Rising Storm Has Risen Over The Internet

Rising Storm – a quasi-sideways-sequel-but-also-merger with the splendid Red Orchestra 2 – has been released. As you might expect, it’s a multiplayer FPS where US Army and Marine Corps battles the Imperial Japanese Army across the Pacific theatre.

I’m planning on spending a little time with this – I’m generally reminded of why I always get a kick out of this series of games, particularly with the asymmetrical nature of the two factions, as well as suppression and morale stuff. Anyway, more on this soon, so in the meantime go watch the launch trailer below.


  1. GallonOfAlan says:

    Nice to see the Pacific Theatre getting a look in for a change.

  2. Unrein says:

    That image sure evokes memories of Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

    • Sinomatic says:

      Me too!

      (It was Enemy Territory’s 10 year anniversary this week, incidentally.)

    • oldfart says:

      Yeah, same thing to me. It’s mp_beach again!

  3. scorcher24 says:

    Is this the same launch desaster as with RO2?

    • mOrs says:

      What happened when RO2 launched?

      Oh, and, because it’s bound to happen anyway: Rising face – the face storm

    • MrLebanon says:

      Nope, feedback is fairly unanimous in game: “this is the launch RO2 should have had”

      Not to mention bug fixes that have come along in RS are applied to RO2… the game is quite amazing.

      @mOrs: It was terribly buggy… many couldn’t even run the game. So many issues if you could run the game. Not to mention they launched with a server side hit detection model which made aiming and shooting a bolt action near impossible in +100 ping servers.

      RO2 went from something I wanted to love, to my favourite FPS.

      Very excited for Map contest 2… the last batch of user maps were amazing

      • mOrs says:

        Thanks for enlightening me. Glad that by the time I got RO2, it was just great. Rising Storm feels pretty good so far, too.

        • SlimPickins says:

          he left out the stat system was completely broken, some people super ranked…so the solution was a stat reset after nearly a month. I lost 20 some hours it took me to get just a single unlock. lots of people lost interest after that…

      • derbefrier says:

        Did they fix the hit detection issue? They seemed dead set on not doing shit about it last time I checked. Its a fun game but with such a small community finding populated servers were I could get sub 100 ping was pretty much impossible so I quit playing. I know a mod was created but last time I checked no one played on the servers with that mod enabled. If this is fixed I will reinstall and start playing again and if I like what I see maybe even pick up rising storm.

        • Reapy says:

          Client side hit detection sounds terrible for hacking though, that doesn’t seem like something you want to trust the client with. I feel your pain though with not finding local populated servers, seems to happen a lot with indie games unfortunately.

          • MrLebanon says:

            haven’t noticed any issues with client side detection… it’s a godsend considering how poor the server detection worked.

            Can’t say I’ve ever come across a hacker either

          • ORYLY says:

            There was aimbot-style hacking when they still had server side hit detection. Community or server mod policing works fine especially since the playerbase isn’t huge.

        • wengart says:

          They fixed it and the community has at least quintupled in size since that era of the game.

    • SkittleDiddler says:

      The only big complaint so far is that RO2 owners who haven’t purchased Rising Storm yet have been saddled with RS game data on their computers anyway — around 7 extra GBs. Right now, my install total is sitting at almost 18GB, which doesn’t even include the single-player component or the patch-test beta (which would bring the final install to 44GB).

      • quintesse says:

        Just noticed the same 18GB just for the multi player! wtf??

      • wengart says:

        Everyone who owns Red Orchestra 2 has access to Rising Storm lite. This means that you can play on the maps, but the only available class if riflemen. This allow servers to go from the Eastern front to the Pacific on map change. One match you’re crawling through the ruins of the Stalingrad, the next you’re leading a banzai charge across Hanto river.

  4. phelix says:

    It’s time to show those flamers what a katana can do!

    • Scumbag says:

      By experience I find a katana falls on the floor as its wielder rolls about screaming “AGH! PAIN!” in Japanese.

  5. novac3721 says:

    This is the best shooter I’ve played in a long time. I can’t believe I had ignored RO2 for this long.

    • jkz says:

      Got bored of the main game because of the lack of new maps, had put in at least 300 hours though so not bad going reallt, Rising Storm is something else though, may just be because it’s new but it seems better than the base game to me. The way the sides are asymmetrical is interesting, and it seems to be encouraging better teamwork and comms.

  6. Hazzard65 says:

    Got it. It’s wicked.

  7. stoner says:

    Meh. Yet another MMO FPS. Different graphics. Same concept…same boring, been-there-done-that, nothing really changes…concept.

