On A Stick: Moon Rising’s New Beta

John and Dave, aka Team Moon Rising, send word of their game which is called uh Moon Rising. But what is it? Well it’s a turn-based strategy game set on the moon, and we first mentioned it about a year ago. It’s got a new beta out, which you can get hold of over here. And does it have…? Of course: “Yes, there is a full, single-player campaign. But not only that, there is also a Skirmish mode where you can play games against human or AI opponents on a multi-player map of your choosing.” So… You should watch the trailer below, yes.

John and Dave are keen to point us towards their Greenlight campaign, which is over here.


  1. MuscleHorse says:

    You people want the moon on a stick.

  2. albertino says:

    At first glance (and on my phone) the main screenshot looked like a close up of a really cool looking pinball game. Just sayin’

  3. JiminyJickers says:

    I’m keen for some turn based strategy with base building. Have tried to play M.A.X. again recently, but the interface is a bit too difficult and the resolution is a bit too low these days for me.

    This does look a bit small scale from the video, especially the rocket launcher vehicle shooting over like 3 or 4 squares. Hopefully it is a bit bigger than what it appears in the video.

    • Dominare says:

      I just downloaded it and gave it a run for half an hour or so. The 1v1 maps are about 15×15 squares, one assumes the larger playercount maps are scaled up.

      First impressions: Its very much tactics focused rather than grand strategy. The power mechanic – your actions per turn being shared between all units – means every single decision feels like its important. Do you shoot with this guy and then move him to safety, or do you spend those actions moving up reinforcements instead? That kind of thing. There’s very little randomness as far as I can see – a given weapon does X damage and you can count on that every time you use it, etc.

      I will say that its fairly opaque – there’s an info screen of sorts, but many things go unexplained so you sort of have to learn as you go. That doesn’t bother me at all, but may be a turnoff for some. HTH

  4. iridescence says:

    When you name your name “Moon Rising” aren’t you just asking people to call it bad?

    Seriously though, this looks quite interesting. Happy to see lots of TBS stuff on the horizon.

  5. Festus McGee says:

    This is quite good! Certainly nothing terribly different from what we’ve seen before, but it seems to have been done very well. I am sure they will re-record the units’ voices before release! ;)


  6. theallmightybob says:

    I know the maps are small, but no minimap makes me a sad panda, and the game wouldent edge scroll unless I missed something.