What’s Your Game Of 2013 So Far?

We’ve got a few things going up today, but as it’s National Nap-In-Armchair Day in the UK, things will be pretty quiet. You can do us a favour though, and answer two questions for us:

1) What’s your favourite game of the year so far?

2) Are you playing a multiplayer game regularly, and if so is what is it? The same as your GOTYSF?



  1. Kyber says:

    I would have to say Bioshock Infinite, because who doesn’t love a trans-dimensional meta-narrative?

  2. bill says:

    I finished my first game this year last week. It was Bastion. So i guess that wins by default. (and gets immediately disqualified for being old).

    The game I most want to play this year is either Monaco or Fez

  3. Yosharian says:

    1) Bioshock Infinite, with honourable mention to Antichamber

    2) Dota 2… that counts as a 2013 game, right? It’s the only multiplayer game I play regularly anyway

  4. Humppakummitus says:

    Right this moment Candy Box is the best game ever made.

  5. BooleanBob says:

    Okay so this is completely ineligible for submission, but seeing as I haven’t actually played any games released in 2013 I’m going to have to say Goblet Grotto! GOBLETS GOBLETS GOBLETS GOBLETS

    I have great debts of gratitude to thecatamites and j.chastain for making it, and to Porpentine for making me aware of it – and of “monster killers”, which I devoured in the space of a couple of days and love more than just about anything else, I think.

  6. Poklamez says:

    Game of the year so far: Antichamber
    Most played online: Awesomenauts

  7. Screamer says:

    GOTYSF: Tomb Raider/Crysis 3

  8. jon_hill987 says:

    My regular Multiplayer games are SSFIV:AE2012 and I have just started playing a bit of Dota2 again. Fave game of the year so far? Well I have not picked up anything from this year that springs to mind, in fact I think the only 2013 game I have is Injustice: Gods Among Us on PS3, and while good it isn’t as good as SSFIV:AE2012.

    EDIT: It turns out than Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed also came out this side of the new year (on PC anyway). Probably that wins over Injustice.

  9. DiamondDog says:

    Erm, Minecraft? That’s not really meant to be a joke answer, I’ve just been messing around with lots of mods recently and having a lot of fun with it again.

    Actually given my finances its mostly been Minecraft and League of Legends. Which suits me fine. The one big release I treated myself to was Bioshock Infinite and it didn’t run very well so I’m saving it for a new computer.

    I guess for games that are new this year it would be Papers, Please and Antichamber. I really hope more gets made of Papers, such a well executed concept.

  10. bigjig says:

    Probably Fire Emblem Awakening. PC have kind of sucked this year, though I hope Rome 2, Company of Heroes 2 and the Civ V expansion can turn things around.

  11. Phantom_Renegade says:

    I really liked DMC. In fact, I liked it so much I’ve played through it more then once, trying for all collectibles and better times and higher difficulties and I almost never do that. Hell, I don’t finish most games. That alone propels it to current GOTY for me. I even prefer it over previous DMC entries, I played 4 for a couple of levels, and quit when it got tedious, got about halfway through DMC 3 before not caring anymore.

    If Ninja Theory makes another one, I’m definately getting it. Weeelll as long as they either get a new character design or make the classic skin available again. That’s really my only gripe with the game, the gameplay is just so…so good.

    • Wut The Melon says:

      Was waiting for someone to say that! Also played DMC at a friend’s and it’s probably been the most enjoyable game I’ve played in more than just 2013. We also completed it on all difficulties, got all trophies, Nephilim SSS etc…

      The funny thing is that I hadn’t really played any ‘hack’n’slash’ titles before DMC… I’m not sure if that speaks for or against the game.

  12. sonson says:

    Been playing New Vegas for most of the year, which serves to underline how unambitious and confused the other game I’ve played, Bioschock Infinite, is.

    Same as the other Bioschocks in that it is a monument to pop-historical inspiration and aesthetic brilliance marred by the stupid need to interact with it all as a walking gun. Great concept, dumb game.

