Coil Up With A Good Game: Teslagrad Footage

Teslagrad is an eye-catching side-scroller. Rain Games’ puzzle platformer that Nathan first spotted in January now has a couple of lengthy, detailed videos of in-game footage. Most impressive, for lack of being able to play the puzzles ourselves at this point, are the animations – take a glance at them.

It’s all about the inexplicable witchcraft of magnetisation. Moving around environments by magnetising objects and characters, such that they get attracted or repelled accordingly. (Wait, this sounds suspiciously like an evening with RPS.

To the footage – first up, an action trailer:

And most recently, what is woollily called a “mood” trailer:

Which all looks rather neat, right? And those core animations are absolutely gorgeous.

It is, of course, trapped in Greenlight quicksand.


  1. Bartack says:

    This looks brilliant. I need this game immediately.

  2. solymer89 says:

    So is Edison the bad guy in this? He throws light-bulbs and the burnt husks of dogs at you for his attacks.

  3. BigKid66 says:

    I’m attracted to the gameplay but repulsed by the title.

  4. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    Watching the second trailer somehow brought home to me how tired I am of sidescrolling platformers (at the moment). That’s not to say it looks bad, but it just looks so.. reminiscent of other sidescrolling platformers, I suppose.

  5. The Random One says:

    It seems to know how to use a narrow but versatile pool of movesets. We’ll have to wait for it to come out of course, but the trailer seems promising.

  6. Muppetizer says:


  7. Nathan_G says:

    Sure, there are a lot of platformers out there. A LOT. But this one is super pretty, and that’s enough to get my attention. Looks like there’s a couple of cool mechanics too.

    Oh, and the music. Love those strings, very nice indeed.