Imaginative Car Pun Headline: Grid 2’s Eliminator

Grid 2‘s Eliminator game mode, where the dude at the back of the pack is knocked out every twenty seconds, sure looks exciting. Sure, there’s no jusy-rigged rocket launcher, and no desert apocalypse with attendant moral dilemmas, but speeding metal carts around concrete gullies will have to do. Codies have showed off this Eliminator thing on the Dubai track, which you can see below, and it looks really quite fancy. But trailers can soon be dispensed with: the game is almost upon us 28th/30th, depending on your ocean, and I’ll be keen to play it, because I haven’t enjoyed a racing game in quite some time. Big drift!

You can totally read Adam’s Grid 2 preview here. In it he says: “Arriving at the Arc de Triomphe and seeing that Callahan and his minions have erected barricades throughout the entire centre of the metropolis, along with all manner of gaudy lighting, I became convinced that World Series Racing is destined to become a dictatorship. What kind of power does a man capable of shutting down Paris on a whim truly wield? And to then alter the course of the race even as it is in progress? He’s a bloody maniac and no mistake.”

What does that say about the quality of the game? I have no idea. Look over there, a bee!

Grid 2 is released to our care next week, I think. Something like that.


  1. Faldrath says:

    Now imagine if you could play it from inside the car, instead of sitting on the hood :(

    By the way, where *is* Adam these days?

    • nrvsNRG says:

      dont start with this again.

      • SominiTheCommenter says:

        Oh no no
        This is a a bad decision and Codemasters should be chastised infinitely for this.

        • nrvsNRG says:

          i wish they had included it too, but the topic has been argued to death already. (or were you being sarcastic?)

          • luukdeman111 says:

            To be totally honest… ridiculous design decisions like that just shouldn’t happen… The amount of work it takes to build in the “cockpit” view is very little and I really can’t find an argument why it should not be in there… Seriously if developers make decisions that stupid you can not let them get away with it so easily…

          • tyen says:


            The thing is, it does take a great of work to create the interior of a car.

            The physical task of creating the interior of a car takes a great amount of time to build, you have to model the interior to a level of detail that is acceptable to the gamers playing with it.
            Compared to the shell of the car, car interiors create a huge amount of detail to make them look correct. While the exterior is really just a shell with a fancy shader and brings the pretty by just reflecting light like car-paint should, the interior has many different parts and materials that have to be made in order for the interior of look accurate. Depending on quality and team, you’re talking multiple weeks per car to build the entire thing ( To keep in mind there can be many dozens of car in the shipping game + some DLC cars down the line )

            Then of course, there’s the file size limitations brought by consoles.
            You’ve got to cram the entire game down to fit on a single DVD for the 360. The additional models and textures for the interior would be a huge chunk of data on the disc.

            There’s also the trouble of when you’re doing anything based of real licenses, there’s a massive amount of hassle when trying to do anything that may even slightly distort the image of the licence. This is because the people who holds the licenses get antsy when changes are made. So there is a huge amount of back and forth meaning the producers and artists have to bend this way and that to work with the license holders. This means going back to the model and making tiny tiny changes as minuscule issues are brought up. ( This is why a game a while back, which I forget the name of and my google-fu fails me, that game didn’t allow real time destruction of their licensed cars, because the owners of the license didn’t want people driving around in smashed up versions of their car. This is also why GTA only uses faux versions of licensed cars.)

            In short, interiors for vehicles in games are a major headache and that is why they are often not done.

          • FriendlyFire says:

            Licensing issues is also why Criterion’s amazing crash physics got frustratingly toned down to mediocre in the transition from Burnout (unbranded cars) to NFS (branded cars).

          • Derppy says:


            The cars already have some interior, because you can see the wheel, seat and such through the windows.

            I’m sure many people would be happy if they just moved the camera inside, allowed freelook and toggled off the rendering for windows. Doesn’t matter how the inside looks, as long as the perspective is correct.

