Obsidian And Allods Online Devs Making “Skyforge”

Hmm, here’s a thing. An announcement has been made at Russian game convention KRI, saying that Obsidian and the Allods team Astrum Nival are going to be making a new MMO, the trailer for which you can see below. Sadly it’s in Russian, which I do not speak. Anyone able to give us the gist?

The game is called Skyforge and Obsidian CEO Feargus Urquhart described it as “interesting and promising.” It’s certainly interesting. The game appears to be a sequel, of sorts, to Allods, and it seems as if Obsidian will be helping out with the making the game – which was announced originally in May 2012 – appear “promising” to European and North American audiences. We’ll hear more about this in the next couple of weeks, no doubt.


  1. spectone says:

    I’m not up into the latest in toaster technology so I would appreciate it if someone could tell me if the model pictured above can do 10 slices or does it go all the way up to 11?


    Oh talking about the game, I was interested in the MMO, nice graphics but the ridiculous female costumes just put me off. Why can’t these MMO companies get past this immature stage?

    • Grey Poupon says:

      I’m pretty sure it’s not a toaster but one of those new “fanless” fans. You can tell by the holes in those extruding parts. Nice that they made one that can blow air in two directions at once. The changing air pressure that comes with oscillation can be quite distracting at times, so a solution such as this can be a lot better for some people.

    • Cinek says:

      MMO designers follow the audience. And as MMO audience is mostly made of emotionally immature people – games try to satisfy their taste.

    • onodera says:

      Maybe they think that teens that play their games and have to stare at their characters bottom for hours would prefer to stare at the bottom of a cowgirl in a bikini and assless chaps?
      Yeah, the costumes for women are hilariously terrible, they look like they were designed for sexual roleplay because the artist didn’t get what “role playing games” the customer was talking about.

  2. Rovenkar says:

    In short.

    Beginning of the clip:
    “Several companies have made great MMos, now it’s our turn to come up with something great”
    Mid part:
    People talk about them coming to the team, how great it is to work with all these good people etc.
    In-game footage part:
    16 unique classes, no EXP, no levels.

    • onsamyj says:

      A lot of russians or russian-speaking here, huh.

      There is 15, not 16 classes.

      • Don Reba says:

        Most Brits alive in 1947-1991 actually speak fluent Russian. They only show it in the anonymity of RPS forums, though, as a Cold War habit.

  3. Niko says:

    Okay, it starts with talking about how this is the next step after Ultima Online, Lineage 2 and WoW, then it’s some general talk about game development, teamwork, etc (nothing pretty specific, except the mention that max view distance will be around 40 km). And then it says about 15 character classes and “no xp, no levels”. Not a word about why female characters look like they are straight out of a Korean MMORPG, though.

    • Grey Poupon says:

      “Not a word about why female characters look like they are straight out of a Korean MMORPG, though.”

      Because boobies, that’s why.

  4. onsamyj says:

    They mostly talk how cool is their team (they all worked on good games, actually), what they learned on past projects, so I going to skip that, but there some tidbits about game itself:
    – Console-like camera (they say it’s better than in any MMO).
    – 40 km view distance.
    – 15 classes.
    – Without levels and experience.
    – “World, that you don’t want to leave”.

    • onsamyj says:

      On game itself… Looks like another bland MMO with piano-combat (you know, when you push number keys, and nothing else). Boring.

    • Rahdulf123 says:

      They really did. Allods Online was a fairly good MMORPG that bot screwed over by gPotato and their microtransaction antics. Now that I think about it, Obsidian and these guys have something in common.

  5. Crosmando says:

    Wow, Obsidian must really be desperate to be working on a Russian MMO

    • unangbangkay says:

      Quite the opposite, I’d say. No truly desperate studio would take the risk of co-developing an MMO. Hell, even a non-desperate developer (BioWare) took on an MMO and it made them end up looking desperate when it “flopped”.

      If Obsidian were genuinely desperate we wouldn’t see nearly as many or as diverse a range of projects coming out of them right now. They’d be doubling down on South Park and Project Eternity, and that’s it. And while those two are the only things they’re working on as the major workhorse, they’re clearly enough in the black to be sending out teams/people to help with inXile’s work, pitch Star Wars to EA, secretly lobby Bethesda for whatever else they have coming for Fallout, and now partner with Russians on this.

      It’s a sign of health!

    • Lobotomist says:

      Nival certanly knows how to make MMO.
      Their Allods online was supposed to be major MMO hit, until it was released – and ruined by one of most greediest F2P deals.

      Up until release (from beta) people called it better , prettier version of WOW – and steampunk to boot.

      As for this new game. The video doesnt look promising. Reminds me of TERA. But I dont understand why would european firm, with european art sensibility try to copy asian style ?

      In any case, Nival is experienced MMO developer with more quality than most we see on market today.

      • Tei says:

        Conspiracy Theory: theres a guy in korea that make *all* modelling for *all* games

      • Niko says:

        Apparently they are going for the Lineage, Perfect World, etc audiences.

      • Utsunomiya says:

        Allods Team != Nival.

