First There Was Runescape, Now There Is Three Of It

We’ve not been pointing the lidless burning eye of the internet at Runescape 3 all that much, which is perhaps an oversight on the part of the beleaguered word-hamsters of the RPS blogmill. The game is looking rather spiffing for a browsering thing, and its masters Jagex are going all out to prove that this third Runescape is the scapiest and runiest of them all. Behold! Browser-based play! Characterful characters, monstrous monsters and an uh, well-tuned orchestra! Yes. See it all in a barrage of family-friendly video images, below.

The beta, I believe, is taking sign ups over here, although maybe not since the closing date was supposed to be 10th April. Anyway.


  1. Baddiekins says:

    This kind of excites me. Little late on reporting the beta signups, though.

  2. WoundedBum says:

    I know it’s thought of rather poorly in places, but Runescape has (or at least the still going 2007 version has, I’ve not played enough of the new one) some of the better quests in MMOs, and some great crafting/sandbox type game, plus it’s regularly updated. I think it probably deserves a bit more praise than it gets.

    • Liudeius says:

      That’s the reason I played it until micro-transactions made it illogical, I’ve not seen any other MMO with such a huge number of story driven (not fetch or kill x) quests and such free form character building. (I hate the idea of playing a 1000+ hour game, but only being able to get a third of the experience because I’m limited to my class)

      • WoundedBum says:

        What do they do? I’ve not really played much of it since they introduced it. I was going to try it again, but if it’s not worth it…

        But I agree though, and the clue scrolls were great!

        • Liudeius says:

          Oh, go ahead and play, I’m just a min-maxer.
          As a min-maxer, I try to level my skills as efficiently as possible.
          And once they introduced micro-transactions, it became more efficient to work a minimum wage job and buy levels than it is to play the game.
          It doesn’t actually harm the ability to enjoy the game, it just to me makes playing it illogical (and they are gradually introducing more micro-transactions, so it may soon be even worse than when I quit).

          To be specific, I’m referring to the “Squeel of Fortune” (SoF, a gambling game where you can buy plays with real money, it also coincidentally bastardizes the RS goblin because the investors seemed to think RS was WOW, replacing it with a far-from-lore version more similar to an RS imp).

          At least on release, you could get a generic exp rate of about 400k exp per $10-$15 (and gold plus rare but extremely valuable armor on the side). While for few skills this is slower than the possible rate (when not factoring in time spent earning gold to use to train), when you take stuff like Runecrafting (60k/hr max) and Slayer (~20k/hr but highly variable) into account, paying for SoF is by far the best training method.
          And that’s assuming you work at a McDonalds, if you have gone/intend to go to college for any reasonable degree, you could get even higher exp/hr rates.

          • WoundedBum says:

            Ah that sounds like something to be wary of. I guess I’ll give it a go, as long as it doesn’t get in the way of the quests, then it might not bother me too much. If it does, I could just play 2007.

            Thanks for the big response btw.

          • sepposmies says:

            You really can’t expect that high of exp amount, or even landing a rare one with 10$ (25? spins), or even with spending 20$ (75? spins)

            Getting 400k exp with with the 10 bucks would require you to land in uncommon spot, and that spot to have a lamp chosen out of all other possible uncommon choices. And even then there’s a chance your rolls land on skill specific lamps or on a “choose your skill” lamp. For the choosing type out of all lamps 1 out of 14 chance. And you need to have lvl 97 for the chosen skill to get total yield of 400k out of those 25 lamps.

            Granted, you could get lucky and roll all super rare huge lamps, but the odds are kinda… abysmal. You can easily go by in the game without spending a dime on spins and max all skills without it dragging on too much, with the exception of few skills. Slayer and Runecraft rates do get higher than that when you gain level and know what you’re doing, and some skills are maxed in a week to heavy playing.

          • Liudeius says:

            When it first came out, multiple people purchased spins and tested it, and from my own free spins I know lamps are plenty common, so unless it has been rebalanced, I’m going to stick with my 400k exp for $10-$15 number. (Actually it may have been per $20 since that was a major purchase increment, I forget, the point is that, even if it’s only 200k/$10, it is still the optimal training method.)

            And I know it’s possible to play without it, I said as much, but it is illogical. I could either grind for 200 hours, or work minimum wage for 100 hours, or a good job for 20 hours.
            The fact is, the optimal way to play the game is to not play, and I’m not interested in a game which encourages me to not play it.

    • Tams80 says:

      The story driven quests were what kept me playing for a long time (that and an addiction to it), even as they started adding worse updates. Some of the stories were really interesting and in some cases thought provoking.

      The microtransactions really broke it for me as well. OK, the huge number of high levelled players (to a degree not really Jagex’s fault), the drop in performance and the repetitiveness didn’t help either.

      • WoundedBum says:

        Yep the stories were great, and I got thoroughly engrossed in that bloody Underground Pass one. Never had I spent such time honing one skill (agility) just so I could do a quest.

    • Wonkyth says:

      Hmm, you actually make a good point there. It certainly held my attention for a few dozen months longer than any other MMO I’ve ever played. Not that I’m interested in ever going near that game again, but it certainly did some stuff less-bad. :)

  3. Liudeius says:

    OH wow, they reworked the graphics and engine for a sixth time and arbitrarily decided to tack a three onto the end.

    Damn you Andrew, why did you have to turn Runescape over to the greedy investors just as it was starting to go places.
    (And yes, I must shower Jagex with hatred in every Jagex related post because nothing would be better than all those greedy American investors becoming homeless, even if they would probably profit as much from Jagex failing as they would from Jagex succeeding.)

    • WoundedBum says:

      Er, I’m pretty sure they’ve done more than that. Custom UI’s upgrades to skills, multiple characters etc.

      • Liudeius says:

        I’ll admit I’m not keeping track since I stopped playing, but skill and UI updates are part of common updates. I bet the combat change a while back was bigger than this change will be.

        • WoundedBum says:

          Not for RS, I think it has something to do with switching how it was coded. I don’t begrudge them naming it 3, if they were ever going to do it, why not now? I’d be annoyed if they were charging for the upgrade of course.

          • Liudeius says:

            Oh, you’re right.
            I was just thinking about it as another reworking of the engine (which was what the initial RS to RS2 name was), but now they are ditching Java I hear.
            Ok, it might be more significant than I was making it out to be, but that’s still under the hood. I doubt standard game play will be much different.

  4. says:

    The only thing I can discern from that picture is that Quake died and used Q2’s colors for its tombstone.

  5. Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

    Ah, that headline brings back some memories. *raises teacup*

  6. pipman3000 says:

    I got really excited for a bit because I thought it said Planescape