The Rotten Realms Of RPS: RPS Guild In Neverwinter

We did it! In what proved to be the most needlessly complicated process, RPS finally has a guild in Neverwinter: The Rotten Realms Of RPS. Right now, I’m in charge of it, which is a ridiculous situation. I’ve never even been in a guild before. So we’ll be looking for volunteers to get it running smoothly, as well as finding out what the maximum number of members is far too soon, I imagine. Details below.

The guild is on the Dragon server, called The Rotten Realms Of RPS. To organise joining, I’m going to need some volunteers to become Horace’s Hands within the guild and handle member invites, or I’ll lose my mind. So to do that, there’s a thread here on the RPS forums.

Once it’s nice and busy, I’ll appoint volunteers to properly run the guild, since I’m wholly unqualified, and we’ll be away!

If you want to volunteer, please do so in the forum thread rather than in the comments below, or it’ll be a terrible muddle. Let’s go, hooray!

PS. It’s no good mailing me in game to ask for an invite – the system is so horrible that it’s not possible to right click on names from emails, and invites don’t work offline. Whispering seems to be the only solution.


  1. kael13 says:

    I really, really enjoy the combat in this game. I just the female models didn’t look so… Special. Do you have to be level 15 to join?

    • AngoraFish says:

      I notice that my female halfling, even on the minimum bust size, still seems to have unfeasibly oversized breasts. Maybe it’s a halfling thing.

      • RvLeshrac says:

        That’s a PWI/Cryptic thing.

        I don’t understand how Wizards allowed that.

        • TWChristine says:

          After reading these comments I was expecting to see AoC levels of breastage, just like my char on Champions like you allude to. However I was actually pleasantly surprised with my human. The default was of course huge, but after putting the slider toward the left I found I got a better representation than most games. Might have just been me too though!

          • bombaythehardway says:

            I would need to increase the default human’s size if I wanted to match my breasts. This goes for many of my friends as well. It makes me feel like a freak when people complain about boobs being too big in games because it also suggests that I am too big.

    • Jerodar says:

      The level requirment was only for guild creation, anyone can join an existing guild

    • kael13 says:

      Turns out I need to be level 15 to send a tell, to get an invite… 2 more levels to go!

      • Jerodar says:

        You can still send a friend invite, and after it’s accepted you can send them a tell, even at low level.

  2. Monkeyshines says:

    Is the Rotton in the title a typo or a pun I’m not getting?

  3. Koojav says:

    I’ve invested a small quantity of time in Neverwinter MMO (around level 5 now) and as a seasoned UO/EVE player I find this game extremely shallow. Go there, kill monster X. Can someone prove me wrong? Maybe I don’t know something crucial about this MMO. Maybe there is some kickass crafting system, maybe something else.

    • derella says:

      If your benchmark for acceptable complexity is Eve/UO, then yes… NWN is going to be a very simplistic game for you. :)

      • Jazzyboy says:

        You mean Neverwinter? Neverwinter Nights 2 is a very complicated game on high difficulties and some mod campaigns are incredibly hard, especially online campaigns.

    • Mordsung says:

      This is a theme park MMO, they’re always going to be less complex than sandboxes.

      They’re aiming for different markets. As a fan of both forms of MMO, this is shaping up to be a decent little theme park.

  4. Firkragg says:

    I see a lot has changed since I last encountered the forgotten realms. Flying islands, a cataclysm and a spellplague? I remember the spellplague was mentioned as a tech in the forgotten realms mod for Civilization V, was wondering if that was part of the official lore.

    Can anyone recommend a good site for catching up on the lore side of things?

  5. trjp says:

    I’ve given this a run upto Level 5 but before I continue I have a question.

    Is this actually an MMO or is it just an ARPG with multiplayer ‘lobbies’??

    e.g. is it WoW or Guild Wars?

    It’s just that almost everything I’ve done upto now has been in what was clearly some sort of personal or limited-player instance and not ‘the world’??

    • RvLeshrac says:

      You seem to have missed the fact that there are physical laws which restrain the available CPU power.

      When we can have a 20-core system made entirely or 30tHz Quantum-CPUs, your fantasy of “everyone existing in the same place at the same time” can be implemented. Of course, even then it will be horrific, because you won’t actually be able to see anything you’re fighting.

      GW2 unbound the number of players visible at one time in WvWvW, so now every fight is a clusterfuck of spell effects and player models constantly barring your view.

      • trjp says:

        Such hostility…

        It’s really dead simple tho – I want to know if I’m playing a genuinely multiplayer game where quests etc. take place in a world filled with other people or whether I’m playing a game where the ‘game’ takes place in a limited instance (e.g. not an MMO in my book)

        It seems there are some areas where you quest with others but the bulk of the game is instanced to me?

        Not necessarily a criticism but it makes a difference IMO

        • Brun says:

          I’d say it’s a mix of GW2 and WoW – there are both open areas and instanced ones. Once you get to Blacklake (i.e. finish the tutorial quests) you start seeing more people in the questing areas.

  6. trjp says:

    AHA! – I found the snag and the hook they have for Zen/real money – death…

    If you run out of pots and are stuck in a dungeon you have to either leave and buy more (and do the whole thing again when you return) or you can buy (with Zen/real money only) a resurrection!

    There are ways and means of avoiding this of course, first and foremost being CARRY A TONNE OF POTS – keeping a supply of those is the difficulty level, in effect ( you DO NOT regen health between fights here!)

    This sewer I’m in tho – when I release I respawn at the start of an empty dungeon, but walking back to the boss reveals he’s back to full power – a problem, I won’t be able to beat him like that (he spawns sidekicks so it’s not just a matter of dodging his attacks).

