Humble Bundle 8 Gets Four Games Bigger

The eighth Humble Bundle boasts an extraordinary line-up of recent indie royalty. Proteus, Thomas Was Alone, Hotline Miami, Capsized, Awesomenauts, Dear Esther and Little Inferno, plus their soundtracks. It seemed like the best one yet. So naturally they’ve added another four games.

It now also contains the flawed but often lovely Tiny & Big In Grandpa’s Leftovers, super-tough puzzle game English Country Tune, side-scrolling wolf-rider Intrusion 2, and excellent RTS Oil Rush. And their soundtracks. All four, along with Hotline Miami, are in the “pay more than” category, at $5.61 at the time of writing. A whopping £3.75 for ten games.

The bundle has already sold an incredible 365,000 copies, making a total of over $2m in just over a week. Remarkable numbers, although I note the Bronies have failed to outdo Notch in the Top Contributors column this time. That’s always a fun battle to watch, but they’re a no-show for this one, meaning Notch has only had to throw in $5k to keep the top spot. Boo.


  1. LionsPhil says:

    Already had it separately myself, but Intrusion 2 is fun times.

    • boundless08 says:

      Intrusion was the first thing I downloaded as it’s less than 80MB and it is amazing! The flow of it is very cool and I love how the wolf spazs out in confined spaces.

    • Kobest says:

      Totally agreed! I got it DRM-free from the developer months ago, and had a blast. Once I finished it, I instantly started hard mode. It flows really well, the music rocks (pun intented, since it’s rock music), the bosses are really memorable…I could go on and on.

      • Randomer says:

        Can it loosely be described as in the Contra genre?

        • Mr. Mister says:

          I’d actualy describe it as a Contra/Metal Slug made with nowaday’s current tech and quality standards., including a physics engine that honestly works better than Havok. You have more health points, but there’s no such a thing as invincibility frames: don’t dodge a burst and die.

          And all of it made by a single russian (except the music). I don’t know man, but he has some crazy talent in designing and delivering boss fights. The final one, which he spent 5 months working on, is mindblowing.

          EDIT: Also, a whole level is a Shattered Soldier reference.

    • db1331 says:

      I had never even heard of it, but I followed your link to the store page, and after watching the first 15 seconds of the video there, I am now buying this bundle. Thanks!

    • Likethiss says:

      Lol, i bought the bundle because Intrusion 2 seemed very cool indeed. Only to be told i own it already! So i hope im not breaking any rules but heres my extra key : KL9KR-M3PCK-CIF2X

    • Arathain says:

      Intrusion 2 was actually what pushed me over the edge and made me get the bundle. I’d been doing so well at holding out, too. Still, no regrets; it’s a big heap of fun.

      The bit where I was riding a giant wolf, and an annoying fellow on a jetpack flew a bit too close and the wolf snapped him out of the air was pretty cool. I also liked zooming down a snowy mountainside on a twisted piece of metal debris fighting ninjas with swords and missile launchers on rocket sleds.

    • belgand says:

      Odd. When I played the demo last year it was so mind-bogglingly bad that I couldn’t mange to put up with getting to the end of it. I’m not alone in this either. A friend who bought it in last year’s Steam Summer Sale referred to it as the worst game he’d ever played.

  2. scorcher24 says:

    If you bought the game before the new games got added, you get them nonetheless.

    • DrScuttles says:

      Oh, yeah. Has that always been the case? I already had most of the games in the bundle so I (shamefully) paid below the average and split the money accordingly, figuring that if some good games were added I could increase my pledge and get them too. But they’re already there and I haven’t paid for them. I’m a terrible person and ought to correct that.

      • Hmm-Hmm. says:

        As far as I can remember, yes, that’s always been the case.

  3. RedViv says:

    Except for Oil Rush, for which this one can only give an “intriguing twist, IF you like GalCon type games”, ALL of these games are quality-wise unconditionally recommended by this one.
    This bundle has an almost criminal joy-per-quid ratio.

    • Humppakummitus says:

      I like this joy/quid unit a lot more than the traditional hour/quid one. We still need to quantify joy, though.

      • Fanbuoy says:

        Agreed. I’d say it’s about 12.

      • LordMidas says:

        If one joy = one quid, and a joy is equivalent to having a happy giddy feeling, then 8 joys/£3.75 = a slight fit of spine tingling happy face shuddering with a portion of wee leakage.

  4. MadFox says:

    It may not be a big deal but a link in the thread would be appreciated.

  5. jimbobjunior says:

    You don’t get the Hotline Miami soundtrack in the bundle, sadly.

    • Lars Westergren says:

      Licencing issues got complicated due to the many artists involved apparently. But if you redeem your key on Steam and install it, you can find ogg files of the soundtrack om


      (Haven’t tried it myself but it is what people are saying on Reddit).

  6. MTstr says:

    You seem to be missing a link.

    The concept of “pay more than the average” was truly a masterstroke. This is the first time I think I’ve seen the Windows average price go above $5.

    • Teovald says:

      In my opinion Humble Bundle is the best thought out bundle system :
      – Paying more than the average to get more games makes a lot of sense and give an incentive to do not be a douche that pays the minimum.
      – The introduction video is always pretty good : short & funny description of all the games in the bundle.
      – Multiple payment options available (some of us can’t or don’t want to use Paypal..)
      – Wide platform availability.

      It is not perfect, The Humble Bundle Android app sucks and some of the Linux/MacOsX/Android versions are just broken but that’s a very good shop.

  7. Curundir says:

    Now that they added even more great games, I felt guilty and doubled what I originally payed. And I still feel guilty. Best bundle I ever saw, looking forward to playing all of these games! ALL of them!

