What’s Your Game Of 2013 So Far?

We’ve got a few things going up today, but as it’s National Nap-In-Armchair Day in the UK, things will be pretty quiet. You can do us a favour though, and answer two questions for us:

1) What’s your favourite game of the year so far?

2) Are you playing a multiplayer game regularly, and if so is what is it? The same as your GOTYSF?



  1. S Jay says:

    SpyParty or Castle Doctrine (more the former than the latter)

  2. Mr. Anderson says:

    1. Bioshock Infinite
    2. TF2 (as every year :P)

  3. sdancer says:

    (1) Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams (it’s from Oct 2012, but I really couldn’t be arsed to buy any of this year’s “games” so far; the alternative would have been Sanitarium)

    (2) SWOR

  4. Borengar says:

    Favourite game is still EVE Online. I met Chribba yesterday \o/
    Second place probably DotA 2.

  5. BebopBraunbaer says:


  6. WarRemains says:

    Don’t Starve or Kerbal Space Program.

  7. Ernesto25 says:

    Bioshock infinite (loved it but with alot of reservations but it didn’t feel like a tacked on sequal)

    2. I play Cs.Go as my multiplayer game i like the 5 on5 mode alot and i shudder to think what’s added to TF2 nowadays. I like to rotate games and have blood dragon and alpha protocol.

  8. Spoon Of Doom says:

    Blood Dragon is really cool, although Uplay has suddenly decided to not recognize any installed games and refuses to launch Blood Dragon even after several reinstalls. But apart from technical reasons, I’m really loving it for the neon look, the humour and the amazebad cutscenes with sprites sliding around and everything. It is really glorious in its stupidity, and I hope that it sells batshit crazy numbers so that publishers realize that not every game has to be grim and gritty and oh so goddamned serious.
    Beneath the stupidity and humour, it’s more of Far Cry 3, which is a good thing in my book. Although I can’t aim for shit with the new neon bow, I’m missing the distance point thingies on the scope.

    ***Very Minor Blood Dragon Spoiler***
    Also, it contains my favourite mission objective in recent years:
    “Punch the nuclear reactor!”

  9. Barberetti says:

    1. Of this years releases, the only game I’ve played is the Neverwinter beta, so that’s my fave so far I guess. The main reason I haven’t played anything else is because I’ve been too busy playing:

    2. Guild Wars 2

  10. mickygor says:

    Planetside 2, which I only really got into in February because I was out of internet for 2 months about 2 weeks after launch. It’s such a joy fighting for the NC, living free for a couple of minutes at a time.

  11. Lambchops says:

    1) Counterfeit Monkey is still the best thing I’ve played this year (I believe a late December 2012 release qualifies it as a 2013 game).

    2) I played Monaco online once or twice which is more multiplayer than I’ve played in recent years (with the exception of a bit of Frozen Synapse) so it’s top.

    Bonus category) I spent the most hours playing ToME but after my fourth character bit the bullet (in what, unlike my others, felt like a very unfair demise I gave up on it as I have absolutely no desire to grind through the early stages of the game again – while the lure of unlocks which change the game style kept me in it up to the fourth try it was not strong enough for me to churn through game I’ve already seen several times yet again.

  12. Sheng-ji says:

    Sorry for this, but for me it’s Persona 4 Golden – it’s the only non PC game I play but it’s amazing!

  13. Stevostin says:

    1. I rarely play game that are no special offer prices. So the most recent game I play is Borderland 2 and I am surprised by how good it is and how much I like it. Important game indeed.

    2. Some Dota2 although I am just watching game now (too addictive an too much time consuming)

  14. Banana_Republic says:

    Prison Architect. It’s a bit sad that the only game this year that’s been able to monopolize my gaming time so far, is one that’s still in alpha. Lame year so far, although the future looks a bit brighter.

  15. Strabo says:

    Tomb Raider followed by Bioshock: Infinite. Both are great games with some flaws, and I had a lot of fun with them.

  16. Ajsman says:

    1. I have to go with the ArmA 3 as the GOTYSF. Even in alpha it still gives me more of what I want from my FPS games than anything else released in recent time.

    2. Well it is a mix of Dota2, ArmA 3, AmrA 2, some RO2 and Planetside 2. With Dota 2 still leading in the “hours played” category.

  17. pakoito says:

    I’m still catching up with 2011-2012 releases.

  18. vopperough says:

    so far my fav game is either Monaco or Neverwinter

    i’ve been play loads of World of Tanks and also some Neverwinter of course

  19. ekuurh says:

    For now, the answers to both 1 and 2 are Neverwinter. a close second would be Blood Dragon, and maybe Bioshock Infinite. Infinite was nice, but far less than what i expected.