    Blood Dragon however is a knowingly dumb concept, great game, one of the few I’ve played which has the balls to acknowledge that interacting with an environment primarily as violence incarnate only makes sense within a ridiculous context, so it’s my GOTY so far for that. And weirdly the complete opposite to the ridiculous Dan Brownesque conceit that plagued Far Cry 3 in the first place.

  13. The JG Man says:

    1. I have only played two games that came to PC this year. One was Brutal Legend, the other was Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed. The latter proved to be a really very good game whilst the former was not. So S&ASRT!

    2. PlanetSide 2. Bugs and balance issues aside, it’s so very enjoyable (most of the time).

  14. Lokik says:

    1. I have high hopes for Broken Age, Starbound and Wasteland 2 being amazing, but from the ones I’ve actually played I have to choose Papers, Please. Never thought shuffling and stamping papers would be so much fun.

    2. I still play World of Tanks regularly, even though I’ve been getting rather sick of it lately.

  15. DrScuttles says:

    Dark Souls. No other game has come close to the repeated satisfaction it gives you upon beating challenge after challenge. And then you encounter the Taurus Demon as a regular enemy and are reminded of the struggle you had against that first one and realise how far you’ve come. And then you die because you’re complacent and realise how much further you have to go.
    Sure it came out last year, but I still love it more than anything I’ve played since.

    In the dreaded multiplayer realm, I’ve been enjoying Neverwinter in the Rotten Realms of RPS. Skirmishes tend towards just hitting the boss for about 5 minutes and I’m rubbish at PvP but it’s entertaining fun for free.

  16. onyhow says:

    So far?
    1) Don’t Starve (hey, full release this year, and I don’t really think of Bioshock Infinite that highly, especially with the near zero story to setting connection)
    2) TF2

  17. KillerRabbit says:

    Still Minecraft, but with the Mindcrack modpack.
    Have to decide between Civilization V & Minecraft. I would say Minecraft is still 2013 best game, even if it was released eons ago.

    I felt frustrated the other day so I bought Mists of Pandaria recently – collectors edition for 25 €uros. But as expected that is the same grind as always.

  18. Winged Nazgul says:

    1) Seriously, all the votes for Bioshock Infinite for GOTYSF really need to take stock of what they are basing their votes on. If it’s because of the last 30 minutes of the game, then they might as well give Dear Esther GOTY consideration as well. As a story set in a unique and well-realized setting, it is superlative. As a game, Bioshock Infinite is horrible.

    I don’t even know what game to give my GOTYSF to, but if pressed, it would have to be Tomb Raider. I really hope something else comes along to knock it down to its rightful place. Tomb Raider is a good game but hardly GOTY material.

    2) Not playing any multiplayer unless you count checking out the Neverwinter open beta.

    • sonson says:

      I’d say that the story was pretty good, for a game. It’s hard to have a superlative story when there’s really only two main characters, only one of whom is properly developed, and when the dialogue is nothing special. In the round, the story is mediocre fiction.

      The context is excellent and very much a strong argument for the creative capacity that videogaming offers but is then hamstrung by videogames’ need for hundreds of people to die by way of creating narrative tension and plot points.

  19. Penguin_Factory says:

    Bioshock Infinite for me, with Tomb Raider coming in a very close second.

  20. skalpadda says:

    Haven’t played any new games this year as far as I can remember. The game I’ve enjoyed the most so far this year is Homeworld 2 and I have a lineup of other old favourites to go through before I start thinking of buying more.

  21. Olddan says:

    1) Bioshock Infinite

    2) Still playing enormous amounts of TF2.

  22. anonj says:

    1,2) DOTA 2

    It’s my favorite A.S.S.F.A.G.G.O.T.S.
    (Aeon of Strife Styled Fortress Assault Game Going On Two Sides)

    • Eddy9000 says:

      What a mature and inclusive community they must have.

    • Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

      I enjoy DotA2.

      Kindly cease dragging the reputation of a game I enjoy through the mud.

      If you wish to assume the behaviour related to a neurological condition, I’d rather you ape severe aphasia than Tourette syndrome.

  23. nemolom says:

    1. Monaco and Starseed Pilgrim.

    2. Civ5 and TF2, and a small try at Monaco multiplayer (chaotic fun). Among MMOs GW2 is what has attracted me the most, but I don’t really have that kind of time available.

    I should add that I play quite a bit of Clash of Clans and Heroes of Pen & Paper on my mobile too.

  24. Luckiboy says:

    My favorite game so far is Megabyte Punch, or doesn’t that count because it isn’t officially released yet? :P

  25. Eddy9000 says:

    Yup, bioshock infinite. The story is just so meaty in the themes it presents and how they are weaved together; this is a game that could be studied in an English lit class. I enjoy the shooty bits as well, their superfluousness to the narrative didn’t bother me that much.

  26. Trillby says:

    Absolute Sunlight has been a real highlight – the writing in that game is incredible.

    Bioshock was some good times but I did find the shooting a bit stale. I have to admit that I’m deeply in the camp of people who would have preferred a format more like Dishonored’s. Still, there was fun to be had.

    For multiplayer it’s League of Legends when I’m feeling twitchy and Civ 5 when I’m not. Roll on the expansion!

  27. derella says:

    Nothing has really stood out as my GOTYSF. I’ve played and enjoyed both Tomb Raider and Bioshock Infinite. While I was playing them, I found the experience quite good… but once finished, neither stuck with me for long. I know I’ll never re-play either of them.

    Kentucky Route Zero would probably be a top contender so far — I can’t wait for Chapter 2 which is due out in a few weeks.

    The only multiplayer game I’ve been playing much of is Guild Wars 2. The monthly content updates keep me interested, though once that is exhausted I don’t do much more than dailies and a few megabosses.

    I gave Neverwinter another whirl, but it’s just not grabbing me. I think much of that is because of the the ugly character models, not-worth-reading writing and FUCKING TERRIBLE voice-acting(WHAAA! DRACOLICH!!!!). I also hate that all of the armor/weapons I’ve acquired so far look identical to what I started with. I may only be level 15-16, but I look like I’m level 3 still. From what I’ve read, it doesn’t get much better as the levels go up.

  28. dE says:

    Stardrive, if it must be from 2013. Does all the things right for me and oddly enough, for once I’m not in the “staggering gamebreaking bugs” camp. But looking at the list of my current games, they’re really mostly from previous years.

  29. Monkeh says:

    For now, I’d say Don’t Starve.

    Too many good games still coming though, some of which I’ll probably like even more.

  30. Dunbine says:

    Nothing has excited me this year. I guess I’m holding out for Total War: Rome II, Shadowrun Returns, Watch_Dogs and Space Hulk, among others.

    In the meantime, I’m catching up with my reading and watching TV shows that I should have seen already, but haven’t, because I was too busy playing video games.

    The Wire is very good.

  31. SuicideKing says:

    1. Blue Planet: Age of Aquarius and War in Heaven

    link to blueplanet.hard-light.net

    2. No, because pings, but i plan to get into ArmA III.

    Before pings were unacceptable outside the country, Planetside 2 and occasionally BF3. Some FC3 Coop.

  32. vandinz says:

    Far Cry 3 all the way.

    Wasn’t expecting much but by jove it turned out to be a stonker of a game.

    Looking at getting Blood Dragon soon.

    I liked BS Infinite but there were so many plot holes, NPCs that did nothing and long periods of “sitting and watching a movie” moments.

  33. rei says:

    I can’t think of a game released this year that I’ve enjoyed other than Candy Box, so, Candy Box!

    Metro: Last Light will surely beat it in the very near future though.

