Wake Sale: Alan Wake Now Humbled And Bundled

Do you have between one and infinity dollars? Are you waiting for Alan Wake to be ‘bundled’ up with the expansion and extra materials, where the costs are distributed between the developers and charity? Those are some very specific conditions you have there. Gaming welcomes you, but if that’s your criteria for every game then you might want to relax it a bit. Just buy games in sales and give money to charity, okay? This week’s Humble Bundle sale presents Alan Wake, Remedy’s love letter to Stephen King novels and lovely naps. But it’s more of a nap that a baby has, where it wakes up screaming and smelling of poo, because the bundle also marks the end of Remedy’s work on an Alan Wake sequel.

The bundle contains both the game and its expansion, along with a pile of additional material. There are gigabytes of movies, from the first demos of the game from 2005, to an entire playthrough of the game.

A part of me hopes it’s Remedy’s way of gauging interest in their sleepy writer (I am also one of those), but they’ve already moved onto making Quantum Break exclusively for the Xbone. I’d like to snarkily point out how well that worked for them the last time, but instead I’ll just show the video of Sam Lake, Remedy’s scriptwriter and face of Max Payne, to explain how they’ve been unable to continue to bring the Payne Wake.

He does seem really sad, and now I want to give him a hug.


  1. phenom_x8 says:

    Why there’s no news about Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition for PC on RPS??
    Because I’m very excited with that, guys! Another fighting game that is for PC, I hope Tekken and Soul Calibur would follow this steps, bored with SF very much.

  2. dE says:

    Alan Wake was the first game that had me go “You know, I really wouldn’t mind a skip combat button…”. Atmosphere is superb, Story is interesting enough for my tastes, but boy, does the combat get tedious real fast.
    Also another word of advice, if the ending seems half-assed and unfinished, without closure. Do click DLC and play the final episodes. For some reason the game ends before it is finished and puts the rest into DLC portions. Which are present and included on PC, just not tied into normal level progression.

    • Low Life says:

      American Nightmare was a big improvement in the combat department, with more weapons and enemy variety. Alan Wake was good, but I found American Nightmare quite excellent.

    • 65 says:

      The main game also suffers from that weird dissonance, where the narrative is constantly urging you to hurry onwards but if you want to know more about the story, you have to go off into the woods and look for collectibles, i.e. pages of your manuscript which fill in the gaps.
      That just never made sense to me.

    • bwion says:

      I do need to go back and play the DLC and the expansion sometime, it’s true.

      And yeah, I agree, for the most part during the combat sections, I found myself just wanting the game to get on with things so I could get back to the story. This was especially true early on. Though I did like the fighting sections better than the occasional “now the game will throw heavy objects at you” sections.

      Also, the game does have what is probably my favorite set piece fighting sequence in all of gaming.

    • Xocrates says:

      I thought the ending (without the DLCs) was pretty great. It fit with the atmosphere of the game pretty well, and the only loose end was one I would expect in this kind of story, not sure what you’re complaining about.

      • dE says:

        1) Internet Toughie, listen: I’m not complaining. I’m mentioning it’s not the actual ending. Not every sentence on the internet that doesn’t agree with you equals to complaining.
        2) You must have missed the Shitstorm when the console version came to that ending point – where the DLC wasn’t included and took a while to come out.

        • Xocrates says:

          1) not trying to be a “toughie”, I was genuinely confused.

          2) Indeed I missed any brouhaha regarding the ending when the console version came out, in fact I don’t recall people discussing the ending at all. The only discussion I remember from that time was arguing whether the game was any good or not since it was a very divisive game.

      • Vandelay says:

        I thought the ending was pretty great too. Felt rather in keeping with the whole Twin Peaks vibe that was throughout the game.

        The gameplay of the DLCs definitely added some interesting twists and I recommend people try them if they haven’t. Still yet to play second or American Nightmare though.

