Vox Rox: Some Cube World Video To Make You Happy

I have a headache and I’m tired, so I should be a right misery guts. And I was, right up until I saw the cubic camels in the latest Cube World video. The block-based RPG gets more and more winning everytime I see it, so right now it’s at peak winningness. What’s new since the last time Adam glared into bright colours of the blocky adventure? Classes, crafting, pets. The usual RPG bling, but presented in the loveliest package I’ve seen in quite some time.

I just want to wander through it. Developer Dr. Wolfram von Funck (aka Wollay) has taken the Minecraft aesthetic and created a world that Miyamoto would be proud of. The hang-gliding section had me pawing at the screen, then the world map pops up and shows the scale of what he’s making. It looks like there’s a huge world to explore, and there are camels to ride while you do. I will definitely be grabbing a pet camel when I play.

Pay particular attention to the crafting section: it looks like you’ll be able to customise your equipment using modular blocks. He draws a thin line of cubes around a part of his staff. I am positive I will be able play without turning my staff into a giant winkie, because I wouldn’t really want to be responsible for such a crude assault on Cube World’s charm, but I’d avoid asking me to play co-op with you. Just to be on the safe side.

My Magic 8-ball release date generator says: Not Yet. Damn.


  1. BTAxis says:

    This looks really fun. It’s on the longish list of really nice games in development right now. I wonder if the world is randomly generated though? Didn’t see that one on the FAQ.

    • Susan_Funk says:

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    • Noburu says:

      Yes each world is randomly generated.

    • zul says:

      I agree. I bookmarked Cube World when I first saw it and these little updates keep giving me more and more hope it will turn into the awesome game I hope it will. It looks fantastic. Can’t wait to throw some money at the devs for it!!

  2. Rollin says:

    Shutup and take my money!

    • TechnicalBen says:

      I hope that’s in reply to the blog and the game, not the spam bots we keep getting. :D

  3. mauzed says:

    Why bother putting sailboats in, if you can’t really use the wind to sail?

    (otherwise, I like it)

  4. jasondesante says:

    when I saw Vox Rox I thought it was about the game Vox…but its more cube world hype

    you can actually get Vox and play it right now and the developer who is also one person is doing a good job. Better than I could ever do, and things keep getting better I can’t complain

    vox was started on the ludum dare 21 (april 21 2011), cube world was claimed to be started by wollay 2 weeks before june 8 2011. that on top of the fact vox already had the exact same looking item editior that is being hyped in this article as something cool in cube world….it just rubs me the wrong way.

    sure they all look like minecraft that all look like infiniminer. and its just a little thing, but what evs ya kno. cube world def looks nicer but you cant play it or buy it or whatever and cube world looks like a fun game vox really isnt at the moment but keeps getting better. since you can check out vox right now and watch it grow that is actually very cool.

    I guess what I’m saying is I WANT CUBE WORLD! or I want Vox to get better fast! because obvious things like editing your items at any time like vox lets you do right now are so obvious and so awesome and cube world isn’t out and getting all the hype simply because vox isn’t fun to play yet but watching cube world vids is somehow fun :D

    I edited it to say 21 because it is 21, I wrote 23 by mistake :D

    • lemonCookie says:

      Ludum Dare 23 was in 2012 so your information is wrong…

    • tumbleworld says:

      Credit where it’s due? Sure — infiniminer was cool, kudos to the guy.

      Vox always struck me as the rather lackluster child of Minecraft and Terraria. Cube World actually looks like some imagination has gone into it.

      • Noburu says:

        I agree. I have seen Vox a few times and it didnt really grab me the way Cubeworld does.

        EDIT: Mainly some of the art style choices like the way the characters look.

    • KirbyEvan says:

      Ludum Dare 23 was in 2012.

      If anything Vox is heavily inspired by Cube World, since it came out a year after development became public.

      The environment in Cube World is destructible and it has been showcased in many videos.

  5. TwoToes says:

    huh, huuuh, hhuueeerrrrrggggggg…. oh god i’m sorry

  6. 0WaxMan0 says:

    This game has been constantly teasing for so long now, the initial vids released showed it at what seemed to be a state where many other developers would be thinking about a release.
    And he is still adding content with no hint of a release date, thank goodness there are so many other games around right now or else the frustration may just overwhelm me.

  7. Squire says:

    This looks like a nice alternative to Terraria for casual/girlfriend coop.

    Is anyone having a problem with the imbedded video? Mine keeps playing for 5 or 6 frames at 1fps after I press pause, which is disconcerting given the name of the button.

  8. Lobotomist says:

    This should be MMO

  9. GameCat says:

    ” Developer Dr. Wolfram von Funck”
    This is his real name? Is he some sort of evil villain living in underground secret laboratory on vulcano island and who wants to control our brains by using a cute videogame?

  10. rei says:

    Looks fun, might try. Also the map and the minimap are lovely; proper topography going on.

  11. mondomau says:

    I love the zelda-esque FX / soundtrack. The class and crafting aspects look ridiculously deep and I really want to play this.

    • Noburu says:

      According to his twitter he wrote the music in the trailer just for the game. This guy can do it all apparently.

  12. GigaCosmoShark says:

    All these colors!!!
    It’s like taking a deep breath outside after you spent years in a Brown&Grey Submarine!

  13. Quine says:

    I shall add this to my Important List of Games With Hang-gliders In Them, because there aren’t enough of them out there.

  14. SketchyGalore says:

    Woo-hoo! I hadn’t heard from this thing in a while and I feared the worst. Definitely one of my top anticipated games of 2013… unfortunately, I think I also said that in 2012.

  15. Sparkasaurusmex says:

    Didn’t the older videos of this show giant monsters (like the golem thing he fights in this video) destroying the environment? What happened to that feature?

    • Noburu says:

      I wondered that as well. I regularly check his blog for updates and periodically read through his twitter backlog. I havent seen anything about it being removed so I assume it is still in and just that players cant destroy blocks.

      • jonahcutter says:

        “so I assume it is still in and just that players cant destroy blocks.”

        What fun is that?

        The strength of a voxel-based game is player manipulation of the environment.

        • Noburu says:

          Like I said, just going off what I have seen. Ive seen bosses destroy blocks, but no the player.

  16. bangalores says:

    I honestly feel like this might consume 90% of my gaming time once it comes out.

  17. QualityJeverage says:

    Five minutes ago I’d never heard of this.

    Now I want it. I want it bad.

  18. abandonhope says:

    This is really shaping up. Even the game design seems epic, and I hate that word.

  19. guygodbois00 says:

    At 2:27 – he just killed Indiana Jones?

  20. Tei says:

    this just jumped to the first position in my “looking forward list”

  21. fish99 says:

    Looks great, but it also looked great about 18 months ago when I last saw a video of it.

  22. The Random One says:

    I hope the exploration is indeed great, because the combat looked pretty by-the-numbers.

  23. MellowKrogoth says:

    The boats are nice. Here’s hoping the oceans are more interesting than in Minecraft. Spotted a few seaweed in the video, but stuff like Krakens and underwater Mermaid villages would fit perfectly into this game.

    Then add an expansion with ship-to-ship combat and sailing the high seas in search of treasure! With the procedural generation and charming graphic style, it would be amazing.