The Grave Digger Has No Body To Play With

Home Groan Games (yes! I would post this on the strength of that pun alone) have released a trailer for their corpse-exhumation adventure, The Grave Digger. It looks a little crude, perhaps, but I am sure no-one can really resist a game about selling dead bits for profit. Where else are you going to “Take control of shovel-master Fagus in this third person PC action-adventure”?

What’s more is there’s a demo for you to unearth over here.


  1. Gap Gen says:

    This game has humour in spades. Consider me inter-rested.

    • JB says:

      Of corpse, we expected someone to dig up a load of puns. The situation in the RPS comment threads is grave, to say the least.

      • Grygus says:

        Such morbidity seems like overkill; even a shovelful of puns wouldn’t bury this place.

        • Lanfranc says:

          Although I don’t want to barrow trouble, it does seem like the puns are getting more and more cryptic these days.

        • scatterlogical says:

          Yes, I’m mortified that anyone would suggest that we should decease and desist. I always find these threads humerus, they tickle my funny bone, and anyone who disagrees must be dead inside.

          • vivlo says:

            Pun thread death would be the nail in the coffin. or figgin’s our own grave. whatever.

    • Colonel J says:

      One hopes the higher difficulty setting is ‘A stiff challenge’

  2. Bartack says:

    I thought it was going to be, Grave Digging Simulator 2013 Deluxe Edition. =[

    • HomeGroanGames says:

      We can rename it if you like :)

      • analydilatedcorporatestyle says:

        Can I nominate ‘The Fear of Badgers’ or preferably ‘Fear of Badgers’ as you can use the acronym FoB, FoB II Sett Piece. etc! I need to find out why he is scared of badgers quite badly!

        • HomeGroanGames says:

          I like it :) Sounds like a good name if we ever decide to make some DLC for Tully’s back story.

          I’m afraid for now the source of the phobia is secret between Fagus, Tully and at least one or more badgers! :p

          • analydilatedcorporatestyle says:

            :-) I was going to say I’m dying to find out but that is for another thread!

        • Colonel J says:

          FoB III: The Culling Fields

  3. DrScuttles says:

    If Professor Layton bore Pathologic’s sickly child, it would emerge screaming and look like The Grave Digger.

    • HomeGroanGames says:

      I’m going to take that as a compliment! I’m not sure if it is or not, but that’s how I’m going to take it :p

      • DrScuttles says:

        Oh, I meant it in the best possible way. It’s a combination of games that I’d love to play at least. Anyway, I need to play the demo so I can judge it on its own merits.

  4. Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

    No apostrophe in in-cinematic book title? No sale.

    Unless it is the moving tale of some mentally-diminished chaps wot lead other chaps to a place called Gravedigging, I suppose.

    • HomeGroanGames says:

      Damn, good spot. That’s what happens when a dyslexic developer tries to do textures! Cheers for the heads up, I’ll fix it in the next update.

      • Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

        Your commitment to apostrophic correctness stirs the moths from my wallet.

        • Gap Gen says:

          “Sir! Here it is, sir! The burial ground I was telling you of, sir!”
          “Very good! Now back to Bedlam with you.”

        • HomeGroanGames says:

          Well seeing as you’ve done us a favour, I was going to offer you a free copy of the game to say thanks. If you let me know your e-mail address, or contact us from our homepage, I’ll send over the particulars.

          I almost managed to mess it up again by putting ” idiot’s “, when I was informed that it should actually be ” idiots’ ” as the book is for all idiots, not just one idiot’s book. It’s all very complicated, I think I’ll stick to writing code!

          • Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

            I salute your generosity, sir.

          • TimEatsApples says:

            Actually, it should be “Idiot’s”. Sorry. That’s how it’s most commonly used in various real-world “Idiot’s Guides” – see e.g. link to It may be of use to all idiots, but it’s a guide for the (singular) complete idiot, and will tend to be read by one idiot at a time.

          • HomeGroanGames says:

            Crumbs. Maybe I’ll just make the apostrophe and it’s position a configurable option in the settings, cover all my bases. :)

          • Gap Gen says:

            That’s an amazing idea.

          • analydilatedcorporatestyle says:

            It’s’ the apostrophe mini game that will be DLC hopefully

          • The Random One says:

            I think you mean “the apostrophe and its position”.

            Sorry, couldn’t help it!

    • analydilatedcorporatestyle says:

      The Grammar Hammer strikes again! Cursive in all fonts so he is!

  5. Terrormaster says:

    As a huge Halloween and all things grim fanatic I’m definitely picking up this little gem. Everytime I watch the trailer I keep hearing Creature Feature’s Grave Robber at Large – it really SHOULD be the theme song to this game.

  6. Morph says:

    Bit of a Batman parody at the start there?

  7. Halbarad says:

    I have now purchased this rather pointy looking game! Visuals be damned, I’m still in love with Final Fantasy VII and Pathologic and both of those look like a cat just shat out a polygon.

    That and I’m happy to support real people. I now expect the proceeds from my purchase to be spent on Booze in typical British fashion.

    • HomeGroanGames says:

      Cheers for the support Halbarad, we really appreciate it! How are you finding the game? Any thoughts or feedback? We still haven’t actually had a proper review yet (though we’re assured some are in the works) so it would be interesting to hear what people who aren’t us think of it… even if it does make me cry inside :p

      We would normally, of course, have spent the proceeds on booze! But we’re currently holding off the celebratory binge drinking till sales have got into double digits!