The RPS Bargain Bucket: Extreme Precision

I’m in a little bit of a hurry this morning, since shortly I’m heading off to a wedding. Oh God why is everyone getting married, can’t we just be young forever? So many adventures couldn’t happen today. So many songs we forgot to play. So many dreams are swinging out of the blue. We let them come true.

Please visit, and here are some cheap games:

Tomb Raider – £8.16/€13.59/$13.59
Apply coupon “GMG20-LLASD-D8WBQ”. Registers on Steam.
A game about mashing E to survive. Here’s wot John thought about it:

Tomb Raider is a theme park ride, but one where you can get off and go back to look around the ghost towns you’ve left behind. It’s a game for the new crowd, but clearly with hankerings to be part of the old. When you first see that island map, and the quick travel points, it’s hard not to think you’ve got yourself a Far Cry 3-style thing here, something that will let you encounter the game in your own way, with a main story running through. But that certainly isn’t the case. The story, which you could predict in its entirety from the opening cutscene (let’s just say that of the collection of stereotypes you have with you, none deviates from their inevitable path), doesn’t offer any reward for this obsessive control-freakery.

More here.

Metro: Last Light – £17.99
Registers on Steam.
I sure hope you didn’t preorder this for the £35 most places were charging. This is one of the games that got gobbled up by Deep Silver when the big ship THQ went under. So was rescuing it a smart move from Deep SIlver? Here’s Jim’s take:

I can only recommend that you pick up Last Light and play when you can afford to. Perhaps don’t rush to the digital game shop, but add it to the list. It’s a linear shooter that kept me engrossed, and even genuinely thrilled at times. Placed next to Crysis 3 and Bioshock Infinite it seems like an equal, even outmatching those ultra-budget big names in some regards. It lacks their extreme precision and QA-smoothed balance, but nevertheless provides meat. It’s very much its own game, and I can only give it credit for its competence in playing with ideas that every shooter tries, and many fail to execute with any originality.

More here.

Bulletstorm, Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box, Mercenaries 2: World In Flames, Mirror’s Edge & The Saboteur – £6.60/€7.74/$9.99
Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box, Mirror’s Edge & The Saboteur register on Origin. This is from Amazon US, so you’ll need to enter a US billing address.
Gosh that is a lot of games for not a lot of money. Mercenaries 2 is a bit of a bleh sequel, missing that Je ne sais quoi that made the first game so much fun, and I wasn’t particularly fond of The Saboteur, but everything else here is solid. Mirror’s Edge is one of my all time favorite games. Even though I know that there are lots of things wrong with it, I can’t help but love it. The single player campaign is full of incredible set pieces and chase sequences, but the real meat of the game is in the time trials. Those beautiful time trials. Burnout Paradise is a brilliant game about driving around a huge city and smashing into everything that can be smashed into. It’s also a competent racing game. I encountered a bug about halfway through Bulletstorm that prevented me from proceeding, but it was properly fun up to that point at least. Hope you don’t get that bug too!

Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit & DLC, Jet Set Radio, NiGHTs into Dreams, Renegade Ops & DLC, The Cave – £6.60/€7.74/$9.99
Registers on Steam. This is from Amazon US, so you’ll need to enter a US billing address.
Also a lot of games for not a lot of money. Seems like a trend from Amazon. I’ll even forgive them referring to NiGHTs as “Nights in Dreams” when it’s this cheap. Here you get a pair of older Sega console classics that have recently been ported to our fair platform of choice, plus a host of their recent games. NiGHTs into Dreams is a port of the 2008 Japan only PS2 remake of the Saturn original, and I’d say it’s the definitive version. It also includes the original Saturn version, but I think it’s being emulated because there are some serious visual bugs and perfomance issues. Also 3D Saturn games do not hold up well at all, whereas the remake pulls off the trick of looking exactly like your fuzzy nostalgia addled brain remembers it. It’s a fairly arcadey game about flying around lovely environments on a 2D plane. Jet Set Radio is pretty much a straight port of the Dreamcast original, although they’ve added in support for widescreen aspect ratios and higher modern resolutions. It’s a game set in Future-Toyko, and you are a cool dude skating around the place. It’s more platformer than Tony Hawk though. Here are some RPS thoughts on Hell Yeah!, Renegade Ops & The Cave.

