The Sims 4 To Be The Fourth Sims Game?

EA’s recently-announced The Sims 4 may in fact be a new Sims game, sources have revealed to RPS.

The source, who did not wished to be named but who purports to have strong ties to the press release-reading community, claimed exclusively to this website that The Sims 4 is in fact the fourth in the Sims series.

While EA has of yet only revealed that The Sims 4 will be released in 2014, our source has elaborated that the game will be available next year.

“EA are trying hard to keep this from going public,” said the source, “but The Sims 4 is the sequel to The Sims 3.” RPS has taken steps to verify the identity of this source, and as such is currently convinced that The Sims 4 is indeed a new Sims game.

When our source was quizzed for more on EA’s statement that The Sims 4 would include an offline singleplayer mode, gunshots were heard, then the line went dead.


  1. GSGregory says:

    Ea plus new? Won’t it really just be sims 3 v2?

    • laijka says:

      It will be the Sims2 v3

      • RaveTurned says:

        …with micro-transactions. On top of the initial cost of the game and expansion packs, natch.

        • AngoraFish says:

          Like the current version then.

          • RaveTurned says:

            Ugh, I didn’t know the Sims Store was a thing. :( Should have known better.

            Welp, with the low hanging fruit gone it’ll be interesting to see what extra tricks EA have to milk the cash cow with this iteration. Maybe they’ll let you resurrect your old sims for a small (not small) cash fee.

          • Gnoupi says:

            Not only is this a thing, but they also alienated modding, to promote their own stuff store. (The modding market was big on the previous Sims games, some even made a living out of dedicated websites)

          • Hahaha says:

            And it still is, loads of people make crap for the sims 3

          • Triplanetary says:

            Yeah, the Sims Store hasn’t killed Sims 3 modding by any means. They’d better make Sims 4 just as moddable, though, or there will be (proverbial) blood.

    • HermitUK says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised to see SimCity’s multiplayer thing shoved on top; your neighbourhood being one of several neighbourhoods run by different players, with Sims travelling between them.

      Because then it’s an MMO and it can be always online.

      • spectone says:

        Offline single player game is the way they are promoting it.

        • crunchyfrog555 says:

          This is true.

          But it is also true that SimCity was quote as being the same until a few months before release.

          Are you saying you trust EA and their statements/leaks/whatever?

        • Octuplex says:

          It’ll probably be tacked on so that people can’t complain.

      • Hahaha says:

        They already did that (sims online) and have none of you played the latest sims? because all this crap your moaning about has already been done it’s nothing new. and isn’t going to go away.

      • iridescence says:

        Actually this would be cool as an optional feature. The Sims can be fun for a while but really loses all challenge and interest for me after the first few hours of playing because of the dumb-as-bricks AI and fact that after a while the game just becomes about accumulating yet more stuff when you already have everything you could conceivably use.

        Implemented properly, this is one game I can see the idea of random players being able to muck around in your neighborhood and mess up your plans adding significant interest to. Of course, this is EA we’re talking about so they’d probably fuck it up horribly.

    • Ravelle says:

      All the expansions 3 had should be included in the base game of 4, they already fucked that up with the sims 3.

      Also please, change the art style. I hate the giant man baby character style.

      • Gnoupi says:

        It’s the business model since the beginning. The Sims 2 also didn’t include the features from the expansion packs of the first one.

        And it works, so why would they change.

  2. Spinoza says:

    You play, you pay, you bastard.

  3. Squirly says:

    Hard-hitting stuff RPS. This is why I come here – unadulterated, unfiltered, straight-up, in-your-face FACTS.

  4. Drake Sigar says:

    Soon to be accompanied by 126 expansion packs.

    • Chalky says:

      At least now we know why they acquired the starwars IP.

      • c-Row says:

        Oh shit!

      • Darth_Pingu says:

        … No. No way. Just … No! You sick chuck. Don’t … No!
        Don’t do that. As if Disney aquiring SW wasn’t bad enough. Then we joke about EA getting game exclusivity. … Don’t joke about that.