    If it’s this unoriginal, you might as well add zombies.

    • Kaira- says:

      MMO FPS? RO2:RS? Have I missed something?

    • Luringen says:


    • jkz says:

      Just another lame troll post, same trolling comments, same attempt to enrage gullible readers, it’s so unoriginal you may have well as run it through google translate.

      • stoner says:

        Actually, I wasn’t attempting to troll. I watched the video. It’s an FPS. What is original about this one? What makes it different? What does it have that would want me to part with my hard-earned cash that I cannot already get in the BF3, MOH, and CoD that I already own?

        • wengart says:

          It is a realistic take on two fronts in the Second World War that often are ignored. It is incredibly far from CoD and MoH, and really shoudn’t even be compared to them. It is a little bit closer to Battlefield and the best comparison I can make is Arma with Battlefield added to it.

          You should do some research on the game, maybe watch a lets play or checkout a free weekend sometime.

          This sentence you just wrote is a good one. It is comprehensible and presents your issues with the game and the genre. Your first sentence was a pile of stupid useless words strung together in a poor attempt to make something comprehensible. It was just a shit sentence.

        • Kaiji says:


          Why are you asking a question you already answered?

          Keep telling yourself this game is totally unoriginal with nothing to differentiate it from any other FPS.

          Your loss, bud.

        • El_Emmental says:

          Beside the “realism” part (a lot of historical accuracy AND some historical inaccuracies, added to balance the game or because of The Rule of Cool (see MP40/II, Mkb 42, double-drum mag for MG34, …)), Red Orchestra 2 / Rising Storm distinguishes itself from other FPS (like BF3 / CoD / MoH) by its gameplay.

          While not as “hardcore” as Red Orchestra 1 (unless RO2/RS is played in Classic Mode, on custom maps), RO2/RS has a gameplay that could be qualified as a “tactical shooter” gameplay.

          What is a “tactical shooter”:
          – slower paced gameplay
          – authentic depiction of a specific real-life warfare (or credible depiction of a fantasy warfare)
          – more emphasis on tactics than on reflexes, ultimately favoring teamwork and coordination
          – weak characters (physical capacities and damage resistance) and strong weapons (= 1 hit kill possible in most situations, even at long range)

          Why playing RO2/RS ? What can it brings to the table ?

          a) The game offers longer range engagements, so progress through the battlefield is only possible with physical cover, or visual cover (especially smoke grenades, only available to commanding units), and often require covering fire. Coordinations, communication and situational awareness are vital.

          b) Close-range engagements are more tense and stressful than in other FPS, as death can occur very rapidly (but won’t happen immediately), with very little “second chance”. Self-control, situational awareness and using all visual/audio clues are required.

          c) The specialization of each classes and the non-linearity of most maps makes “solo” players less prone to single-handedly winning an entire round: there is always a situation, a part of the level, where the best player will be stuck and will need the help of his teammates. (Not so true on some stock RO2 maps though)

          d) Sometime, especially on custom maps in RO2 (Classic mode), the authenticity of the gameplay experience brings you to a point where your thoughts, emotions and reactions are based on real-life logic/experience, rather than the game’s logic/experience.

          That level of immersion, greatly cherished in RO1, and fully embraced in Darkest Hour, sometime shows up in RO2 (and will probably sneak its way into a few RS situations).

          There is no words to describe such situations.

          (!) These situations aren’t that frequent:
          – In 200+ hours of RO1, I encountered such situations around ~40 times (~20 being very strong situations)
          – In 100+ hours of DH, ~50 times (~30 being very strong situations, ~10 really marking situations that I’ll never forget).
          – In 300 hours of RO2, I encountered such situations no more than 30 times, with less than 10 times it being a “very strong situation”. The Classic mode, released months later, kinda helped, but it’s still rather far from RO1, let alone DH.

          nb: if you come from a BF3/CoD/MoH (popular AAA FPS) background, having never experienced a deeply moving gameplay experience in a FPS, RO2 is capable of providing very memorable experiences. It only feels “okay” to people who tasted games like DH and could never forget it.

          Examples (from what I experienced in RO1/DH/RO2):

          – Hiding in the wheat field, hearing bullets fly and crack above your head, not knowing where are your squadmates and where is the enemy, hearing some friendly and foreign voices all around you, praying for your safety, crawling forward, trying to find a better cover. You sometime see an enemy running nearby, getting slaughtered by a friendly MG, or a tank, almost running over you. And having to constantly live that, when you’re the one with the AT tank satchel charge/AT grenade.