Deal of the week
Alan Wake: Collector’s Edition & Alan Wake’s American Nightmare – Pay What You Want
Registers on Steam.
After taking a bit of a break, it seems that the humble weekly offers are back. Interestingly, it seems to me like there’s a trend with games that they feature. Twice now they’ve ran a promotion on a game from a developer who is in the process of unveiling a new project. Remedy just unveiled a new game about awkward acting and boats smashing into bridges for Microsoft’s new sofa-based entertainment system around the same time this promotion launched, and Bastion went pay what you want here around the same time that Supergiant Games started showing off Transistor. Seems like a smart PR tool to me, since you get a big stack of exposure from the press, and bunch of goodwill from gamers after a bargain, and you expand your potential audience for future games. Getting a big wad of cash is always nice too. Everybody wins. RPS thoughts on Alan Wake here, and American Nightmare here.

Also of note:
Thief: Gold, PC – £2/€2.79/$2.79. Apply coupon “GMG20-LLASD-D8WBQ”. Registers on Steam.
Thief II: The Metal Age – £2/€2.79/$2.79. Apply coupon “GMG20-LLASD-D8WBQ”. Registers on Steam.
Thief: Deadly Shadows – £2.80/€3.59/$3.59. Apply coupon “GMG20-LLASD-D8WBQ”. Registers on Steam.
Dead Space 3 – £11.99. Apply coupon “GFDMAY20UK”. Registers on Origin.
Crysis 3 – £11.99. Apply coupon “GFDMAY20UK”. Registers on Origin
Get loaded 2 for £6/€8/$10 promotion.
Zigfrak – Pay What You Want

Find even more cheap games over at


  1. golem09 says:

    And again, Bulletstorm does register on Origin too ;)
    I’ve been enjoying that quite a bit (more than I expected) yesterday. Best shooter for years, no bullshit, ONLY bullshit.

    • Jumwa says:

      If you register Bulletstorm on Origin does it still come saddled with GFWL? If not, then I’ll get it.

      • golem09 says:

        Jup, it does. Worst thing of all is, it tells me that I have to log in if I want online features. But then it doesn’t even give me the choice not to.
        Luckily AFTER that login, GfWl tells me that there is an update for the game, and I get logged out again if I refuse it. So I refuse, and GfWl is gone again. Still sucks for starting the game.
        What I had to do though for GfWl to even let me start the game was execute “Bulletstorm\Binaries\Win32\Zdp\Zdp.exe”.
        After that the Origin doesn’t see the game as installed anymore, but whatever, not having to start Origin for it is nice too. Starting it through Steam instead :P

  2. oWn4g3 says:

    Hm are those key stores (like the one selling Metro) trustworthy though?
    I got the game already from Steam but it would be a great hint for friends to get it from there.

    • fish99 says:

      I’ve used simply games (and their digital only version simply cdkeys) a few times and never had a problem, but ….. you only really find out how reliable they are when something goes wrong and you need to use their customer support.


      • BTAxis says:

        Yes, when it works it’s fine, when it doesn’t it’s usually terrible. I’ve had one such store send me a key for a wrong game (the base game as opposed to its expansion), and their support basically ignored me wholesale.

        • Apocalypse says:

          Credit card charge backs are your friend in such cases.

          • Tacroy says:

            Keep in mind that credit chargebacks are basically the nuclear option when it comes to dealing with a company. Only use them when you have no intention of doing business with the company ever again – a lot of stores (especially smaller online ones) will permanently ban your credit card for it.

    • VelvetFistIronGlove says:

      I and a friend used them for Metro: Last Light, and had no trouble. Got the key within minutes.

    • Lewie Procter says:

      I don’t include deals unless I am pretty confident they are basically legit.

  3. mwoody says:

    I know it’s not a popular opinion, but I still hold that Mercenaries 2 is one of the greatest co-op games of all time. It was a far superior sandbox (you could level entire cities!) to the more static Just Cause 2, and had a serious note amongst the silly unlike the newer Saints Rows that tied it all together. It was a game that, despite being buggy and sort of a mess at parts, just didn’t want to tell you “no.”

