A Minecraft Mod To Admeier: CivCraft

There’s not a lot of structure to vanilla Minecraft’s multiplayer. You build, you admire, you take a giant isometric screenshot and admire some more, then you discover creative mode and TNT. Then you restart the server and promise to never do that again (unless you’re 2b2t, then you just keep on going). Then someone mentions mods, and you get lost looking for something to give the game scope. There’s nothing wrong with vanilla, but if you’re looking for a server that turns the world into a more interesting place to explore, and eventually claim bits of your own, take a look at the CivCraft server.

It’s a bit Honey I Shrunk The Kids, sticking you down on the ground of a vast game of blocky Civilization: you and some friends will join together to build a town. It’s hugely involved, with you mining the ground to gain resources to trade for coins to claim your land. Like a proper game of Civ, major construction involves clicking on the ground and watching the buildings extruding upwards. They’re functional buildings, allowing you to enter and use them, and enhancing them to provide the bonuses to the land.

With your town hall in place, you can then start to create your town as you’d like, including Cultural and Defensive buildings. The more you grow, the more influence you’ll have. Grow crops, advance along the tech trees, build more towns. All the while a vast game of diplomacy is taking place server-wide. You can take part in the more Civ-like metagame, except it’s not meta: you’re actually on the ground. Spies, for example, can sneak into enemy towns and destroy their Wonders.

It’s currently offline, because of a huge surge in popularity over the weekend, but it’ll be back up in a few days. I don’t have the time to oversee an RPS invasion when it comes back online, but you guys should totally be in there, building an empire on puns.


  1. BTAxis says:

    Wonder if there’s a point in playing this singleplayer? The lack of purpose to the things you build has always been a great problem with these sandbox games for me so this sounds interesting, but I’d like to stay away from multiplayer.

    • communisthamster says:

      Yeah, being able to play it in singleplayer with a bunch of interacting AI civs, that would redeem minecraft in my eyes.

    • realityflaw says:

      Thaumcraft does a pretty good job of adding some much needed structure to the game, anyone else know of some good progression mods?

      • Mollusc Infestation says:

        Millénaire is pretty much mandatory for me these days. It replaces the NPC villages with a “finished” version of the idea.

        • BTAxis says:

          Both of those mods are included into a pack called AMCO it seems, so that could be interesting. I only found that by clicking around a bit though, I haven’t tried it.

      • wizardglick says:

        I don’t know. how about “Better Than Wolves”? This is a mod that’s grown from just adding a few extra blocks that seemed to fit, into a wholesale reworking of the MC experience. This is the mod that people like RPS should be giving a nod to.

  2. ekuurh says:


  3. Sparkasaurusmex says:

    I won’t redstone ’til I play this!

  4. FriendlyFire says:

    Why would I want to play a mod where all the buildings self-build? The entire point of Minecraft is to build.

    I’d expected that you’d be able to build your buildings yourself and then somehow mark them for functions and perhaps put utility blocks inside. This is a bit underwhelming. It’s cool, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t see the appeal.

    • Craig Pearson says:

      I think the big, main buildings do, and the rest you can do with as you please.

      • x1501 says:

        Still, I think a Terraria-like approach, where you build your own structures that have to meet certain criteria in order for your settlement to expand, would suit this type of game much better. Not only would it encourage rampant creativity, but every civilization would have its own distinct architectural style.

        • hotmaildidntwork says:

          Can you customize the buildings after they’ve built maybe? Or would that be destroying them?

  5. Artist says:

    What did they pay so RPS advertises their server? Not that theres not 100 other interesting mods out there, right?

    • Darkwings says:

      It’s not the first time there’s an article about a Minecraft mod on RPS. They simply pick what they find interesting, exactly as you do.

      • Captain Joyless says:

        Oh, yes, people “simply pick what they find interesting.” What a deliciously naive view of reality.

        • Brun says:

          Oh, yes, people “always have some kind of financial ulterior motive.” What a deliciously cynical view of reality.

