Parkour Vs Zombies: Techland’s Dying Light

Lesson one of parkour: look before you leap. And then try your hardest to make it seem like you slipped on a banana peel.

ZOMBIES ARE EVERYWHERE. In the schools, under your refrigerator, buried deep within the collective cultural conscience. Especially that last one, which is probably why a new zombie game gets announced every 0.4674 seconds. That brings us to the current undead re-deadifier du seconde: Dying Light. It comes from Techland and takes place in a balmy, bloody tropical setting, but it’s not part of the Dead Island series. The main differences? Fleet-footed, Mirror’s-Edge-esque parkour and a Minecraft-like survival element. Don’t worry, though: you can still make an electrified machete.

Most of the time, however, scampering away is your best bet, seeing as zombies aren’t so great at the whole runny, jumpy, do-anything-other-than-stumble-and-groan-y thing. But at night, even that’s hardly a guarantee that some stinking bacteria sack won’t take a bite out of your clavicle.

“During the day, players will traverse an expansive urban environment overrun by a vicious outbreak, scavenging the world for supplies and crafting weapons to defend against the growing infected population. At night, the hunter becomes the hunted, as the infected become aggressive and more dangerous. Most frightening are the predators which only appear after sundown. Players must use everything in their power to survive until the morning’s first light.”

Parkour vs Zombies vs Predator! At this point, I don’t know if Arnold Schwarzenegger would play the hero or the zombies. Ziiiiiiiiiiiiing.

Anyway. Dying Light will be out next year, scavenging your time and money and fashioning them into some kind of nuclear-powered golf club. It sounds like Dead Island meets Mirror’s Edge meets Minecraft to me, and I do like to think those ingredients go well together. I just… I just… no more zombies. Please. I’m so tired.


  1. Mr Rud says:

    So when will we see another dramatic, heartbreaking trailer that has no correlation with the gameplay whatsoever ? The guy needs another piece for his CV … you know, to break into Hollywood and stuff …

  2. dethtoll says:

    Being mildly amused by the original Dead Island but skipping Riptide completely, I have to say this does look considerably more interesting than either.

  3. LarsBR says:

    Gosh, I hope you can plant a garden to protect you from the zombies!

  4. Revolving Ocelot says:

    But will it have a collectible torso?

  5. Morte66 says:

    There are *enough* zombies. Even though I’m itching for another Mirror’s Edge, they could put me off this.

    • Entitled says:

      By now, I think it’s pretty clear that Zombie is becoming a major setting genre, comparable in size to the High Fantasy setting, or the Superhero genre premise.

      The talk about how there are too many zombies, reminds me of the 90’s talk about “too many Doom clones” (FPS), an the early 2000’s “too many GTA clones” (sandbox).

      • Lukasz says:

        I do believe there is not enough GTA styled Superheroes games. especially one where you start as nobody (think Stephanie Brown) and slowly rise to the top (think Superman)

        • The Random One says:

          Yeah. Besides Crackdown (boring), Prototype (Activision, ew), Infamous (not out for anything I own) and Saints’ Row 4 (not out yet) there’s nothing out there.

          I’m still hoping for someone to act on Yahtzee’s villain simulator idea, Makind Has Yet To Recognize My Genius.

        • dethtoll says:

          I’m just here to love you for acknowledging Stephanie Brown’s existence, unlike DC.

      • Shuck says:

        Considering that “high fantasy” usually means “Tolkien, by way of Dungeons & Dragons” it’s an especially apt comparison. For a long time “Alien/s” (the movies) seemed to constitute a game genre (though thankfully that’s not as true any more).

    • kirby2112 says:

      GameInformer’s YouTube channel is hinting at a new mirrors edge, so you might just get your wish.

  6. HermitUK says:

    The survival element is something I really hoped Dead Island would include, so this could be interesting.

