What Did You Get Up To: Last Knight

Grave news: The Flare Path has been delayed until tomorrow. But don’t look so sad, we’ve filled its usual 1pm Friday slot with news of a splendid-looking cartoon jousting and knightliness game, Last Knight. The developer lists features of this Unreal-powered adventure as being things such as ” A full-fledged adventure in the story mode” and also “Randomly generated world in the arcade mode (every game is different)”. That sounds intriguing as the game is based on “Jousting, platforming and navigating around obstacles gameplay”.

You can see all that in a video, below.

Last Knight is “coming soon”.


  1. golem09 says:

    I’ll look forward to the first person oculus vomit fest.

  2. ihih says:

    I’d rather people didn’t “poke” fun at this game

  3. Bartack says:

    I think I’ll stick with Donkey Xote.

  4. Snids says:

    Graphics are lovely.
    You seem to have to rescue princess Courtney Love.
    It’s got rainbows in it
    and little skellington men.

    I just hope the horse is ok.

  5. SuicideKing says:

    I played Metro: Last Light

  6. Bhazor says:

    Oooooh Crash Bandicoot gameplay but with a main character that doesn’t make me want to hit them with meat tenderizer? I’m sold.

  7. Ross Angus says:

    OK: the bottom image is a Renault FT, and the one second from the left is the flag of Prince-Bishopric of Li├Ęge. I can’t work out the others. Any takers?

  8. Bahlof says:

    This game actually looks hilariously fun

  9. MeestaNob says:

    Graphically reminds me of Croc.

  10. CrispinFister says:

    Funnily enough…. I think it looks like fun. What I also like is the distinct lack of zombies.

  11. Ande says:

    I hoped for more when clicking the Last Night tag…

  12. jgthespy says:

    It looks like one of those awful iOS endless runner games.

    • Reapy says:

      I liked the theme and graphics but saw that too and was all SIGH.

    • Pray For Death says:

      Well, guess what, this game is actually already available on iOS. Though the PC version looks way more fleshed out judging by that trailer.