What’s Your Game Of 2013 So Far?

We’ve got a few things going up today, but as it’s National Nap-In-Armchair Day in the UK, things will be pretty quiet. You can do us a favour though, and answer two questions for us:

1) What’s your favourite game of the year so far?

2) Are you playing a multiplayer game regularly, and if so is what is it? The same as your GOTYSF?



  1. Festus McGee says:

    I guess the game I’ve been enjoying most is EA’s It Is Important That Women Be Treated Equally And Not Objectified In Videogames Because Of The Children And Also Linkbaiting 2K13.

  2. RagingLion says:

    Bioshock: Infinite.

    I haven’t been playing any LP games regularly.

  3. Albert_Scoot says:

    1. Bioshock Infinite, having played most of the AAA titles and a bunch of indie releases nothing comes close to it.
    2. AoE II HD

  4. Vigidis says:

    1) Bioshock Infinite…hands down.

    2) Tribes Ascend (am I the only one still playing this?)

    • bums_manifesto says:

      I don’t play Tribes Ascend anymore, but it is awesome.

  5. bums_manifesto says:

    Arma 3 Alpha. I lost my faith in the games industry with the release of Sim City. A week later my faith was restored by the Arma 3 Alpha.

  6. abandonhope says:

    The closest I can come to a 2013 title is Don’t Starve, since it is one, but I did the vast majority of my playing last year.

    Also, System Shock 2.

  7. spleendamage says:

    1. Path of Exile, I guess. It’s so weird for me to be picking an ARPG. Oddly enough I would likely be picking Drox Operative as a second choice (also an ARPG). I also quite like Gnomoria (like Dwarf Fortress for dummies).

    2. Planetside 2 and LoL are the only multi-player games I play… Apparently because I like being completely face-rolled in entirely different ways.

  8. bhlaab says:

    I haven’t played any game released in 2013 yet because they all look awful.

  9. Rikard Peterson says:

    1. XCOM, I think. No, wait that was released in 2012. I bought it in 2013, though. Shuffling Around was fun… No, that’s another 2012 game. Bioshock Infinite and Brütal Legend may be the only 2013 releases that I’ve played so far, and I’ve yet to finish either one. No, wait! Dominique Pamplemousse. (Not really GOTY, but it’s quite good, and it’s probably the only 2013 game that I’ve finished.)

    2. The multiplayer game that I still play the most is Blur. That, and Wordfeud.

  10. TCM says:

    This list is for games I have bought and or played entirely this year, even if they came out last year.

    Best Multiplayer Yelling Simulator: Chivalry

    Best Multiplayer Yelling With Actual Voice: Monaco

    Best Singleplayer Exercise in Frustration: Etrian Odyssey IV [3DS]

    Best Singleplayer “I’ll Play it once I update all my mods again…”: Skyrim

    Best Singleplayer Prettiness: Bioshock Infinite

    Best Timesink: Fire Emblem Awakening [3DS]

    Best Shot of Surreality: Antichamber

    Best 20 Bucks I’ve Spent This Year: Far Cry 3

  11. Xanadu says:

    2. Guild wars 2. A lot of GW2. (Hi RPS guild)

    1. Er, haven’t bought any 2013 games. Why? See 2. I still have a lot of 2009-2012 games to play, to be honest. When I do get around to buying one it will be Tomb Raider though.

    EDIT. Doesn’t specify video game. On the board Game front just bought forbidden desert. Thrmstic sort of Sequel to Forbidden Island. Hasn’t arrived yet though so can’t say if its any good or not…

  12. Zenicetus says:

    Bah, humbug…. the only 2013 release games I’ve bought this year were Tomb Raider and Bioshock Infinite, and I didn’t enjoy them enough to dignify with a “GOTY-so-far” label. I felt that both games were the equivalent of a summer blockbuster, CGI-heavy movie that you know in advance won’t be a highlight of the year, but you go and see it anyway for a few hours of mind-numbing entertainment. I think the only release I’m actually looking forward to this year is Total War: Rome II. So it better be good!

    Meanwhile, I’ve been spending the rest of my gaming time with older releases that are still in continuing development like Endless Space, Civ5, Rise of Flight, and X-Plane. I don’t do multiplayer. My free time for gaming is too sporadic, and I’m still recovering from too many years spent in WoW.

