Will You Dig The War For The Overworld Trailer?

You know the bit in action movies where Manly Heroman chases Singular Badman around a corner and there’s a pause in the action? Everyone is sad because the movie has stopped, but then Heroman comes running and is being chased by Multiple Badmans and we’re all happy to see more action? Well, that’s kind of what’s happening with Kickstarter. Except Heroman is a Kickstarter backer, and the baddies are the games he’s waiting for. Right now we’re still chasing after the games, but it feels like the corner’s been turned. Hmm, that would mean there was only one released Kickstarter game, and there’s been a few now. Abandon analogy, people! I’m sorry for dragging you into this sticky, illogical web of nonsense. What I wanted to say was the Kickstarted Dungeon Keeper-ish game War For The Overworld is now in beta, with a trailer below to show off what you’ll get if you’re interested in buying it post-Kickstarter. Let us never mention Analogygate ever again.

But let’s all remember Dungeon Keeper, and how there’s never really been an adequate follow-up to Petey Molly’s dungeon-running game. That nostalgic wibblyness is what War For The Overworld is aiming at. It even has the original’s booming voice-over artist, Richard Ridings, talking shop. If you didn’t get involve in the Kickstarter, the game’s first beta, Bedrock, is now available via Steam’s Early Access. So says this trailer, at any rate.

Anyone in? Shall I ask Alec to take it for a spin?


  1. Yosharian says:

    I have access to this beta, being a backer of the KS, but I’m gonna wait for the full product, not really interested in playing it before it’s finished.

    Having said that I did watch the stream they did on launch day, and the game is looking pretty nice so far, insofar as it is a game at the moment.

    • Koshinator says:

      There’s no actual spoilage to be had.. It’s really just a few base mechanics at the moment. But what is there is definitely bringing back those DK memories – looking good so far (except that cursor)

  2. darkChozo says:

    A word of semi-warning; the beta is rather barebones right now, so don’t go buying this thinking you’re getting an almost-complete game. It’s more alpha than beta, really.

    That being said, the game looks rather promising thus far. I’m interested in seeing what the finished product will play like.

  3. Jesus_Phish says:

    I’ve also played the beta through being a backer of the KS and I echo darkChozo by saying that the beta is extremely barebones right now. I wouldn’t go rushing over to the Steam page to absolutely buy right away, but if you think this’ll float your boat, keep an eye on it.

  4. Geewhizbatman says:

    This is where I get nervous about the desire to relive the past. Dungeon Keeper was awesome but I only found it after playing Dungeon Keeper II during my awkward larval stages and so DK2 is my real frame of reference for these sorts of games. And this looks—like a clone and a proud one at that. Which I get is what they’re going for but was never enough of a selling point for me, especially since things like GOG have made it so easy to experience the actual nostalgia and graphics were never the focus for me.

    So, what’s keeping me from jumping in and backing, or even considering picking it up when it comes out, is a lack of focus on what sets this apart from DK2 other than graphic/UI upgrades. Maybe I’m just not delving hard enough, but from what they seem to have made readily available information the biggest change would be something like rituals that sound like map wide spells. Which does sound nifty on a tactical level but I’m not sure it’s enough to push it into something more than DK2. Or the “veins of evil,” customize what’s available to you option. Which again, only sounds good if they tell me what’s new from DK2. If it turns out to be a “Customize from all the things ultimately available to you in DK2,” then it will feel like I’m hampered rather than customized. Different isn’t always better but, I want to know why I should view this as not just DK2 with a different IP—Impire, while deeply flawed, was at least trying a number of different things that meant I didn’t regret the time I spent with it.

    Which leaves the story line as its only real draw for me. If it’s basically going to be DK2 but with a new campaign—then I’d like to hear a bit more about said campaign other than “there’s gunna be peeps standing in your way and you ain’t gunna talk nice to ’em.” Evil Genius as another evil base management sim did lots of things poorly but tried to do new things and in a totally different setting that didn’t make me feel like I was just playing a reskin of the same thing.

    So, to reiterate, for me I would need to hear much, much more about what they are doing with the genre before I stepped on board. If it’s all about moar DK2 then I’d like to know why I should play this DK2 over the one that exists. If it’s really just the campaign then it would be great to see what that actually means for this game before being asked to support it.

    • antoniodamala says:

      Exactly what i feel with most these retro guys. :/

      The sad thing is that i love the dungeon keeper genre, i played only the first one and it felt so fresh and interesting, and there were lots of mechanics that could be invented to make it different, but they didn’t.

      Videogames are disappointing me this week. :,(

    • Simburgur says:

      Hey there, WFTO dev here.

      Check out some of the WFTO Wednesday posts over on our website, they should give you some insight into some of the design decisions we are making.

      Let me know if you have any questions!

  5. MuscleHorse says:

    This isn’t a beta in any sense – it’s a pre-alpha. It’s barely playable yet. I realise that this is a pitfall of pre-release access but it would be nice if developers would drop the current incorrect usage of the word ‘beta’.

    • Wonderboy2402 says:

      You are correct in saying it is currently alpha. There was a thread on the steam community by a dev discussing the confusion made over the bedrock beta access, beta, and alpha… They admit that it did create some issues for people’s current expectations. The bedrock phrase refers to the very first playable builds, unfortunately they attached beta to this… This is not a beta game, it is alpha. The great thing is you can participate in its development by playing the earliest builds and providing feedback. If you don’t understand alpha or beta stages you will be put off.

      Having said that, I been following this project and the developers since it was just a dungeon keeper continuation. Now it is its own thing. With the DK rights unavailable they are going to create a game as close to DK as possible with new updates and mechanics and creatures. I pledged during the kickstarter phase and been active on their forums and Wednesday live streams. These guys hearts are in it, and this will be a great indie game.

  6. Slinkyboy says:

    Why can’t they wait until it’s 100% beta, or at least 75%… I also read the official forums, they says it’s still in Alpha.

  7. Vorphalack says:

    Just from the video they seem to have the art style about right. I wont be buying into it because frankly i’m done with plating unfinished games, but i’ll keep my eye on it.

  8. cpt_freakout says:

    Well well, this looks Impishly fun, but I’m sure they can still carve some room for improvement.

  9. Chris says:

    The price they are asking on Steam is a bit steep for a pre-alpha.

    We know it’s in pre-alpha because they are still adding features, and by definition alpha testing tests a feature complete game.

  10. impeus says:

    What happened to Richard Ridings? I was definitely looking forward to a bit of Daddy Pig narration. I hope that’s still in for the actual release.