  34. DutchDrunk says:

    1. Darkout
    Very similair to Terraria, but the sheer content they already have available at Beta is staggering to me. They’ll be addings bosses and more biomes in the future. Atmosphere is awesome and I’m always excited about new research items.

    2. Neverwinter
    I’ve only put a few hours in so far, but I like what I see. Though it’ll probably end up in the list of games that I get bored of after a month, such as SW:TOR, Rift and TERA.

  35. Dowr says:

    I just realized I haven’t played a single game released this year.

    But yet, I’ve bought games released this year.

    Something is wrong.

  36. Jumwa says:

    For me it’s been Fire Emblem: Awakening, all the way. For some reason the PC just has not been scratching my gaming itch this year but I have been whipping out my 3DS XL at every given opportunity. Though I did play some Victoria II for a bit before I grew tired of playing out the same, seemingly inevitable, outcomes.

    Multiplayer games? A bit of Guild Wars 2 still, that’s all, but rarely and certainly not regularly.

  37. ludicrous_pedagogy says:

    Sorry no actual 2013 games, I’m on very low School Librarian wage.

    However, I just made 60 seconds on the first level of Super Hexagon last night which was a ‘high-light’ – although I couldn’t sleep afterwards with the ‘Hypnotoad’ sat on my brain.

    Also, the big PS2 RPS ‘Call to Arms’ a few weeks ago was awesome! [I’m the silent Sir Tom Crumpet if you were wondering]

    Finally, there’s nothing quite like showing kids in my library the subtleties of Rome: Total War!

  38. rustybroomhandle says:

    1. Euro Truck Simulator 2
    2. No

  39. thelastboss says:

    Favourite game of the year so far would have to be Antichamber.

    Thought it would be boring and antiseptic but it is brilliant. Something about it is weirdly scary as well, makes your brain lose it’s bearings in a way that makes you feel like you have Alzheimer’s.

  40. tomeoftom says:

    Starseed Pilgrim, actually. It keeps drawing me back in.

  41. Professor Snake says:

    It’s quite early to ask such a question. Please do so again in December so i can either say GTA V or Watch_Dogs.
    Edit: Slow news day, eh?

  42. Somerled says:

    1) Kerbal Space Program.

    2) Sheeeeit… I’ll just say Dark Souls. I don’t care that it’s not a 2013 game and is MP-lite. I think its integration of multiplayer into the SP game is the way forward. MMOs, MOBAs, arena shooters, co-op, RTS (yuck); none of those really keep me coming back like Dark Souls’ invasions (and I only just discovered it early this year, so there).

  43. Suits says:

    1. Haven’t experience anything more wonderful than Bioshock Infinite so far.
    2. I have barely touched any multiplayer games this year, let alone play them regularly. Last time was some Trine 2 co-op with a friend. And last year it was mostly Tribes:Ascend.

  44. sinbad269 says:

    Bioshock Infinite.

    Reasons you shouldn’t pick it:
    1. You live under a rock with nothing but bugs to eat.
    2. You haven’t played it.

    And really, who WOULDN’T want to play it?! It’s a Motherf**ing CLOUD CITY

  45. BreadBitten says:


  46. Nesetalis says:

    What I’m playing:
    Guildwars 2
    Startrek Online
    DOTA 2

    What I’ve played this year and liked:
    bioshock infinite
    Borderlands 2
    Drox Operative (big hit for me)

  47. 123kings says:

    1. Bioshock Infinite

    2. League of Legends

  48. cloudkiller says:

    1. Dota2
    2. Dota2

    And if there were a 3, 4 and 5 they would all be Dota2.

  49. Iamerror says:

    1. Bioshock Infinite, easily.
    2. I occasionally play DoTA 2.

  50. bwion says:

    1. Unsurprisingly, Bioshock Infinite

    2. Surprisingly, Guild Wars 2. (Also Dark Souls, but I don’t really consider that to be a multiplayer game, nor do I play it as one.)