There’s Now Moreta Omerta

Somewhere out there is an Omerta: City of Gangsters fan. He’s furiously whacking his F5 key with the butt of his Tommy gun, hoping that his favourite and only source for Omerta news, Craig “The Craig” Pearson, will fearlessly risk breaking the code and write something about it. Stop putting a beating on it, Jeff. Put the gun down and come out with your hands up… in triumph!

Omerta has just updated with a horse’s-head sized whack of free content. There’s Mafia* dollar there, and make no mistake. Can you refuse it?

If you answered out loud, remember that no-one likes a wiseguy. The patch adds new opposing gangs to challenge the expansion of the player, new sandbox maps with attendant troubles (though Adam would’ve preferred a story-based additions, as the looser sandbox wasn’t as interesting), and new multiplayer maps, along with the usual technical stitch-ups from the resident mob-friendly doctor.

Adam sort of enjoyed the basic tactical lightness of the game, though there was a fair amount wrong with it, too. It’s not quite the Gangsters continuation everyone had hoped for. But if you found it cheap, and it contained some delight for you, then there’s now more of it, and it won’t Cosa you a thing.

*More for your


  1. Bhazor says:

    Speaking of Omerta DLC. It’s worth seeing how GoG users responded to the paid DLC.
    link to

    Does my heart good to see DLC getting smacked down somewhere. Feels like the last stronghold. I have to imagine this is what inspired the free DLC.

    • Gnoupi says:

      Not sure what is “worth seeing” there. You can find countless places of people complaining about any kind of DLC, all the time. I recommend the Magicka forums, for example.

      Because someone wanting to get paid for providing extra content is something to burn down, apparently. (Speaking in general, I have no idea about Omerta in particular)

      • Sparkasaurusmex says:

        It’s one thing if there’s enough in the base game, but Omerta always felt like there was something missing. Perhaps this new content will help.

  2. benjaminos says:

    God, that first paragraph is borderline incomprehensible.

    • Funso Banjo says:

      I am guessing you are not a native English speaker. It is a perfectly readable paragraph.

    • Monkeyshines says:

      That is a perfectly cromulent paragraph.

  3. Gap Gen says:

    I assume in this game if someone crosses you, you have tOmerta them?

  4. SominiTheCommenter says:

    Asterisk without a corresponding reference? Madness!
    Craig should be wearing concrete shoes for that. Sleep with the fishes.

  5. fdisk says:

    I enjoyed the demo; I didn’t $40 enjoy it though; I’ll pick this up when it’s discounted on Steam to 75% $10-$15 because I didn’t think it was worth even the $20 it was recently at 50% off.

  6. Ergates_Antius says:

    Why does the pope have a big eye on his head, and why are the mafia shooting at him?

    • Unrein says:

      That’s actually a member of the KKK, but you know, same difference.

  7. Zarunil says:

    “Can you refuse it?”

    Yes, I most assuredly can.