Resident Evil: Revelations Reveals Demo

Games of tag get serious with the undead involved.

I can see you, sat there, your forehead resting on your spread finger and thumb, as you stare into the blankness. You’re in a dilemma (great cars). You perhaps want to play Resident Evil: Revelations, but you played Operation Raccoon City and you still have the dreams. Lift your weary face! I am here to help! There’s now a demo.

The demo is available via Steam, and you can download it and then play it. That’s the order you have to do it in.

I don’t really have anything else to add, other than that the only go I’ve had on the game was a brief play on the Wii-U version, and I can report the first task was a bit like a rubbish MMO Collect 10 quest, and that Wii-U controllers are INSANE.

So in the meantime, here’s Setting Sun as performed by the Beatles:

And here’s Ellen Save Our Energy by Windmill:


  1. RobertJSullivan says:

    The demo is pretty short (~15 minutes I’d say) and it’s not even an interesting part of the game to play.
    There’s also something weird with the controls, if you use a controller the deadzone (ie how far you need to move the stick for it to be recognized by the game) is rather big. If you use KB+M, there’s mouse acceleration and sticky aim which really bothers me as far as I am concerned (you can’t turn them off) so let’s hope they fix this.
    Oh and by the way, try playing in Infernal when you’re familiar with the controls : it lets you use new weapons and there also is a new enemy.

    • Snidesworth says:

      I found that it controlled fine with a 360 pad, though I didn’t give kb+m a try.

      You’re absolutely right about it being short though. It seems to be very early on and pretty much only shows you the most basic elements of the game without giving you the chance to see how it plays post tutorial land. It’s a far cry from the frantic opening of Resident Evil 4, that’s for sure.

  2. int says:

    I am interested but there’s something very wrong with the aiming and turning with the mouse. Possibly mouse acceleration.

    • SelfEsteemFund says:

      There’s mouse acceleration, negative mouse acceleration as well as aim-assist. Sometimes I think Capcom does this shit on purpose… they create what seems to be a fantastic game with a great atmosphere on an incredible engine then always have to go and ruin the whole thing with something stupid like a lack of configurable fov and/or utterly broken controls.

      In the unlikely event any devs are reading this. If you release a game on PC without raw input and the ability to change fov in a first or third person game you’re genuinely an awful developer.

  3. ZIGS says:

    Indeed, the controls make the game nigh-unplayable. They’re probably the worst controls I’ve ever experienced in my 13 years of PC gaming

    • povu says:

      I hope you haven’t played Resident Evil 4, otherwise that’s really bad.

    • db1331 says:

      That’s a shame. I finished this on the 3DS and traded it in, because the controls were so bad I never saw myself wanting to play it again. It looked great in 3D, especially for a handheld game. It was never really scary, but had decent action. The weapon upgrade system is really fun. You can find parts that increase magazine size, fire rate, damage, etc., and swap them out to customize your guns. There are even some harder to find special parts that are really powerful. I was hoping being able to play with a M+KB would fix my main gripe with the game, but I guess not. Still, it was a hell of a lot better than RE5. Your AI partners are actually fairly useful this time out.

      • Keyrock says:

        I personally thought the controls were great using gyroscope aiming. Not the most precise thing in the world if you needed to turn far, but as long as I was mostly aiming down a corridor (i.e. 90% of the game), I was capping zombies in the head like a champ. Gyro aiming is close to the most natural control scheme possible, it’s like taking a picture with a camera. Next to having an actual gun in your hand and shooting real life zombies, it’s pretty much the next best thing.

      • Sugoi says:

        According to wbacon from Capcom, they’re aware of the mouse control issues and are already working on a patch to fix them. I wouldn’t give up on it yet.

  4. Low Life says:

    I’m making an ass of myself, butt I have to admit I’m really behind in these Resident Evil games – I never even played RE4. From what I gather the last few games have been proper bottom of the barrel, though, and that’s a real bummer. It’s like they threw all the series fundaments out of the rear window.

    • Dominic White says:

      The past two games have been really good buddy-action co-op games that sold hojillions of units – they even got great PC ports. The problem is that the old-school fans really don’t want that at all. No studio seems to be producing ‘traditional’ survival horror. Well, except in this case. Apparently Revelations is much more in tune with the first three.

      • Nick says:

        Honestly, whilst I agree on 5, 6 is just fucking terrible with or without a friend.

        • Jockie says:

          I found that 6 has (once you are used to it, which takes a while) the best combat system, with an entertaining and unique mix of gunplay and melee, that’s actually pretty versatile. You also get a tonne of content for your money. The problem is that it indulges in the very worst of the series’ less salubrious impulses to the point of excess, Think Shit mini-games, Shit QTEs, Shit boss-battles that recur a Shit amount of times and you’re just about there. It’s a mixed bag I won’t deny, but there were parts of the game I really enjoyed and parts I hated with equal passion.

          • RobertJSullivan says:

            Yeah once you get used to RE6’s combat system (and the game really, and I mean really doesn’t explain shit) it actually is a great TPS with very satisfying mechanics. However the game is also littered with bad ideas like you mentionned. It tries to be too cinematic hence the QTEs, shitty camera angles, bad bosses etc.
            Still, I found that it’s pretty nice game especially for 30€. Of course it ain’t a survival horror no more, but I got over that since RE4 anyway and that’s like 7 or 8 years.

