Come To Rezzed 2013!

Okay, so on 22nd-23rd June we’re holding another PC games event. Yes, it’s a dedicated event for that format we love: just stuff on PC. There will be tonnes of unreleased games there to play, and it’s now at the NEC in Birmingham. Chris Avellone is going to speak about Project Eternity on the Saturday, and Rome II will be played live by the developers on the Sunday. There’s a bunch more going on, too: Introversion speaking about Prison Architect, Big Robot speaking about Sir, You Are Being Hunted, Mode 7 on Frozen Endzone. On the show floor there’s going to be a bunch of promising indie games to play, as well as a range of AAA titles you can get your beautiful hands on. We’ll be confirming the full line up in the coming weeks, but we can already say that it will definitely be worth coming along, and we’d love to see you there. I think anyone who went to the event in Brighton last year will be able to testify what a splendidly chilled and good-humoured atmosphere the event had. We’re aiming for the same thing this time around, thanks to the heroic events organisation team at Eurogamer Events.

Tickets are on sale over at this page. Purchase! Be there!


  1. kwyjibo says:

    The Midlands, why?!

    • Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

      When I worked in Birmingham I said that every day.

    • lordcooper says:

      Probably because they’re in the middle.

      • mondomau says:

        So is my taint, doesn’t make it a good place to hang around.

    • The Dark One says:

      So that John’s friend has a new excuse to do a midlands accent on their podcast.

    • Kirklestat says:

      I know right. Why on earth would they host it in a place which is generally easier to get to for most of the country it is held in to increase the amount of tickets sold. It’s ridiculous!

    • Ergates_Antius says:

      So the rest of us can attend without having to go near any thieving cockneys.

  2. Shivoa says:

    “Frozen Synapse on Frozen Endzone”

    Surely Mode 7 Games on Frozen Endzone?

  3. lordcooper says:

    Had a great time last year and Birmingham is way easier for us Welshies to get to :)

  4. Quasar says:

    I’ll be there, last year was great. Getting to play Hotline Miami in its early stages was a real treat.

    I thoroughly recommend everyone go to see the Introversion talk, too. Theirs was one of the best last year.

  5. Premium User Badge

    Hodge says:

    Next year, could you pull a Daft Punk and hold it in rural Australia? Cheers.

    • Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

      They practically have.

      Birmingham! It is a howling wasteland devoid of most life, where the miserable drag their bleak existence from day to day for lack of alternative. The natives speak in incomprehensible tongues that induce madness and agonise the ears. The roads are thronged with clans of insane motorists who re-enact Mad Max daily. The very air is thickened by the ghastly exhalations of a million throats.

      It is marginally better than London.

  6. povu says:

    Prison Architect, Sir, Frozen Endzone, Project Eternity, Dreamfall Chapters… So many interesting games getting speakers there.

  7. NylePudding says:

    I ordered my tickets a month ago, can’t wait to be there. :D

  8. cliffski says:

    Come along and try Democracy 3 and RedShirt. Otherwise I’ll be stood there like billy no mates :D

  9. Crimsoneer says:

    I’m coming, I’m coming. Going to have to burst my London centric bubble, but fuck it.

  10. guygodbois00 says:

    Bah, if I had some money I’ve coulda been contender, coulda been somebody…

  11. Rao Dao Zao says:

    Birmingham would be eminently accessible for me, but I’ve got nobody to go with. :(

  12. CelticPixel says:

    What are the odds of there being an Oculus Rift to try out? I’ve never had the opportunity to try one out and would love to have a go.

    • Crimsoneer says:

      I doubt it. There would also be a line of 5 gazzilion trillion bjillion people. But hey, who knows, I guess.

  13. princec says:

    Come along to the Puppygames 4-berth booth of blasting madness!

  14. BlitzThose says:

    I came down last year from Aberdeen alone, but this year ill be dragging my girlfriend and my older brother with me, I suspect she may hate me for it afterwords :p

  15. Cytrom says:

    Will there be some kind of electrified detector mechanism that zaps any console kiddie / codtard who tries to enter?

    • PopeRatzo says:

      “No, this isn’t cosplay. It’s just how I dress.”

    • ShatteredSeeker says:

      What is a Codtard and can i eat it?

      • Cytrom says:

        A “gamer” (self identified as such) who only ever played call of duty games, yet considers it the best game ever and buys it every year without hesitation with dlc, “because everybody else does that”.
        ie: the reason why we can’t have nice things.

  16. MOKKA says:

    I’m still on the edge. Doesn’t help that much that I would be coming from Germany and all that.

  17. Kirklestat says:

    The Total War session alone is enough for me to pay 20 quid.

  18. PopeRatzo says:

    Why don’t you do one of these events here in Chicago? I’ll bring the beer and I’ll even leave it out of the fridge, ’cause I know that’s how you Yurpeans like it.

    And I got room to put up maybe half a dozen of you, if you don’t mind sleeping on inflatable mattresses on the floor.

    “Birmingham”? I’m not going there. There are warrants out for me in Alabama.

    • Noburu says:

      I like two kinds of beer/ale/etc, hot and cold. Also too bad Im married with a family now or I would totally drop the cash just to fly to England from America to attend. Some shit about priorities.

  19. buzzmong says:

    The NEC? Excellent, ~25 mins drive from my current location.

    Loads of parking as well, alhough it’s getting expensive now.

  20. ChromeBallz says:

    Baaaah, why is this announced so late? Would go if i could afford it and plan more ahead…. :(

    Please consider those people not from the UK! We play PC games aswell!