Hammer Time: The Dead Linger’s Barricade Update

That's not a lolly! You'll make yourself sick.
The first victims of the end of the world will be the thumbs of the survivors. The second victims will be the innocent planks of wood, who will suffer from the nails and clumsy hammer thumps of people trying to keep the undead at bay. I’ll make sure I create a monument to the brave thumbs and planks when I get into The Dead Linger, Sandswept Studio’s open-world game of post-apocalyptic survival. I’ll be able to because they’ve just added some interesting freeform barricading to their procedurally-generated world, allowing builders to create anything from shoddy fences, to solid, nearly impenetrable walls.

There’s something very Garry’s Mod about this barricade tech: the planks float in the air in front of the player, who rotates it into position before whacking it in place. It seems quite neat, and has plenty of scope for those with the time and talent to make something so tight that only a zombie atom could squeeze through. Wood is gathered from chopping trees, and there are other barricade materials to find as well. I’d just take some doors and nail them together, creating what might be called a megadoor. Then I’d shut it and lock it. Don’t worry: the zombies won’t be able to hear my giggling because the megadoor is thick enough to deaden the sound. I’m not a monster.

It’s clearly a game that’s going to build up the systems before taking on the other challenges they face. The zombies are all one model, and the animation makes my eyes twitch. But I’d quite like to try it out. Anyone been playing it?

Oh, yada yada Greenlight yada.


  1. Ergates_Antius says:

    The Dead Clinker-built.

  2. ZHsquad says:

    Hmmmm, I do like survival games. But the $20 alphabuy for something that may or may not live up to its name….not so sure.

  3. kevmscotland says:

    I know alpha means the games far from complete, with key features missing.
    But, what you do see is artwork etc slowly get added and polished up to a beta standard, but I’m yet to see anything here that looks even remotely professional in quality.
    Animations are bare bones, models are bare bones, the world and engine itself feels particularly lacking in anything.

    Sure, it may well all come together, but this still feels like something people could throw together in a week using unity, or another engine/mod.

    I do hope it pans out however and wish them luck.

    • analydilatedcorporatestyle says:

      It looks REALLY interesting (not bothered about the graphics too much TBH) but splashing 20Bucks for an alleged ‘early Alpha’, mmmmmm!

      Where did the bad batch of black T’s come from? is this explained?

    • Exuro says:

      One thing you have to take into account when saying something like “this still feels like something people could throw together in a week using unity, or another engine/mod” is that it’s being procedurally generated. Sure, you could put those models into a world really quickly and easily, but when you’re trying to write code to make it generate procedurally it’s entirely different. The game has only actually been in full development for less than a year, and that time has been spent constructing an infrastructure (as well as writing an engine from scratch).

      It’s unfair to judge it based on other games, since other games have not attempted to build something so substantial from the ground up. Of course you have no reason to believe that they will deliver upon their promises, but they have a community of tens of thousands of people that have already purchased the game all of whom are enjoying being along for the ride. I’ve owned it since it was first released and this current update is the first that I’ve been able to play and enjoy, but up until now I’ve been following it closely and have been amazed at their progress.

      You can easily say “But, what you do see is artwork etc slowly get added and polished up to a beta standard, but I’m yet to see anything here that looks even remotely professional in quality.” but it’s not reasonable to do so without researching what you’re talking about. This is very early alpha. They are more concerned with gameplay and playability than graphics at this time, but that doesn’t mean they are deluding themselves about the visuals. They’ve said as much themselves. They will start polishing things to a beta standard when they are approaching beta, but at this point, this early in Alpha, there are more pressing things to be concerned with.

      Anyway, do some research on the game, it’s a bit more complex than it first appears, and is certainly more fun that the videos make it appear.

  4. Ovno says:

    Looks very interesting…

    But I’ll be waiting for some serious polishing before I throw money at it…

    • CrispinFister says:

      In what way does it look interesting, exactly?

      Oh, right. Because zombies.

      • tobecooper says:

        They may not have any personality, but they have all the braains.

      • analydilatedcorporatestyle says:

        If you need someone to give pointers as to why this looks interesting………………..

      • guygodbois00 says:

        Looks a bit choppy to me.

      • Rindan says:

        It looks interesting because it looks like open world survival with construction elements. No one has managed to do it well yet in anything that is vaguely a decent FPS engine. I really, desperately, want an open world survival game that is well built. Zombies, aliens, whatever-the-fuck, just make it open world and about survival. Bonus points if it is multiplayer.

        These guys seem to have the right idea. They are building what I want. They already have a lot of elements of what I want. I see the vision, I now want to see the execution. I would classify it as “interesting” for starting to tread down the path I want. I will piss myself with joy if I see signs of a real game emerging from what is still very much early alpha.

  5. Conehead The Barbarian says:

    I’ve been following this game for about quite a while now (maybe seven months), it’s made considerable progress since then. Still not bought it yet though, if it gets greenlit then that will definatly change.

    Also link to sandswept.net
    Thats pretty much all the screenshots posted by the devs going right back to a year ago, well worth a look.

    • Soldancer says:

      Yeah, there’s something about this game that’s made me pay more attention to it than other open-world zombie games, and really any zombie games in general (ok, before I’d heard of OZombies). I hope everything works out for the team, it seems really neat.

  6. tk421242 says:

    The video of boarding up the windows was nice to see but what really was cool was the clip of taking the same 2x4s and using them as posts. The mention of taking your zombie fortress off the ground leads me to think that you can build an elevated structure via this method.. which is kind of cool.

    As for the graphics and the animations.. yeah they look pretty bad but I would much rather see systems and mechanics worked on in the alpha then things like art assets. Day Z has some pretty bad art but seemed to be pretty popular since people were playing it for the mechanics.

    Also for those that care I did just read a post in their News and Announcements section of the forums that they have received their Oculus Rift and are planning on integrating it with the game.

  7. Wret says:

    I’ve been playing. Still has stability issues though which hampers my enthusiasm abit. However the LARGE and MYTHICAL engine update/upgrade/”change of some sort” that is coming will apparently fix everything. I have no idea if that means they’re switching from Ogre3D or adding/replacing some of the libraries they use with it.

  8. gogozombie says:

    I bought and have been playing this game. It has a long way to go, but it has also come a long way. I wish the updates were a little more frequent. You can feel what this game has the potential to become when you play it. It was totally worth the 20$. Despite missing mechanics, some friends and I have managed to have some real fun times playing MP.

  9. shrk says:


  10. Chaz says:

    Zombezi, zombezi, zombezi, zom.

  11. skifierce32 says:

    This game looks great I was looking through YouTube videos on The Dead Linger and already found an awesome Machinima on the game it’s pretty funny and make the game look really fun. link to youtube.com this makes me think this game will have a lot of potential in the future especially with their awesome fans I can’t wait to see what else people will make for this game. side note I am definitely getting it, it looks like it will have a good future! Don’t forget to go to the website: link to thedeadlinger.com

  12. bongosabbath says:

    “WE LOVE TRAINS BECAUSE TRAINS ARE AWESOME.” – link to thedeadlinger.com
    They’ve gotten my approval.