          – Taking cover inside a trench, waiting for a capture that never ends, each teammate covering his side, waiting and waiting for the inevitable “kill or be killed”, when suddenly you recognize the whistling whine of an artillery strike, falling down on your position. You all scramble to the nearest cover, a corner, a small wooden log, anything that could cover you, and wait for the first hit. That damn first hit, deciding if you are given a chance today.

          You look at each others, with that tensed stare, knowing most of you won’t make it – especially that poor guy, who couldn’t find anything better than lying down where he was, with only luck as a cover. The bodies are cut in pieces, most of your teammates are now inert masses, but the rain eventually stops. The few surviving ones crawl out of their holes, like animals after winter, discovering a “peaceful” place again. A place that will slowly but surely become a tomb once again, as the enemy rushes to take it.

          (I remember that arty strike on Mamayev, we were 6 or 7 trying to fit into that small tiny bunker – a cupboard – (by coincidence, as the commander, I ended up at the very end, protected by my soldiers – like the wounded officer that Roza Shanina protected with her body during their last hours).
          The outer 2 were cut into meat pieces at the very first salvo (a chilling sight), 1 ran out for his life into the fury of hell (never saw him again), the second salvo didn’t landed on us, third landed close, a crouched-sprinting soldier, searching for a shelter, showed up at our entry, see all of us inside, resumed on sprinting to another shelter – hopefully, the other salvos landed elsewhere, leaving us alive)

          [nb: RO1 and DH artillery strikes are MUCH more immersive, scary, authentic and credible, than in RO2/RS, it’s a shame they greatly ‘nerfed’ them in RO2/RS]

          – Sneaking your way through urban ruins, hearing the noise of an armored vehicle and soldiers near it, finding the smallest hole to hide inside, waiting for it to pass… hearing a shell, or a rocket, hits the armor, setting it on fire, hearing the crew crawl outside, burning in pain, emptying your weapon on the accompanying (and panicked) troops.

          – In a tank, feeling that cold sweat, as you crawl through a city, watching every window, door, opening, through the sight of your machinegun, slowly following the infantry, hearing the enemy move around your current position to catch you, preparing yourself to loudly report spotted enemies to the driver and gunner. And managing to dodge three shots of panzerfaust because of proper last-second coordinations (combined with covering fire).

          [Saw the movie “Lebanon” (2009), about an israeli tank getting lost during an unclear mission, and panicking its way out ? The same tension can appear in Darkest Hour (much less in RO2, but you got the idea)]

          – Defending a building, seeing the enemy soldiers running toward your position 200 meters away (nb: very similar to the actual movements of troops observed during WW2, as described in books and seen in army footages), a smoke grenade brings them closer, and suddenly there’s only shadows, coming from the windows, the holes in the walls, from behind and in front of you. Try to not shoot teammates, or try to survive. The incredible tension, madness, of close range combat, is actually (slightly) there.

          And that little drop, is just enough to makes you addicted. No other game genre or subgenre will ever provide that, no game will ever get any closer than that. An authentic tactical shooter is a drug.

          nb: Darkest Hour is still played once a week during the week-end. Its sequel (by the DH devteam), based on the CryEngine, is still being in development (standalone game). If it ends up being a “true” sequel to DH, we might have the most immersive, authentic, WW2 tactical shooter ever made.

          • PopeRatzo says:

            Your descriptions are way better than the game.

          • El_Emmental says:

            The main, biggest problem lies in the players.

            The playerbase of RO1, and especially DH, filtered out an awful lot of obnoxious players, by not having any marketing campaign, having few good servers with admins (rather than tons of admin-less servers like in RO2), and non-compromised game design.

            The marketing campaign, the way the game was described and sold, totally targeted the CoD/BF3 kids (nb: they “released” it – the middle of the beta – just before BF3, to get all the impatient players – and it worked for the sales), by featuring:
            – a Red Army sniper with a cape (“You too can be ‘Vassili Zaitsev’ like in the Hollywood movie)(nb: no cape in the actual game)
            – an “elite” commando Axis soldier, wearing a balaclava, WWI veteran medal and another medal (forgot which one), carrying a scoped Mkb42 with bayonet. I’m surprised there isn’t an ACOG or laser sight

            It worked, thousands of teenagers/young adult bought RO2 thinking it would be “BF3/CoD during WW2”. Nowadays, even if most never played RO2 again, there’s still a few of them ‘playing’ the game on a semi-regular basis.

