Survival From The Top: Survivor Squad Demo

Adam has posted before about top-down survive-versus-zombie-apocalypse game Survivor Squad, but now there is more to say! Developers Endless Loop have released a demo of the game as a part of their Greenlight campaign. Why not try it and give them a Greelightian thumbs up if you like it? I think that’s the idea, anyway.

Oh and there’s a trailers below, in the dark.

I have to say I rather like the idea of this: “Scavenge for supplies in every corner of every building, craft your gear, pick your skills and loadout while keeping your Squad alive by covering every corner and moving as a group.” And I’ve always been a sucker for top-down games, ever since the Amiga, and so this appeals. The viewcones stuff remind me of Teleglitch, too, which is a good and strong influence.

Hell, it makes me think you could do an amazing demake of Day Z. Top down wilderness survival sim. Oooh.


  1. Lagwolf says:

    Please give every zombie game thumbs down on Greenlight. It is a time for developers to get off that incredibly boring band-wagon and try to be at least the slightest bit creative. Or better yet work with a write who has an imagination.

    • Luringen says:

      Yeah, let’s click the ignore button on every game with one type of theme! Because that hurts their chances! Let’s not even give them a chance!

    • Chelicerate says:

      That seems like a pretty needlessly hardline stance. You’re telling me that The Walking Dead wasn’t creative?

    • FF56 says:

      Developer here.
      I guess it comes down to preference. I decided to do a zombie game not because I want to be a part of some band wagon but because it’s the kind of games I like.
      I didn’t pick zombies because I have no creativity and cannot think of anything different, I picked zombies because personally I prefer zombies over robots/aliens/monsters/animals/etc.

      Anyways like I said to each his own, if you get past the zombies you might discover that the game is quite interesting and original. Demo is your friend :)

    • Peter says:

      Yes some more imagination would be nice, but you need to judge games on their own merit, not on their topic of choice.

    • JimDiGritz says:

      Wow Lagwolf, can you point on the doll where the Zombie ‘touched’ you?

    • Rollin says:

      Company of Heroes came along when WW2 Strategy was completely overdone and was the best RTS ever made.

      It’s the game not the genre.

    • mokdon05 says:

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    • derf says:

      Mokdon’s comment is of comparative quality to Lagwolf’s.

  2. Palehorse says:

    It seems interesting…I got real tired of the vocal responses for every click so hopefully that’s something I can turn off.

    Also timers freak me out, so if there’s a timer in every level I may have to pass.

    Edit: Went and checked out their site, Death Lab is one mode, which I think is where the timer comes from. I’ll be interested in the Campaign and will check out the demo tonight…

    • FF56 says:

      Developer here.
      Yup you can disable voices however you might find that in-game they add quite a bit to the experience, seeing it in the video makes it sound more annoying than it actually is.

      The gameplay video is from the Death Lab game mode. Campaign and Survival do not have timers so you can take your time and stealthily kill every infected with a Katana if you wish.

      • NotToBeLiked says:

        I came here to comment on my hatred for timers and how I’d be interested in the game if it was also capable of generating tension without relying on that annoying concept. Timers are usually used if the gameplay itself is so boring they need to hurry the player up before they notice it.

        Since it seems it doesn’t have mandatory timers, I’m now interested! Voted on Greenlight, and will definitely try the demo!

        • Thurgret says:

          I heartily agree about the timers.

          I’ll vote on Greenlight, certainly, once I remember where I can find Greenlight on Steam. Does the demo contain timerless stuff?

        • Reapy says:

          It’s funny to hear people say that as I had the same thought, I dislike timers! I think part of the reason is that you see that timer of 120 seconds, and you don’t really know how long the level is, at no point in time do you know if you are behind or ahead of the average completion time.

          There is nothing worse than hurrying and perhaps losing a person or two and finishing with over half the time left. The only way you know how to gauge your pace and enjoy the timer is to play through the level a few times and know about how long it is.

          About the voices, I think only the movement ones seem a bit spammy, though like you said it probably helps while playing to have that verbal confirmation in the chaos that your click was heard. Despite the frequency of the voice acting though I actually thing the voices are interesting and diverse.

          Anyway game seems interesting and I am also a sucker for overhead games as well so will keep an eye for sure.

          • FF56 says:

            Also on Death Lab mode when the timer runs out the game does not instantly end, it just start spawning more and more enemies but as long as you are close to the exit you can still finish after the timer runs out.

  3. Colonel J says:

    Don’t shoot the food

  4. ww99w says:

    You spelled “Greenlitian” wrong. Do you even speak english… jeezzzzzzzz

  5. karry says:

    So…will there ever be a zombie survival game that will be even marginally better than Survival Crisis Z ? Ever ?