  7. Kobest says:

    Whenever a new zombie game pops up, I’m always reminded of the following Zero Punctuation episode that goes something like this:

    “You know, I just want to design a game where you and a group of survivors have to survive the endless waves of zombie games, books, films, etc. It will be called ‘Enough with the fucking zombies already.”

    But similarly to a commenter above, if they focus on the survival element more, this could be interesting.

    Also, after Last Light, now Dying Light…WARLIGHT?

    • Njordsk says:

      Nope. Dead Light indeed, which is…already out… PARADOX §

  8. golem09 says:

    For me the biggest difference to Dead Island is the structure of the game. This does not seem to focus on a linear b-movie story you follow through some big maps.
    This seems like it is a REALLY free roam open world, were the biggest goal is survival and exploration, not the main story.
    And I’m extremely excited for this. This concept has been promised to us numerous times last year, but this is the only company that doesn’t focus on firearms and has alreadyy proven that they are able to make satisfying melee combat.
    It will have bugs, so?

  9. airtekh says:

    Anything described as “Mirror’s Edge-esque” definitely has my attention.

    Very curious to see how this one turns out.

  10. 1Life0Continues says:

    One of the only zombies I can tolerate anymore.

    Please, entertainment industry, enough with the zombies.
    Actually, I can’t blame them, but I can blame the consumers.
    Hey, everyone, stop buying zombie games. Seriously. Stop it. Please.


    • golem09 says:

      Also consumers, please stop buying racing games, RTS, MOBAs and MMORPGs, because I hate them.
      Devs shouldn’t waste their time with those things just because there are some people who buy it.

      • jpvg says:

        Zombies isn’t a genre although zombie shooter may be a subgenre but there is quite a difference on twose two things (a whole sub).

  11. Haplo says:

    Actually very interested by this. The survival part is what especially draws me and so long as they get that right it wouldn’t matter if you were evading zombies, vampires, or angry drunken orc footballers. The desperation, vulnerability and risk-reward of darkness and survival, hoping and hoping for the first rays of the sun…

  12. Nethlem says:

    I won’t get tired of zombie games, at least not until they get it right at least ONCE.
    Because let’s be honest here: Nobody has done it the right way yet, a few have come pretty close but even then it didn’t work out.

    That’s why there still is room and demand for an “proper” zombie game.
    What is a proper zombie game?

    One that’s free roaming, has survival aspects, crafting to key into those survival aspects, manages to make zombies dangerous in the way they are supposed to be (endless masses of them that clear obstacles by simply reaching a critical mass, they can still be slow and dumb as fuck). Add to that the option of the player having an actual impact on the world that’s overrun by zombies. By building outposts, upgrading them, recruiting personal for said outposts, heck maybe even try to get something like an society going again amidst the wasteland of zombie earth.

    That’s what i want out of my personal perfect Zombie game. And so far only Day Z managed to get close to that but even then not remotely.

  13. jellydonut says:

    This isn’t even near Dead Island. Dead island is just dumb.

    I hope it’s co-op, or even better, like DayZ. but I don’t anticipate anyone else having the guts to make an open-world permadeath sandbox game.

    • golem09 says:

      IGN mentioned it having 4 choosable characters and coop. They had a short interview about the game.

  14. torchedEARTH says:

    Zombies are so dead.

    The new games are all about fighting robots now.

  15. Lagwolf says:

    Originality what is that?

  16. jonahcutter says:

    Hell people, if you’re sick of zombie games, go play something else.

    We’re gaming during an indie-game explosion. With mid-range and AAA titles being cranked out regularly. The options of what to play are greater than the time to play them. And more varied than ever before.

  17. Freud says:

    On paper this is exactly how I would want a zombie game to be. I’m not sure I would trust Techland to pull it off.

  18. TheBarringGaffner says:

    I’m sick as hell of zombie games, but parkour survival actually sounds like it could work, if it has an emphasis on getting supplies quick and running rather than fighting.

  19. gwathdring says:

    Wait. When do you sleep?