            That’s why you’ll find people exploiting glitches shamelessly, spawn camping as much as they can, insulting anyone not tolerating their behaviour, and refusing to play the game as intended by the developers (= playing the objectives, and not the K/D ratio).

            That’s also you’ll only find a decent-enough playerbase after 2 am, on Classic mode servers. Before 2 am, on non-Classic servers, you’ll just find the same people you meet on BF3 or the latest CoD, and end up with a very similar multiplayer experience.

            Depending on the players, RO2/RS can be an original game, or yet another generic FPS.

  8. Boosh says:

    so just to clarify, do I need RO2 for this? If not, would I benefit from having RO2? Or can I just ignore RO2 completely and just get this?
    Slightly confused.

    I also ignored RO2 due to its launch issues, but the 25% discount for Rising Storm if I buy RO2 isn’t really enough to make me buy both, mostly down to lack of time though, so it’s one or the other really.

    • mOrs says:

      You can very well just ignore RO2 – Rising Storm is a standalone AddOn and since it is MP-focused (meaning: almost MP only) you won’t miss anything if you only get RS.

      • Ajsman says:

        Actually all the MP content from RO2 is included in RS. So if you buy RS you do get everything.

        • smoozles says:

          Not everything, you are limited to the rifleman class

          • wengart says:

            That isn’t true. “Bonus Content: All Red Orchestra 2 multiplayer content is included with Rising Storm as a free bonus. Fight in the Pacific, then fight on the Eastern Front at any time, all in the same game and same server browser. Find out what made Red Orchestra 2 PC Gamer’s Multiplayer FPS of the Year in 2011 with this award winning content”

            From the Rising Storm Steam page.

            Now if you own Red Orchestra 2:Heroes of Stalingrad, but not Rising Storm then you do have access to Rising Storm, but just as a riflemen.

          • MrLebanon says:

            wengart is correct, buying RS gives u full RO2

          • Boosh says:

            thanks for the info guys, much appreciated. Think I may nab this then, has had pretty much universal praise.

  9. Jimmy says:

    Still no combined arms though with people carriers, right? Neither in Stalingrad nor in Rising Storm.

    • wengart says:

      Not currently, there are hints that Tripwire is making some sort of content patch in the future, now that Rising Storm is out.

      The community is making a bunch of new tanks and carriers also. None are released yet, but I think they want to do a big content patch style release, rather than release one or two vehicles.

    • Solomon Grundy says:

      Why are people so excited about people carriers, i.e. half tracks? In Darkest Hour, it seems like all they did is add an element of it taking longer to get to the front, with the possible added pain-factor of whether you and everyone else in the carrier would just get blown to smithereens before you got there… They added nothing for me. Maybe if you’re a tanker, it’s fun to blow them away or something… Don’t get it.

    • Jimmy says:

      Probably because there were more possibilities of play, even with misusing the halftrack and pissing off your team potentially. It just felt more like war to me with combined arms (minus air, of course). That and there being several types of tanks, anti-tanks and armored cars meant it could be quite intense. I prefer the pace of tank warfare, but I like having the option to change mid-battle to infantry shoot-outs and raids. My favourite memories of this series are probably with the Darkest Hour mod and combined arms maps. DH is still very playable but I am looking forward to something in the newer Unreal engine.

  10. Bobtree says:

    Rising Storm, even if you didn’t buy it, is a mandatory 7GB update on your RO2-multiplayer Steam install (and it replaces the main menu graphics and music, wiped my control configs, and renamed RO2-multi to “Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer”). I really hate how they did this. At the very least, it should have been an OPTIONAL add-on.

    • MrLebanon says:

      even if you didn’t buy it – you can still play it.

      It’s mandatory because the servers all switch between RS and RO2 maps regularly. Would you rather be kicked from a server when it runs an RS map, or stick around and play?

    • jkz says:

      I HATE free stuff. :(

    • wengart says:

      You would literally have two servers to play on in that case. Filter by theater. Yo’ll find two nearly empty servers.

  11. SexualHarassmentPanda says:

    This is one of the best multiplayer FPS games to be release in quite awhile. If you are a shooter fan you owe it to yourself to try it.

  12. Kelron says:

    We have a Steam group and a server, there’s a game scheduled for 9PM UK time.

    link to steamcommunity.com

    Not sure if the server is showing in the server browser yet, you can join by opening the console with ‘ (UK keyboard) and typing “open”.

  13. DXN says:

    That bunker is saying OM NOM NOM NOM.