            In-car view is essential for all multi-monitor and/or headtracking (TrackIR, Freetrack etc.) setups. Imagine how disorienting it would be to play with Oculus Rift and be placed on the hood of the car.

            I’ve only got a single monitor and no tracking, so I’m happy with the hood camera, but it’s still a shame they remove such an awesome feature. Sequels are supposed to be superior, not inferior.

            The thing I’m personally most concerned about is the complete lack of settings for driving assists. Codemasters have claimed “There’s no assists” and it’s “One difficulty fits all”, but I’m willing to bet it’s basically the easiest setting of GRID, because it appeals for the largest audience.

            Without any assists the original GRID (and all DIRTs) hit the sweet spot for me, it’s not a simulator where you need to learn the speed and angle for every corner or your car spins out of control, but you still had to work to keep the car on track and break into corners. With all the assists on the physics felt bizarre as the car just stick to the road even if you go full speed into a corner and break in the middle of it.

            My decision to buy or skip this depends entirely on how close the “no assists” is to no assists of GRID 1. Why they’d take the control away from the player is beyond me.

          • aldo_14 says:

            The cars already have some interior, because you can see the wheel, seat and such through the windows.

            That requires a lot, lot less work that modelling an interior you see at extremely range, with working parts and without obfuscation. If they just moved the camera inside, you’d probably have a low poly driver, a very blocky steering wheel, and a dashboard which was more or less a single photograph texture – if any – with no animated parts. There’s also a distinct possibility that parts you’d not normally see from the car exterior – like a gearstick, or the driver legs, would become conspicuous by their absence.

            People would change their complaint to be that it looked like utter shit, and they’d be right.

            Now, I’d agree that they should ideally have an in-car view (although it’s not a deal breaker for me – I’ve been playing Grid again recently with a wheel and it’s just bloody weird to play in the cockpit camera, with another sets of hands in front of my own), but it’s certainly not a trivial piece of work. Modelling it alone would probably be the most complex single task the artists had to do, but if the tradeoff is another (for example) 10 (non DLC, of course) cars or an extra track… I think I’d take that.

      • Faldrath says:

        I didn’t really post this to complain, since I know it’s a done deal and it won’t change anyway. However, I will post something about this in every Grid2 thread because there might be people unaware that it won’t have a cockpit camera, and it’s a useful thing to know before buying it (had Jim mentioned it in his post, I wouldn’t have posted anything).

        • rpsKman says:

          Ya, especially with all the licensed content, one could safely assume that it’s a full-featured lite simulator. The first Grid would have been nice with a physics mod. Heck, I’d play it!

        • tobias says:

          Oh man, I actually had no idea so am glad it’s been repeated here. I love cockpit cams- what a disappointment :(

    • Freud says:

      A real enthusiast have their own cockpit setup with steering wheel, pedals and wunderbaum in their house.

      • Jason Moyer says:

        People who take the effort to do that wouldn’t be playing Grid.

      • darkChozo says:

        A real enthusiast builds a full-sized track in their backyard and drives a real car.

    • drvoke says:

      Somebody made the following point last time they featured this game which I will reiterate: When playing a driving game on your PC, your monitor is effectively the windscreen of your vehicle, so it doesn’t make sense to superimpose the cockpit on the windscreen which limits your FOV and obscures the view ahead.

      Personally, I never play with cockpit view. It’s a novelty that becomes a burden when actually racing. I get that some people like the aesthetic of it, but to most people it feels like a pointless handicap to use it while racing.

      • Axess Denyd says:

        I agree about the shortcomings of the cockpit view, but I’m not sure that most other people necessarily agree. I guess it depends on the game. Apparently sim racers are all about the cockpit view, and a lot of people in the Project CARS forums wish they could FORCE cockpit view on people for time trials and such.

        I won’t miss having it in Grid, but I do think it’s weird they left it out.