    • Beelzebud says:

      I agree with this sentiment. In fact, Alan Wake is the only game in memory where I used a trainer to just godmode through most of the combat once the tedium of it set in. The atmosphere was amazing, but man that combat really sucked. I found myself just wanting to watch it like a TV Show.

  3. CaspianRoach says:

    All this video I was waiting for him to make ‘the face’. And he didn’t. Now I’m doubly sad.

    • Fullforce says:

      Don’t worry, there’s always this.

    • analydilatedcorporatestyle says:

      Course he’s constipated, it’s a side effect of opiates and he’s already rifled all the medicine cabinets for those little white containers both in the gents and the ladies!!

  4. MrPo0py says:

    That guy is a bit creepy. But Alan Wake for cheaps makes up for it.

    • Astartes says:

      That’s Max Payne’s face you know.

      • djbriandamage says:

        He’s also the words that come out of the face, since he’s Sam Lake, Remedy’s lead writer. WORDFACE

  5. Nim says:

    Off the top of my head I remember Remedy saying that the PC port of Alan Wake became profitable within a day of it being released. Alan Wake was also Xbox360 exclusive for a long time but still ended up on the PC. Additionally the similarities between the PS4 and the PC architecture is going to make porting it even more appealing. I think we will be seeing another timed exclusive which will get ported as soon as the contract allows.

    • djbriandamage says:

      I think you’re right. What I infer from Lake’s statement is that Microsoft gives them a bunch of money in advance if they agree to release an exclusive (for 2 years, perhaps). That’s what Remedy needs in order to stay alive. I’m okay with that. I’d forgotten about Remedy until Alan Wake came out for PC, and I loved that game so very much that their next game is worth the wait.

      • Urthman says:

        I wouldn’t mind that so much if they’d just admit that Microsoft gave them a big bag of money for an exclusive instead of trying to give us that insulting, “We’re not making a PC version because we think this game is better on a couch” crap. As it is, I’m enjoying the sight of these bozos all sad faced with their hats in their hands begging PC gamers to give them more than a penny for their mediocre game.

        • Iamerror says:

          Remedy didn’t state the whole “better on a couch” argument….Microsoft did.

  6. Harlander says:

    Anyone else think “Alan Wake Humbled & Bundled” sounds like some kind of slightly dubious fanfic?

  7. RedViv says:


  8. Jimbo says:

    Sure, I’ll buy that for a dollar.

  9. Tom Walker says:



    Also, I just bought that for a dollar.

  10. Liudeius says:

    I always hate how the Humble Bundle stuff is termed “Charity.”

    EFF is a lobbyist, I don’t know about their individual practices, but lobbyists are certainly not organizations you should support.

    Child’s Play gives video games to hospitals. Should I give $1,000,000 to kids not being bored (for a week), or $1,000,000 to kids not being dead (pretty much any other charity).

    And then the “Humble Tip” is 15%, almost 6 million over the three years since the bundle began if people don’t change it, so I drag that to zero and give 100% to the developer.

    • DonDrapersAcidTrip says:

      Yeah child’s play is awful and exists just for nerds to feel good about their hobby, why isn’t like doctors without borders or something a choice.

      • Crimsoneer says:

        I think you’re really underestimating how much good that can do. A friend of mine was in hospital undergoing chemo when we were 12-14 ish, and I never saw him as happy as when his parents shelled out on his dreamcast.

        • Liudeius says:

          Ok, but once again, all you are doing is making kids not bored for a few days.
          You should be giving to a charity that makes them not DEAD for a few days.

          • Sheng-ji says:

            Who do you think you are you arrogant pig, telling people which charity they should and should not support.

          • Liudeius says:

            The irony of that statement…

            I didn’t tell people not to use their money on what they want, I said Child’s Play is a crap charity, and it is.

          • Sheng-ji says:

            Can you not read:

            I quote from you “You should be giving to a charity that …”

            Like I said, you are an arrogant pig. Feel free to give to whatever charity you feel is important but fuck off telling other people that their chosen charity is less worthy.

            Also, go learn the meaning of words before you use them. Irony doesn’t mean what you think it means.

