Firefall’s Final Public Beta Weekend Approaches!

Thrusting and athletic jetpack MMOFPS Firefall will be offering you another free go on its carousel of skill-based combat delights on Friday June 7th, which will see the start of the game’s last event before the fireworks of its July 9th open beta. I’ve rather enjoyed the limited amount of this game that I’ve played so far, so I am deeply interested to see what the ramping up to a full open beta will mean for it. If you haven’t checked it out yet I would recommend doing so.

Ooh, I love verticality. Best of the opposing dimensions.


  1. Cytrom says:

    Wow.. this thing is still in beta…

    When they announced this, a high quality amitious f2p game seemed like fresh crazy idea, but since then, so many great (and not so great) f2p games have been released, that they completely missed any impact they could have had in the f2p market. Most people probably just stopped caring about it too.

    • CedaVelja says:

      I stopped caring because they promised a lot and delivered so little in so long a time, the game is still not even close to that first gameplay video they released.
      At least for me.
      By the way if anyone needs an actual invite i do have 3 remaining. just post your email adress

    • po says:

      Wow, people who couldn’t be bothered to watch the welcome video when they joined the beta (link to People who haven’t really taken any interest in the beta process, except to just log in and play. People who’re expecting a complete game from a small group of developers, who from the start have said how much the game is a work in progress, and that their beta is different, and far further from completion than most others, because they want feedback earlier.

      You were told when to expect this to go open, you were told that release was a long way off, so why are so many people in this thread expecting a full game? Do you want it to be released before the developers have put in all the work that they’d like to?

      And as for all the complaints that no PvE content has been added, that’s a load of crap. PvE content has been added constantly since that milestone started. More dynamic events were added, so were Ares missions, and the Chosen War content has been started on too.

      Story content isn’t set to be added until later (because, you know, the game is still in closed beta, and coming out of beta part way through the story would be kind of stupid). I guess people didn’t bother looking at the timeline on their loading screens either.

      Take it from someone who actually bothers to read the patch notes and dev blogs, and watches FireFall Live: There’s plenty going on with this game. The reason it’s been in beta for so long, is because these developers aren’t working for the likes of EA, Ubisoft or Activision. They can take the time to listen to feedback on every new feature, and make changes based on that feedback.

      Sure it could all be done a lot quicker, but that would be at the expense of ignoring the players, and releasing content untested.

  2. Seiniyta says:

    I wish I could recommend it but unfortunately it seems this game was way too ambitious a project for Red 5 to handle. Only like a fraction of what’s supposedly going to be in the game is in. the combat feels okay but nothing special. The PvE is a joke, which should be the selling point of the game damnit! The story bits are as uninspired as possible be.

    It can have changed some (last time I played it was about a month or two ago) but still. A game I fear won’t survive for very long.

  3. TwwIX says:

    The development of this game is going nowhere. It’s been two years since i joined the beta and they still haven’t added any content to the game. Red 5 wasted their time constantly revamping shit and catering to the PvP folk. The game originally had a rewarding loot system. Not, anymore. Now it’s solely focused on resource grinding and endlessly crafting various kinds of shit. They even made the crafting system even more convoluted and its interface along with it. Apart from the combat, this game has nothing going for itself. They have a huge open world environment but they’re not doing anything fun or interesting with it.

    • Arglebargle says:

      Yeah, I must say I found the crafting to be impenetrably obtuse. When you are going for extreme convolution, you should really have a good tutorial to lay out the basic bits.

      The hooks into the storyline seem unclear as well. I thought the combat was decent, and wandering the countryside suitably dangerous, but my impression was that they needed some more depth. Since I am pretty much uninterested in the Pvp, any focus that direction is of no use to me. And not sure if it will prove to be time and energy well spent….

    • irongamer says:

      This is so true. It has been a huge disappointment from the PvE side of things. Everything seems to have been lost in the focus on e-sports. I have little hope for this game turning into anything good at this point. Very sad. =(

    • Stevostin says:

      “Apart from the combat, this game has nothing going for itself.”

