Carbine Talks About… Wildstar’s Movement?

Yeah, developers Carbine know that spending resources on a video that is just about how the characters in Wildstar move seems a little odd. It should be trivial, but actually, given that this is an MMO, there’s quite a bit of extra stuff going on in here, specifically the addition of a platform-game style double jump, and a TPS/FPS type metered sprint function. There’s also a “dash” function for dodging. Doesn’t that make it a dodge function and not a dash? I mean I guess dodging is in a context. You can dash whenever, and it only becomes a dodge when you are dodging something. Yeah.

Movement: with more philosophical legs that you might expect.

It’s moderately amusing! I hope the game manages to be moderately amusing. Few MMOs are funny in any way. At least not on purpose. Anyway, there’s a beta going on.


  1. SeriousT says:

    That hidden Easter Egg in the disclaimer is proof of Carbine’s awesomeness.

  2. Erinduck says:

    You’re complaining that they’re trying too hard when you yourself admit that this is a step up compared to where they used to be.

    • Shooop says:

      They’re trying too hard to pretend they stand out from the crowd by hyping features from other superior games they bolted on to themselves.

      All that energy could have been spent actually making a better game instead.

      • jonahcutter says:

        Welcome to marketing.

      • Erinduck says:

        Except they’re not bolted on at all? The game is designed around these features.

      • astronaute says:

        Latency has little to do with solo platforming and the movement is best one I ever saw in an MMORPG, you should at least recognize that. This is not donkey kong :)

      • Qwentle says:

        Games however generally don’t have movement server authorative. Doing so would indeed add latency to your contols which would be unacceptable. Pretty much every game on the market uses client side movement with the server only stepping in if you get outside certain bounds within a frame. If you want to check in any game, simply pull your net connection and try and move. In most games you’ll be able to move but unable to act (until you get DC’d), hence movement having no latency.

      • Zelos says:

        Rubber banding and getting stuck is usually because of movement being server-verified. In WoW(and most other modern MMOs), you’re more likely to keep moving until the moment you disconnect from the game(say, 20-30 after you lose connection), and then end up back where you started when you reconnect.

        And yes, while having movement be entirely client side does leave it open to hacking, movement hacks are a trivial matter. Anyone doing anything in public will get banned in a matter of minutes, and that leaves you with trying to solo (or hack in a group lol) instanced content, which your movement hacks won’t really help you with unless that content happens to be a race.

  3. baby snot says:

    I really like the art direction. I might check this out.

    • rei says:

      Love the sheep!

    • Teovald says:

      I love it as well. Too bad the the backstory of the 2 factions is almost caricatural in its absolute absence of originality (evil empire vs good rebels).

      • Harlander says:

        I suspect it’s not just almost a caricature, but deliberately one.

        • Teovald says:

          Maybe it is just the trailers then, I will have to check the full game. The ‘backstory trailers’ left me really disappointed, but it could just be that the tone was hard to translate in a 2 minutes vid. I fear it is just mediocre writing, but I would love to be wrong, the rest of what I have seen about this game looked interesting.

  4. Dermott says:

    awesome disclamer :) yeah i got rickrolled xD

  5. Antsy says:

    I think thats MMOrse code; dodge dodge dodge…dash dash dash…dodge dodge dodge

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  7. NyuBomber says:

    Looks like WoW, but in space and generally improved.

    …Which is perfect.

    Let me in Beta, let me in Beta, let me in Beta, letmeinBeta pleeeeaaaaaaaase.

  8. xStahl says:

    Loved the humour, will be checking this out seems fun.

  9. Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

    No. Tell us about the Death Fortresses.


  10. tatousolitaire says:

    Having never seen anything about this game, I must say I’m interested! Looks like fun. And the humor in the video is right up my alley (might not be for everybody though). Cool cool.

  11. Arglebargle says:

    These guys have some mighty fine snark….

    Wildstar is looking very interesting, and, given that this is an NCSoft associated game, that praise is most grudgingly given, damnit.

  12. Mbaya says:

    It may not be about reinventing the wheel and I’m a little concerned after rebounding off some recent stabs at MMO’s, but I can’t help being a little excited for Wildstar.

    The humour hits the right notes, I really like the setting and the game features that have already been announced, so yeah…really looking forward to getting some hands on time with this.

    Also, there’s a sheep.