          • Liudeius says:

            It’s not ironic that you are being a vulgar, cruel person while simultaneously “supporting” charity (supposedly the opposite of vulgar and cruel)?

            Ok, you’re right, I am telling people they should not give to certain charities, but that’s not infringing upon your rights.
            You also shouldn’t give to the American Heart Association who wastes about $0.45 of every dollar donated on fundraising and salaries.
            I’m not saying you can’t give to charities, I’m saying you shouldn’t.

            There is only a limited amount of money that goes to charity each year, and I am suggesting that people use their charity money intelligently to have the most beneficial impact on the world.
            I truly am an arrogant pig.

      • Bhazor says:

        Sadly, Penny Arcade did come up with it just as a pathetically transparent attempt to counter all the negative publicity from the “Jack Thompson vs GTA” thing. It was embraced by the industry because instead of actually changing anything they can just go “Hey look! Pictures of sick kids smiling! Forget about how we market hyper violence to children, look at all these sick kids! Do you hate sick kids? Do you want them to suffer? No? Then support our charity! Look at how much good these games are doing!!! We are doing a public service when you think about it.”


    • Kaira- says:

      Yes, I definetly shouldn’t support an organization that drives freedom of the web and consumer rights and all that whazoo. Pthuuey.

      • Liudeius says:

        Great job they are doing at that. Didn’t they even support SOPA initially until everyone else started pointing out that SOPA was awful? (I may be confusing them with another acronym starting with E.)

        And sure, it’s not like they and Child’s Play are AWFUL, but if I’m going to be giving to charity, I want my money to go to CHARITY, not “charity.”
        Something which actually helps people in need, not some first world problems trash.

      • Bhazor says:

        First world problems are the most important type.

    • Sinky says:

      Yes, why bother trying to improve the lives of children in a shitty situation.

      • Liudeius says:

        Because they got the life saving treatment they needed, a couple days of boredom while they recover isn’t a big deal.

        Meanwhile there are thousands of other people dying because they couldn’t get what they needed.

        Should I A) Spend $300 so some kids can have some fun.
        or should I B) Spend $300 on improving infrastructure in a country where you currently die if you get sick.

        • Morangie says:

          I known right? Kids dying of cancer in the west should just suck it up. There are kids dying of TB in Africa!

          • Liudeius says:

            Why does no one understand the concept of saving the lives? TRIAGE goddamnit.
            The kids with cancer are already dead (and the millions of dollars going to Child’s Play aren’t just for kids with cancer, much of it is for kids who will live, you’re being sensationalist.)
            The kids with TB can be saved if you people wouldn’t give $4,000,000 to first world problems.

            By the way, I’m starting the Feed Me Seymore charity, it pays for me to eat caviar and foie gras every day.

        • Kurina says:

          You do realize that not all children in a hospital have received that life saving treatment they needed, and many are stuck there with a terminal illness that can cause them to become quite depressed and lonely don’t you? Video games often help minimize this by cheering them up and helping them get their mind focused on something else. This has nothing to do with curing “boredom.” It helps allow children to go on crazy adventures while in real life, they are stuck indoors and tethered to machines in a place that is often considered quite scary. I’ve spent nearly 30 years around the Texas Medical Center, including visits to the Texas Children’s Hospital, and believe me, some of these children could use all the cheering up they can get.

          • Liudeius says:

            I don’t deny that in the kid’s position it’s very nice, but assuming base settings, Child’s Play has received 4 million dollars from Humble Bundle alone.
            Think about how many lives you could SAVE with that money, rather than just make not bored.
            (and seriously, if you’re a parent with a kid who has a terminal illness, and you won’t buy them any toys to keep them busy, you are an asshole.)

        • Bonedwarf says:

          I was in hospital with a very serious illness in 2010, and as I lay on a bed outside whatever procedure room I was being shuttled into that day (usually involving having a needle injected into my bile duct), I’d see kids, the same kids, no older than 5 or 6, in far shittier situations than I was.