      Well, the combat is the most important thing. I find the game butt head ugly and I like to shoot people (and if possible, hear them scream “I SMELL DELICIOUS” when on fire) rather than monster, and if I shoot monster, they have to look badder than that. Also it looks like a sci fi cartoon for the 8 yo on a kid channel. I am a grown man, godamit!

      Yet, saying that, you’re quite seeling the game to me. An MMO with decent FPS mechanics ? Do you realise how little FPS exploration game we have, and how the few we have pleased a lot of people ?

      • Suits says:

        “Do you realise how little FPS exploration game we have”
        Like they said, it’s just PvP focused right now, there’s nothing that makes you want to explore.

    • anubis4567 says:

      You’ve been in the beta for 2 years and they’ve added nothing? That’s just a blatant lie. Since I joined 6 months ago they’ve added a world boss and 30 ARES Missions (quick dungeons). But on top of that they completely revamped every “class” in the entire game, adding new abilities and changing the way they play. They revamped crafting, which is less and less confusing with every patch as they put the UI in (don’t know if you were just willfully ignoring the big line of text on the top of the screen when crafting first got implemented that said “UI is a Work In Progress”) Loot recently got added back in too, though its not in its final implementation yet.

      And to top it off, they’ll be opening up 2 new zones for us to explore before open beta.

      If anyone here hasn’t tried the game, I recommend you do. Its definitely not finished, there are some very deep flaws with the game, but its a blast to play.

  4. theoriginaled says:

    Its fun for a bit but its an absolute mess. Its buggy as hell for something this late in production. Let me just throw out there all equipment above stock equipment has a repariability limit. That means it will eventually be broken forever and you will have to craft new equipment. If that thought tuns you off run far away.Some people seem to abhor the notion.

    • Mattressi says:

      Thanks for the heads up. I was starting to get interested in this game, but a repairability limit just sounds ridiculous to me. No way am I going to play/grind just to get gear which will disappear. Unless they’ve balanced this really well, I can’t see how it could work. I’ll stay away until I can find out more about it.

      • anubis4567 says:

        Its really not that bad. The worst part about it is the death penalty, which is a 10% loss of durability. The regular wear and tear from just using stuff is very slow. I’ve got enough stuff crafted for my frames to the point where I won’t need to craft again for another few months at least, only took a couple hours to craft it all. But that death penalty hurts, and I hope they change it. The devs are trying to get trading in before Open Beta and they’ve started to introduce loot drops too, so you won’t be forced to craft for too long.

        Don’t let anything you read deter you, I think its an amazing game and I’d be happy to answer any questions you (or anyone reading this) may have, just send me a message on the Firefall forums (screen name there is anubis4567 just like here)

    • FuriKuri says:

      The repair stuff has just been added recently and currently costs no resources. I wasn’t really aware of this ‘item loss’ business but it seems it hasn’t been implemented yet.

      Don’t get too hung up on it, a lot of this sort of stuff has changed drastically and frequently in the year I’ve played so I wouldn’t be shocked if it never comes to pass or gets tweaked down the line to make the idea more palatable.

      As a new player you can have a lot of fun in this game without spending a penny. It certainly has its problems and PvE content isn’t anywhere near as engaging as it could be but the combat model is great fun.

  5. Disrespecting says:

    I very much doubt that this game will go anywhere.
    The idea was great, the graphics are very nice, but the execution is just extremely poor.

    It just doesn’t last as long as a MMO should, theres too little content and much like Guild wars 2 you wont care about the “Dynamic” events that are not so dynamic after having done them a few times.

  6. Blackcompany says:

    If you are a fan of Sandbox MMO’s, Firefall is a game in desperate need of both your participation, and your Voice. Let me tell you why:

    Firefall, at its core, is a fantastic game. The ambiance alone keeps me playing for hours. Sights and sounds can really immerse a person in this world.

    But the “content kids” are killing the game. And the devs are letting them. For the first year, it was esports this, pvp that. The entire focus was on the wrong part of the game. Red 5 – the Devs – seem to understand their mistake, however, and are trying to refocus on PVE.