    “Game, I’m tired of sneaking around this island to kill the general. Can I level this entire area with nuclear bunker busters?” “Sure, player. Have fun.” “Game, I’m in a tank and my buddy is in a heli with a winch on the bottom. Can he pick me up and let me fire on enemies with a tank cannon from the air?” “Sure, player. Have fun.”

    But then, my favorite part of all these types of games is letting me and my co-op buddy thoroughly break missions structure, and Mercs 2 had absolutely no problems letting you do that. It also boasted a very simple Saints Row 2 style mission structure: pick factions and do their missions for various bonuses. Tons of things to unlock, tons of completely optional missions.

    And the main character is an insane modern viking voiced by the guy who did those V-Dub commercials.

    • utzel says:

      I had a lot of fun with it and a friend in coop.
      Can you still play it? I think I remember something about the servers being shut down.

      • malkav11 says:

        They were shut down years ago, so no, you can’t.

        As a solo game, Mercs 2 has -serious- issues but they don’t become apparent immediately aside from the QTEs that are incorrectly cued on PC and thus all but impossible. The original Mercenaries is a significantly better experience, though. Alas.

      • onegear says:

        Sounds like it’d be a laugh to play with a mate, has it got local co-op (split-screen)?

  4. Jimbo says:

    That first Amazon bundle is ridiculously good value. Maybe not the best games individually, but a nice variety and I’d say they’re all at least ‘good’.

    • Dr_Barnowl says:

      What do other people do about it wanting a US billing address. While there’s nothing physical to deliver, I don’t really have any mates in the US I can touch for an address – do you just make one up?

      11 Mercan Street
      ZIP 1234567

      • DrScuttles says:

        I’ve been using the address from the Wikipedia entry for ZIP code:
        Mr. John Smith
        3256 Epiphenomenal Avenue
        Minneapolis, MN 55416

        Obviously it has my name rather than John Smith, that would just be silly. It’s always worked fine for me though I haven’t bought anything from Amazon US for a few months.

      • golem09 says:

        google borderlinx. It’s free.

      • onegear says:

        I use a hotel address that I stayed at while I was over there on holiday.

      • AngoraFish says:

        Always pick a zero sales tax state (Oregon Montana Alaska New Hampshire or Delaware).

        It is very likely that legislation will be passed in the US shortly to require internet companies to collect sales tax based on state of residence. Picking anything other than the above five will likely soon result in a nasty surprise.

        Just pick any old address from google maps, like a public park.

        • Apocalypse says:

          Hmm, advising to prepare to cheat the IRS later? Is this already illegal, or only if you do cheat them later? ;-)

          • mwoody says:

            I rather think folks in the UK are beyond the IRS’ grasp.

          • AngoraFish says:

            I appreciate that you’ve written your comment as a quick, semi-humorous riposte without thinking, but feel free to reflect on the legal implications of “dodging” a state-based tax from a state that you don’t actually live in, and therefore were never in fact required to pay, by picking one fake address in preference to another equally fake address when filling in your contact details on Amazon.

  5. Paul says:

    I guess I am missing something, but where can I enter coupon for discount on gamefly? On the last page of order there is no field to do so.

    • fish99 says:

      Yeah it’s on the very final page which is kinda stupid. If you pay via paypal, it’s actually after you come back from entering your details on paypal.

      I picked up Crysis 3 from them and it went through correctly for £11.99.

      • Paul says:

        Bizzare. So after I pay with paypal, I input the code? How does that work, I thought the paypal part is where I part with my money.

      • Dr_Barnowl says:

        That annoyed me ; the payment is by payment plan, rather than by one-off payment – they want authority to charge you again without another PayPal auth. It made me a little uncomfortable about using PayPal. Then I thought about it and if I was uncomfortable with PayPal, I’d damn sure be less comfortable giving them my credit card details.

        But yes, it comes through fine at £11.99

        • Paul says:

          Thanks guys, just bought crysis 3 and it was 12 pounds. Acceptable price.

  6. KDR_11k says:

    Gamersgate has some space related stuff at 75% off, mostly indie games but also some classics like MOO2.

  7. Prime says:

    I’m heading off to a wedding. Oh God why is everyone getting married, can’t we just be young forever?

