Thanks, All Planetside 2 Soldiers!

The Call To Arms event was another huge success, with the Vanu group peaking at about 235 concurrent RPS players across five platoons. The NC Outfit was also in action, and there were dozens of other allied and opposing groups which made the evening a splendid brawl across the continent of Indar. We saw several large tank battles across open ground, and dozens of smaller, intense battles for territory. It has to be have been one of the most spectacular multiplayer events I have seen, and I enjoyed leading one of the platoons enormously.

See you all at the next one. Perhaps a Sunday night for the next one.


  1. Maxheadroom says:

    damn it i need to set myself reminders for these things.
    I was busy toiling away in the other RPS hang out in Neverwinter and plum forgot about it.

    Forgot to watch 10 O’Clock Live this week too. My memory has gone to shit lately

    • Richeh says:


      • phoenixdk says:

        I know right? Like they haven’t really publicised it or anything, you can however play catch up like me via 4 On demand :)

    • semout12 says:

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  2. Parge says:

    Penderyn in game:

    Thank you for having me RPS. If nothing else it was the most well organised gaming experience of my entire life!

    I still get a bit confused, but I must have rezzed about 100 of you once I got ahold of the medic gun, so that was my main contribution.

    Shout out to Charlie Squad – HoooAH

    • MajorManiac says:

      It was amazing to be a part of such a large organized force. I would love to try that in other games like Battlefield and Arma as well.

      • Synesthesia says:

        You can! We play on sundays and tuesdays. Come join us!

        • MajorManiac says:

          I’ve played Arma 2 with the good RPS folk, and they are good fun to play with. But they always prefer scripted missions (which are great), but I prefer the CTI/Warfare games.

          I can only imagine how amazing a well coordinated Warfare game of Arma 2 would be.

    • Ksempac says:

      Cheers Penderyn, I’m glad you enjoyed your game with us :)

  3. MajorManiac says:

    That was my first proper game of Planetside 2. It was fantastic fun.

    Big thanks to the person sending out invites to the Outfit on mumble. They were very calm doing what must have felt like herding cats.

    I would also like to thank Wardancers for being a great squad leader. In fact all of Platoon 4 Squad Charlie rocked!

    Its great having experienced players around to help out new players in a relaxed friendly environment. Which is amusing incongruent with being in the middle of a huge warzone.

    • MadraGorm says:

      Great night and big big thanks to Wardancer our SL for dealing with us bunch of mic-less warriors and all the other commanders for putting on a great show. It was a great intro for some friends of mine i hot-seated my character with (apologies if swapping in and out 3 players lead to some slightly schizophrenic actions)

      Platoon 4 Charlie WOOOO!!! You guys rocked

      • CmdrCrunchy says:

        Platoon 4 Bravo reporting in. What a night.

        Ive played planetside like a dirty casual since [RPS] was formed but haven’t got into the main platoons for one reason or another much until now. Personally I think this sorta thing is a great advert for what the RPS community can do as a whole. The whole thing just felt like a well oiled machine, the squad leaders, the updates from command, the squad chats, and because (or should that be despite of) that, the big question always asked was ‘Are you as an individual having fun?’ . To which my answer always was YES YES YES.

        Absolutely brilliant fun and will be joining the next with as many friends as I can muster.

    • Svant says:

      You P4 Charlie guys where a tenacious bunch, when I checked the platoon screen near the end our squad were still full when delta was gone and alpha/bravo where half strength.

      I tried to have clear goals for our little squad and move us into fights instead of waiting for new orders etc. Could have been more helpful with explaining how bases etc worked but had no idea how much you guys knew about the game.


      • AlfieV says:

        Platoon 4 Charlie was awesome, it was fun to RO for you. I hope you all enjoyed it and will come back to our laser disco again soon!

    • Xenuchrist says:

      Another Platoon 4 Squad Charlie grunt here, new to the game, who really appreciated the outing last night. Was one of the quiet uns’ on Mumble as my brain was overwhelmed coping with the share spectacle unfolding on my screen.
      Was probably a net loss to my squad (Took me an hour to realize I wasn’t really healing/ressing anyone -as I never was close enough for the timer to show.) but I was having a blast. Squad lead was great though and once in a while the higher echelons popped in and made us feel we where part of grander things.
      Got a feel for the combat on all levels, from the all platoons galaxy drops or massive combined armour/ airborne assaults, single platoon assaults with each squad working separately, but close by towards the same objective, -and lastly when our squad alone was defending a station/outpost-thingie out in the middel of nowhere from repeated assaults..