  13. KingOreO says:

    Starseed Pilgrim – No question

  14. dangermouse76 says:

    Today Mathew I will be mostly recommending:
    Oh! I have not bought any games released this year hmmmm ! Backlog much.

    I am playing Rage ( the bits with guns are ok )
    Max Payne 3 ( god they really need to make a movie and get it out their system )

    I am playing trash basically cause I don’t have time to devote to some thing time consuming and new.

  15. bleeters says:

    Not that I’ve really been buying a lot of games this year, but so far? Bioshock Infinite.

    The only multiplayer game I play regularly is The Old Republic.

  16. EOT says:

    Not sure. I liked BioShock Infinite though I thought that apart from a few scenes and some memorable visuals it was actually a largely forgettable experience. Tomb Raider was the same.

    So I guess my game of the year so far wasn’t released this year. The game I’ve most enjoyed was Dark Souls. It’s also the game I’ve played the most as I don’t have anywhere as much time for gaming as I used to and even when finding that I do have the time I often just cannot be bothered.

    The games I’ve played most online are, according to steam, NS2 and Wargame: AirLand Battle with a colossal 35 hours between them.

  17. satsui says:

    SimCity. Seriously though, probably one of the following:

    * Fez
    * StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm
    * Tomb Raider
    * Don’t Starve

    I’m not a fan of FPS for personal reasons, but BioShock Infinite should be on the list somewhere.

  18. Jim Reaper says:

    Astoundingly, my game of the year (so far) isn’t a PC game! Fire Emblem: Awakening on the 3DS just beats the crap out of all other contenders and has become one of my favourite games of all time. Just can’t put the bloody thing down!

  19. Isometric says:

    Although it didn’t come out this year it’s been Euro Truck Simulator 2 that has been giving me the most pleasure. Thought Bioshock Infinite was wonderful too of course.

  20. junglist 69 says:

    Insurgency 2 (Alpha ), welcome back old friend.

  21. Joshua Northey says:

    am that has come out in 2013? Eador.

    And I am absolutely amazed it isn’t SimCity. My wife and I love that series, but they really messed it up good for little apparent reason.

    I would completely understand the smaller scale if it was exchanged for a better simulation. But the quality of the simulation is the same or maybe worse. Better in some areas, worse in others.

    So why again did we move to such a tiny scale? Just to have fancier graphics no one cares about?

  22. Superpat says:

    I am honestly still addicted to Crusader Kings 2… And with the Old Gods coming out this month its just going to get better, so ck2 + dlc’s gets my vote!

    • Arglebargle says:

      No kidding! I have about 500 hours in on Steam, and hundreds of hours more on other versions of CK2 used to finish up dynasty runs after updates/patches. Great modding scene as well.

      Where else can you end up with Danish Byzantium?

      • Superpat says:

        The modding scene is awesome, I have a game on vanilla where France conquered Denmark and Finland, but after a mega rebellion in France, Finland finished in the hands of an independent Irish extradite.

  23. Atwa says:

    Fire Emblem Awakening, put a disgusting amount of hours into that.

  24. I_have_no_nose_but_I_must_sneeze says:

    I haven’t played any of this year’s major releases yet. I haven’t even played most of last year’s notable releases. This is what happens when you wait for massive discounts before you buy games. If I have to pick games from 2013, then it’s Depression Quest and Blues for Mittavinda. They both made their mark. If I can pick an older game that I played this year, then it’s Batman Arkham City. It grabbed me enough to do all the sidequests and beat Riddler at his own game.

  25. Gaytard Fondue says:

    Runner 2 by far. Pretty underwhelming year.

  26. Zorn says:

    Star Craft 2 – Heart of the Swarm

    Although the Zerg are too fast for me. I feel like just throwing out units randomly,
    looking that there’s something from everything, pressing F2 for all units THERE ARE.
    And going for the next target. Yeah, that’s not the most unit friendly tactic. I’m old, but
    I’m still having fun with this. More than I thought. I like ‘story’, the sequences and their
    production values. Although I always more the Red Alert RTS type.

  27. gmale9000 says:

    Definitely Bioshock Infinite. Nothing really comes close.