    I feel your pain! The GF and I have SEVEN weddings to attend in the next 12+ months! We might have to get married ourselves just to recoup the expenditure!

    • Mirqy says:

      wait til they all start having kids.

      • Prime says:

        There’s one already on the way…

        …oh dear god.

      • Apocalypse says:

        and facebook starts to become a collection of baby and kids pictures ….

    • meepmeep says:

      Don’t complain too much – I’ve just been to the last wedding of all my friends, and after years of complaining about having to go to drunken parties, I’ve just realised I have none left to look forward to.

      They’re good fun really.

  8. grundus says:

    Ferrari Racing Legends is on Amazon US for $7.49, I’ve heard it’s alright. Same engine and dev team as Shift 2 Unleashed but not as floaty, or so I’ve heard, so I’m going to pick it up. It’s the cheapest it’s ever been up to now too I think and apparently it registers on Steam.

    • Jason Moyer says:

      Ferrari Racing Legends was developed before the first Shift game and imho you can tell because it still has all the problems that were fixed in Shift 2 in addition to having really sterile track models/lighting.

      • trjp says:

        How do you know this – I dug around for ages but the only info I could find related to the various studios owned by Ian Bell and that TD:Ferrari uses some version of the Shift engine (most people seem to think it’s actually the Shift 2 one)???

        Aside from it’s provenance, most people criticise it for having some whopping difficulty spikes and locking a lot of content away from the player until they conquer those

        On the other hand, however, Ferraris and about £4-5 isn’t a lot for a load of those ;)

        • grundus says:

          My mistake, I assumed that as it was after Shift 2 and was SMS rather than Black Box (they did Shift, right?) then it would be the Shift 2 engine. Still, as you say, it’s £5 and features lots of unusual Ferraris rather than just the usual current models plus F40 and/or Enzo. I’m assuming it includes Fiorano too, not a particularly common circuit.

          And yeah, the sterility of the models is something still present in some of the Project CARS, er, cars. I’m sure they’ll change – most cars look fine – but some look like they’re coated in some weird glaze. Shift 2 was horrible for that.

          • Jason Moyer says:

            The game is completely worth it just for the joy of driving Ferraris in a SMS game, just be prepared to be underwhelmed by the presentation and the AI, which is truly atrocious. I actually found the campaign to be fun with its attempt at creating a storyline to link the missions together, unfortunately the hit-or-miss AI can make it a bit of a chore (95+ percent of the missions are stupidly easy on the hardest difficulty, while the other 5-ish percent are a total pain on any difficulty). The campaign is a necessity, since it’s the only way to unlock most of the cars/tracks and there doesn’t appear to be a way around this. Modding is apparently a no-go, as the game seems to reject any changes you make to any files and while someone has managed to get a few of the cars working in Shift 2, no one has decrypted the physics files yet which imho would be necessary to make such a conversion worthwhile.

            Also, if you’re using a gamepad, driving the F1 cars after 1974 (and the 1974 312T is a blast) can be frustrating.

            If someone managed to get fully working conversions of the cars and tracks into Shift 2 then I would recommend it highly if only for the content.

  9. Thompy says:

    I liked Tomb Raider, but I’m not sure what that means.

    The jumping aspect was simple, the next bit of scenery almost always clearly signposted. If there was a bit you couldn’t access it wasn’t for you to figure out, you’d naturally come across the same area again later in the story and once you’d got a story based upgrade to your kit. The combat was almost identical the entire way through, and while Lara had to kill to survive you must kill 500 people by the end. The story wasn’t particularly interesting. The unlock system didn’t really offer any choice as you’re nearly always up-to-date with everything you can make. The optional tombs showed signs of promise but they were tiny. I didn’t bother hunting for 100% as finding things hidden in bushes seemed a chore, there was no challenge to it. Oh yeah and the QTEs and cutscenes.

    However I completed it over three nights and felt satisfied I’d had a good experience. I DON’T KNOW WHO I AM ANYMORE.

    One thing I did think was good was Lara’s character progression. Things as subtle as her grunting less as the game progresses, not cringing at killing things and just getting shit done when others won’t. They’ve set up the path to her actually being Tomb Raider, let’s hope they had more of the classic games in next.