    Thing is – there’s a campfire halfway through and I’ve no idea why I’m not respawning there but I have an idea anyway. Kite the boss back to that campfire and use it’s aura for heals and buffs! ?

    This idea works – be aware you’ll be attacked from range and shot-at through walls though!! Sadly the healing isn’t enough and you die again…

    Only this time, for some reason, you respawn at that campfire instead of the entrance and he’s still standing there with 15% health – BOOM – dead!

    This tip brought to you by “the game isn’t really finished yet but it’s worth knowing’ ;)

    • Larkington says:

      I had the exact same thing happen to me, in the same spot. I too respawned at the entrance of the dungeon, which confused the heck out of me at first. I knew I’d found a closer campfire!

      I lured the boss to the campfire, but I didn’t regain any health. Instead, I killed off his minions and for whatever reason they never respawned and came after me, maybe because I was away from his lair. I ended up just “gaming” him to kill him, i.e. hit him twice, move away from his attack, hit him twice, and so on until I’d killed him.

      • arccos says:

        I can’t speak to that particular fight because I’m probably not there yet, but I think they mention that you can’t heal at the campfires while in combat. It does suggest you will always respawn at the closest campfire, but I’m not sure how that’s calculated. If you get that happening again, you might want to throw in a bug report.

        I have used the hit and dodge technique on all manner of enemies so far, though. It’s probably good they only give you two dodges before you have to rebuild stamina because otherwise the character would never get hit melee if they wanted to avoid it. Versus ranged standard attacks, dodging is not effective I’ve found.

  7. Brun says:

    I’ll try to jump in tonight – might be tricky finding someone to invite though as it will be quite late (early?) in the UK by the time I can get on.

  8. vecordae says:

    I must admit that, after investing a few hours, I’m rather disappointed. This does not seem like a D&D game to me. How can character customization, especially in a Cryptic game, be so limited? I simply do not understand why a rogue can only use daggers or why a cleric is a ranged DPS/support class.

    • Svant says:

      What… they ruined the cleric? This has always been one of D&Ds strong points for me. The Cleric not being a silly muppet in a dress waving his hands around but a battlepriest in full platemail capable of taking a few hits.

      Class selection is very limited as well no bards, rangers, druids, paladins… :(

      • Brun says:

        They’re supposedly working on the Ranger at the moment and plan to have it done before open beta ends.

        Also I don’t know how much of the reduction in customization and variety is the result of the D&D 4E ruleset. I’m far from an expert but my understanding is that 4E trades some of the customization to make the game more fast-paced, etc.

        • vecordae says:

          The 4E ruleset still has weapon groups. A rogue can still use a rapier or a crossbow, for instance. A cleric should still be a shield-and-weapon-wielding combatant with a selection of spells. The focus that 4E adds doesn’t prevent players from making those kinds of decisions. The limitations are entirely Cryptic’s doing, I think. Why else are there two fighter classes with hard-coded and limited power progressions instead of one fighter class capable of doing either?

          A deeply cynical part of me suspects that we will be charged for the new class variations. This isn’t entirely unfair in the context of a F2P game, but it irks me all the same.

          • Kronikle says:

            They’ve stated all new classes that they add will be completely free.

      • vecordae says:

        The Cleric still runs around in mail of some kind and has a holy symbol so large and unwieldy it might as well be a flail, but you don’t hit things with it. Most of your powers are ranged powers or AoE powers. It still resembles the 4E cleric in that you can heal allies as a consequences of your attacks rather than focusing on heal-only powers, but the thematic change was a bit jarring for me. I’m used to my clerics wading into combat with the fighters, paladins, barbarians, and Halfling Goat Cavalry.

  9. darkChozo says:

    Out of curiosity, do the oddly specific class names mean that they plan on introducing different flavors of each class eventually? The fact that the the Control Wizard is a Control Wizard and not, well, a Wizard seems odd to me, unless there’ll eventually be a Nuker Wizard, a Conjurer Wizard, etc.

    Also started playing a bit last night, liked what mostly-tutorial content I played. Though it starts to chug really hard whenever I’m in Neverwinter proper.

    • tyren says:

      Yes. A lot of people seem to have a hard time understanding that, but there’s a Guardian Fighter and a Great Weapon Fighter in the game right now as separate classes.

    • Kronikle says:

      They’re releasing different variations of each class as separate entities. The Fighter already has the Great Weapon and Guardian variants. I think the Control Wizard is also going to get a War Wizard variant.

  10. engion3 says:

    buncha nerds

  11. aircool says:

    After a good twelve hours of downloading the game, I fired it up at about 1100 this morning and made one of my favourite type of characters; an olive skinned dwarf bruiser who looks like he’s been about a bit and spent too long in the sun.

    So far, so good, so stubbly headed and bearded.

    Once I’d learned to use the mouse buttons instead of the number keys (which are also on my mouse), I really enjoyed smacking dead dudes around, especially with the second starting skill which charges up and knocks the bad guys for six.

    Everything looked nice and pretty and ran lovely and smooth (the intro was actually quite good as well). Being based on WotC D&D, everything is utterly confusing to those of us who cut their teeth on TSR D&D or any other game for that matter, long before the D20 system was established.

    So, lots of stats, numbers and other things to look at which don’t mean anything to anyone except an ardent fan of modern D&D. However, it looks like it should be fun, particularly with some friends, and it’s F2P.

    However, we all know what F2P brings to the table; numpties (or should I say Ark Hunters now?) who won’t shut up about F2P being P2W and ATS [all that shite. I invented that one].

    Also… quest givers with walls of text. Back in the days of BG, I didn’t mind reading the quest text and what-not, but these days, I just can’t be arsed. They seem impersonal and irrelevent to what is happening around you, just like quest givers in most mmo’s over the last decade.

    Hopefully playing dungeons designed by friends and the like will be the real hook into this game.