    I did thoroughly enjoy Blood Dragon though.

    What is similar about both games is that they exude *personality*. I find this to be incredibly important for a game.

  28. TheBarringGaffner says:

    I’ve been playing a lot of older games this year, but aside from little experimental projects, I have to admit that my favorite game released this year was Bioshock Infinite, despite finding the first game horribly boring. I don’t think Infinite is revolutionary or deep, but it’s good dumb fun and it reminds me a lot of Half Life 2. I think it would have been Thomas Was Alone, but I don’t like puzzle platformers all that much.

  29. shagohad says:

    Still playing DayZ because im a hopeless addict.

    Been playing the Redux mod because its great, feels like DayZ back in May of’12. But not as buggy and with more features :)

  30. weevilo says:

    Of releases this year, Papers, Please is pretty damn cool and hopefully gets fleshed out enough to not become repetitive as I fear it will quickly become in its present state.

    And as others have mentioned, I have such a large backlog of games I probably won’t purchase anything new this year until it goes on extreme sale. I feel like this is a topic that should probably be getting some love, how all of the crazy sales are effecting overall new release sales. I can say for sure that due to the crazy sales for older games that are the norm lately, I don’t see myself ever buying a full price game again – there’s just no reason except to make an economic show of support for something. I put down a ton of money on the Torment Kickstarter, and really that’s the only game I’ve seen come along in the last few years that I’ve felt I had to shower money on.

    Otherwise, I’m perfectly content waiting a year for a AAA game to go on sale for $5-10 with most of the bugs ironed out and all the DLC available. Am I in a minority of gamers, or is this a growing trend?

    • weevilo says:

      I also wanted to add that I’m having a _TON_ of fun with Just Cause 2 which I picked up for like $2 on sale. The graphics in this game still top anything released lately that I’ve played and the parachute/zipline mechanic is so damned cool. It’s fairly mindless, but one of those games I like to play while I’m listening to podcasts or audio books.

  31. ChiefInspectorLee says:

    1) Bioshock Infinite

    2) HotS

  32. theLumberJack says:

    1) Kerbal Space Program
    2) CS:GO

  33. Glyph says:

    StarCraft II was good, I enjoyed the campaign story.

    All you guys are mentioning all these wonderful multiplayer games I’ve played and would love to get into but sadly I live in Australia and apparently we aren’t a big enough market to be worth localized servers. So I haven’t been able to enjoy a multiplayer game in a long time just because of the lag I get.
    But if I had no lag, I would probably have to go with League of Legends. It’s the only game that’s brought me back time and time again (even with the massive lag).

  34. KafFiend says:

    According to Steam, I’ve played 650+ hours of Crusader Kings 2 since it’s 2012 release. Not sure if I should be proud or ashamed.

    Oh and Path of Exile.

  35. Shaz says:

    I’m enjoying Neverwinter a HELL of a lot more than I expected to, so I guess I’ll say that. The best single player game I’ve enjoyed the most so far this year, though, was Mark of the Ninja… but it came out last year, so it doesn’t qualify as ‘Best of 2013’.

    I have Tomb Raider but haven’t got into it much so far due to reasons like the positively horrendous blurry hexagons that represent raindrops or some crap or another, that intentionally distances me from the character I’m trying to play. I’m a ‘first person’ type of gamer (nothing to do with camera, everything to do with taking on the role of the protagonist), and when the game makers decide I need clear and present evidence that I’m NOT supposed to ‘BE the character’, instead I’m just there to watch the show and press buttons when they want me to, well, that really pisses me off. Plus I hear the game’s short on actual tombs to raid, so we’ll see if it actually pulls me in at some point or not.

  36. Terics says:

    Monaco. Its great. I love almost everything about it. The only problem is that the Pickpocket levels become increasingly hard to solo and clean out, at the same time.

    The only other thing I can think of is Skullgirls for PS3. I gained interest after their indiegogo campaign and its wonderful. I have never really understood fighting games until now. Once I understood the base mechanics(thanks to its excellent tutorial) the game really opened up for me. I’m having way more fun that I ever thought I could with a fighter. Also the art put every other 2D fighter to shame. Its supposedly coming to Steam eventually so I guess its slightly relevant.

