Enter Their Safe Arms: Sanctum 2 Demo

Very soon I will have finished the first ever Virtual Novel RTS game. This follows hot on the heels of my first ever top-down football manager (you can see the very thin lines of the top edges of the graphs), and the first ever basketball third-person shooter. I WILL CORNER ALL MARKETS! Unfortunately, beating me to the first ever FPS tower defence game (or so they claim – there was bound to be one on Amiga that was only released in Poland), was Sanctum, and now there’s a Sanctum 2. A game that Jim described as “decent”. But Jim was given a copy to review, in his usually corrupt fashion. You, as just some ghastly member of the ordinary public, will have to pay £12. So that’s why I’ve just invented the concept of the “demo”.

It’s available via their Steam page, and will up 2GB of your hard drive.

Have a launch trailer:


  1. Benny says:

    This ‘Demo’ malarkey sounds like an awful lot of effort. Can’t we just buy based on faith, pre-order bonuses and a shiny CGI trailer?

    • waaaaaaaals says:

      I have to admit that these preorder bonuses and a trailer that has nothing of the actual gameplay in it sounds like a much better than letting people play even a small section of your game without even paying for it.

      These “demos” sound an awful lot like mind piracy to me, I mean what if they form their own opinions? They could even decide to not buy the game!

      I propose DRM for brains and that these “demos” be made illegal, it’s for the good of the industry!

  2. Tei says:

    I have heard this game has ben simcity5-fied. It only allows 10 turrets ( 15 after a lot of forum rage ).

  3. abandonhope says:

    Well, after playing the two maps in the demo I still think I’m going to pass for now. It was hard to get a good sense for the game as I was limited to one tower slot and the mazes came partially pre-built, but nothing really felt right.