Location Location: Location Services

Location Services is the next game from Owl Cave, those behind the really excellent Richard & Alice. There’s reason to pay attention. Another is it’s a side-scrolling puzzler with security evasion. The next is it features anagrams. I love anagrams! Raves magnolia! A minor salvage! I normal savage! Am vagina loser?

You will play, they say, Anthony Lira, “a collector of information who tracks down individuals for money.” The game will involve password cracking, interrogations, and a bunch of puzzles, we’re assured. BUT I NEED TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THE ANAGRAMS!

Ah, I see. So there will be a bunch of solving anagrams and “grid reference puzzles” against a clock, presumably in the name of security-breaking antics, all in your hunt for a man called “D”. Owl Cave explain the change in direction from adventure Richard & Alice as the result of a mission statement for the next project:

“Something a bit less depressing.”

There’s no word on a release date as yet. In the meantime, can people recommend anagram-based games they know of?


  1. rei says:

    A slavering Mao!

  2. Gap Gen says:

    Am vagina loser :(

  3. belgand says:

    There’s a Joey Mallone cameo in this?

  4. belgand says:

    Vile oceanic sorts.

  5. frightlever says:

    Hmm. Will keep an eye on this. Richard & Alice was decent though some of the writing was a bit cringey.

  6. VelvetFistIronGlove says:

    Ooh, another game from the dynamic duo of Eby Swindle and Satan H. Zero! Looking forward to it.

  7. TWChristine says:

    I read that as “Lactation Services” and thought that was pretty bad until I saw some of these anagrams..