  6. flabcake says:

    Can you bind a custom squad? …say Gabe & Will on 1 key and Morgan and Jack to another?
    Or even individually bound to my Naga handy =)

    • FF56 says:

      Developer Here.
      Keys can only be rebound individually, so I’m afraid you can’t get 2 guys on the same key :(

  7. deadfolk says:

    Anyone else having trouble downloading the demo? I’ve had it time out six times after reaching various stages of completion.

    • NotToBeLiked says:

      Downloaded if from their site, no problem at all.

      Demo is a bit short, but gives a good feeling what the game’s about. Impressed me enough to put it on the to-buy list. If the War for the Overworld beta hadn’t started today, I’d bought it already :)

      • deadfolk says:

        Weird. Gave up after about 7-8 attempts, and downloaded it from Gamersgate instead. First time.

  8. Josh Millard says:

    I liked the demo enough to drop the nine bucks on it this afternoon, and I’ve had a nice time with the additional couple hours I’ve put in.

    I’m a bit shit at RTS-type micro generally, and the lack of a Bioware-esque spacebar-to-pause-and-plan function has gotten me killed a couple times out of false muscle-memory, but as I limber up a bit I’m enjoying the process of trying to make and maintain a plan in real time. Quickly setting up guns on entrances while clearing from one room to the next is pretty satisfying, and trying to get back into some sort of sane formation after a panicked bit of fleeing from acid or smoke is a good time.

    I find myself wishing for slightly more elaborate controls, though — even just an option to lock a given squaddie’s resting facing direction until further notice would take some of the futziness out of trying to move my quartet as a group while maintaining a good visual coverage.

    • Stromko says:

      Try Alien Swarm. It’s completely free on Steam (used to be a UDK mod I believe, then they brought it out for free on Source just to show off or something). AS seems a lot more inspired, polished, and interesting than Survivor Squad as far as I can tell from watching both trailers. Alien Swarm even had RPG-style advancement and upgrades between missions.

      It seems to me that independent game developers feel so entitled to a paycheck now that they’re getting kind of lazy, compared to the old days. Granted I think it’s BETTER this way that indies who work hard are getting paid for their work, but it’s sad to see the backslide in quality compared to the old ‘labors of love’.

      There’s still some great stuff, but there’s also a whole lot of games that … well I wouldn’t say they’re necessarily half-assed, it just seems there’s only so much talent in the world, and apparently it’s such a rare commodity that we are now inundated with thousands of samey, ugly, poorly designed indie games.

      Case in point, I’m not sure why I’d want to fight Spitters, ‘Grabbers’, and Leapers if I could just play Left 4 Dead instead, and if I’m hankering for a thinking-man’s top-down shooter then Alien Swarm really nailed it, even when they were just a bunch of hobbyists working for nothing.

      I shouldn’t expect such quality entertainment for nothing, really … I should contribute back in exchange for my entertainment, but there’s a lot better games out there for when I have money to spend. To get my money those games need to be better than mods that came out almost 10 years ago.

      • FF56 says:

        Developer Here.

        Survivor Squad is NOT a top down shooter. The main feature of the game is how you control it which is you pick where each survivor goes to and where he’s aiming towards, it’s a Strategy game not a Shooter.
        I fully agree Alien Swarm is a wonderful game but apart from the fact that both feature a 4 man squad, there’s no other similarity.
        Same thing with Left 4 Dead, also a great game and no doubt one of my biggest inspirations but again it’s a First Person Shooter where Survivor Squad is a Strategy Action.

        • Josh Millard says:

          Totally agreed, yeah. I’ve played and enjoy Alien Swarm, but it’s certainly a different beast than Survivor Squad and I don’t want the twain to meet, however rusty my RTS micro skills are; whatever nitpicks I have, I’m digging the game specifically because it’s an interesting new vamp on some of these ideas.

          And Stromko, while I can dig using the trailer as a toe-in-the-water approach to deciding whether you want to spend time with a game, I think you’re selling the game short in this case when there’s an actual demo you can dip your whole foot in to get a better impression of the game before writing it off speculatively. It’s a little on the “really?” side of things to dismiss a game as lazily done after not making the effort to actually see whether it’s lazily done.

          It is not (apologies to FF56) a particularly slick package in terms of UI or graphical/sfx polish, but actually playing it it turns out to be pretty interesting and fun. I went into the demo in “well, I have some time on my hands” mode and came out looking for the buy button because the actual experience was good regardless of the superficial trappings.

          Basically, give me a thousand strong concepts and fun gameplay experiences with middling or just-sort-of-there presentation and I’ll be a lot happier than a thousand highly polished retreads. You restrict the pool of candidates for your gaming attention to those made by folks with the time/budget/skillset for making it super pretty, and you’re cutting yourself off from a ton of good stuff.