    • Zenicetus says:

      “The combat was almost identical the entire way through”

      I think that’s what made me quit somewhere in the middle, after one of those big set-piece battles in open areas. The opportunities for stealth kills were fun, but the combat style just wasn’t interesting enough to support the big battles against 30+ goons coming in waves. It got boring, especially once Lara was spec’d up to be more like Rambo than a girl shipwrecked and trying to survive on an island.

      I had to grit my teeth through all the QTE’s too, but once I realized it was used mostly for filler scenes, it wasn’t too bad.

      I’ll probably finish the game after I catch up on the current game backlog (hah!), just to see how the story ends, and hit a few more of those mini-tomb puzzles. I wouldn’t recommend it at anywhere near full price, but on sale it’s not a bad interactive movie.

      • Wedge says:

        Yeah, I felt sad when the game engine was clearly capable of a lot more than they were using it for in terms of the platforming and puzzles. I’ve stopped about halfway through, dunno if I’ll finish it. But hey, at least it was free for me.

    • Philomelle says:

      What it means is that you’re not ragging it for the sake of maintaining a very tired running joke the way RPS writers seem to do.

      I mean, Bioshock: Infinite used QTEs in the exact same ways and had exactly the same amount of them, but I’ve yet to hear a word of complaint about them.

      • Low Life says:

        Uh, there are no QTEs in Bioshock Infinite.

        • Philomelle says:

          Tell that to the button-mashing door at the entrance to Battleship Bay, or the shitty melee executions where you have to hold the button when the symbol pops up above the enemy, or the way you need to idly click through motions in “interactive cutscenes” near the end. All of those features are executed with the exact same grace and frequency as in Tomb Raider, which has literally three QTEs that I can remember off the top of my head.

          In fact, the only differences in gameplay I can name between the two games are the camera in Infinite being first-person instead of third, and that Infinite has more weapons (most of which feel terrible to use). They are otherwise the exact same game when it comes to quality and execution of gameplay.

      • faelnor says:

        And Bioshock Infinite is a bad game.

        • Philomelle says:

          The argument isn’t that it’s a good or bad game. It’s that it’s a game of the exact same quality as Tomb Raider, except its numerous flaws are magically ignored by RPS for no reason whatsoever, while TR gets ragged on at every turn.

    • Lewie Procter says:

      Unless I am mistaken, I’ve not written about Bioshock Infinite for RPS. If you want to discuss something someone else has written about it, I would suggesting taking it up with them, not me.

      I will say that mashing buttons was not the main mechanic in Bioshock Infinite, unlike Tomb Raider. The central mechanic is mashing the button that the game tells you to mash, and then sometimes you get a bit that is like temple run where you dodge the things.

      I don’t think that those are very interesting mechanics at all.

      I only speak for myself, everyone else at RPS is more than capable of speaking for themselves.

  10. Jonesy says:

    Green Man Gaming is lame. Either the product just disappears from your cart, or it tells you to verify your email address (after you’ve successfully done so). Waste of time.

    • MrLebanon says:

      No problems here

      • brulleks says:

        Nor here. I’ve been using it for years, bought most of my games through them in the past two, and never had a single problem.

        Not saying I don’t believe others haven’t encountered problems, but just redressing the balance as I’ve always found them to be a quality and good value service.

    • jjman says:

      I just signed up today and had no problems.

      Though the 20% code can’t be stacked – it does apply to the highest cost item at least. I haven’t hit go yet on all 3 at once, so I might give it a try 1 at at time.

      • ShineyBlueShoes says:

        Yeah, it’s a pain but you can checkout 49 items one at a time if you want.

    • mwoody says:

      If you use NoScript or anything similar – or, I’d wager, overly zealous Internet security software – the site will fail in a variety of ways, even with all sites allowed. I suspect something in there is detected as a cross-site scripting attack. I have to switch to IE, which I keep unmodded for just such an occasion, to buy anything there.

    • XDeus says:

      The site is a bit odd; the front page basket counter doesn’t seem to update properly, a 5 item limit and a 15-minute expiring basket are absolutely baffling, adding coupons seems to have changed so that “add coupon” does nothing but having a code in there when clicking continue works. I can’t say I’ve had any problems like you’ve had though.

