The Secret Of Super Sanctum TD

Sanctum 2‘s release is hovering over us like a drone, and that’s a good thing, because Dr Smith rather enjoyed the original game, and I’ve got a kick out of what I’ve played so far of that shiny sequel. However, there is already something else with the Sanctum name on it on the Steam store page, and that’s Super Sanctum TD. And this where things get a bit meta: it’s a tower defence game from inside Sanctum 2, as you can see in the trailer below. It is apparently the result of nine months work, and is either free if you pre-order, or $4. It’s a tower defence game, like I am not sure they actually made in 16-bit days.



  1. Jim Reaper says:

    Had great fun playing the original Sanctum with friends. Not going to bother with the sequel over the stupid resource delivery mechanic. Ruined the whole game for me. Might give this 16-bit variant a try though…

    • Heliocentric says:

      Sorry, as in logistics? As in playing micro settlers 2 while I defend with towers? :D I likey! Normal tower defence bores me, maybe having to manage an infrastructure might boost my interest.

      • durruti says:

        from what i’m reading just now it’s just: get to the core and fetch the stuff for the build phase. also, in coop, these resources are not shared.

    • durruti says:

      that comment made me curious and i’m currently reading a preview. the building phase is timed? seems more of a deal breaker to me.

    • abandonhope says:

      Wait, so competitiveish co-op (for resource drops), curtailed maze and tower building, more emphasis on FPS? Do they not understand what made the first game good? Attacking waves in an open, largely mazeless area sounds more Dino Beatdown than Sanctum. That seems to be what TB spent most of his time doing when he previewed it at PAX, but he played poorly so I just wrote it off as him not remembering the first game very well.

      I enjoyed the shooting in Sanctum, but chasing down enemies is something I did when my designs failed. I don’t want to do it for the majority of the game. Maybe I’m not recognizing their vision, but I think I’ll pass on a pre-order.

      Thanks for complaining.

    • jemkem05 says:

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    • putternf says:

      its been patched.. you get the recorces at the end of the wave.

  2. rb2610 says:

    It’s surprising really that Tower Defence games didn’t exist much earlier than they did, it seems like a well suited concept to the 16-bit era.

    • crunchyfrog555 says:

      I’ve thought the same myself.

      But, don’t you think that’s part of what makes a GREAT genre? That it could be made on a wide variety of tech, possibly even far, far older stuff.

      I feel much the same about Minecraft to certain degrees. For some reason, it always reminds me of a lovely old game for the Spectrum (which I still enjoy playing to this day) called The Sentinel, although I don’t know why, because they’re not really similar.

      Anyway, well said.

    • stahlwerk says:

      The Horde was 1996, for what it’s worth. It first came out on 3DO, which was 32 bit, though.

  3. misterT0AST says:

    The golden age of the Tower Defence started with Warcraft III custom maps. Which is also the birthplace of Dota, and I’m pretty sure Magicka got its idea from the map “Spellcraft” aswell.
    So many ideas later blossomed into games, and yet so many remain obscure (Polar Escape, Vampirism, Tree Tag, Hero Line Wars).
    I consider Warcraft III maps a true renaissance for video games.

    • DarkFarmer says:

      ^^this. The war3 map editor is/was probably the best and most important game-maker ever created.

    • Crystalis says:

      Agreed for the most part, thinking of that dead platform makes me sad considering so many great games on it that will never make it out. A few of my favorite TD are still there and are better than their flash counterparts.

      Then you have unique concepts like Dark Deeds, think tree tag except you do not know who the wolf is and many more mechanics. That is one game I really wish existed in any form outside of WC3, as far as can find the closest is a P&P game called Paranoia which sounds similiar.

      When I look at Kingdom Rush TD series that got so popular I think of Legion TD in WC3 which used same concept but really ran with it. There is another map that Magika is similiar to, Warlock Brawl. Sadly it’s standalone version died when it’s programmer vanished.

      Another interesting, but not that well known, map was WC3 Card Game. Was a full featured card battle game with hundreds of very varied cards and tons of interacting mechanics while being easy to pick up. As far as I have seen one of the better virtual card games to be made, unfortunately most quit it within first few minutes. When development ceased it was having a campaign mode and team battles worked on.

      Although while the platform WC3 is virtually dead a few of the maps do still live on and get actively developed and have tournaments, I believe alot of the map specific communities have moved to Hamachi hosted games. You can still also play quite a few on itself via the hosting bots that somehow host over all 4 servers at once now, it is less than iddeal but still something.

    • Post-Internet Syndrome says:

      I don’t know what you mean exactly by “golden age”, but TD maps existed for Star Craft long before wc3. Their popularity certainly continued and evolved with wc3 though.

      • dontnormally says:

        Was going to log in to say basically this.

        Aeon of Strife was pretty awesome.

      • taylordcraig says:

        +1 Logged in to say SC in 1998 had some sick defence.

    • Grover says:

      Warcraft 3 was such an amazing game! The custom maps’ / its modifiability has been unmatched by anything since – except maybe Elder Scrolls games.

      We really need Warcraft 4.