      • Grey Poupon says:

        But they’ll say really good things about the devs and the game.

        • Bugamn says:

          I’ve got it free, but decided to chip in (specially because I haven’t paid previously). I can always give it to someone.

      • Menashe says:

        The developers said the game they gave away isn’t the final game. That pre-alpha build has the building blocks of gameplay so you can create robots and such, but they want you to also be able to create Universes. Basically the robotics landscape is supposed to be a multiplayer sandbox where you can design, program and explore together with other people. The final game is when you can create both the robots and the worlds themselves.

    • pakoito says:

      Mirror or report, your choice.

  2. abandonhope says:

    I saw a rowbot.

  3. Rufty says:

    Excellent use of Zeugma, Mr Walker. Two few games websites make full use of the fruits of the English language

  4. tomeoftom says:

    Combat Gmod! I am pretty bloody stoked. Thanks for posting this. Gonna have me a whole lot of fun engineering submarines, helicopters, and spider-walkers. The distinction of being able to easily create maps is a big difference from Gmod, too – a Trackmania whereby players have to build a custom vehicle just to be able to navigate the track would be tremendous fun

  5. neonordnance says:

    This is a great idea and I want it to succeed. It’s the Kerbal Space Program model applied to a completely different type of game.

    But the narration on their Kickstarter video is AWFUL. I was cringing hardcore near the end.

    • Colonel J says:

      This does look great.

      For what it’s worth my first reactions to the Rawbot name were: (i) the Robot Wars TV show, and (ii) that it needs to be said in a broad Glaswegian accent. So there you have two ideas for their next (better) pitch video for this.

  6. Zenicetus says:

    This looks a bit like Kerbal Space Program, in that a failed design can be absolutely hilarious. I might have to chip in on this one.

    • P7uen says:

      Have this be a KSP module for building rovers and I’ll give half a year’s supply of biscuits to both dev teams.

  7. jonahcutter says:

    A modern Mindrover? May I hope…

  8. RevEng says:

    Thank you RPS for showing me this! I’ve always wanted a game like this, ever since I was a little kid, and even still after becoming an engineer and building robots in real life. Robots are fun to design and play with, but boy are they time-consuming and difficult to build in real life. But in this game, you just plop pieces together like bricks, describe your program visually by connecting more blocks, and you can be driving a car within a few minutes. Plus it leaves lots of room for advanced control mechanisms. You can build a quadcopter complete with accelerometers and PID control loops. You can make planes with control surfaces that work like you’d expect. You can make walkers that actually walk! You can make cannons that track and fire automatically at things that get in their field of view. Take all of the coolest robot projects that people try to make in real life and you’ll find ways to emulate them with relative ease in this game.

    Of course, it’s pre-alpha, so there’s a long way to go, but I think they are on the right track. I can’t wait for this to go gold. I’m already enjoying it and there’s so much more that they plan to do!

  9. Devan says:

    This looks really good. I’m a programmer by trade and would probably enjoy tinkering in this game. I’ll give it a backing and see how it goes :)