Jagged Alliance: Flashback Is A Game About Taking Turns

You’re sitting there thinking to yourself “But what is Jagged Alliance: Flashback?” It’s a fair enough question, and nobody around you seems to have an answer. It’s lucky, then, that the people making the game have had the foresight to attempt to explain precisely that in a video. Can they really answer your question? Can they really define the essence of Jagged Alliance: Flashback in a way that we could truly be said to understand? Only by clicking on the internet can you ever know.

Good luck, brave Jagged Alliance: Flashback thinkerer.

For text answers to that nagging question you could try this interview.

Needless to type, Jagged Alliance: Flashback is on the Kickstarters, where it expects a rounded $350,000 for its creation.


  1. misterT0AST says:

    Spell it right Jim, it’s not “Flashback”, it’s Fl☭shback. It’s a weird mistake to make because the two characters don’t look similar at all.

    • Lanfranc says:

      Bit of a mouthful to pronounce. Flhammerandsickleshback. Wonder what their marketing people had to say about that.

  2. Aldaron says:

    A game of cool americans against bad communist dictators? Is it the 1980 again and nobody told me?

    • cowardly says:

      It’s never stopped being 1980.

    • Lytinwheedle says:

      It isn’t really a ‘good US’ vs ‘evil reds’ plot. You are hired by the CIA, but we all know how much you can trust those scumbags.

  3. Fumarole says:

    They’re currently at just under 50% of their goal with thirteen days to go; it looks like this Kickstarter will be a close one. I find that surprising.

    • povu says:

      Jagged Alliance: Back In Action probably didn’t help. If this had been the first new sight of a JA game since JA2…

    • abandonhope says:

      I’m somewhat surprised as well, but the pitch doesn’t immediately nail home a specific vision for the game. It feels like a bunch of ideas in the air, and not particularly consumer-ready. The concept art on the main page is also kind of loose and inconsistent. They aren’t really selling the setting very well, either. Combined with the $25 price, I think they’ve set themselves up to bounce non-diehard fans.

      I might have $15 worth of faith in the project, but I don’t have $25. Throwing in the classic pack certainly helps, but it doesn’t push it over. Not yet, anyway.

    • Gurrah says:

      It’s not surprising at all. They’ve put no actual work into the game and their game ‘Frontline Tactics’, whose engine and turn based gameplay is the supposed base for their take on Jagged Alliance looks, I’m sorry to say, rubbish. I guess a lot of people who have a soft spot in their hearts for JA2 have been burned too many times before by sequels and attempts to modernise the formula. I would love to see a good, solid revival of Jagged Alliance, but their credentials and proposition just don’t feel like they can deliver at least not until they’ve shown anything but concept art.

      • WrenBoy says:

        While I backed this, think Lund seems like a decent skin and would like to see it comfortably make its target I agree to an extent. I backed it in spite of the Frontline Tactics demo.

        If they are not in a position to show more of Jagged Aliance: Flashback, I dont see why they dont release as much Space Hulk footage as possible. That looks great.

    • khomotso says:

      It’s not even clear it’s going to be close. They look headed for a large miss.

    • drewski says:

      It’s not exactly a studio with an incredible track record. They’ve got a license, that’s it.

    • Lanfranc says:

      Looks perfectly fine to me. Never underestimate the last-48-hours rally.

  4. slerbal says:

    I want to love this but my heart has been broken to trust it on principle. Should it make its Kickstarter and be released I will buy it once it has been reviewed in a WIT on this, here site but not before.

    Good luck to it, but talk is cheap and I’m feeling cautious.

  5. Tayh says:

    It’s nice to see a video from a danish developer where I don’t have to cringe because of the accent/pronounciation.
    Definitely considering backing this.

  6. karry says:

    Great, just what we needed, more gamedeveloping russophobes in 21st century. Gimme a AAA game where i can effortlessly kill swathes of US marines and storm the White House !

    “Can they really define the essence of Jagged Alliance: Flashback in a way that we could truly be said to understand?”

    Can they interest me by means of a video that doesnt show any amount of actual pre-production being done beyond two shoddy speedpaints ?

    • Michael Fogg says:

      Try Spec Ops: The Line

    • Lytinwheedle says:

      It’s not about American heroes killing the evil Commies. You are hired by the CIA, so obviously this is how the US will spin the happenings. It doesn’t reflect the reality on the ground.

  7. Gnarf says:

    If you pledge $5 or more (and the Kickstarter is success) you get the 4 classic Jagged Alliance games. If you haven’t played JA2 or something, that might be a fairly good deal.

  8. Jericho says:

    I wasn’t sure what to think of this project, but this is the SPACE HULK dev team, not the ones that brought us Back in Action. Also, they’ve been working pretty closely with the Bear’s Pit JA fan forum and the JA2 1.13 modders, so there’s that.