    • The Pink Ninja says:

      Never had any problem with them, probably on your end.

  11. Hirmetrium says:

    Is SimplyGames (SimplyCDKeys) Legit? It’s always looked quite dodgy to me.

    • Bostec says:

      Yeah its fine, UK here, no problems, I have brought DMC, Tomb Raider and Hitman from them. They sent the key within 10 mins each time.

    • Delusibeta says:

      I’d put them in a similar class as ShopTo: legit but could do with a better website.

    • Paul says:

      I have no doubt they sell legit keys, but they are most likely not authorized seller, and who knows where they get those keys from. This is from their about us:

      Written Correspondence can be sent to – ‘Kyle’, Apartment 4, Room 2, Triq il-Mediterran, St. Julians, STJ1870, Malta.

      Does not exactly inspire confidence now, does it? Surprised to see RPS listing them.

      • ShineyBlueShoes says:

        And that’s the real issue. What good is it if I get my game only to have my identity stolen or the game revoked from my account later on?

      • Luke says:

        Huh. That’s about 15 minutes walk from my house.

      • The Random One says:

        Lewie says they’re legit, but personally I refuse to perform business with any company whose official contact includes “just give it to Kyle”.

  12. kalirion says:

    link to

    $1 to get:
    Patrician IV Steam Special Edition + Rise of a Dynasty DLC (Steam)
    Slam Bolt Scrappers (Steam)
    Fairy Boom Freesia (Steam, Desura, DRM Free)
    Paranautical Activity (Desura, DRM Free)
    Radical Roach (Desura, DRM Free)
    Karateka (Steam)
    Eleusis (Desura, DRM Free)

    $5 will get the above plus:
    Blood Bowl Legendary Edition (Steam)
    Constant C (Desura, DRM Free)
    Drakensang (Steam)
    Blades of Time – Limited Edition (Steam)
    Guncraft (Desura)

  13. Alexrd says:

    Could you guys in the future point out which games (if any) are DRM-free? It would be extremely helpful.

  14. Duffin says:

    Football Manager 2013 on sale at GMG. Comes to about £8 with the code GFDMAY20UK

  15. ShineyBlueShoes says:

    This simplycdkeys looks beyond shady.

  16. dgbonomo says:

    Also, on, there’s an FPS Weekend Promo. I find it surprising this was missed. It’s a 50% off Duke 3D, Blood 1 & 2, Unreal 1+2, UT, UT2k4, Serious Sam 1st & 2nd Enc, Shadow Warrior, Judge Dredd (vs Death), Sniper Elite Berlin, ye olde Catacombs games & Chronicles of Riddick (Assault on Dark Athena). All DRM-free and with bonus content, as always from them. It’s a great moment to pick up an old favourite. :)

    link to

  17. The Pink Ninja says:

    If you haven’t played Mirror Edge, now is a good time to buy Mirror’s Edge.

    Tomb Raider seem pretty divisive. I’ve seen people saying they could hardly bear to finish oit and people saying they don’t regret paying full price of it.

    Alan Wake is pretty dull in my opinion, probably avoid it.

    • Jason Moyer says:

      I enjoyed playing the Alan Wake games through once. The combat is ok for third person surhor and the atmosphere/writing carried the show. I probably won’t ever replay them, as the controls and camera are kind of a chore whether you use m/kb or a gamepad, but they were fun.

      Mirror’s Edge, on the other hand, I will replay a million times. What a phenomenal game.

  18. heyincendiary says:

    Tomb Raider – looks like the promo code reverted to just giving $10 (I’m US) off of the final order. Bleh. I was interested at the $17.50 price point, certainly not at the $40.

    Metro: looks like it’s Europe only? Sad news. Any chance I could buy in pounds and still use the Key to register on Steam in the US?

  19. TheGhost says:

    If I missed this in the article, please forgive me. I’ve never bought anything from a company based outside of the US. If I was to buy Metro would the steam key still be good for my region? Sorry if this is a stupid question and thanks ahead of time for anyone answering.

    EDIT: Ahh, crap it looks like they can’t process US sales according to the website. Oh well. Thanks anyway folks.