    • lunarplasma says:

      Wardancers did a great job with Platoon 4-Charlie, but you guys were great too. Wardancers wasn’t kidding when he said that the re-deployment times to the warpgate we were doing last night were some of the quickest he had seen!

  4. SteelPriest says:


  5. BTAxis says:

    I joined, but it was absolutely terrible. I had no idea what I was doing, couldn’t distinguish friend from foe and got no reply to any of my questions.

    That was the last time I will ever touch that game.

    • MajorManiac says:

      That sounds terrible, and very different from my experience. My guess is that you may have been in a squad where no-one knew the game well. It helped having a squad leader who knew their way around the game.

      I hope you don’t let this experience put you off another try, as it can be amazing. Everyone seemed really friendly, so don’t feel afraid to ask your platoon leader (via direct text in mumble) for a transfer to another squad if you need help.

      • BTAxis says:

        Don’t get me wrong, it’s me that sucked at the game, not my squadmates. It just would have been nice to actually know what to do before being thrown into a fight. I just got completely overwhelmed.

        • Jesus_Phish says:

          Try it again another night and don’t be afraid to ask questions. The game does a terrible job of introducing new players to it. We have a guide in the PS2 subforum that might help you get a better idea of what’s what. Here’s the subforum link to

          And seriously, don’t be afraid to ask questions to people, we all know how much of a pain this game can be to try understand when there’s icons everywhere that look the same and all you get to tell the difference between friend and foe is the colour of the triangle on top of their head.

          • BTAxis says:

            I’ll take a look, thanks.

          • hotmaildidntwork says:

            I wish to add that they seem to be working on a proper tutorial to replace the speech when you first log in. It got pushed to the test server before it was ready and received universal praise, so hopefully it’ll be a much nicer introduction.

        • MajorManiac says:

          Yeah I wasn’t brilliant. I spent more time reviving other players than shooting.

          But it was exhilarating running around picking people up amongst a hailstorm of gunfire and explosions. It became very satisfying seeing how I my actions were helping my platoon push forward. For me that is the joy of a team-based game.

          But I do think this is only possible when there is good leadership. For example it really helped having the Platoon and Squad leaders constantly update their respective way-points on the map. So we always had a common destination to work towards. This helped us stay together and not get separated.

          • sketchseven says:

            Hey reviving people is a great thing to do and is also a brilliant way of earning XP (and those oh so lovely certs) when you’re just starting out.

      • portchd says:

        if you have a microphone you should be in the mumble server, i used to roll with Letthebritdrop, totalbiscuits server, we co-ordinated on that via mumble perfectly and got shit done, havent tried the in-game voip, but the text chat is a bitch to figure out

    • Ksempac says:

      I’m extremely sorry for you.

      As a squad leader in Platoon 1, I took personal attention to know who was a beginner in my team, I tried to explain to them what they needed to know to enjoy the game, and prompted them to ask questions and I answered them

      However due to people coming early and things starting a lot earlier than expected we know that all the platoons didn’t have the same ratio of beginners vs vets and that may explain why you had a poorer experience than others (since most of the feedback has been positive so far).

      Moreover, the leadership positions (from SL/RO up to Supreme Giraffe) takes more than 40 people, and that’s a big part of the usual headcount we have on a regular night (we usually ends up around 48 people). This means that the RPS crew was stretched to the limits, and many had to try new roles (such as Squad leading) for the event. Feel free to post your feedback regarding your specific squad on our forum, we welcome both positive and negative feedback, it helps us improve.

      Finally, It would be sad if you dropped the game for that, so please try come playing with us any evening you wish (we play every day, with the most people on evenings), and ask question on Mumble, and I can tell you we will answer you in a kind and informative way. I’m telling you from my own experience, I started playing with the outfit only 3 weeks ago and they helped me so much that I became squad lead in 2 weeks

    • Sinomatic says:

      Hey, really sorry to hear that you didn’t have the best of times.

      As explained above, these call to arms events draw in huge numbers that stretch our regular players to the limits, so occasionally people don’t always get the full attention they need if they’re new to the game. We’d really like to help you (or anyone else with similar feelings) to get into the game…for instance, Esoteric ran a ‘boot platoon’ just this evening to help some new players run in a squad where they could go over the basics and ask questions etc. If you’d like to come back in and try it again, please speak up on mumble, or in the in-game text chat, and ask us to help you out – we’d be more than happy to help!

  6. FieldyGB says:

    cant believe i missed this again!

