The Mighty Quest For Epic Trailers?

I can see where this going. The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot is going to bludgeon us into submission with a series of amusing trailery missives, until we feel obliged to try it out. It’s is F2P, after all. But actually this latest trailer – the archer – shows a lot more of the game in-play than I’d expected. And it actually looks okay. At least as okay as Craig’s hands-on suggested it might be.


There’s apparently an alpha version of the game up on their site, or via UPlay, if you want to take a look.


  1. Death Saved says:

    Looks miserably slow.

  2. DarkMalice says:

    Am I the only one who saw the title at the end of the clip and thought ‘Pixar need to make that movie’?

  3. ran93r says:

    I can neither confirm nor deny whether I have played the alpha but I can confirm that Death Saved is “probably” correct and the game overall “might” look like ass at the moment.

  4. trjp says:

    The alpha seems only to be open to people who’ve been picked at-random, haved begged keys on the forum of gotten them from the book of Faces (a page mostly maintained in French I should add)

    I think I can wait until it’s free for everyone ;)

  5. Heavenfall says:

    So the game is broadly split into two parts, one being dungeoneering and the other being dungeonbuilding. It’s a rather neat split where you build up your own dungeon to make it more difficult for invaders, and in turn you go through other people’s dungeons. There are some clever stuff like the dungeonbuilder getting loot if someone gets killed, and you can watch replays of people invading your dungeon to find weaknesses and so on.

    Both rpg characters and the dungeons follow a somewhat predictable growth curve, the RPG character growing mainly through invading other dungeons and your dungeon growing mainly through spending gold on the dungeon and making it bigger/more dangerous. The dungeon also produces gold over time, and gold can also be used to buy stuff for your rpg character (meaning you have to decide between short-term or long-term benefit when you spend gold).

    If they can get the interaction between dungeoneering and dungeonbuilding right and interesting, I think this will be a very good game. What I’ve seen so far indicates the devs are capable of seeing their own shortcomings and working at patching those out.

  6. Kein says:

    uPlay is required? Haha, nope, not even if the game will be completely free.

    • Wahngrok says:

      You need an uPlay account to log in to the servers but not uPlay (the client) on your PC.

      • benkc says:

        Oh, really? That sounds far less odious. I take it that involves nothing more than creating yet another username and password for me to forget?

        If that’s the case, I’m cautiously looking forward to this. Still concerned that the F2P model will be used poorly, of course.

  7. pakoito says:

    They had me until “F2P”. Awful way of destroying a fun core gameplay, I would have payed for it.

    • Wahngrok says:

      I am not sure why specifically the core gameplay is affected by F2P. Since you canbot directly interact with other people (like co-op or deathmatch) you can go looting castles all you like.

  8. G_Man_007 says:

    I’m getting an Orcs Must Die! tang from that trailer.

  9. sokkur says:

    Instead of Dungeon Empires you get this shit.

  10. Tuhalu says:

    Maybe if it was an Epic Quest for Mighty Loot I’d give it a go. As it is, the title is an offense to the English language and gets an automatic mark of disapproval.

  11. Docslapper says:

    Nope, still an Ubisoft game, so still not touching it.
    Frankly at this point Ubisoft could be offering to pay me to play their games and I’d still tell them to frak themselves.