    Which is where the “content kiddies” come into it. They are in the forums demanding more developer made content. Constantly insisting on more quests, more hand holding, more direction. At every turn, they demand another theme park MMO. Many of these people are the same ones who have grown bored with every theme park MMO out there – a fact they willfully disclose. And so, they have come to Firefall to help steer the game development in the same direction they have grown bored with a thousand times.

    Myself and a few others keep trying to talk them down from Red 5 down from the quest-n-grind formula. We keep asking for more open world events, more player freedom. We keep asking for less grind, a simplified crafting system. At every turn we voice our desire to eliminate grind and spreadsheets so devs can focus on game play, events and more of the world.

    And every time we do this, the content kids come out of the wood work. They actually defend the grinding, the repetition, and the need for more hand holding, scripted questing. Just like in every other MMO they have ever grown bored with.

    Firefall needs fans of sandbox gaming. It really does. But I won’t lie. It might be too little, too late. I’ve a sneaking suspicion that this game may be beyond saving. I hope I am wrong, but I fear i am not.

    • AngoraFish says:

      …but there’s no ‘sandbox’, with nothing significant to interact with or influence.

      Where are the emergent stories going to come from, wandering about a repetitious map shooting spawns?

      The map is entirely static, other than that the war-front shifts a little from time to time. There is literally no capacity for the player to influence anything other than killing monsters/aliens/whatever.

      Minecraft is a sandbox. Civilization is a sandbox. EVE Online is a sandbox. Firefall is simply a shooter with no purpose.

      Sandboxes emerge out of the random and unexpected interaction of complex variables, creating genuinely unique experiences.

      Firefall is not the game that you were hoping it to be. All you have left to do is grieve a little for what might have been, then move on.

      • darkChozo says:

        There are sandbox-y elements, the biggest probably being the Chosen invasion stuff (outposts/watchtowers can be captured or even swallowed by the Melding without player intervention, random Chosen stuff throughout the map), smaller stuff being resource nodes (can be mined out, are periodically refreshed/randomized, player-made races (small but world-affecting), and hub power levels (have to be maintain by players, unlock buffs). It’s undercooked, but there’s definitely some stuff there.

        I think Firefall would do well to add more sandbox elements along the looser definition of “open world with stuff to do” (ie. GTA), which is what I think the OP is referring to. More open world events, more stuff that you can just run across that’s not you-driven, a more reactive world. Some sandbox elements would be good, but I’m not sure if a Minecraft+ level of interaction is really feasible design-wise.

        • Blackcompany says:

          Thanks for helping me clarify my own thoughts. More of this sort of thing is exactly what Firefall needs. Granted, its never like to achieve EVE-like Sandbox elements. Its sharded, for starters. And its highly PVE Focused as well.

          Nonetheless, I think more random events would help increase the sandbox like feel of the game. For instance, Skyrim-style persistent, respawning Chosen patrols that you could simply run across in in your travels, or while mining. Ditto for bandits.

          The game still has potential – though its fading fast. I’m just afraid the MMO-as-usual crowd is going to kill this one, too.

      • Blackcompany says:

        This is, very probably, the sad truth regarding Firefall.

        There was a time when I thought the game would ‘go sandbox’ in the longer run. Instead, its pretty well gone Skinner Box. Pretty skinner box, with great ambiance, granted. But Skinner Box all the same.

        Fortunately, there’s a cure for that sort of grieving. The man doing the grieving is reminded by the men on the site where he likes to type things, that the foremost sandbox MMO of all time – EVE – has a new expansion out, and then the man doing the grieving re-subs to EVE. Voila! Recovery!

      • ssh83 says:

        That’s exactly his point. Red 5 cannot work on sandbox and open-world features when they got their hands tied doing theme-park MMO content. For example, the very core sandbox experience is player-driven world progression, defense, and building. Faction-owned territory and world pvp (like Eve). Those things are not done yet because they’re working on these other things, like making your gear degrade and disappear over time.