          • Nick says:

            Its really not a particularly good TPS, the levels are all poorly disguised (and half the time not even attempted disguised) coridoors with a couple of exceptions (I enjoyed the snowy find the usb stick area and really wish the rest of the game was more like that), the combat system is clunky as hell, although enjoyable enough in the mercenaries game mode at least. Having to use skill points just so your character can keep the gun even remotely steady (and good luck hitting anything with the zoomed in sniper if you bought the extra zoom level skill reguardless).

            It has, as you mention, far far far too many shitty QTEs, especially tedious boss battles and the like, hell the whole finale of the only campaign I actually enjoyed any of (Jakes) was entirely shitty QTE.

            Oh and the same button to run, jump and climb, the number of times it would climb up something then turn around and climb down it again instead of continuing to run during a section you are supposed to be escaping things (like, oh, a helicopter for the 8 millionth fucking time) is just.. grr.

            Got so painfully bored didn’t finish chapter 4 onwards of Leon or Chris, Chris’s being genuinely one of the worst games I have played EVER, no hyperbole there and Leon’s just being unbearable crap after the first chapter.

          • engion3 says:

            Nick said everything I was going to say.

      • Werthead says:

        Shinji Mikami, the original designer of RE1 (and 4), is coming back with an apparent ‘proper’ survival horror game, THE EVIL WITHIN for next year. Er, which I guess you guys know, since you showed us the trailer and everything ;)

    • RedViv says:

      It’s not that they are bad games per se, unless you count horrible ports. They’re good action games. And that’s really all they are, which is the problem here – they are just not survival horror games these days, and not even scary.

      • Low Life says:

        (I’m a bit disappointed in all these serious replies to my comment, but whatever)

        I played a bit of RE5 and from my experience calling it a good action game is a bit of a stretch. The problem was that it was trying to be an action game but it had all those clumsy mechanics from the earlier games crippling it (invetory management etc). It might have been more enjoyable with a human coop partner, though.

        As for Revelations, I have it in progress on the 3DS and I’ve enjoyed it, but I’m not so sure that the experience would be enough to hold my attention on the big screen.

        • RedViv says:

          That’s why “good” is all they are. Not great. Not grand. Not important. Just good. Largely forgettable in their mediocre being-good-ness of games these days.

          • Ringwraith says:

            If you can endure playing the entire game, you then unlock The Mercenaries which is much more fun if you want action-sans-nonsense.

    • MuscleHorse says:

      RE4 is pretty much the highlight of the series for me. Not a horror-survival game at all, but a fantastic, kinetic third person actioner. With fucking awful voice-acting.

      • RobertJSullivan says:

        I replayed RE1-3 recently (well something like 8 months ago) and I gotta say after playing those 3, RE4’s voice acting is like a pure gem. I played those games when I was a kid so I didn’t remember they were that bad. Still, it gives the games a little charm.

      • db1331 says:

        It would be really tough for me to pick a favorite between RE4 and the Gamecube REmake. Two fantastic games.

        • Nick says:

          Totally, I am still sad they never gave the REmake treatment to 2 or 3. Mainly 2 which is the strongest of the series imo.

          • db1331 says:

            Indeed. I have no doubt that RE2 redone in the vein of the REmake would be the finest RE ever, by a mile.

    • Dowr says:

      RE 1/2/3 were rubbish; RE4 was great until Dead Space made it redundant; can’t give any input to RE5/6.

  5. povu says:

    I don’t really care about this game but a 500 MB demo? I’m in.

    • Wedge says:

      Considering it’s working off a 3DS game, actually not too surprising.

      • nearly says:

        those were my thoughts, which led to me being a fair bit surprised when I saw the space listed on the actual system requirements.

  6. analydilatedcorporatestyle says:

    ‘Second best drummer in the Beatles’ got to love wor John!!

  7. PC-GAMER-4LIFE says:

    2000 called they want their GFX back these textures look like what they are upscaled 3DS art assets.

  8. SkittleDiddler says:

    I’ve lost track of how many RE games there are now. You can only put so many turds in the punch bowl before all the turds start to look the same.

  9. engion3 says:

    Remoted into my home system to download this and it’s only 500 something mb. I’m a huge fan of resident evil and am hoping this one doesn’t have tanks in it like the last one.

  10. DrScuttles says:

    Holy shit a new demo on Steam? This is an event that calls for a celebration.
    Something something nostalgia glasses monthly coverdiscs feeling old before my time something grumble something demos up to my nipples.

  11. Panda Powered says:

    No mention of the three new unlockable costumes (as in not-dlc)? Among them a stripper sailor costume for Chris. [insert salty men of the sea joke].

  12. mdazfrench says:

    I’m actually glad Capcom released this demo. After getting burned by RE6 I loaded this one up glumly, expecting a crappy port. Graphics certainly aren’t top notch but the controls, thank HEAVENS for the controls. Plays almost exactly like Dead Space for me and that’s a big plus. Capcom – fire whatever team you have running the main series and put these guys up instead. It’s what RE needs to get back to.

  13. A Boot Stomping a Human Face says:

    I thought, for a second, Zoey was fighting Alexia in that screencap.