    I play JA2 again a few times a year, so getting the chance at a version that I don’t have to play in a small window with 16-bit colors would be nice, and worth some of my holiday munies.

  9. RedViv says:

    Good idea to start a video about this game with flashback-inducing music right in the first two seconds.

  10. khomotso says:

    They seem to be more modding-friendly than the average kickstarter, and I think a more modern moddable framework is enough for a JA community to take things further. I’ll chip in on that basis.

  11. squareking says:

    Why are people confusing these guys with bitComposer? They’ve acknowledged how BiA failed, they’ve played 1.13 and they’ve added some of the 1.13 mod crew to developing Flashback. It’s sight-unseen, yes, but they’ve made some things before and they’re clearly passionate about this. If I had more money I’d double my pledge.

    • bluebomberman says:

      As previous commenters noted, this is a franchise that has burned fans time and again with false promises, bad “inspired by” sequels, and the lackluster Back in Action. A rather unknown developer with an uninspiring track record does not help.

      I have to add another thought: v1.13 pushes JA2 into super-complicated, newbie-unfriendly territory. I get the sense that fans of v1.13 will not be happy with any new JA game that has to make serious concessions in realism and complexity for the sake of usability and intuitiveness.

  12. Zorn says:

    There’s enough reason for scepticism in their choice of words and their updates.
    The difference to Space Hulk is, there are other expectations for a Jagged Alliance game.
    It doesn’t seem they have completely thought it to end, what they want to accomplish.
    Or they are recognizing, that, what they want to do with JA, despite being different from BiA,
    is still far from what fans are expecting.

  13. Frisky Dingo says:

    Can 2013 really abide the reappearance of this guy? link to jaggedalliance.wikia.com

    A greasy beardo who calls everyone Scooter? I bet you miss him and you don’t even know it.

  14. Klingsor says:

    I’m a longterm fan of the old JA games and despite all the disasters like BiA I’ve backed the project.

    However I’m highly skeptical about the success changes of the campaign as the team just didn’t managed to create some momentum. They made a couple of mistakes but the worst one is imho that they couldn’t show a proper prototype. In times of increasing KS fatigue it’s simply not enough to show some art pictures.

    If that’s really going to fail I hope they don’t give up but finalize their current game, build a prototype and than return to KS.

  15. TwwIX says:

    Give me some gameplay footage! Hell, even a tech demo would suffice. Artwork alone does not make a game! All they have to offer is a concept. I can come up with numerous concepts myself. Does that qualify as a developer nowadays? Apparently so.

    As much as i love the original two games, i am not investing my money into something that’s merely a pipe dream at the moment. If you don’t have anything to show off, don’t fucking start a Kickstarter in the first place.

    The previous attempts at reviving this classic franchise have been nothing but utter shit. If only somebody with a history and integrity like Firaxis could take over this franchise. Sigh. Instead it keeps being handed down from one shitty studio to another.

    • BobbyDylan says:

      You’re right. There are so many other TBS games out there, so lets forget this attempt.

    • Rumpel says:

      1) there are numerous games out there using the engine they want to use. there is your “tech demo”

      2) they are currently finishing space hulk. after that is done, they want to start on flashback. its my understanding that the kickstarter was set up so early because they want to avoid downtime in between games. i think a kickstarter with a commercially successful space hulk behind it would have been better, but i understand the decision to try and avoid downsizing between projects.

      3) yes, i think we can all agree that bia and wildfire were horrible, but we’re talking about a studio that has developed numerous mostly successful games, all of them more or less set in the tactical rpg genre. history shouldnt be a problem at all, and as for integrity – lund has an honest enough face and i have yet to hear anything bad about him and his company

      • TwwIX says:

        Gameplay talks, bullshit walks.

        Also, if Frontline Tactics is anything to go by, then i sincerely hope that they don’t meet their funding goal.

  16. Chet says:

    I’m a big enough JA fan (since the beginning) that I threw $35 at it regardless. I’ve played almost all the terrible ripoffs and followed enough failed sequels to have realistic expectations, but as a huge JA fan $35 is worth even a chance of a good game.

    If only Sir-Tech were still around . . .

  17. sfury says:

    They’ve had great updates since the Kickstarter campaign began slowing down – adding one of the JA veterans, getting 1.13 modders to help make the game more moddable, lots more info than the initial bulletpoints and just today – a video of the team:

    link to kickstarter.com

    Too bad they’re still not getting enough publicity (or are there this little JA fans left?) – less than 4000 backers, and not half the money pledged yet – which is a shame – their hearts and minds seem set in the right place and I’m sure they’ll try to give JA 2 justice (even if I’m not sure they’ll succeed on such tight budget and team).

    So please guys – try to spread this to anyone you know might be interested, I’m even thinking of writing Notch because he can get them more exposure.

    • LuizPSC says:

      Try to say the game is like Xcom, i think Notch get all crazy when the new Xcom got released