          Seriously man, they thought the mod was interesting, and if they make a post on it because it’s interesting, the first questions that will be asked in the comments will be “where can I find a server to play this on?”

          If RPS were going to compromise their journalistic integrity by taking money for “adverstories”, don’t you think they’d take it from someone who can pay a bit better than some random Minecraft server?

          • Artist says:

            Oh yes, journalistic integrity gets totally compromised by taking money for “adverstories”. What a deliciously inspirational view of reality.

          • sinister agent says:

            Oh yes, I’m only saying anything as a prelude to showing off about how much ice cream I just bought. What a deliciously delicious view of reality.

        • misterT0AST says:

          I wonder what heaps of Gold a Minecraft modder could offer Rockpapershotgun.
          The web traffic and advertisement money they get from their good will is nothing compared to the bribes of a modder working from his bedroom.
          The Minecraft modding lobby is one of the most influential in the World, with ties to Freemasonry, CIA, and bankers all over the world. They secretly control the US government (look at Obama, son of a Freemason and a Minecraft modder) and the European Union, you won’t find the head of ANY of the major corporations who hasn’t been actively involved in modding Minecraft one way or the other.

        • thegooseking says:

          The only difference between baseless cynicism and naïveté is valence.

        • Ergates_Antius says:

          Yes, people who write blogs do “simply pick what they find interesting.”

          What are you suggesting?

      • Arjent says:

        Settle down people, clearly this was a pun thread….he said “pick”. Do I have to block you all or can we all just get square with opposing points of view.

    • razorramone says:

      You mean the server that is currently offline? Well done, internet detective, you’ve cracked this corrupt website wide open.

    • Ninja Foodstuff says:

      Where to start?

      Hmm, how about, do the people running a server profit in any way to make paying RPS any amount of money worthwhile?

    • Craig Pearson says:

      No. Did a rival server pay you to make this post, or is that a stupid fucking question?

      • P7uen says:

        I suspect a rival server of those 2 servers paid you to sully the name of that rival server to the original server. I’m cancelling my sub!

  6. Gap Gen says:

    Empire of the Pun. There.

  7. ojrac says:

    Does anyone know if this is a public mod? It looks like they’re just not distributing it, but I’m hoping it’s out there somewhere.

  8. kickme22 says:

    Yay, a server ripping off the original civcraft’s name (the modded server focused on simulating civilization and government that has been around for 2 years (and even has the r/civcraft subreddit…..and it’s own website: civcraft.org )

  9. Erich Honecker says:

    Hello there,

    This is a friendly request that you change

    >take a look at the CivCraft server.


    >take a look at the CivilisationCraft server

    It might seem like a little and pedantic thing, but there is currently another extremely popular minecraft server with the name Civcraft (it’s full tagline is ‘Civcraft: build with more than just blocks’).

    When the CivilisationCraft mod was released, users from both servers quickly realised the potential for confusion that the similarity between our names could cause.

    I’m sorry to bother you about something as silly-seeming as this is, but it’s in the interest of both servers that confusion between the two is kept minimised.

    Thanks in advance

  10. Chris says:

    I’m confused.

    Is the above article about CivCraft or CivilisationCraft?

    I go to the Civcraft lobby and there are a number of options including CraftZ.

    Mayhap Genossen Honeicker can enlighten us?

    • Erich Honecker says:

      The above article is about the server and mod known as CivilisationCraft.

      Civcraft is a separate minecraft server completely unrelated to CivilisationCraft.

      More information on Civcraft can be found at /r/Civcraft.

      It is exactly this sort of confusion that was predicted when CivilisationCraft was released.

  11. Chris says:

    I’m still confused. Only more so.

    Which mod is the above video from?

    • Erich Honecker says:

      The video is showcasing the CivilisationCraft mod, which runs on the CivilisationCraft server.

      Although ‘Civcraft: build with more than just blocks’ also runs a lot of custom plugins coded specifically for it, it isn’t the same thing at all.