    • Hahaha says:

      fans mod in starwars crap WOOOT BEST THING EVER
      devs include starwars crap BOOOOO WORST IDEA EVER

  5. Poppis says:

    Can’t wait to see the first dlc: The Imperial Costume Pack.

    • Chupacabra- says:

      Day 1 DLC buy!
      Also: Nissan Leaf cars! And Nissan Leaf caps and t-shirts
      … and Nissan Leaf power stations everywhere in the city

  6. Meat Circus says:

    Always-offline massively single player?

    • RedViv says:

      Apparently. A brilliant concept that will surely evolve gaming to the max. EA is always leading the vanguard with brand-new consumer-friendly experiments, after all!

      • P7uen says:

        Your Sims will go and live in whichever of your friends built the first house they come across on their way home from work.

        • Darth_Pingu says:

          Supports up to 128 players. One key on the keyboard for each. Morse code and keypress time decides what command to do.
          Edit: Preorder to get dibs on the mouse!

    • djbriandamage says:

      “Massively Singleplayer” is how Will Wright described Spore – your creatures and templates are saved to the cloud and used to populate other single player games’ content. I wished so much that this feature would be incorporated into Sims 3 but alas they just gave us an item store.

      People may forget but this feature of Spore was extremely innovative in this way.

      • PedroBraz says:

        The problem with that is that 97% of your content ends up beeing penis monsters and sims called “Dickson McDickward”.

  7. hanneswall says:

    Khorne Catzerker, bane of sofas everywhere!

    Edit: Oh come on! Don’t change the image on me like that! : (

  8. BobbyDylan says:

    I bet the stockholders are pleased. Pets, Vacation, University, et cetra… means lots of $40 sales.

    • Prime says:

      The people who write retail sales charts will be pleased too. It’s been too long since half of a top ten has been filled by the same game!

  9. Tssha says:

    I somehow doubt the veracity of your sources…

    *sounds of gunfire*

    …they are clearly all commie mutant traitors.

  10. DarkLiberator says:

    Preorder Sims 4 now for exclusive Lens Flare Edition!

  11. Badoink says:

    That’s a bold claim, but it’s just one anonymous source.

  12. RaveTurned says:

    The fourth Sims game? You make it sound like The Sims Online and The Sims Medieval never existed!

    I like that.

    • phelix says:

      The fourth real Sims game. Whatever.

    • Harlander says:

      Gotta tell you, I was really disappointed that Medieval didn’t turn into the Sims/Crusader Kings mashup I was non-secretly hoping it’d be when I heard about the idea.

  13. RedViv says:

    The big question: Will the creator’s of this project ensure that it does not get slower and slower and slower and slower with each inevitable expansion pack?

    • Gnoupi says:


      I would hope for a resource manager able to handle the growth. TS3 was better than the previous one in this regard, but still became quite slow with time.

    • stahlwerk says:

      Having witnessed the bug-fest that is the World Adventure expansion first and second hand, I concur and would go as far as saying that EA doesn’t give much about QAing their Money Printing Licensesexperience enhancing expansions.

      resetsim *

      • RedViv says:

        At least this time there will be no distractions with a side-game of no special importance. The expansions notably improved after much of the Medieval team returned to the main game.

        And hire Twallan already, dammit.

  14. Simas says:

    Here we go again. And again.

    • bstard says:

      Oh god, yer :( I wonder what will happen after the Sim4 had it’s 126 expansion packs.

  15. mrmalodor says:

    What’s even more amazing is that it will have an offline mode.

    • c-Row says:

      I’ll believe it when I see it.

    • Screwie says:

      It’s both hilarious and sad that EA felt they needed to specifically mention that in the press release while SimCity is still fresh in peoples’ minds.

    • Spoon Of Doom says:

      You’ll be able to play offline, but your Sim will then suffer from loneliness. Also, as power, water, shop items and everything else is imported from your online neighbours, he/she will be able to survive offline for at most 3 minutes, before dying in an unlighted home, without food or water.