  20. deadly.by.design says:

    For 2013, DotA 2 has received the most playing time in my Steam Library thus far. While I started back in Nov. ’12, there’s so much to continue learning as I play.

    Second place is probably Dishonored, but I’ve since beaten (and uninstalled) that.

  21. Lagwolf says:

    Farcry 3: Blood Dragon Most fun game I have played in a very long time.

  22. Muffel says:

    Hm… would probably be Don’t Starve so far. Awesomenauts on the multiplayer side.
    Bioshock Infinite was fine, but there are too many thingy about it that kinda don’t feel right.

  23. Lucas Says says:

    I’m gonna stick indie and go with Anodyne. Something’s probably going to come along and bludgeon it, but I quite loved it. Monaco would be on the list, too. If we’re counting the console side, too, I’d think about Ni No Kuni for a nonzero amount of time before going back to Anodyne.

  24. Tyrone Slothrop. says:

    Bioshock: Infinite 4 lyfe. At about four playthroughs, the experience only become richer as more subtleties rise to the surface. It’s not simply the best game of this year but easily one of the greatest games I’ve ever played.

    For just one astounding little detail in the storytelling, a former member of Looking Glass, I believe Randy Smith or Austin Grossman articulated the interpretation of SHODAN of SS1 era s a metaphor for the game designer, throwing up impossible challenges to torment and test the player. In Infinite, even the framed embroidery in the lighthouse reinforces this premise; ‘To a new Eden I shall lead thee.’ You truly have Irrational.

    As meta-commentary, as historical critique and refutation of the Gilded Age, as a meditation on both the futility and power of existence in quantum reality, as a tale of sin and punishment or the sheer escapism of a city in the sky, it succeeds on so many levels that I forgive it for its singular flaw; there are areas, discrete rooms and arenas which lack skylines. They were so much fun that I only desire arbitrarily more… I only hope the season pass DLC lives up to the expectations set by the core experience.

    I will say I also have immense hopes for GTA V on the PC, given the inclusion of everything from stealth gameplay and player-planned heists to scuba diving.

  25. maxi0 says:

    1) I’ve spent most of 2013 playing all the games I picked up in the Christmas sales, so I don’t feel I can name a “favourite” 2013 release.

    2) Many, though I’ve probably spent more time playing Football Superstars than any of the others.

  26. wonderingmonster says:

    1. Antichamber
    2. EVE Online

  27. Corrupt_Tiki says:

    1. Tomb Raider. Wasn’t a fan. Played it. Now a fan.

    2. Dota 2. It has all but consumed me. 300 hours and counting.

  28. HisMastersVoice says:

    1. Monaco
    2. DOTA 2

  29. NathanH says:

    1) Can’t think of any notable thing I’ve played that was released this year. Was Path of Exile this year? It probably wins by default if so. Or ToME if you count it (1.0 release was 31/12/2012).

    2) I don’t play multiplayer games except occasional Duels of the Planeswalkers and Blood Bowl, but I haven’t played either for months.

  30. Bansh says:

    1) I just realised I haven’t bought a single new game so far this year, as nothing has interested me. So no GOTYSF yet.

    2) Eve Online.

  31. Flammablezeus says:

    Don’t Starve would be my GOTYSF. Although Blood Dragon and Bioshock Infinite are both great in their own ways.

  32. Premium User Badge

    Bluerps says:

    I think Antichamber was pretty amazing.
    It’s either that, or the game that was already mentioned approximately 3000 times.

  33. Kinch says:

    “BIT.TRIP Presents… Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien”, followed by Bioshock Infinite.

  34. Carra says:

    Haven’t played that many games of 2013. Bioshock is so far the best game I’ve played this year. The Victoria 2 expansion made me put in another 30 hours in Victoria 2…

    Monaco & Tomb Raider are on my to play next list.

  35. eyrie0 says:

    1. Bioshock Infinite is the best game I’ve played so far this year, but it wouldn’t be in my top 5 from last year, so hopefully the year gets better.
    2. Just started playing Monaco and it’s a blast with 4 player co-op.

  36. Chris D says:

    I’ve already gushed about this one in the comments on the review but Eador: Masters of the Broken World.

    Really interesting tactical combat, an involving strategy layer, genuine depth, loads of character and surprisingly entertaining writing. The pacing is a little off so if you’re short on time then it may be best to ignore the campaign and dive straight into a custom game once you’ve got the hang of things.

    P.S. I also really like Monaco.

    • Badreligion says:

      Man I had my mouse hovering above the purchase button for Eador all weekend but never went though with it. It looks really cool but I haven’t played a game like this before and I am not sure I will like it. Its only 20 buvcks though so I bet I will get it within a week. I am impulsive like that.

