A Space Nomads Creature Feature

Space lonely
“We’re going to be keeping an eye on this one.” – Jim Rossignol, January 22nd, 2013 at 11:00 am. He didn’t say whose eye, did he? He sneakily hired my left to track Space Nomads without informing me! The FPS base-building game has caused no end of trouble: 3D movies are all blurry, I failed my pilot exam, and I accidentally won a Popeye lookalike competition. But this morning lefty popped back into position, with quite a horrific schlurp I might add. It had spotted some more Space Nomads footage, and it led me to a video that shows off a few of the creatures players will have to defend against.

As the name suggests, you’re itinerants and the planet you’re on is not your own. You’ve crash landed and have to scour for resources and build a base, preparing for the inevitable visitation from the planet’s grumpy animals. They come in waves, and assault from all sides.

The standard enemies are Crawlers, handily colour-coded ground assault creatures that swarm at you and take the path of least resistance into your base. It looks like you can use that to your advantage, funneling them into turret-covered doors and corridors. Then there’s John, Paul, George and Ringo, aka the Beetles. These guys are sneaky: they’ll climb over the walls and into the base, and they’ll only attack power sources. If you don’t notice them these otherwise passive enemies can shut off your entire defense grid. The final enemy shown are Screamers, flying bugs that turrets can’t see and they have powerful attacks. It only takes a pair of hits to take you down.


There are more enemies to come, including bosses, and the video suggests we’ll be able to play the alpha in a matter of weeks. This has ‘crowd-funding’ written all over it, in big neon letters.

Thanks, Co-Optimus. Great name, btw.


  1. Synesthesia says:

    Something weird is going on with the first line of the article.

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  2. jonahcutter says:

    Looks potentially fun, but bug aliens have never really grabbed me.

    How about some actually alien aliens?

    You took us all the way to another planet. The possibilities are wide open. Use your imaginations. Go crazy!

    Bugs are kinda meh.

    • CrispinFister says:

      I would like to see some potato-aliens or gaseous clouds of self-aware organic compounds.

    • SirMonkeyWrench says:

      I don’t know that a game featuring a vast, continent spanning fungoid intelligence would be terribly marketable, but it could lead to some deliciously abstract dialogue trees.