Lost Spirits of Kael Is A Peculiar Thing

It really is. Developer Rablo Games explain that Lost Spirits of Kael (but not kale) is an action RPG where the focus is “atmosphere”. And: “You play the role of a young painter who has lost his inspiration and tries to get it back in the Forest of Kael. There, he meets a mysterious harpist who covers the forest with magical mist by playing her instrument.”

Sounds straightforward enough, I suppose. But let’s take a look at that video.


Apparently the game has “strong feeling of being alone and lost” and also “the forest has mystical powers that makes finding one’s way nearly impossible”. It also sounds like there’s some manner of perma-death going on.


  1. pakoito says:

    This is last month news but it got me excited. Seems the first one of a batch of 2D Dark Souls. The second will be mine’s.

  2. Revolving Ocelot says:

    Lost Spirits of Kael? I hope this has nothing to do with long-blond haired elves that binge a little too much on magic and then stick crystals through their (undead) chests. While sounding like Raiden.

  3. Geewhizbatman says:

    What happened to BMO? He/She sounds scary!

    • Soldancer says:

      That’s about the first thing I thought on hearing the VO. I suppose it’s just my good ol’ English linguistic bias.

      This does look pretty intriguing, though I’m not thrilled with the been-there-done-that ghost design.

      link to tvtropes.org

  4. bluenine says:

    love the music

  5. superflat says:

    Intrigued! The animation and action are quite unexpected to me, because it looks more like a pure adventure on first sight. Definitely on my radar now!

  6. Charles de Goal says:

    Will RPS review Qasir al-Wasat?

  7. Kein says:

    Secret of Kaells.

    • Grargh says:

      My first thought as well. But set in the world of Proteus instead of Ireland, which makes it no less intriguing.

  8. malphigian says:

    Narrated by Bjork!

    • Skabooga says:

      Admittedly, I really dug that voiceover. Subtly chilling, without at all overdoing it, while still being absolutely delightful to listen to.

  9. cloudnein says:

    With age comes the wisdom to know when your aspirations are beyond your abilities. Something about this trailer smacks of a lack of that wisdom. To me it’s the conflict between the art style and the “WooOOoo, I’m spooky!” attempt at Ringu horror, and the conflict between the art style and the Zelda-esque movement and action.