      • Shezo says:

        In your opinion, Skyrim is not a sandbox game ?

        • AngoraFish says:

          Not sure if directed at me, but I’ll bite.

          Skyrim is only a sandbox to the extent that there is such a large amount of scripted content that one often feels like one has more freedom than one actually does. Practically, however, your only choice is which of the heavily-scripted missions to pick and in what order, with a couple of choose-your-own-adventure decision trees thrown in to mix things up slightly for the second play through.

          I can’t think of any potential for emergent situations that might ultimately make my game experience significantly different from anyone else’s, or my second play-through substantially different from the first.

          Perhaps my view would be different if there ever might emerge a situation in which two housecarls clashed because you’ve inadvertently been leading both of them on, or if you might discover that you can’t complete a mission because the market for widgets had collapsed while you were out foraging and they are no longer required.

          For what it’s worth, although far from flawless, Space Rangers 2 might possibly be the definitive sandbox RPG. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

  7. darkChozo says:

    There are sandbox-y elements, the biggest probably being the Chosen invasion stuff (outposts/watchtowers can be captured or even swallowed by the Melding without player intervention, random Chosen stuff throughout the map), smaller stuff being resource nodes (can be mined out, are periodically refreshed/randomized, player-made races (small but world-affecting), and hub power levels (have to be maintain by players, unlock buffs). It’s undercooked, but there’s definitely some stuff there.

    I think Firefall would do well to add more sandbox elements along the looser definition of “open world with stuff to do” (ie. GTA), which is what I think the OP is referring to. More open world events, more stuff that you can just run across that’s not you-driven, a more reactive world. Some sandbox elements would be good, but I’m not sure if a Minecraft+ level of interaction is really feasible design-wise.

  8. F3ck says:

    This looks like exactly the type of game I’d love…too bad there’s other people in it…yeccchhh.

    • ssh83 says:

      In other MMO, you resent other players for stealing your kills. In Firefall, you welcome other players helping you out because kill and quest credits are locked to the first person who tag/trigger it. Everyone wins regardless of if they solo or played team.

  9. killmachine says:

    i really appreciate rps still covering firefall. a game that got a lot of potential but over the years of development it just went nowhere. the developer did some changes and added stuff here and there but the game very much feels like the game that i played almost 2 years ago.

    aside from missing activities and most importantly a goal to work towards to, it really suffers on the technical side of things. i never got a consistent framerate, there are always smaller hickups when you run around in the open world, especially towns are a huge hit for performance, even though they are almost empty. the netcode and ai are abysmal. everything works with a 250ms delay. fights against ai never are consistent, it’s very random all the time. enemy animations and pathfinding are all handled on the server which leads to glitched visual behavior basicly all the time.

    so, yea… the game is no where what they showed in 2010. you can almost say it’s false advertisement. but make up your own mind. the 2010 pax presentation is still on youtube. compare it to the current game… by the end of this year, i am pretty certain that the servers will shut down and red5 studios will close.

    • darkChozo says:

      Huh? I got in the beta early last year, played for about a day because there wasn’t much to do, and didn’t touch it until about a month ago. It’s definitely changed a bunch since then, though it still feels horribly incomplete; I hardly can imagine that it’s the same as two years ago. It still feels like the same game because, um, it’s the same game, just with more content.

      I just skimmed the PAX video, and it was actually surprisingly accurate to current gameplay given its age and probable status as a near-tech demo. With the fairly recent inclusion of shuttle ships, the only thing that I saw that isn’t in the current game is that Titan thing (well, that, and the graphics seem a bit shinier in the demo).

  10. ND1Razor says:


  11. Megakoresh says:

    If you want to try this game out I have 2 codes:

  12. zaik says:

    it’s basically resource grinding for pve content slapped on top of a bad slower version of tribes: ascend for pvp, which itself is a bad slower version of starsiege tribes.

    unless they have some extremely large patch coming containing basically all the pve content they ever intended to include that wasn’t thumping or getting bent over by a bazillion chosen attacking a city nobody cares about because there’s no reason to, don’t bother with this.