      When you go online again, your house and your Sim will be corrupted, forcing you to start from the beginning, but at least you can look at all the sparkling items from various free DLCs, such as electric cars that don’t need power, incredibly healthy Coca Cola in your fridge and playing away on your Xbox 720 for which your Sim will need his own Xbox Live Gold account, which is real, but gets discounted 25%. You can’t use it with a real Xbox after all; it would be ripping the customers off if you had to pay full price.
      Oh, and it will give you a discount of 5% on the inevitable two dozen “expansion packs” that either cost as much as a full game if you want something remotely interesting or “only” half of that if they give you exciting things like a couple of new virtual clothes or 3 new carpets for your virtual house.

      Forgive my rant. I like the Sims games actually, but the ridiculous expansion pack price scheme just drives me up the wall.

      • bleeters says:

        “he/she will be able to survive offline for at most 3 minutes, before dying in an unlighted home, without food or water”.

        To be fair, that’s how most of my sims ended up regardless the last time I played one of these games. I doubt I’ll notice the difference.

        • Spoon Of Doom says:

          Yeah, but at least you were able to decide yourself how exactly they die, how long they suffer and when to do it. Internet crapping out, killing your Sim before your Ultimate Plan Of Infinite Torture And Death is completed – imagine the horror!

  16. Leaufai says:

    I liked The Sims franchise for a while, but after trying TS3 out for a while I just realized I wasn’t controlling these people, they were controlling me. Player, do this please. Clean up this please, etc. Just felt more like a chore than fun gameplay. The designing of houses was in the end the most fun I had in the game.

    If someone else ever tries a Sims-like game, I’d be more interested in them turning it into a god game. Instead of controlling their actions, you only control their environment. These powers you then use to make everyone happy and help achieve everyone’s life goals. It’d be easy at first, but by the time you’re handling an entire street all those wants and needs start to conflict, adding the challenge.

  17. Syra says:

    I’m here for the staring eyes.

  18. Mercetron says:

    They will rename this to “The Sims” towards release.

  19. mornegroth says:

    The Sims 4 will be a prequel, you get to stare at your screen as EA swiftly presents to you another turd in the series.

  20. Lunarpac says:

    Rumours are that lack of faith has been found disturbing.

  21. Mustard Wraps says:

    What? All my Katy Perry themed houses are soon to be OUTDATED!?

    • Thermal Ions says:

      Don’t worry, you’ll soon be able to buy Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, or maybe Pink packs.

      • Scumbag says:

        You can also buy the Kate Perry stuff
        But it has the number 4 on it

  22. Solidstate89 says:

    I quite honestly enjoyed playing the original Sims but I tried Sims 2 back in the day and even a little bit of Sims 3 (though I admitted I pirated that one to try it out – uninstalled an hour later) and none of them just have that appeal the original one did.

    I still go back and play the original one from time to time. It’s more ridiculous and over the top in my opinion and that makes for a better GAME in my opinion. Then in Sims 2 they introduced those life goals and your Sim can now age and die and all other kinds of “realistic” endeavors that just made the game less of a game and more of a chore.

    I don’t see Sims 4 changing that at all.

    • faillord_adam says:

      Haven’t actually played it, but didn’t Sims 3 let you disable aging?

      • NyuBomber says:


        Also lets to disable the Celebrity system, every Supernatural (witches, vampires, faeries, etc) type (except zombies), lets you set the seasons, lets you set the lunar cycle (which only effects when zombies will spawn, so disabling this disables zombies) and some other stuff.

      • Hahaha says:

        Yep, you can also change the length of time it takes to “age”.

  23. QualityJeverage says:

    I’m not a Sims player but my girlfriend is a Sims 3 diehard.

    Sweet jesus, for her sake I hope this one runs better. With all her expansions and mods installed it takes literally about 15 minutes to load the game, and her PC is pretty solid. I couldn’t believe it the first time she showed me and said it always took that long.