          What I went through was utterly horrific and miserable. To see kids going through the same thing was utterly heartbreaking and frankly, I will give as much money as I can to Childs Play even if it only makes one kids time in hospital just a little more bearable as it’s the least I can do having seen so much suffering.

          Don’t generally wish ill on people, but I hope you wind up with a serious illness so you can see for yourself first hand and gain some fucking empathy.

          • Liudeius says:

            Not only are you ignorant, but a grade A asshole.
            Great, so you felt a bit better, with the money it cost to make you feel a bit better, a real charity could have made at least one person not DEAD.

          • Sheng-ji says:

            Liudeuis or however the fuck you spell your name, how’s that house you live in… all that rent/mortgage you pay just so you can be dry when it rains and warm when it is cold out… how many lives could you be saving every month you selfish asshole if you diverted your rent to charity.

          • Lanfranc says:

            I personally am sure that Liudeius long ago not just stopped paying for an internet connection and buying new games, but in fact sold his computer and all his old video games, just so that he could give all that money to homeless people instead.

            I’m not sure how he gets on RPS without a computer or internet, though. Maybe he’s telepathic.

          • Liudeius says:

            “Don’t generally wish ill on people, but I hope you wind up with a serious illness so you can see for yourself first hand and gain some fucking empathy.”
            This is the comment to which I was replying.

            I’m not saying give all your money to charity or anything, I am demonstrating how crap a charity Child’s Play is, and it is.

          • DonDrapersAcidTrip says:

            I’d feel like a giant asshole if I was in the hospital and knew people were throwing away ridiculous sums of money so I’d have videogames and be less bored before I died/while I got better. How on earth do you argue that’s a better use of money than research for cures or medicines or better medical facilities or just about any real charity?

            Also no one who ever donated to child’s play did it because it had anything to do with a sick kid, they did it because “fuck you dad/mom for telling me videogames were pointless.”

        • Deadly Sinner says:

          Comparing the scale of tragedies like this makes no sense. Mentally ill homeless people living on the street? They’ve got it made compared to the starving kids in Africa, therefore we should forget about the homeless and spend all of our resources to help the starving kids in Africa.

          • Liudeius says:

            No, helping the homeless is a better charity.
            I’m not denying that Child’s Play is a charity, I’m denying that you should give money to it.
            While you spent $300 on making a kid not bored for a few days, that homeless man froze to death.

    • Vesuvius says:

      “EFF is a lobbyist, I don’t know about their individual practices, but lobbyists are certainly not organizations you should support”


      “I don’t know about the EFF’s practices but you shouldn’t support them anyways”

      Really? REALLY?

      link to en.wikipedia.org

      TL;DR – They’re more than a lobbyist, they’re a consumer rights advocacy group more akin to the ACLU but in the digital sphere. I have no idea why you’d oppose a group that is designed to counteract the big spenders in this area and defend a set of ideals rather than a specific financial interest.

      • Liudeius says:

        “Hitler was a great guy” – Vesuvius

        So long as we are misquoting each other, I figured I would contribute.

        I didn’t say YOU couldn’t support them, I said I find lobbyists to be questionable and don’t consider supporting a lobbyist group to be charity. I said I wouldn’t support them.

        TL;DR: Your TL;DR is actually longer than your R.

        • jrodman says:

          If you can’t distinguish between “the problems that can exist in lobbying” and “what a specific lobbyist does” then honestly, your opinions on the matter aren’t worth much.

          Adding the Hitler BM just seals the deal.

          • Liudeius says:

            If you can’t do anything but misquote and insult people, your opinions are actively deceptive.

            (And I did distinguish between them, but you people would prefer thousands of people die rather than giving to a legitimate charity.)

        • Deadly Sinner says:

          “I have no idea what the EFF is, but I sure do have an opinion about it!”

