There Is No Barrier To The Door Kickers Trailer

Death from above.
There’s a small part of every ex-PCGer that wants to be Tim Stone. His life must be wonderful: there’s a bounty of games made just for him, and his writing toolbox is packed with punnage. He was, and still is, a secret weapon: perfect pages delivered on time. If you want to be a games writer, study his work. He’s makes me want to play the games he writes about, even though I rattle off most of them and sprint back to the comfort of my less-complicated shooty things. There are a few crossovers in our tastes, though: I once got hooked on a bus driving sim (and I was half pretending to be a bus driver, and half pretending to be Tim), and top-down tactical SWAT game Door Kickers looks rather splendid, too.

Tim’s mentioned the surprisingly hardcore (and cheap)real-time strategy CQC game before, and it’s just unleashed a second alpha on us, polishing the tactical levels to unprecedented levels of tacticosity. As detailed in the trailer below, the new version includes “action waypoints”, to enable you to plant orders along the path that the character is taking. “Aim points” will enable you to guide the team’s angle of attack, and “go codes” for the that ultimate SWAT team moment where everyone acts at the same instant. Such synchronicity is perfect for group photographs and turning nuke launch keys.

It’s my Greenlight lock of the week, and I have 52% accuracy on that.


  1. BobbyDylan says:

    If this comes out on Early Access, It’s an insta-buy.

    Also, would be a good Mobile game too…

  2. skuwiph says:

    I was half pretending to be a bus driver, and half pretending to be Tim

    I wonder if there’s a market for a Tim Stone Simulator?

    • zachforrest says:

      The controls are a nightmare. I was using yawing wildly to the left when I was trying to make a joke about a cruise ship full of professional footballers stuck on a reef at Dogger

      • Novotny says:


      • BooleanBob says:

        And after three updates they still haven’t ironed out the bugs in the UI elements of the delightful introductory paragraph mechanic, in which the player must lovingly detail a litany of purchases brought to a checkout at a Northants Asda appearing at first to readers to be a selection of components requisite for an enterprising build-your-own attempt at a 1930 Supermarine Plimsole, before increasingly (but with masterful subtlety) introducing items suggesting the shopper may rather be looking to dispose of a body.

  3. Bhazor says:

    I love that name. That is the best name.

  4. slerbal says:

    Door Kickers is good fun (quite tough!) and has great potential. I’ve played a couple of hours so far and have really enjoyed it. I picked it up after Tim Stone’s first mention and it was already a lot of fun. I’ve downloaded the new beta and can’t wait to try it out.

    If you like SWAT4, Arma, Rainbow Six, XCOM then Door Kickers is worth checking out.

  5. harvb says:

    Been playing this for a few weeks now and have to say it’s pretty addictive and well worth a punt. I, however, suck at it.

  6. skyturnedred says:

    Looks like a game built entirely around Rainbow Six’s planning phase, which is what I’ve wanted for the longest time. Or perhaps real-time Frozen Synapse. I must have it.

  7. Sinomatic says:

    This looks rather interesting, and nudges at that part of me that really started to enjoy Frozen Synapse (despite my rubbish-ness at strategy style games).

  8. misterT0AST says:

    Frozen Line: Miami.
    Or Hot Synapse.

    • slerbal says:

      ‘Hot Synapse’ sounds pretty good. ‘Frozen Line: Miami’ wouldn’t work – they just don’t have appropriate clothing for winter wear there :D

    • belgand says:

      Oh yeah baby, work that potassium pump for me. What do you mean you’re still in your refractory period!?!

  9. Cinek says:

    SWAT 2 in top-down view?
    SIGN ME UP! :D

  10. Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

    So it’s the harrowing tale of a part-time bus driver who makes ends meet by moonlighting as a SWAT member?

  11. Gap Gen says:

    I thought it was weird when I was in Homebase and a bunch of guys in tactical armour ran up and started beating the shit out of some French windows.

  12. bladedsmoke says:

    Hey RPS hivemind, answer me these questions…. one. Can you disable the bad guys non-lethally (albeit with more difficulty)?

    I don’t know why but I don’t think I’ll buy this if that isn’t an option. This is weird as I don’t usually care about the non-lethal options in games; I guess the idea of an ultra-realistic SWAT strategy where the only way of dealing with criminals is to execute them doesn’t sit right with me.

    • slerbal says:

      As Mr-Link says it is on their todo list and so far they have been pretty diligent about ticking the items off. Though if you are unsure wait for the next release.

      I also look forward to non-lethal options. It always felt like a personal failure when someone died in SWAT4.

  13. onodera says:

    I really wish that in one of the missions you kick the door down and every perp is already dead. You advance, slowly checking each room, and then suddenly a blood-covered guy in a varsity jacket and a rubber cock mask charges at you with a golf club like a terrible, unstoppable god of war.

  14. pertusaria says:

    I’m trying (futilely, so far) not to buy impulsively anything I see that looks cool, so I’m not going to buy this right now, but it looks cool and I’ve voted for it on Greenlight.

    Tim Stone is the reason I own a lot of games I haven’t yet played, as well as a few that I’ve at least messed with (Unity of Command comes to mind). I really like the looks of the bus driver one, but it’s out of my usual price bracket.

  15. Danda says:

    “How can we one-up Hotline: Miami? Well, our game will be slower, but now you give orders to several guys! The good guys! And it will be in HD!”

    It looks really cool.