    • PedroBraz says:

      Its because the game have to load each hairpiece, chair etc. you have in your downloads folder individually. You can merge these items into one big file with custom programs, and then it becomes much faster. But yeah, the Sims series is notorious for beeing unoptimized and so full of bugs its unplayable without dedicated communities to make unofficial bugfixes.

  24. NyuBomber says:

    Guess I’ll out myself as a Sims 3 lover, though I will say I only acquire expansion packs when they go on Steam sale and very rarely get stuff from the store with my own money; usually it’s either a free weekend for a couple of items, or I’ve somehow otherwise acquired/been gifted the store currency.

    I’ve had great fun in every aspect of the base game and expansions so…I dunno, I feel I got my money’s worth.

    That said, won’t be touching Sims 4 until well after release, if at all, because EA is EA and it’ll be better to see how things shake out and develop than to jump in without looking.

    Must say I like the redefined art style of the Staring Eyes in the teaser, though.

    EDIT: My actual game loading time takes less time than the annoying unskippable intro splashes so and I’ve never had a problem with game slowdown over extended play sessions, either.

    That said, I do get random freezes sometimes. This seems independent of play length.

    So…yea, more stability for TS4, please. Maybe support modding so the community can fix it ourselves and share, hmmm?

    • QualityJeverage says:

      Why would that be something to “out” yourself as? You like the game, cool. If people wanna be jerks about it, fuck ’em.

  25. QualityJeverage says:

    Why “wow”?

    It’s not particularly rare for copyright owners to preemptively buy domain names related to their brand. Even if they don’t intend to use it (or won’t use it for ten whole years) they snap it up so they won’t have to buy it from somebody else.

  26. El_Emmental says:

    As long as it allows people to have personal life fantasies, it will sell – even without offline mode or whatever.

    Like these 5 girls between the age 16 and 18 talking at the store about how they loved The Sims (2 or 3), because they could get their character pregnant with almost anyone (once you know the game mechanics), use an item (micro-transaction or expansion pack, can’t remember – consumables of course) to get twins/triplets, give birth, then let the social worker character take them away rather rapidly (who wants to take of a whiny, noisy, little baby… when you could get pregnant again ! and again ! and again…).

    I have more troubling examples, but I think the one above is the most representative of what makes The Sims such a commercial success.

    That’s why (in my opinion) The Sims always sits at the top 10 of sales charts and is not just a “make your own story / social experiment” niche game: for most of its users (not all, hopefully) it’s a medication, a therapeutic software, that helps them deal with life’s frustration (about wealth, fame, social success, professional success, family, friendship, love, sexuality, fertility, childbirth, etc).

    That’s the main reason why we shouldn’t have any hate towards its users, even if their addiction and purchasing habits makes publishers like EA think they can commercially abuse their userbase at no cost and without any limits – most of these users are not in a position of making reasonable choices: The Sims is affecting their most intimate, deepest complexes, concerns, sufferings – most of them are more victims of EA than guilty of blindly buying anything with The Sims written on it.

    * Not every The Sims users are using The Sims as a psychological medication.
    * Not every The Sims users are blindly buying anything with The Sims written on it.
    * Some The Sims users shared very interesting and entertaining experiences they got from The Sims games.
    * The Sims games can provide very interesting and entertaining gameplay.
    * Something The Sims doesn’t teach you (and most people won’t read because it’s easier to jump the gun and not read everything): do not cook an egg (unless properly scrambled) in the microwave, the outer layer of the yellow yolk could solidify while the inner part boil, exposing you to an explosion (resulting in unpleasant facial burn) when the solidified layer is broken (intentionally or not).
    * The Sims games are not solely responsible of Electronics Arts commercial abuses and overall behaviour in the last 15 years.

  27. Arglebargle says:

    It amazes me is how EA will release even their major cash cows in such awful shape. You’d think they’d be a little more likely to lavish some attention on something like the Sims series, rather than poot it forth so undigested. I guess, like Bethesda, they count on their fanbase to do their work for them. Or just slurp it up, as is….