          Any decent size charity will likely have lobbyists, because influencing public policy can make helping people easier. Do you also think people should stop donating to the Red Cross because they lobby as well? For an organization like the EFF, influencing policy is especially important, since a country’s laws is the main deciding factor for open and accessible technology. They also “regularly bring and defend lawsuits at all levels of the US legal system in pursuit of its goals and objectives” (from the link you didn’t bother to click,) but lets ignore that because they have LOBBYISTS.

          • Liudeius says:

            “Hitler was a great guy” – Deadly Sinner

            Damn, RPS has so many Nazis.

            “EFF is a lobbyist, I don’t know about their individual practices, but lobbyists are certainly not organizations you should support.” is what I actually said

            “Hail Satan” – Deadly Sinner

            Damnit man, what’s wrong with you?

            While you are giving your money to a lobbyist, I’m giving my money to saving lives.

    • Liudeius says:

      How is it that I have about 50 people calling me human garbage because I support charities which save lives rather than charities which let perfectly healthy kids have fun for three days?

      • Bhazor says:

        Because sick kids make for the best human shields.

      • darkChozo says:

        Shot in the dark here, but maybe it’s because you’re taking a somewhat valid point and arguing for it in about the most assholish way possible.

        • Droopy The Dog says:

          …And by that brief muzzle flash of insight such terrible carnage was illuminated.

        • ffordesoon says:



          Why can’t we, you know, make the kids happy and keep them from dying? Do you have proof that Child’s Play is in some meaningful way impinging on further giving? Yes, they’ve made four million dollars off the Humble Bundles. How much has, for example, the Susan G. Komen Foundation made? I don’t know exact figures, but I can tell you it’s waaaaaaaaaaay more than that.

          The reason charities exist is to solve many problems, not one problem. Just because you contribute to charities doesn’t absolve you of being a douche for implicitly bragging about how awesone you are for giving to “real” charities. I’d like to see the Humble Bundle let us donate to a more overtly “life-saving” charity too, but that doesn’t mean Child’s Play is a bad charity. There are no bad charities, save for corrupt ones.

          Besides, I believe there is some fairly compelling evidence out there that an improved mood does in fact contribute meaningfully to recovery. I could be wrong on that, admittedly, but if it’s true, then improving these kids’ moods [i]can[/i] save their lives. And what about kids with terminal cancer? Are they not allowed to have fun because we need to save the ones who don’t have cancer?

          I’m glad you’ve donated to the charities you feel deserve it. If you want others to do the same, link to charities in your posts you feel also deserve donations. You are the effective PR representative for the charities you care about, and yet you haven’t mentioned a single one of them by name in this conversation, let alone linked to them. If you truly feel Child’s Play is so unworthy of the money it recieves, why is it the only charity you’ve mentioned by name?

          Maybe if you promoted the charities you believe in instead of condemning popular charities you feel don’t measure up to your standards, the people who were already in a giving mood on account of the Humble Bundle would see your comment and go donate just as much to your favorite charity. Did you ever think of that? Of building your own pet charities up instead of tearing others down? Or did you just want to lay claim to the moral high ground because it boosts your ego?

          • Liudeius says:

            Well you’ve completely misread me. I actually don’t give to charity for the most part, I’m not supporting my “pet charities,” and it’s you people who seem to need an ego boost, tearing PEOPLE down. I’m targeting wasteful charity.

            The fact is, there is only so much money that goes to chairty. You should give money to a charity which will have as much beneficial impact as possible. Yes, letting a kid have fun for a few days post-op might be nice, but if you can give money to that or allowing in inner-city kid to get a good education, or taking a homeless person off the street, or providing clean water to a community, or fighting hunger, or fighting cancer, these all have LASTING impacts on lives.
            Child’s Play may be nice, but it only helps children already being cared for not be bored, when plenty more people die without the medical care they need. There are also already charities (ex: make a wish) for terminally ill children. Child’s Play provides no lasting benefits. The Humble Bundle needs a REAL charity.

            I don’t have a problem with you giving money to Child’s Play, I have a problem with you being all high and mighty about your charitable giving, you have done NOTHING to benefit the world as a whole, and NOTHING to benefit that child’s life once they walk out the hospital’s door. (Edit: No, they do use some money to give some individual children small gifts. But if the children’s parents could afford hospitalization, they can damn well afford gifts.)