    • belgand says:

      Really? I’ve found it to be the most disappointing HIB in quite a while. Especially compared to previous bundles like 5 or 6. Most of those were just wall-to-wall classics. This is rather a shoddy collection of semi-gamelike objects, a couple of also-ran games, and a few that are actually quite terrible. The only two legitimately good, excellent titles in the bundle are Hotline Miami and Capsized. And while Capsized is very good Hotline Miami is the only one to have significant name recognition compared to previous bundles that were often awash in top-tier games that had received significant press.

      • jamesgecko says:

        Thomas Was Alone and Intrusion 2 are legitimately great. I hadn’t really heard anything about them before this bundle, but they do deserve a more widespread recognition.

        I’ve haven’t played English Country Tune yet, but I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews about it from the people who have.

        Tiny and Big is also a sort of cult classic in the online forums I frequent. It’s super short, so maybe it’s not a central pillar of the bundle, but I’ve certainly don’t have any complaints about it’s addition.

        I haven’t played Awesomenauts much, but it seems pretty ok. The others I haven’t gotten to yet.

        I feel like maybe you’re getting hung up on popularity too much.

  8. knux81 says:

    Proteus…Man that game is trippy as heck. Great fun though I chased a “bunny” around for twenty minutes cos it made and awesome sound.

  9. roryok says:

    I bought Humble 8 before these extra games were added, but apparently I get them anyway! Yay!

  10. MOKKA says:

    I own almost all of those games, however I’m still intrigued to buy it, just to get some of the soundtracks. The Soundtrack of Tiny & Big is especially amazing.

  11. lowprices says:

    Now I want to play a game in which Notch rushes around to make sure he’s constantly more generous than bronies. It could be free to play, and you could speed up your generosity via microtransactions, which would be donated to real charities!


    • GameCat says:

      I think you just found a gold mine for charities.

    • Teovald says:

      I never understood what that thing was . Who are the bronies (fans of a pony show ???? ) ? And why are they regularly trying to be the biggest Humble Indie Bundle contributors ?

      • Bhazor says:

        Answer to every question: MASSIVE. NERDS.

      • Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

        Bronies are adult male fans of My Little Pony.

        They are strange demi-humans who should be shunned by society for their irrational fixation on Apple Jack’s adorable Southern drawl, Pinky Pie’s infectious sense of fun, Rainbow Dash’s commitment to pushing her physical limits, Fluttershy’s gentle kindness, Rarity’s beauty and sense of fashion, and Twilight Sparkle’s luxurious, gorgeous, oh-so-brushable mane that just begs you to run your fingers through it for hours on end.

  12. Apocalypse 31 says:

    Where’s the guy who always pretends he can’t afford these?

    I’ll bet he can get someone to buy this for him.

    • sinister agent says:


      I usually can’t afford these. In fact this one is the first game I’ve bought this year, I just couldn’t resist that many excellent games for such a low price.

      But I went without a couple of meals to do it. Some people can’t afford to do that. There are always people poorer than you think, however comfortable your life is, so kindly stop being a dick about it, thanks.

      • roryok says:

        A couple of meals for £3.75? Where the hell do you shop!?!

        Also, don’t sacrifice eating for games!

        • DXN says:

          It’s certainly possible to have a meal for £1.88 if you’re smart about it and don’t mind eating stuff like beans and rice, and some people have to. Depending on your situation, the job market and the benefits system can both be shitty and inadequate. Throw in unexpected expenses and dependents and it ain’t a rare situation to be truly scraping by in this country.

          But sometimes you buy games and other little indulgences anyway because it helps relieve the soul-grinding boredom and frustration of being broke.

        • sinister agent says:

          It’s fine, I’m not starving, and it’s not something I do often. If you plan your meals and cook in bulk, as anyone on a really tight budget will have to, you can stretch food pretty far. It gets bland, but it’s probably healthier than some people’s diets anyway.

          Also, what DSX said above. Sometimes people need a frivolous thing like a game or day out or a bottle of booze. There’s being alive, and then there’s living.

          Thanks for the concern though, I do appreciate it.

          • defunct says:

            Beans and rice are awesome, so don’t knock them. I was looking to save a few bucks and get a nice game selection, too, but this one isn’t it for me. I’m gonna save for games that I’ll actually play. Don’t see a single one here I’d enjoy, so I’m not sacrificing my eating for gaming this time around! Just so tired of the arcade games. They’ve been around 4 decades now, and people still play them. I don’t get it. I fall asleep just watching the demos.

      • jamesgecko says:

        Humble Bundle buying tips for poor people!

        – If you buy the bundle in it’s first week, you get the new beat-the-average games when they are added in the second week. Even if you don’t beat-the-average. This time around, you’d have missed out on Proteus and Hotline Miami, but you’d have gotten everything else. Strike early!

        – The previous bullet point does not apply to the Humble Weekly Sales; those don’t get surprise games added midway through.

        – If you want the beat-the-average games, buy the bundle as early as possible. In my casual observation, the BTA price generally only goes up.

        – You can purchase the games for less than a dollar. But you’ll cost the Humble Bundle folks a bit of money for the transaction fees, and you won’t get a Steam key.

        – You can always up your donation later.

  13. vivlo says:

    English Country Tune is so so so awesome.

    • Bhazor says:

      Damn straight. The perfect game for anyone with a sadomasochistic relationship with their own brain.

  14. Mr. Mister says:

    Intrusion 2’s soundtrack is pretty rad, check out the extended version of the final boss’ theme: link to

    In-game, you basically shit your pants until moreorless 1:10 on the extended version. THEN it starts attacking and shit gets seriously serious.

  15. Cloudiest Nights says:

    Dang! I bought Proteus just a couple of weeks ago! Oh wait, Intrusion 2? Ok then!