  37. TomxJ says:

    A N T I C H A M B E R
    & PISS

    For multiplayer fun, i mostly boot up Frozen synapse or Borderlands 2

  38. pocketlint60 says:

    It’s a tough choice between Blood Dragon and Cry of Fear, but I guess I’ll pick Blood Dragon since technically Cry of Fear came out last year; the standalone released on Steam this year.

  39. kodjeff1 says:

    Path of Exile, or Baldur’s Gate II

  40. Delixe says:

    For the pure fun I had playing it Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. Special mention to Sumo who have been doing a stellar job of supporting the game with beta tests and patches. It’s far more than I expected for what I’m sure SEGA considered a simple port.

  41. Zanpa says:

    I’m now realizing that I haven’t played any 2013 game so far.
    Blood Dragon is installed and waiting for me to spend time with it, but I haven’t touched it so far.

    I’ve been dedicating my video game time to Battlefield 3, just like in 2012. I’m thankful for the group of very nice Polish people I randomly met and play regularly with, as this game can get really stale if you play by yourself.

  42. Bob says:

    Bioshock Infinite for me.

    The only other game I’m enjoying as much is 2012’s Borderlands 2 (singleplayer).

  43. drvoke says:

    The only fully released and finished in 2013 non-beta/alpha/theta/omega game I’ve purchased is Monaco, I believe. I will look at Bioshock: Infinite when it drops to $20 or lower, which considering all the press it’s getting, may not be for a couple years. I’d also really like Star Drive to be in there somewhere by the end of the year, but even with its REALLY attractive price point (compared to the strikingly similar Distant Worlds), Totalbiscuit’s LP of it and my inability to see on the forums or anywhere else a consensus that the end-game performance issues have been sorted are keeping my dollars in my wallet for now.

    So, combined with the fact that Monaco is the only game I’ve spent more than five minutes playing online in the past two or three years, it’s going to take both spots.

  44. BlueSheep says:

    ALL SIMULATOR GAMES! – no. Well, I cant metion a favorit game, that was born this year. Since this year havent been the best. In any possible way. Oh well, I would have voted all the mount and blade games, Star wars battlefront, Red orchestra 2 – heroes of Stalingrad, and nearly all the total war games, expect empires. Havent played that.

  45. fish99 says:

    I should hate Bioshock Infinite for watering down the System Shock 2 formula even further, but the story and setting was good enough to redeem the game (although it would have been even better with game design as good as SS2). The gameplay wasn’t revolutionary but it was still a lot of fun IMO. Only real criticism I’d have on that front would be the 2 gun carry limit. People saying the combat was bad – I didn’t see it that way. The guns were loud and punchy and the vigors were fun and added the flavour and variety. Wouldn’t surprise me if the people complaining about the gameplay barely used their vigors, or stuck to the same 2 guns the whole game.

    It’s probably the only game I’ve played this year that was released this year, so it’s my only choice for GOTYSF.

  46. Leramar says:

    Bioshock Infinite at the moment but I think by the end of the year it’s going to be a toss up between “The Last of Us” and “GTA V”.

  47. IgnusDej says:

    Metal Gear Rising. A game which is still a game and not an interactive wannabe hollywood blockbuster. And nanomachines, son.
    I need to thank Platinum Games to take me through this generation.

  48. Apocalypse says:

    For me the game of the year has been so far Natural Selection 2.

  49. slerbal says:

    For games released this year it would have to be Arma 3’s alpha for me. I have had so much fun on so many levels with it, though, finally, I am mostly waiting for the beta now. When the game has Altis and all the vehicles, units and equipment in I think it will be one of the best games ever (for me).

    If someone makes a mission of the quality of Escape From Chernarus (from Arma 2) for Arma 3 I will have died and gone to gaming heaven.

    Aside from Arma 3 though this has been the year of me finally playong all the indie games ‘people’ have been telling me to play. Turns out ‘people’ were right:-) some real gems there I’ve had fun with Cargo Commander, Stealth Bastard Deluxe, Primordia, Gemini Rue and many others.

  50. bstard says:

    Don’t Starve. It even made me stop playing CK2 for now.

    • Foosnark says:

      Don’t Starve is from 2012. But it is kind of brilliant. :)