A Pair Of Wild(star) Videos Appear

I always felt that World of Warcraft didn’t get me as a player. All I ever wanted to do was wander the world and look at what had been made, but the gated realm that it offered made that tough. Not impossible, though: my first few weeks of WoW were slow-going, because I’d be impatient and run into leveled lands without the appropriate character. Then I’d die, return to my corpse to resurrect, and carry on. It was ridiculous, but I took my low-level character to places she was never meant to see by judging where best to run between higher-level NPCs. My desire for a tourist class in an MMO has yet to be fulfilled, but looking at Wildstar’s latest pair of videos it looks like Carbine has made the best attempt at it so far: Paths are Wildstar’s way of giving you more of the specific content you like, and the pair of videos below has already convinced me to try out as an Explorer.

Paths are different from classes. Classes are a choice of the way you’ll fight, whereas Paths will be about the way you play. There will be four to select from: the Scientist will analyse and diagnose, with missions broadly requiring them to study the world. Settlers will be building houses and expanding bases, and out in they field they can sort out transport. A Soldier’s path will present more opportunity to hit things with other things, though in different ways: maybe it’s an Assassination, or a demolition, or a rescue.

And then there’s the choice that I’ve already decided on: Explorer. They’ll be mapping the world, heading into uncharted territories, hunting artifacts, tracking enemies, claiming the land they find for their factions. First up is a characterful video that explains very little.

And now to mainline some developer chat, where the real information lies within.

Yeah. I’d play that.


  1. Barnox says:

    While Wildstar looks interesting (I’ll give it a go when I can, either beta or release), I’m a bit saddened by the class/race locking. You can’t be a crystal machine-man spellcaster, for example. And of the announced classes, the golem people can only be warriors.
    Crossing my fingers that the last Dominion race is some kind of Mindflayer spell-focused beastie.

    • Snidesworth says:

      I believe that they’re adorable little fluffy things, like Gizmo but with the power of SCIENCE! instead of being able to turn into gribblies.

      • Obc says:

        so furry gnomes/goblins?

        seriously: they’d be a nice fit to the game and will provide the “evil” faction with the necassery “cute” race and we all know some people out there who always go for the cute furry option xD

      • Barnox says:

        That’s a shame. I know they fit into the style of the game (the “good” faction has bunny-girls) but I’m still waiting for a game to have an out-and-out Evil race who are grouped with the rest simply because nobody else would and they are useful.
        WoW’s undead and Blood Elves have sad stories/redeeming features, and the rest of the Horde are all ‘misunderstood monsters’.

        I’ll probably roll a mogwai anyway. Played a gnome for several years.

        • tyren says:

          It sounds like the whole Dominion faction is being deliberately played as straight “evil,” so I’m not quite sure how you could have a singular “evil race allied with for convenience” in that context.

  2. derella says:

    I’m looking forward to this game — it just looks fun!

    Sadly, I didn’t get an invite to the stress test that is happening this weekend.

  3. Jim Rossignol says:

    I think this looks great, and it will come out just at the point where my MMO fatigue will have worn off. Definitely going in for a bit.

    • Flopper says:

      My boner is raging. I’ve had a beta invite since the start of CB2. I didn’t get to play until yesterday because my PC got damaged when shipping to my new address. I got to play for about 4 hours yesterday for the first time until they took the servers offline…

      The combat is FUNNNNN. My only gripe is it plays like Tera Online, only it has the sluggish control scheme of GW2. I don’t like holding right click to aim in action style combat that requires quick reflexes. If they switched to the Tera targeting system it would free up the left and right mouse buttons for attacks instead of manipulating the camera.

      Worst of all there isn’t even really a use for the cursor… I could understand a game like WoW where you have to right click to activate context items like a door or something. But all actions are bound to the F key like GW2. And loot is the V key, i fires off a vacuum and sucks all the loot in the area to you.

      Reallllllly hoping they at least give the option of the action camera like Tera. More options are always good. I feel the old school MMO camera control slows me down.

  4. astronaute says:

    Their telegraph system seems fun, looking forward to test it too :)

  5. Loque says:

    It seems to bring some new stuff to the MMO scene, pluss the overall art direction is quite amazing. I don’t really dig the faces/expressions thoug, it looks like a Pixar/Disney product. But -overall- it looks fun and nice to explore. I hope it will deliver a great experience.

    On a side note, the first video was very VERY well done. It seems you can drag some attention with non-CGI biolinaire movies, sometimes. That’s good.

  6. Flakfizer says:

    My first reaction to this path system is that it will limit how you play, not enhance it. Want to explore today? Shame you went with Scientist. You’ll have to spend time trying to find an Adventurer who wants to take you into ‘their’ content.

  7. voidburn says:

    Gosh I can’t help myself but bask in the glorious animations this game has. This level of quality for a no-mocap work is rarely seen. It’s as if this talent came straight from the best of Blizzard.

