Super-Duper Breakout: Caromble

Certainly the phrase “a modern Breakout” is one that appears far too often in the world of indie games. Generally it means the bat-n-ball game has ridiculous amounts of volumetric lighting, and none of the art of panache of an Arkanoid. But Caromble looks like it’s taking the “modern” part much more seriously. While seemingly true to the core concept of a sliding barrier-bat and a destructive bouncing ball, there’s definitely a lot more going on in this one.

The developers, Crimson Owl Studios, only work on the game on Fridays, doing boring grown up jobs the rest of the week. Obviously the game is in 3D, but it also brings in elements of a side-scroller, and action gaming.

More recently they’ve created a completely pointless “teaser”, that I guess shows the game’s physics, but not the game itself in any useful fashion:

Silly billies. Also, I do wonder if they might want to reconsider making the entire game brown.

They’re aiming to release the game on Windows, Mac and Linux this Summer, and of course it’s currently on Greenlight.


  1. Jekhar says:

    So they didn’t get the memo, orange/blue is the new brown after all. Also, might i inquire which music was used in the teaser trailer? That’s one of the tracks that’s apparently too precious for us poor german peons.

    • Carbonated Dan says:

      Dastardly germans can’t be trusted with The Flower Duet!

  2. theanorak says:

    Looks interesting but I’m also not too fond of the brown. I’m not saying they need to go all Llamasoft, but … brown.

    Hopefully the SFX are placeholders too, as the the various “plink” noises of the ball hitting didn’t really go with the industrial setting OR the glowing-ball-of-electricity ball.

    Promising, though.

  3. b0rsuk says:

    More like lame, deserted pinball.

  4. Iamerror says:

    It certainly looks like an interesting evolution on the traditional Breakout clone. Can’t say the artstyle engages me though; they appear to have this epic industrial concept but probably don’t have the time and budget to fully do it justice.

  5. Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

    Seems a bit busy. Breakout/Arkanoid/etc is about precise judgement and rapid movement, but the fuzzy ball and LOOK AT ME I’M PHYSICS bits flying about all over the place look like they’d make it hard to concentrate on the timeless struggle between bat and block.

  6. tumbleworld says:

    Why does the phrase “a modern Berzerk / Shamus” never appear in indie games? WHY? It’s a damned tragedy, that’s what it is.

    This looks OK, but it seems to be suffering a bit from Crazy-Golf-itis.

    • Dreforian says:

      It made me think of breakout plus geometry golf (you can tell I’ve played a lot of golf games, clearly).
      Seriously though I don’t think we really need more evolutions of breakout, there are plenty of awesome break-alikes ™ to be had already. Invent a new brilliantly simplistic endlessly fun arcade game format SHEESH

  7. squareking says:


  8. Thirith says:

    It looks like it adds some interesting ideas to the genre, but I think I burnt out on Arkanoid 2 on the C-64.

  9. Caiman says:

    For some reason I can’t get enough of Breakout games, although it’s been a while. Trouble is, this looks like it suffers from the failings of many of them, it has very little character or feel to it. I certainly think they can fix this, sound effects as someone else mentioned play a big part in this, feedback when the ball contacts objects, all things that help to ground the game. Nobody likes playing shooters where your gun makes a tink noise and characters don’t react to being shot, and nobody likes playing Breakout games that feel like you’re playing with a ping pong ball instead of a sphere of ultimate destruction. At least the teaser trailer has some character.

  10. emertonom says:

    Maybe it’ll be better when it comes out, but at this stage it looks pretty bad. The gratuitous 3d just means less view of the angle of the ball, and there seem to be a lot of features that unpredictably affect the ball’s movement, which is not at all what I want in a game like this.

    The best breakout clone I’ve played since Arkanoid 2 (though for me it was on the Apple IIgs, not the C64 that Thirith mentioned) was Ricochet Lost Worlds Recharged, which wikipedia tells me came out way back in 2004. It got a lot of that stuff right. It also made the surface of the paddle curved, so you could actually tell, looking at the paddle and the ball, which way the ball would logically rebound. It’s a small thing, but it really makes a difference. It wasn’t perfect, though, and I’d still like to see an updated, better game. Also one that’s less loud.

    Wizorb isn’t bad either. But I don’t exactly think this market is completely locked up.