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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Extreme Precision

I’m in a little bit of a hurry this morning, since shortly I’m heading off to a wedding. Oh God why is everyone getting married, can’t we just be young forever? So many adventures couldn’t happen today. So many songs we forgot to play. So many dreams are swinging out of the blue. We let them come true.

Please visit, and here are some cheap games:Tomb Raider – £8.16/€13.59/$13.59
Apply coupon “GMG20-LLASD-D8WBQ”. Registers on Steam.
A game about mashing E to survive. Here’s wot John thought about it:

Tomb Raider is a theme park ride, but one where you can get off and go back to look around the ghost towns you’ve left behind. It’s a game for the new crowd, but clearly with hankerings to be part of the old. When you first see that island map, and the quick travel points, it’s hard not to think you’ve got yourself a Far Cry 3-style thing here, something that will let you encounter the game in your own way, with a main story running through. But that certainly isn’t the case. The story, which you could predict in its entirety from the opening cutscene (let’s just say that of the collection of stereotypes you have with you, none deviates from their inevitable path), doesn’t offer any reward for this obsessive control-freakery.

More here.

Metro: Last Light – £17.99
Registers on Steam.
I sure hope you didn’t preorder this for the £35 most places were charging. This is one of the games that got gobbled up by Deep Silver when the big ship THQ went under. So was rescuing it a smart move from Deep SIlver? Here’s Jim’s take:

I can only recommend that you pick up Last Light and play when you can afford to. Perhaps don’t rush to the digital game shop, but add it to the list. It’s a linear shooter that kept me engrossed, and even genuinely thrilled at times. Placed next to Crysis 3 and Bioshock Infinite it seems like an equal, even outmatching those ultra-budget big names in some regards. It lacks their extreme precision and QA-smoothed balance, but nevertheless provides meat. It’s very much its own game, and I can only give it credit for its competence in playing with ideas that every shooter tries, and many fail to execute with any originality.

More here.

Bulletstorm, Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box, Mercenaries 2: World In Flames, Mirror’s Edge & The Saboteur – £6.60/€7.74/$9.99
Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box, Mirror’s Edge & The Saboteur register on Origin. This is from Amazon US, so you’ll need to enter a US billing address.
Gosh that is a lot of games for not a lot of money. Mercenaries 2 is a bit of a bleh sequel, missing that Je ne sais quoi that made the first game so much fun, and I wasn’t particularly fond of The Saboteur, but everything else here is solid. Mirror’s Edge is one of my all time favorite games. Even though I know that there are lots of things wrong with it, I can’t help but love it. The single player campaign is full of incredible set pieces and chase sequences, but the real meat of the game is in the time trials. Those beautiful time trials. Burnout Paradise is a brilliant game about driving around a huge city and smashing into everything that can be smashed into. It’s also a competent racing game. I encountered a bug about halfway through Bulletstorm that prevented me from proceeding, but it was properly fun up to that point at least. Hope you don’t get that bug too!

Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit & DLC, Jet Set Radio, NiGHTs into Dreams, Renegade Ops & DLC, The Cave – £6.60/€7.74/$9.99
Registers on Steam. This is from Amazon US, so you’ll need to enter a US billing address.
Also a lot of games for not a lot of money. Seems like a trend from Amazon. I’ll even forgive them referring to NiGHTs as “Nights in Dreams” when it’s this cheap. Here you get a pair of older Sega console classics that have recently been ported to our fair platform of choice, plus a host of their recent games. NiGHTs into Dreams is a port of the 2008 Japan only PS2 remake of the Saturn original, and I’d say it’s the definitive version. It also includes the original Saturn version, but I think it’s being emulated because there are some serious visual bugs and perfomance issues. Also 3D Saturn games do not hold up well at all, whereas the remake pulls off the trick of looking exactly like your fuzzy nostalgia addled brain remembers it. It’s a fairly arcadey game about flying around lovely environments on a 2D plane. Jet Set Radio is pretty much a straight port of the Dreamcast original, although they’ve added in support for widescreen aspect ratios and higher modern resolutions. It’s a game set in Future-Toyko, and you are a cool dude skating around the place. It’s more platformer than Tony Hawk though. Here are some RPS thoughts on Hell Yeah!, Renegade Ops & The Cave.

Deal of the week
Alan Wake: Collector’s Edition & Alan Wake’s American Nightmare – Pay What You Want
Registers on Steam.
After taking a bit of a break, it seems that the humble weekly offers are back. Interestingly, it seems to me like there’s a trend with games that they feature. Twice now they’ve ran a promotion on a game from a developer who is in the process of unveiling a new project. Remedy just unveiled a new game about awkward acting and boats smashing into bridges for Microsoft’s new sofa-based entertainment system around the same time this promotion launched, and Bastion went pay what you want here around the same time that Supergiant Games started showing off Transistor. Seems like a smart PR tool to me, since you get a big stack of exposure from the press, and bunch of goodwill from gamers after a bargain, and you expand your potential audience for future games. Getting a big wad of cash is always nice too. Everybody wins. RPS thoughts on Alan Wake here, and American Nightmare here.

Also of note:
Thief: Gold, PC – £2/€2.79/$2.79. Apply coupon “GMG20-LLASD-D8WBQ”. Registers on Steam.
Thief II: The Metal Age – £2/€2.79/$2.79. Apply coupon “GMG20-LLASD-D8WBQ”. Registers on Steam.
Thief: Deadly Shadows – £2.80/€3.59/$3.59. Apply coupon “GMG20-LLASD-D8WBQ”. Registers on Steam.
Dead Space 3 – £11.99. Apply coupon “GFDMAY20UK”. Registers on Origin.
Crysis 3 – £11.99. Apply coupon “GFDMAY20UK”. Registers on Origin
Get loaded 2 for £6/€8/$10 promotion.
Zigfrak – Pay What You Want

Find even more cheap games over at

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