    Now call me silly, but I hope this one will have a subscription fee, and NCsoft doesn’t mess things up for Carbine, as they’ve been doing with GW2:

    link to youtube.com

    I’m ready for a new mmo, and this one has first spot in my list for now.

    • jellydonut says:

      what have they messed up in gw2? i want to buy that game, did they ruin it?

      • voidburn says:

        Definitely not ruined, as much as slowed/blocked investment on further development. The video I linked explains.

        • deffcap says:

          Totally speculation in the video. Also some nonsense about using funds from one game to develop others, how does he think new games are made?

      • Psyke says:

        No, I don’t think they ruined it. They may have a role in this, but Arenanet certainly isn’t free from blame.
        GW2 is “flawed” from the ground up. It had the potential to become something great, but instead they opted to cater to casuals and casuals only. Which is fine, don’t get me wrong, just know what you’re getting yourself into.

        Dungeons are dreadfully easy, bosses just have a huge healthpool and not a single interesting mechanic worth mentioning, I blame the lack of holy trinity here. There is also absolutely no point in running them unless you want a certain set which you then can wear while afking in town because there is nothing to do.
        There’s fractal dungeons which are a nice concept, but in the end they’re just a huge grind for literally nothing.

        Structured PvP is boring and repetitive thanks to lack of gamemodes and homogenized classes, WvW is just a huge zergfest.

        GW2 looks, thanks to the art direction, fantastic though. I enjoyed just running around and exploring the map because that was more interesting than the actual game which comes down to “step out of the red circle every once in a while, otherwise stand there for 15 minutes smashing your keys until the boss is dead”.

        I got my money’s worth, I enjoyed it while it lasted. There hasn’t been any real content for months now though and that’s the biggest issue. The living story “expansions” are, again, a nice idea, but they just don’t work. One or two hours and you’re done with everything there is, time to wait another month or so.

  8. Thermal Ions says:

    Ah that article intro brings back WoW memories. I recall running a brand new level 1 character from Stormwind across to Menethil Harbour, taking a boat to Theramore Island, then running over to Feralas to an arena which used to randomly spawn a boss that used to drop decent gear – can’t recall the name of the arena. The character used to level up to somewhere in the 4-6 range from memory simply from the XP gained by discovering new regions. Obviously there’d be a few deaths along the way when you couldn’t outrun all of the agroed mobs. From memory it took about 2 hours all up to get there and make your way into the arena to a spot where you could avoid agro and have a clear view as to whether the boss had spawned.

    From there I simply logged into the character between other activities and if the spawn was up, the guild would converge to take it down. Took less than a minute to check and saved the guild may wasted trips with higher level characters to check the spawn.

    • Captchist says:

      Dire Maul Arena.

      One of my first guild memories was of 5 of us of all different levels trying to take down one of the bosses. Good times.

  9. NyuBomber says:

    Aaaaaargh the wait is killing me. I think I’m gonna be a Scientist.

  10. HisMastersVoice says:

    I find it amusing that whenever there’s a Wildstar video posted, I hope it’s one those adorable in-setting shorts rather than anything else. Then again, I don’t do MMOs.

  11. Winged Nazgul says:

    I haven’t been this hyped to play a MMO since the bad old days of Warhammer Online. Hope NCSoft doesn’t screw this one up. If I understand correctly, the paths correspond to the Bartle subtypes (Soldier=Killer, Scientist=Achiever,Explorer=Explorer, Settler=Socializer). As an avowed Achiever, I’m interested in how this path is going to cater to the likes of me.

  12. Koozer says:

    The best part of WoW was seeing how far I could get in zones far higher level than me. Fun times.

  13. ShinRyuuken says:

    Their videos (and look of the game for that matter) give it a real Ratchet and Clank feel, and then completely nailed it with Agent Voxine.
    I want a beta invite so bad.

  14. analydilatedcorporatestyle says:

    Garrus has let himself go to the Dark Side it appears from that photo!

  15. Arglebargle says:

    WoW didn’t have enough charm in it to occupy me for a week. It felt like a bad D&D gamemaster’s campaign. I don’t know how you guys managed it.

    Wildstart looks interesting though, and their humor seems to fit better too. Still got parts that are a little too nailed down for me. Oh well.

  16. Danarchist says:

    Just got my invite to the stress test yesterday after having forgotten I’d applied to beta. Very tempted to “have a migraine” at work tomorrow and go home early…

  17. Tei says:

    I want to explore these paths, now! :D

  18. lordfrikk says:

    For a few seconds I thought I’m looking at a screenshot from World of Warcraft, those two look a tad similar to WoW’s trolls.

    • Bo Steed says:

      I had that exact same thought. That background even looks more than a little like Orgrimmar.