      • kud13 says:

        Because they are a Russian dev. Not quite a “Western” dev, despite all the attempts at corporate PR talk I get from this video.

        And there are huge Russian communities that are into “Asian” MMOs. So it’s not surprising at all that Nival is making sure to secure their “core market”–as with any other Easter European title, minimum goal is to break even through purchases from the home crowd, and then aim at getting the game noticed abroad to become a smash hit.

        Given the whole point of the promo video is how this will be a “Russian MMO, to rival UO, Lineage and WoW”, the direction they’ve chosen seems pretty obvious.

    • Anthile says:

      Pecunia non olet. I guess that’s what it takes if you want to stay independent.

  6. Don Reba says:

    Here is your morning dose of pathos:

    Earth. The cradle of mankind. Millenia ago, people knew no other world. And then, they learned to construct worlds that never existed. Even before he went into space, Richard Garriott created a new universe — Ultima Online. The company NCSoft made Lineage — a world you can go to like you go to work. Blizzard reached cosmic heights with World of Warcraft. We are prepared to take the next step — open a world you won’t want to leave. It is called — Skyforge.

    • strangeloup says:

      Heh, it seems a bit ironic how the description “a world you can go to like you go to work” is both completely unappealing and entirely accurate for a grindfest like Lineage.

  7. Iokanaan says:

    my Russian isn’t particularly good (I learned a little by playing Metro), but I’m pretty sure at the start he says something like “game developers. game developers never change.”

  8. Shezo says:


    Greedy fuckers that turned allods online into real pay-not-to-feel-gimped game.

    • Noelemahc says:

      Precisely this. It had potential before they turned it into “oh, you’re level 10 and want to get out of the noobzone? good, pay us some money to get some high-tier gear or you won’t be able to beat the mobs that stand in your way”.

    • NothingFunny says:

      True. Donate-online. And apparently greedy mail.ru ruins everything it touches.
      But Nivals’ co-owner Sergey Orlovsky held a speech on KRI about f2p and the balance of monetisation and playability for non-paying customers and not turning a game into pay2win. So there is hope.

      • Sergey Galyonkin says:

        Nival isn’t related to Skyforge :) That’s Mail.ru and now Obsidian guys :)

        • Cerius says:

          Nival’s logo at least appears here

          Since I don’t speak russian, I can’t say though if this has any relation.

          Edit: Watching it: Probably not.

          • Sergey Galyonkin says:

            Sergey Orlovskiy was at this round table, all right :) But we’re not working on Skyforge, so all his talk about free-to-play and karma is related to Nival games.

            He actually talked more about this in his own lecture an hour earlier, but it’s not online yet.

          • Cerius says:

            So, you’re at Nival?

            As a russian developer, how’s the current Allods Team from the outside?

          • Sergey Galyonkin says:

            Yup, I work at Nival.

            Allods Team at Mail.ru is a bunch of great and talented people, so I hope Skyforge will do well. It is very ambitious project though.

        • NothingFunny says:

          No hope then :( thnx for clarifying.

  9. Utsunomiya says:

    A bunch of leftover vets, Orlovskiy nowhere in sight and a crap-stained brand.
    I’m not fond of it at all.

  10. Infinitron says:

    Yo, RPS: link to youtube.com

  11. CobraLad says:


    No seriously, its sounded like legendary stuff from the words of russian players, but after I seen its looks worse than Neverwinter or Terra. And its thinks its next WOW.
    Also, im pretty sure all those companies arent pleased to be used in someones promotional materials.

  12. aliksy says:

    Allods was pretty bad. Bleh combat, boring gameplay (kill x of y, I believe), awful grouping mechanics. I expect very little from anything associated with it.

    On the other hand, a game without a leveling treadmill could be interesting, unless they do a gear treadmill. That’d just be awful.

  13. squirrelrampage says:

    Actually, I am impressed to see the first mostly believable landscape in an MMO (minus the mountain high statues, of course). Must be something like a first that mountains ain’t just a bump on a map and forest actually have trees of different heights.

  14. Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

    So Rainbow Dash was a Terminator.

  15. quijote3000 says:

    I want obsidian to keep making games, a lot of games. Even when they fail, they do it with style, and trying new things.

  16. povu says:

    Well I assume this is Obsidian doing contract work again, so even if this MMO ends up failing badly Obsidian still gets their paycheck and it’s not their problem. So hooray, Obsidian has something to do that pays the bills, even if I don’t care about it this time.

  17. MadTinkerer says:


    That’s how I’m pronouncing MMORPG from now on.

  18. Allods-Team says:

    Hello everyone,

    The Team of Allods proudly confirms the collaboration with Obsidian Entertainment. At the moment we are conjointly working on a project called “Skyforge”. Soon we will release more exciting details about our combined workforce, key features and a possible release date via our PR partners. One thing we can tell for sure: the testing is absolutely awesome! The waiting time will be worth it.

    We would also like to inform you that Skyforge will not be a successor of Allods, and that the videos and screenshots that are currently circulating the web are unfortunately out-dated, the actual game is still in development.