      • Chaz says:

        Eh? When I sit in my car or my works van, I see the interior of the cab all around me, the wheel in front and the dash board behind it, and a view looking out the window down onto the bonnet. My head is not stuck outside right down on the bonnet. I can only assume that most of the people that make these comments about the cockpit cam being a distraction, don’t actually drive in real life. For me, having a cockpit cam makes all the difference between feeling like your sat in a car and not just some disembodied head floating around outside. I drive with a wheel and I like seeing the wheel on screen turn when I turn, and as for the FOV, you don’t get a perfectly centered FOV like that in the top screen shot in real life anyway as you sit to one side of the car, you still have to turn your head and move your eyes to look around.

        • Axess Denyd says:

          I drive a real car a lot in real life. The road is not a tiny little space surrounded by a lot of dashboard, roof, and A pillars. The road dominates my view, with a little bit of dashboard,. roof, and A pillars in the periphery of my vision.

          I would perhaps enjoy the cockpit view IF my monitor was incredibly huge and very, very close to me. (I will definitely give it a try when I obtain an Oculus Rift, whenever those are released…)

          • Simplisto says:

            I don’t understand why they don’t just include a limited cockpit view, where the camera is placed just behind the left or right hand side (depending on the car) of the windscreen, with only a bit of the frame and dash showing from the perspective of a floating camera. That way, you have a more accurate field of view and the amount of detail needed for the interior remains relatively small.

  2. flabioh says:

    Now, imagine, instead of being completely eliminated from the race you are instead directed to drive the track backwards and make life miserable for those still in the race. Then you have the makings of an awesome LAN party game.

  3. The_Hunter says:

    Wait wait…something’s wrong here.

    This trailer is nothing but gameplay; where’s our per-rendered, slow motion, nonsensical hype teaser?

    • Stochastic says:

      I demand a trailer with an announcement for an announcement trailer !

  4. shrewdlogarithm says:

    Of mild concern if that the console versions have ‘unique to retailer’ DLC packs – 4 of them in total.

    They’ve made it to the PC version but here the situation is less clear. Steam are going through a process of unlocking those packs based on pre-orders, last I looked 2/3 unlocks were done which gave 2 of the 4 DLC packs plus a free copy of Grid (the other 2 packs are in the last unlock)

    What’s NOT clear is whether people who buy a key from anywhere other than Valve get the unlocks or if it’s just direct pre-orders with Steam which unlock and gain those packs??

    Valve want £26.99 for it ‘direct’.

    GreenmanGaming are the same price but a code knocks 25% from that – they originally only offered the ‘Headstart’ pack (DLC 4) but their blog suggests they’re adding the Grid freebie so perhaps they are keyed to the Steam pre-orders too (it’s a Steamworks game).

    SimplyGames will do you a Steam Code for just £17.99 but there’s no mention of any freebies at all

    I hate shit like this – partly because it makes it harder to choose where to buy from (ideally not from Valve if I can help it) AND it means that when you play the game, other people may have content you don’t or vice-versa which I think is dumb (and makes the content less worthwhile anyway)??

    For the record, the packs are

    SLR 722, 15% off online purchases (not sure if in-game or real money?) and some Racenet Bonus

    MP4 Spec Ed, 2 extra layouts for Brands Hatch and an Online Event

    GTR SpecV, YAS Marina Daytime Circuit, Online Event

    Dallara and Pacecar, 2 extra layouts for Indy, Online Event

    • Delusibeta says:

      I thought it was pretty clear: the pre-order bonuses are exclusive to direct Steam orders, and that other vendors will give you what they say they will give you (generally speaking, only the Head Start pack).

      • shrewdlogarithm says:

        I thought that, then GMG added the ‘free Grid’ thing around the time it unlocked on Steam

        Perhaps they’re just mirroring Steam – given that they’re 25% cheaper you may not even care

        Given that Simply is cheaper AGAIN – you may be happy with just the base game I guess – £9 is a lot for some DLC which is likely fluff

  5. Synesthesia says:

    I just realised i really, really want to play racing games with an occulus rift. Checking my sides!