Shooting The Moon: Lunar Flight Adds Multiplayer

It’s no secret that I enjoy drifting around the moon in a tiny lander module. You’ll rarely find me doing anything of scientific importance as I crunch into craters and rotate wildly and out of control – I’m there for the (lack of) atmosphere and the gentle calm of being so very alone in the dark. The spiffy Lunar Flight is no longer content with its cargo carrying and data discovery missions, however, as a multiplayer mode is currently in beta. It has rockets and violence. Lunacy.

Lunar Flight has been a soothing presence in my life, despite my repeated revolutionary death spirals, but I wouldn’t object to lobbing the occasional missile in the direction of an adversary. The flight engine is well suited to the careful, tactical approach and the frantic desperate dodge alike. Both will end with modules gently kissing the moon’s surface. The moon will respond by exploding them.

The beta is currently available to play on Steam. Instructions here.


  1. BobbyDylan says:

    I’ve never tried this. I have enough toruble landing a lander on the mun in KSP.

  2. Jekhar says:

    Mmmmh, anyone else thinking of Lander (Psygnosis)? A whole lot of stuff would have to be added for a total conversion, but one can dream, right? Still, a nice excuse to revisit Lunar Flight.

    • MadMatty says:

      yup… got Lander in my bookshelf…. but gameplay didnt fetch me that much… im using the .wav sound samples on the disc to make techno music tho :)
      I like Psygnosis´ design and artwork a whole lot, but theres no denying they put out a lot of so-so titles over the years also

      • Jekhar says:

        Yeah, they’ve been that way since their amiga days. But something about lander really got me, it was just the right mix of sim and arcade for the game.

  3. Chaz says:

    Why does the inclusion of multiplayer almost always boil down to shooting other folks?

    Surely this game would have been ripe for some sort of co-op community based stuff. I don’t know, like having folks work together to ferry stuff out and build new bases or even just competitive delivery runs or something. But death match, really?

    • Henke says:

      Quite frankly deathmatch does sound better than those alternatives. There are already time trials where you can compare your score against other players, and I can’t imagine those working better by having many “racers” on the “track” at once. Same with simple delivery missions, in the end you’d end up basically playing by yourself even if there’s other players around.

      Deathmatch on the other hand is something fresh for Lunar Lander. Flying the lander on it’s own is challenge enough, but trying to target other landers and avoiding their missiles at once adds a whole new challenge.

      Shame there doesn’t seem to be anyone playing the multiplayer (yet) tho. :|

      • AaronLee says:

        I could see a synthesis of this. Give players the ability to work toward group goals, like delivering cargo from a central base to build up new locations on the map. Players could form groups to fight for control of the bases to gain better missions or cheaper prices on goods. Best times for a given mission can be kept locally to the server, with people who beat the average getting a bonus and people breakign the record getting yet another.

    • sh0v0r says:

      I agree, that would be awesome, this update was developed by just one person… me… so I had to pick my battles so to speak on what I would add. There is an alternative MP mode where everyone races to score the highest amount of XP while doing missions within a time limit. Each map only has 4 bases so it creates some conflict over usages of the base to complete missions.

      I would really like to expand the game more, it’s really depends on how successful it is from here on, I am adding Oculus rift support next which will include a VR cockpit. I’ll be demoing it at PAX AU in July.

      • AaronLee says:

        Are you serious!?

        Okay, whew, lemmie tackle these in order…

        First off, more power to you from another solo dev. Nicely done!

        Second; I will DEFINITELY be getting an occulus now. I honestly never found myself outside of the forward, cockpitless UI ingame. The cockpit was info-overload, quadscreen was tricky but necessary. Having the ability to look around instead of having to use a splitscreen would be absolutely wonderful!

        Hopefully someday we’ll have some user content creation tools. I lvoe hard-sci-fi and would love to start trying to make some uniquely attributed, believable craft for this game.

      • MadMatty says:

        Cool game! In the fixes category id love to see this problem being solved: since the Landing craft is almost completely symmetrical, i was having a hard time telling if the trusters would push me left or right many times…. i use third person view from oputside…. just something to tell you which side is currently facing where, like a blue or green light at either side…… but that could get me in trouble with afficionados, since its not the original lander anymore.. any form of HUD assistance would be helpfull

    • MadMatty says:

      theres the free on Steam 4 player co-op fix the moonbase thing?

  4. The_Great_Skratsby says:

    It’s the prequel to Battlezone that I’ve always dreamed of.


  5. DatonKallandor says:

    I think I saw one of the missiles lock on to the Sun when it was searching for heatsources. If they’ve really modelled that the Devs are awesome.

  6. Geewhizbatman says:

    Huh–I found the violence in that video much more unsettling than expected. Between the immersive UI to the desolation of the moon to the pathetic death rolls of the unadorned crafts it left me feeling much more sad than I thought it would. It’s probably due to not actually seeing any sort of human mutilation. It could all take place, Hitchcock style, in my mind. A poor space-worker, trying desperately to feed his exiled family, pulled into the death-games of the moon superpowers and then shot down, and living out his last few moments in the true isolation of space with only his cramped, rickety tin-can for comfort. Le sigh indeed.

    Not that I would experience any of that by playing as my story would be bumbling, functionally brain damaged space invalid sent to the moon for the amusement of his A.I. overlords as he spent an eternity crashing into the ground–but still. Makes me wish more games took the opportunity to leave more to a user’s imagination than an explosion of gore or jump-scare tactics as this video showed it works as well in games as it does in films, for me at least.

  7. jonfitt says:

    GAh! Those missiles have fins front and back and only one engine at the back…
    Presumably the fins contain reserves of air that they squirt out to make the frickin fins work!

    If you’re going to include space weapons at least spend 10 minutes thinking about what makes contextual sense.

    • sh0v0r says:

      The fins are ‘rail guides’ and the missile contains a sophisticated gyro to steer its rotational inertia… :P

    • AaronLee says:


      At least Macross/Robotoech TRIED. Their missiles were basically little sodacan shaped things with a quartet of attitude thrusters around the front and a single drive engine.

      Whenever I design missile weapons for space in my games, that’s more or less how they look.

      • MadMatty says:

        +1 Also i heard the Lander is totally unprepared to land on Mars, there was a Mars map added as a bonus later, so no major complaint. free is good

  8. jonahcutter says:

    But why must you shoot your moon neighbors?

    I enjoy context.

  9. sh0v0r says:

    The Update is now out of Beta and officially released on Steam for PC&Mac.

    Here is the release trailer: link to

    Not sure why the video in the article has a squashed aspect ratio, I even tried to fix it with the stretch tags on youtube but they don’t seem to work.