      • whorhay says:

        I pre-ordered it on a whim and got the original 2d version as part of the promo. I’ve since logged less than 2 hours in the new shiny 3d version but have around 250 hours on the old one. Regardless of the bugs, that they have been patching at an insane pace, I really prefer the 2d hex map to the 3d. In the 3d map I have a hard time telling what terrain type each hex is and that is a critical part of the game to be able to determine.

        The game play is essentially the same though and I love the hell out of it.

        • NathanH says:

          I wonder if releasing the old game independently was a good idea for them. I would have been quite happy to buy an updated version of a good strategy game that had never been released in English. But then they released the original game and I got that for not very much and I thought “hmm, I think this is probably going to be better in 2D anyway” and then I heard about bugs and I have stayed away, costing them a release-day sale.

          I expect the bugs will be fixed as quickly as possible though; they were very fast to deal with some bugs in the previous game that people found, which impressed me.

  37. sharkh20 says:

    Not much has impressed me this year. I’d say Path of Exile but I’ve been playing it for almost 2 years. It is in beta so it hasn’t “officially” been released.

  38. Bobtree says:

    best multiplayer: DOTA 2
    best everything else: Kerbal Space Program
    honorable mentions: Waking Mars, Antichamber, Monaco, Ravaged
    biggest disappointment: Planetside 2
    most wanted: TowerClimb

  39. jonahcutter says:

    Out of games actually released in 2013:

    I’ve spent the most time on Don’t Starve. At times, it’s grabbed me like FTL did. But never as consistently. I’ve drifted away from it the past month or so.

    And though it has some rough edges, I really enjoyed the setting, atmosphere and gameplay of Sang Froid and hope for community mapmaking tools. Or a sequel that has them.

    Timber and Stone has a ton of promise. It’s the game I’m currently playing that has me most hopeful for what it could evolve into.

    Biggest hit-and-miss games of 2013: Bioshock Infinite and Tomb Raider. They both manage to swing between being thrilling and brilliant, and being confused and mundane.

    Special Noteworthy Game Achievement Category: Tomb Raider! Finally a game has your avatar dodge blows realistically. She crouches and scoots. No constant dive rolling with a rifle/bow/backpack/bazooka/sword/alloftheabove strapped to your back. Lara actually dodges like a real human would. (Of course, she then kills dozens of baddies while refusing to wear a jacket in a snow storm). I hate dive-rolling. It’s one of the stupidest conceits of video games. Unless it’s a game about ninjas. Then it’s fine.

    “Your game of 2013” means listing a half dozen different entries, right?

  40. Vinraith says:

    Thus far, 2013 has yet to produce anything that’s caught my attention. I’m still happily playing games from past years.

  41. Ostymandias says:

    dota 2

    and when is some indie dev going to make a game based on Slavoj Zizek? I don’t want to make it myself because then my unhealthy obsession with the man will have gone too far

    oh my god

  42. Kentauroi says:

    Well for my it’s so far the 3rd act of the War in Heaven mod campaign for Freespace 2 Open.

    Visually impressive, great choice of background music for setting the tone, a plot that reminds me of Babylon 5 in terms of scale and the amount of foreshadowing, and a focus on PTSD and survivor’s guilt and how a pilot can justify the ideals of her upbringing with the need to kill enemy combatants who are clearly not evil.

    The only bad thing I can say about it is it’s not that long and it’s not voice acted so there’s a lot of reading.

    It’s heartening to see that volunteers are still working on my favorite game of yore, and using it to tackle issues that most mainstream games don’t dare to acknowledge.

  43. MonolithicTentacledAbomination says:

    I guess it would have to be Bioshock Infinite, almost by default.

    I play Dota 2 a lot (getting close to 200 hours), but I’m trying to figure out how Starcraft II works online, too.

  44. killias2 says:

    Blood Dragon was probably the game I had the most fun with.

  45. Totally heterosexual says:

    1. Not sure. Zeno Clash 2 maybe but that needs work.

    2. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  46. WinTurkey says:

    1. Wargame: Airland Battle

    2. Same as above

  47. Nicodemus Rexx says:

    Don’t Starve.

    Because it’s the only game I’ve bought from this year.

  48. Synesthesia says:

    Hm, i finally got my hands on MGS4, so that was good. Really good! So far, bioshock infinite and monaco are my best picks, hands down.

    And of course, i’ve finally been swallowed by DOTA2. I’m even good sometimes!
    So.. brb, DOTA.

  49. Eschatos says:

    Dominions 3. Definitely not a 2013 game but I only decided to actually buy it and give it a heartfelt try this year. So incredibly complex, but entirely in good ways in my opinion. Think if someone turned Magic the Gathering into a turn-based strategy game. And even better, an excellent game is going on coordinated by RPS forums right now.

  50. kevin309 says:

    1) Mars War Logs
    2) Dota 2