    • Ksempac says:

      Comes play with us an any evening then ;) Granted it won’t be as epic as yesterday, but it’s still a lot of fun :)

  7. mondomau says:

    I’ve been playing (badly) as part of a rag-tag squad of NC on miller for a while, but defected to the purple-pants for a taste of proper outfit-centric mass combat and oh my, was it fun. Thanks to the organisers and also to Delta squad in Platoon 1 for not getting too annoyed with my n00bishness and general ineptitude.
    Some of my usual cohort turned up late but couldn’t be arsed to work out mumble, so decided they were going to stay as NC and try to ‘kick my ass’ – 15 minutes later, they were warpgated. It’s the little things.

    Oh, and the big things too:

    link to

  8. fishmitten says:

    I missed a lot of the actual CTA, but what I played was extremely well organised and seemed to be really well set up for new players. Thanks to everyone for organising another great event.

    Did we have any RPS staff playing at any point?

    • HighlordKiwi says:

      I believe Mr Rossignol was leading one of the platoons.

      • EsotericReverie says:

        Indeed he was. Platoon 4. And doing a good job of it too, as far as we in Command could tell!

  9. finalfanatik says:

    A huge thanks to everyone who made this so enjoyable last night! It was my first time playing Planetside as a team, and you’ve changed the game for me (for the better). I’m writing up the experience on my blog in the hopes of bringing my friends and readers into the game.

    Big shout out to P1 Bravo Squad. My mic was broken, but I was singing Valkyries on the way to the Excavation Site with you all the way until we got shot down.

    • Rilmo says:

      That was epic for sure. We were at the front and got shot down instantly. Had a working mic, but I was totally new to the game so I just shut up and followed orders for the most part. Props to Skumby and zekone as our squad leader and radio operator respectively. You did a great job and I’d love to play with you again. That goes for the rest of P1 Bravo Squad as well.

      I didn’t really know exactly what to do at all times, but that had more to do with me being totally new. As mentioned in the debrief this was more to get everyone playing and not mucking about too much learning the noobs everything, and as such it went about as smooth as it possibly could.

    • finalfanatik says:

      Here it is, if anyone’s interested:
      link to

      • EsotericReverie says:

        An excellent write-up! And thanks for all the praise; it warmed my heart. Really proud of all you guys for pulling off that mega-push for Indar Excavation Site, out on the old seabed. Mighty fine work!

  10. welshtux says:

    had a huge amount of fun last night.

    Also thanks to the other Vanu outfits that vacated Indar so we could all play on the same continent!

  11. aircool says:

    I had a brilliant night. Thanks to everyone involved, especially those running the show and doing the admin.

  12. Eddek says:

    Hey there. I tried to help, but I got stuck on the wrong continent, and when the queue didn’t move formard at all for 10 mins I got impatient. There’s always netx time :)

    • EsotericReverie says:

      That’s a shame! We managed to get everyone over evenually, though some people had to wait for 30 minutes or more. Sorry about that. We might want to aim for some other continent next time, but Indar has the most variety and is suitable for many kinds of play, both infantry rushes across more or less open ground, as well as armoured assaults and aircraft play.

  13. captainparty says:

    Ignoring the advice to load up the game in the morning so it would all be patched and ready to join in after work, I sat and watched a progress bar instead of joining in with my purple breathren

  14. phoenixdk says:

    I didn’t read the comments on the post announcing last night – which would have saved me over an hour of patch downloading – for us idiots who plum forget that there will be a bazillion patches to get – perhaps a gentle reminder in the next post for everyone to launch Planetside2 the night before, or earlier in the day just so we can make sure we’re not incredibly frustrated ladies n gents staring at an update bar for aaagggeesss? :p

  15. cunningmunki says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed Hard Rest more than I expected and the design of the cities made it the closest thing you can get to feeling like you’re in Blade Runner.

    But I always really wanted to crouch, just so my Ctrl key didn’t feel left out of the fun.

  16. Feferuco says:

    I wish there was a media faction and you could play as a guy with a camera. I seriously enjoy watching the battles more than shooting in this game. Might either have to do with how epic it gets or how much I suck.

  17. pakoito says:

    I was in Platoon 4 Alpha and had to logout because we were not having any fun. Too chaotic, little squad tactics, failing all objectives and changing locations every other minute.

    I like Tactic Thursdays better, less people but quality time.

    • Tom De Roeck says:

      leadership was asking if we were having fun, so next time drop one of the balloon leaders a line, any one of us can get you sorted.

      platoon 2 was having fun, but since I took a creative approach to following orders, we ended up doing daring attacks. if youre not doing that, then I can see that it gets a bit annoying.

