Here Be Horkers In This Giant Skyrim Mod

That bow's not going to help you in this situation. Just FYI.
This Skyrim mod is actually called “Here There Be Monsters“, and it adds nine huge sea monsters into the Ghost Sea to the north of Bethesda’s chilly realm. But I’ve focused on the Horkers because, well, just look at that screenshot. It is a giant beast with a huge tooth. Look, though. Really look. See? He’s not a beast. He’s just a thing that society deems to be big and scary. And so he acts as society imagines he should, and tusks everything and everyone. To be fair, he is part of a society of angry Nords fighting dragons and in the midst of a civil war. He should probably move somewhere nicer.

Thanks to this mod, there are other tragic giants wandering Skyrim’s north. There’s a lore to the mod that draws real-world inspiration for the blubbery behemoths and their big brethern. There are giant crabs, huge fish, sea beasts and kraken to be found in the ice-rimmed oceans. The nautical nasties are all tied to specific locations, so you can take on the mantle of a monster hunter and track down their lairs.

To help with that there are quests that’ll hint at their locations, and ship captains an expert hunters can be hired in the inns at Solitude, Dawnstar, and Windhelm. Find them and you’re on your way to death or glory. I’m going to guess death, but you could always prove me wrong. I did look for trailer or demonstration, but none were thrilling or interesting, and one was annoyingly sexist, so instead here’s a mini-gallery of some of the things you’ll fight should you choose to download the mod.

The mod author also suggest you add Sailor’s Ring, Water Combat, and Drivable Boats to your installation to help you out with your questing.


  1. Mr. Mister says:

    Still can’t beat the Enclave Power Armored Augmented Alpha Deathclaws from MMM.

    • Raiyan 1.0 says:

      Sir, you’re now obliged to explain yourself. Google has failed to return anything of interest.

    • DonCaballero says:

      Deathclaws modified to wear Enclave Power Armor (in a Deathclaw-y kind of way) by Mart’s Monster Mod in Fallout 3.

      Yeah, those guys were some real mothertruckers.

  2. Brun says:

    Needs moar Pacific Rim.

    • jekesheraf05 says:

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  3. RedViv says:

    We need more games that offer battles with giant monsters, outside of pure boss fights. Can’t leave all that to Monster Hunter.

    • lordcooper says:

      We need a Shadow of the Colossus sequel :(

      • BurningPet says:

        I was crying when i first heard dragons in skyrim would be like they are. i really wanted them to be like in the shadow of the colossus. having few limited different dragons, each having a distinct weak spot and a unique way to kill so you would have to either find out your self how t slain them or complete quests that give you hints.

    • KingCathcart says:

      We need more Craig on RPS. He is my new favourite.
      Bless his little cotton socks.

    • Oozo says:

      Dragon’s Dogma recently did an admirable job in that sector as well. Since it’s a Capcom game, maybe one day a hypothetical sequel might find its way to the PC… One can dream.

  4. Totally heterosexual says:


    The combat system has some changes for this, right?

    • Davie says:

      These giant monster mods do lose some of their charm if your only option is to saw away at their ankles.

      • Berzee says:

        This is *actually* a graphical overhaul to Shadow Of The Colossus to make it look like Skyrim.

  5. Artificial says:

    The first screenshot brings back horrific memories of a certain Pingu episode that scarred me for life as a child.

    • communisthamster says:

      That was exactly my first thought on seeing the image. Not even penumbra or STALKER can instill in me the horror I felt at 4 years old, watching “Pingu has a nightmare”

    • Theon says:

      Oh no, the nightmares will return.
      I, for one, am not sleeping tonight.

      (Adding though, that this mod looks pretty half-arsed and that I don’t see why you bothered to make an article about it. Was it just because that noisy Swede said “bitch” a lot in his demonstration of it?)

    • MistaJah says:

      Mentioning “pingu” and “nightmare” and no link to Pingu’s “THE THING”

      On topic, though, Skyrim’s anemic combat system doesn’t lend itself well to attacking big monsters as their hitboxes are too large and animations ill-suited.

      • Shepardus says:

        I have been scarred.

      • Dowr says:

        My memories of Pingu have, from this moment forth, be warped in an oh so glorious way.

      • SuicideKing says:

        What the hell is that? I’ve watched a lot of pingu too, but i never remember any of this!

      • mpk says:

        That actually scared me more than the original movie ever did.

    • Jackablade says:

      To be honest, I was expecting something a little more traumatising. The Walrus a bit of a creepy mofo though, I’ll give you that.

      • SuicideKing says:

        Just do not remember this at all. Thanks for the link. Walrus is kind of a pedo.

  6. Heliocentric says:

    Water combat is an abandoned mod? Doesnt work?

  7. povu says:

    “I did look for trailer or demonstration, but none were thrilling or interesting, and one was annoyingly sexist”

    Like 90% of Skyrim mod spotlight videos on youtube. :/

    • Lusketrollet says:

      The YouTube-video he’s talking about uses the word “bitch” a lot. So CLEARLY it’s sexist.


      • Davie says:

        Goodness. There’s plenty of actual sexism in the TES mod community if RPS wants to grumble.

      • trinka00 says:

        so u want a whole separate word to describe why saying bitch a lot makes u an idiot slave?

        slaves are so worried about what they imagine the PC are doing all the time.
        yo bitch slave, we’re ruling you’re language!

        • lordcooper says:

          I honestly have no idea what this person(?)’s opinion is.

        • EPICTHEFAIL says:

          Dude, pass the blunt already. And stop stealing my pills, they`re for medicinal purposes only.

        • vondas says:

          I think he means that saying “bitch” makes you “sexist”, which is apparently translated as “slave” (to the patriarchy?). Rather novel.

  8. Dominic White says:

    Those giant monsters make me desperately wish that Skyrim had the combat engine from Dragon’s Dogma. It’s not fun to trade blows with something that big, but if the game let you climb over its body and start stabbing at its sensitive bits, it’d be downright thrilling.

  9. DrScuttles says:

    Why is it that the first thing I thought of having gazed upon that first screenshot was Werner Herzog talking about seal milk?

  10. The Infamous Woodchuck says:

    “And ships captains an expert hunters..”

    umm, what?

    Though the mod’s looking good, someone just need to make more games about big monters. MA and SOTC alone wont cut it for me.

  11. waaaaaaaals says:

    This kind of just does what the setscale console command does.

  12. cptgone says:

    “a giant beast with a huge tooth”
    looks rather phallic, in a recursive way.
    clearly gaming needs more pussy shaped monsters.

  13. analydilatedcorporatestyle says:

    Skyrim, the holy grail of online PC game sites. The monster can’t die, cheap column inches say ‘WHEEZ, THAT GAMEZ PROPA AMORTAYL LYKE!’

  14. pocketlint60 says:

    I can’t be the first one who thought of Shadow of the Colossus when I saw that first Giant Frost Troll screenshot.