        • Liudeius says:

          “Child’s Play gives video games to hospitals. Should I give $1,000,000 to kids not being bored (for a week), or $1,000,000 to kids not being dead (pretty much any other charity).”

          Stating a fact is being an asshole?

          “Because sick kids make for the best human shields.”
          This, people want to defend their amazing acts of saintly kindness by bashing my face in.

  11. MichaelPalin says:

    I think this question has to be made. After Remedy made that hurtful deal with Microsoft regarding Alan Wake and the Xbox 360, is nobody worried that practically the only studio showing something at the reveal of the Xbox One was Remedy? Like in, “we are going to do the same again”.

    • marach says:

      Since they are releasing it under MS game studios which means MS paid for all the devs… no i’mfine with it

  12. DrScuttles says:

    Alan Wake was an interesting game. The main game became something of a chore by the end, though the DLC chapters were far more interesting and playful thanks to Wake’s situation at the time.
    American Nightmare was a bucket of fun throughout, if not without flaws. With Wake’s 90’s clothes, strangely satisfying nailgun and an appropriately large side helping of ham in the form of Mr. Scratch, it’s worth getting the bundle for that alone.
    And Max Payne up there sounds all wrong.

  13. Premium User Badge

    Ninja Dodo says:

    I see they have their top men working on the next Alan Wake.

    Been meaning to try this now that it’s on PC. Though my backlog generally discourages the reckless buying of more games, this seems like a good time to pick it up.

    I wonder: am I the only one that didn’t care for Max Payne 2 (but really liked the first one)? Maybe nostalgia is colouring my perception, but Sam Lake was that character to me. Maybe it’s because I didn’t play the sequel when it was new but I also felt the gameplay didn’t hold up that well. Wait no– you have to see these amazing ragdolls that we have now! No don’t move… watch this cutscene of a guy falling.

    • Low Life says:

      “Wait no– you have to see these amazing ragdolls that we have now!”

      Well it’s better than the first game’s “Wait no– you have to see one of the game’s three enemy death animations for the 100th time!”

    • Vandelay says:

      I personally enjoyed the sequel much more than the first. The gameplay has held up far better, with the addition of a few bits that remove annoying elements of the first game, such as Max no longer standing up from a dive if you are still firing and the fast reload whilst in bullet time. The rag dolls were really over the top, but fitting for the game, much like the blood spurts of an 80s action film.

      The first is still a great game, but I would definitely say that the sequel stands the test of time better.

      • Deadly Sinner says:

        Don’t forget the enemies with superhuman reflexes and perfect aim. The last level of the first game was maddening because of this. It was like a 3rd person extra difficult Hotline Miami.

  14. Screamer says:


    Hence forth the name I will use to mock said toy! :D

  15. kwyjibo says:

    No idea why they didn’t make American Nightmare a beat the average, they’d have made a lot more money.

  16. sleepisthebrotherofdeath says:

    Well, I’m glad I never bothered buying this earlier. Waiting for humble bundles are the new waiting for steam sales.

    • Zyrocz says:

      And this is exactly why the game haven’t sold well enough for a sequel.

      • AngoraFish says:

        Delayed gratification (willingness to wait) is not something the twenty first century is well known for.

  17. orshick says:

    C’mon Remedy, you really going to make me have to rebuy the entire series again just to get that little bit of extra content? I already have the special edition Alan Wake and American Nightmare, do you really feel like I’m the guy you need to make more money off of?

  18. honky mcgee says:

    There are 3 kinds of people in this world that earn my disdain.

    1. People who put ketchup (catsup) on their hamburgers

    2. People who leave a voice-mail saying, “Hi, it’s so & so….call me back”

    3. People who complain about Alan Wake combat without posting a dxdiag report.

  19. BooleanBob says:

    Lemme just fire up Steam and make sure I’m not buying this twice.