      • pakoito says:

        Other people in my squad seemed to be having fun tho, so when I thought about it, mumbling “I’m not having fun” sounded a bit childish and a nuisance to the leaders. I just went back to coding and no hard feelings :)

        • Obc says:

          i was in the same sqaud (Guttervomit) and it was tedious after a while. it was more running from point a to b again and again while rezzing some people here are there. i only shot a few baddies coz they were either too hard to distinguish from friendly players or just plainly too far away.

          but i also learned a lot (like that cars can be equipped, duh) and maybe next time it will be better.

  18. benjamin says:

    Well done to the commanders, it was well organised and a great event!

    Shout out to Platoon 2 Charlie Squad! Even my squad leader who drove me off a cliff but other than that was a great guy…

    • dewisant says:

      I take offense at that! I clearly drove us “into” a cliff, off another cliff. It was a tactical maneuver to flank the cliff, but the cliff outsmarted me. Cusre you, cliff!

      Glad you had fun though! Plenty more of that as usual throughout the week.

  19. Insidious Rex says:

    Yes please to Sunday, I work evenings on a Thursday now so only got in from work at 11.

    I had lots of fun at the last C2A I participated in, even though i’m a bit useless at the game

  20. xp194 says:

    Platoon 1 Alpha 11 here. Great night and I’m glad to have fought with you guys. Y’all rock. :-D

    • Jclooth says:

      Glad you had a good time dude and thanks to all of P1 Alpha, I had a blast (of lasers?)!

  21. AppLeNaToR says:

    I thought you guys are a fun bunch to play against.

    Well i thought wrong. You guys pulled all the glitches, lame play and other shit possible in this game. GJ playing not fair RPS. GJ…

    • CMaster says:

      You’re suggesting that a group comprised of people almost entirely new to the game exploited their way through the night? It’s possible, but I doubt it. As command, what I organized (and saw) was a mixture of Galaxy drops, Sunderer supported infantry pushes, and tank columns – you know, Planetside 2 bread and butter.

      If anyone was exploiting/cheating, I suggest you report them (to Sony, not us, we can’t really check). If you just mean that we always made sure we had the forces to win a battle we commited to, then yeah, that’s called strategy.

    • EsotericReverie says:

      As commander of the night (together with CMaster) and the RPS “human resources” guy, I’d really like to know what unfair play you saw. I agree with CMaster that there was no evidence of dirty play from our perspective, and I have a very hard time thinking that any of our regular crew would be pulling any dirty tricks on purpose. I can’t vouch for all the new guys, of course, but I got the impression that most of those were more or less totally new to the game, and would be unaware of any exploits and thus unable to use them.

      As CMaster said, we spent most of the night throwing platoon strength forces about all over the place. With more than 200 players at our beck and call, we were bound to be a force to be reckoned with, even to the point of creating situations where sheer numbers may have put a lot of stress on the network and rendering code.

      Anyhow, and I am deathly serious about this, please do let me know what you saw as dirty play. We have a zero tolerance policy on cheating, TKing, abuse and other kinds of arsehatting. Feel free to look me up on our forums and send a PM, I’d prefer if we don’t start calling out names in a public environment like this one.

      This goes for anyone who took issue with anything from last night, by the way.

  22. Demiath says:

    I jumped in for 30 minutes or so but couldn’t figure out which of the five Platoons (not squads) I belonged to; which in turn made it impossible for me to join the correct Mumble and get into the co-operative action for real.

    That being said, the incredibly nice RPSers responsible for the admin deserves a huge round of applaud; their welcoming and professional approach definitely made my day!

    • Redem says:

      For future reference, if everything else fails then the easiest way I know is to check the names of a couple of members of your squad, especially the leader, and browse through the various channels looking for the same names. Should only be a few possible channels that would fit your squad name, so it usually doesn’t take too long.

    • Sinomatic says:

      Or, type /s (for /squadsay) in the text chat to ask the other people in your squad which platoon and squad you’re in – they should hopefully be able to help you out :)

  23. TheMick says:

    These rps ps2 sessions are making me insanely jealous that we’re not as organized in the US : /

    • Stochastic says:

      I joined in from the US east coast and my latency wasn’t that terrible (105 ms). But yes, it would be nice to play with a US-based RPS group.

      • Wedge says:

        For reals. I’m west coast US, so playing on an east coast US server is as far as is practical for me =/

  24. rirdeg says:

    Recorded some footage of the event: