A Few More Hours With: Marvel Heroes

I don’t think I’ve ever written a more negative preview than for Marvel Heroes. There was a reason for that: it was terrible. Ever optimistic, and hugely hopeful for a fun F2P entry in the Marvel universe, I’d hoped to return to the game to see if criticisms of its alpha and beta phase had been taken on board, to create the superhero MMO/aRPG we’d been hoping for. So far, it’s doing its best to stop me finding out.

Diablo 3 pissed a lot of people off, us included, with its moronic necessity to be always online for no good reason. Marvel Heroes takes the online nature of the genre a step further, with MMO-like shared areas in its dungeon-crawling click-me-do, both hubs and large regions for battling bads, between the solo-able dungeons. None of it actually adds anything to the game that I’ve been able to discern, but it does a better job of excusing why the game is online. It is defiantly multiplayer, against all sense.

Twice, in the same very early mission (coincidence, rather than a specific bug) I’ve had the game blink out of existence and be replaced with the login screen. So twice I’ve lost the dreary progress of running toward that point, through an instanced underground station, to the nightclub district. It’s the second mission in the game, and it’s just as uninteresting as it was in beta, but at least here I can view it in a sensible resolution. Until it vanishes. Trying to log in again, I eventually receive errors about being unable to reach the authentication server. Which it suggests is likely a problem with my internet connection. And what is it really? Visit the forums and it’s apparently deliberate maintenance. Maintenance they’ve not informed themselves about, not forewarned with global messages in game, and such that their own loader doesn’t know, thinks the game is online, and lets you try to launch. (And doesn’t explain last night’s drop.) It doesn’t sing of a game that’s been tweaked to perfection.

Yes, it’s the day after launch, and teething problems and extensive offline time seem woefully inevitable with all MMOs these days. It’s just, well, Marvel Heroes doesn’t feel like an MMO in any useful sense. It’s an action RPG where MMO happens to you, against your will. The opening shared hub leads to the peculiarly depressing sight of five Hawkeyes, three Storms, four The Things, and three Daredevils on the same spot, all hanging around in the same blue square, being given the same mission by the same person, which they’ll all inevitably play on their own. Until the game doesn’t let them any more.

At this point it starts to feel self-defeating. It was great to play JC Denton in Deus Ex – you felt special, important, significant. Had you started the game in UNATCO HQ with fourteen other identically dressed JCs, standing in a crowd around a single Joseph Manderley, you’d have felt like a sausage in a sausage factory. As well you are here.

The reason you’ll see Things, Storms and Hawkeyes is because of the dire selection of characters available for free at the start of the game. Anyone you might actually want to play (understand that the Hawkeye on offer is the ridiculous purple and pink version, rather than the excellent Fraction reboot – you’ll have to pay money to get that) costs real-world money. So for Spider-Man, Iron Man, Cyclops or Deadpool, expect to hand over the heftiest chunks of cash. And the most interesting characters in the Marvel NOW era of their comics – Loki, the Young Avengers, the FF – are nowhere to be seen.

For our review, creators Gazillion gave us 10,000 in game “G”. So yes, this article is entirely bought. And that’s actually a ludicrous amount of pretend money – to buy it would cost around $90. Which puts my spree into some perspective. Having paid 2000G for Spider-Man as a playable character, 1200 to stop Hawkeye looking like a complete idiot, and 1250 for a pet dinosaur, were I just some awful ordinary member of the public like you, that would have set me back over $40. Utterly ludicrous. What feel like nothingy trinkets – a different character to play as, a pet of dubious worth – possibly purely decorative, and some pretend clothes, costing more than a new copy of Torchlight 2 or Van Helsing.

It’s important to note that the game certainly has improved since the beta. Not only that it no longer looks like it was made for Amiga, but the dreadful animations have been fixed, and the sprawling locations seem to me to be a lot smaller. But what I couldn’t tell in the barren beta servers was just how much the enforced multiplayer was going to spoil just about everything.

Imagine you’re playing Titan Quest, Diablo II, or whatever your preferred ARPG might be. You’re soloing at the moment, and you’re in a brand new location. What’s the feeling? If you’re like me, it’s one of buzzing with potential. You’re going to encounter new enemies, likely find better loot, and tick off a bunch more missions from your list. The map’s all greyed out, and the territory is yours to explore! Now imagine that with your first footstep you encounter seven other players fighting all the enemies just ahead of you. Half of which are wearing the same costume as you.

That’s the Marvel Heroes experience. It’s not designed to play like an MMO, where aggroed enemies will focus on the players who bothered them. Instead it’s a giant free-for-all, where everyone else is there to spoil any fun you might be having. For one blessed moment I found a stretch of snake-filled sand where there was no one else around, and finally found myself facing a half-decent challenge. At last there were more than just three enemies attacking at once, and I was having to do more than point the cursor. And then two Daredevils turned up and starting killing them too. And I was back to being bored. It’s like when you’re playing an MMO, happily dealing with a mob, and then some other player swoops in and “helps”, and you think, “Gee, thanks you, but I was fine.” Except, for the whole game. And you’re doing it just as much as anyone else, or you wouldn’t have anything to do at all.

Dungeons can be privately instanced, but the game rather peculiarly defaults to auto-joining you to a party when you go into them. This has the bonus of making the dull, repetitive areas get finished more quickly, but again robs you of any challenge, or chance to deploy skill. Uncheck the auto-join option, and you can take these on for yourself, with significantly weaker enemies.

There’s lots in here for the MMO stuff too. There seem to be some Daily somethings, but it was greyed out and didn’t seem to want me to know, along with some challenges that were also greyed out. Presumably they’re for when you’re a higher level – the game has no interest in making this clear. In fact, it has no interest in telling you why you do anything, really. Instead it’s SHIELD agents telling you that you need to stop HYDRA from doing something, and AIM from doing something else, and the Brood, and the Hand, and I imagine it can’t be long before the Kree and the Skrulls make an appearance. Then you go click on them a bunch, probably ending in a boss fight. Except for most of that time other people are clicking on them at the same time.

And in order to ensure that there are enough enemies on any map to suffice for this mad free-for-all, they spawn at an idiotic rate. And there’s no rationalising it here – they just PING into existence in front of you, all the time. At one point I saw 16 members of The Hand all ping in at once, but seem to get stuck in a squatted position, just wobbling a bit as I and one of the seventy billion Daredevils killed them all. I imagine eight or so Scarlet Witches were casting their big wobbly pattern on the ground nearby. They usually are.

Switching to a different hero is still just as stupid as before. Having bought Spider-Man, and switched over to him mid-battle, he is of course only level 1, compared to my Hawkeye’s level 12. So he dies instantly. And to get him to the point where he’d be a character I could continue playing with? I’d have to start the whole linear drear-fest again. Why? After having spent what should have cost me an astonishing $20 to unlock Spider-Man as a character, why on Earth can’t he be the level of my other characters? Or at least be the same level at the point of purchase. TWENTY DOLLARS. The average price of an ARPG! The idea of playing it through for a third or fourth time to unlock further characters just seems impossible.

Marvel Heroes is definitely a better game than the beta version that was so utterly dreadful. But it really is nowhere near good enough. It’s free, for sure, so long as you want to play as a character they know you don’t really want to play as. But ultimately my brief hours with it were very dull. There’s no panache to the combat, there’s no pleasure in the loot drops, there’s no intricacy to levelling (to the point of only upgrading abilities – there aren’t even attributes to boost) – were it an offline, single-player ARPG, it would be a disappointing one. That it’s then made more alienating by its MMO overcrowding, and completely fails to find any joy in its license, makes it very hard to like at all. Oh, and running through a distinctly un-Marvel area strewn in (identical) piles of dead bodies, my Hawkeye sighed to himself, “Why are all the beautiful ones taken?” Which weirdly was perhaps the highlight of the experience.


  1. hlm2 says:

    $20 for a character!? That’s the worst free to play model since Battlefield Heroes went public!

    • Continuum says:

      Only Spider-Man, Deadpool, and Iron Man are $20. Don’t ask me why, I guess just popularity/demand. All the other characters are $6, $9 or $12. You also receive new characters as random drops. Still pricey, but I feel this article was a little one sided in presenting the worst possible spin on this game without balancing it with any of the positives.

      • RogerioFM says:

        I have seem a lot of bad stuff on this game, mostly regarding the F2P model. That being said, John’s review seems as unprofessinal as ever. I mean, I understand he did not like the game, it’s bad, but he made no effort to provide a more based insight on his points.

        • leQuack says:

          Actually, for a negative review I think this one is rather well put. For reviewers, it’s all too easily to just join in on the shitstream and burn something to the ground, and I think John actually tried to have fun, but was stopped by the game itself.

        • RvLeshrac says:

          If the game is shit, the game is shit. I don’t want to hear about Tiny Insignificant Good Detail if the rest of the game is shit.

          I’m not sure where people got this idea that “balance” is necessary, or even good (Murdoch, I guess). Reviews exist to tell us whether or not the product is worth purchasing. They’re not here to defend it.

        • Flopper says:

          You think he was too mean. I think he went too easy on them. The game is shit. Even without buying characters the base game is shit. It’s a Marvel cash-in. And it would appear they are accomplishing their goals. I’ve read more than a few forums posts with what seems like TONS of people having bought a founder pack or bought multiple heroes.

          I hate that these kinds of things accomplish their goals. All that tells developers is this is a proven profitable tactic. So now we will continue to see this kind of trash.

          • Tradewindrain says:

            Agree completely. Why bother working hard on your game when you can just make the only decent things (even if just comparatively decent) ‘pay-to-play’? This whole perspective is making games look washed up from the moment they’re released for those who aren’t willing to pay the ridiculous sums of money required, and it sucks.

      • Beartastic says:

        I’ve played the game and I found it to be absolute garbage. It’s a boring, sterile mess. The freemium facepunch is just the brown icing on the feces.

    • Kaela says:

      seems the writer has played 2hours and wrote this… so yes if u want to have one of the 3 heroes that are 20$ it’s expensive but there is a lot of things to drop, even costume, heroes, craft to boost attributes, etc…

      it seems there is something more after the early story. like missions, pvp, etc… but that comes after the story and the writer didn’t do half of it.

      it’s not the game of the year for sure, but it does not deserve such hate and there is more than what the writer says.
      it’s a free to play, try it.

      • YuriLowell says:

        It bugs me that he thought his new character should be auto leveled up instead of him having to re grind and progress with him. What game has that feature in it? Any game where you create (or get) a new character requires you to level them up from 1. And if you use the excuse that he payed for it, in other f2p mmos you usually only get 2 character slots before having to go premium to get more, so 1 time payment of 20 for character or 5,10,15 monthly for more characters?

  2. aliksy says:

    Seems about right.

    Also of note is that the client is 11gb. Eleven! None of that fancy streaming technology here.

  3. Morph says:

    Christ, character packs on Steam are £64.99 for 4 characters and some costumes. Who in their right minds would pay that?

    • hlm2 says:

      I am however mightily amused by the idea of costumes for the Hulk.

      • trjp says:

        He has a pants slot and a RAGE slot – it’s quite well done from that perspective.

        Actually everything about the lore of the thing is spot-on – if you like Marvel you will like everything in the game

        It’s just the game under the everything which is utterly meh…

        • darkChozo says:

          Okay, somehow hearing the details of how it works makes it more ridiculous. I’m imagining Bruce Banner searching unconscious mooks for stretchy purple pants and anger.

    • Continuum says:

      You can buy individual characters and costumes in game for $6 on up. It still feels pricey, but it’s not like you have to pay the huge amount for the full character packs. Also, extra characters and costumes are random drops in game along with the various armor/weapon pieces, so if you play long enough, you’ll get more characters and costumes.

  4. Shezo says:

    In short :


    • wyrmsine says:

      That pretty much describes my experience with the game and it’s community, yes. The initial feedback thread in the official forum appeared to be the same three people, posting glowing comments under various pseudonyms, presumably for the benefit of Gazillion management.

      • OgGamer1973 says:

        Yeah, Darkbeast and Megaman are the main apologists for Gazillion in the forums…hell, they are combined like 75% of forum posts, lol. Pricing, drops rates, all heated topics, and those two work in tandem to shut down anyone who dislikes the current setup…

        the review is spot on though, you could get into more detail, but that detail would be just as unpleasant.
        Way I see it, it’s just Hellgate: London all over again… welcome to Hellgate: Marvel.

        • Kurtino says:

          Thank god I wasn’t the only one who noticed that, like over 5 thousand posts done by that Darkbeast guy, didn’t stick around long enough to find out about Megaman but if anyone criticised or suggested a improvement for the game Darkbeast would be first to reply saying why they were wrong and that things should be kept the same.

          Suggested that they could keep costumes non item related, so they don’t clutter up any slots, inventory, can’t be accidentally dropped, destroyed or donated and that you could swap them on the go and that Darkbeast guy was the first to reply to me saying how the system was perfect already and it doesn’t need to be changed.

          I swear that development team are basing their entire game off of that guy’s mind.

  5. Nicodemus Rexx says:

    wooow… 20 bucks for Spider man?

    Sometimes to give myself perspective, I like to compare what I would pay for a DLC character, to what I might pay for a readily available Action Figure of that character over at Toys R Us, approximating it’s in game “fun factor” to levels of poseability and crap.

    To cut to the chase: That ain’t worth it.

    • trjp says:

      That’s the dumbest value-for-money comparison I’ve ever heard.

      Next you’ll equate the amount of text in a game to a supermarket top 10 paperback in value terms…

      • Phendron says:

        It’s a fair comparison. You don’t pay extra for game text (yet) and costumes for games like this or League of Legends are essentially virtual action figures, in the ‘pay to make my guy look cool/have an exclusive thing’ spectrum.

        • runtheplacered says:

          It’s definitely not a fair comparison. Mainly because you’re forgetting the base game is free. So, let’s say you spent $20 on Spider-man. Well, that’s it. You spent $20 on a video game. I fail to see how that’s a big deal. It just so happens, of course, that he’s an incredibly pricey character. Let’s not mention all the other characters that are much cheaper.

          I’m surprised people here are bashing this F2P model in particular. All of the actual content is free, it’s just characters, boosts, and costumes that are for sale. And even those all drop. But then again, I rarely understand why people rage the way they do on RPS.

      • Soldancer says:

        Can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or not, so I’ll chime in and say I found the action-figure analogy quite awesome. I pretty much always make monetary decisions in terms of what else I could do for the money that I would enjoy.

        • trjp says:

          The HUGE difference between an action figure and an in-game character is similar to the difference between a retail, drm-free game and a Steam game.

          One of them can be resold – in the case of action figures which aren’t removed from their packs, quite possible for MORE than you paid for it.

          That’s my issue with the comparison – in a nutshell.

          Well that and the fact that comparing a physical thing with a digital thing is silly in any case, really. I get the ‘time spent with it’ analogy and even tho it’s decades since I’d have done anything with a figure other than finding it someone nice to gather dust, I still don’t quite get the connection :)

          • Nicodemus Rexx says:

            Well, there you go. I’m still kind of a kid at heart, and I don’t really think about collectibles in the sense of what I may eventually be able to resell them for, but more in the sense of how much fun it would be to have around.

            From that perspective, it’s not too hard for me (personally at least) to make the leap between “Craft level of physical figure making poses on desk” and “Craft level of Digital figures making poses and exploding other digital figures.”

        • Nicodemus Rexx says:

          Thanks! :3 you and phendron pretty much got it in a nutshell.

        • frightlever says:

          It is one of those odd things. I cram almost a fiver into a snack machine for elevenses but deliberate for days whether to spend £1.69 on an app. Madness.

          Also, I can’t wait for the new 6″ Hasbro Black Series Star Wars figures to come out. I mean, come on…

          link to 4.bp.blogspot.com

      • malkav11 says:

        Nah, it’s a pretty apt comparison, in that I would pay $0 for either one.

    • taylordcraig says:

      It’s more like the developers gave you and everyone else on the planet a handful of free action figures and gave you the option to buy new clothes for them.

  6. SirKicksalot says:

    When Jay Wilson said “fuck this loser”, the loser was the dude in charge of this game, right?

  7. RakeShark says:

    I’m slightly disappointed there’s no alt text on that picture saying “PUNY GAME!”

  8. abrokenchinadoll says:

    You have to beat the storyline to unlock PVP and dailys. It’s end game content.

  9. trjp says:

    I played a bit of this and the ONLY thing I found interesting was the crafting system.

    Crafters will make stuff for you (potions and buffs or improve your armor and weapons) based on materials you find in the world – but you can improve/widen what they do by giving them all your unwanted items.

    The same theory applies to shops – they ‘level up’ as you sell stuff to them too – only the crafters produce some interesting things and the shops mostly don’t (so donate EVERYTHING to the crafter – basically)

    Outside of that – the game itself is dire and dull – lots of identikit characters running around doing some lacklustre and peril-free quests interspersed with the odd ‘event’ which usually just grinds your PC to an utter halt as 10-20 people all blaze-away at an enemy…

    It’s really some sort of Pokemon game for Marvel completionists – I see little attraction beyond that – there are FAR better ARPGs to play, many of which are years old and cost next-to-nowt (and PoE is new and costs nowt).

  10. trjp says:

    I think it’s worth explaining the mechanism behind the story and the characters you get.

    Upfront you can choose 1 char from a set of about 6 – you then get more chars either through the game by doing quests or by buying them from the shop. You can swap chars pretty much anytime you like.

    You need to complete the story to unlock ‘endgame content’ – that’s dailys and PvP as far as I can tell thusfar.

    You only have to complete the story once with one character – but every character levels indepenently and has their own equipped ‘slots’, skills and bank tab (your inventory and main bank tab(s?) are shared between all characters tho)

    Every time you choose a new char you’ll be asked if you want to reset the story – if you do that, all progress in uncompleted chapters will be lost. Characters who are partway through can ‘roll forward’ the story again but sidequests aren’t re-completed and it’s…

    It’s an absolute headfuck is what it is – not helped by NONE of this being explained in any way in the game!

    I cannot imagine people wanting to repeat the story more than a couple of times – so the collecting aspect is quite moot. I mean if you spend a fortune on 4 characters you’re committing to doing the game 4 times at least!!

    Some sort of mentoring/sidekicking/passive levelling would have been nice – all I can see are items which offer skills at lower-than-normal levels, thusfar…

  11. mondomau says:

    it’s been said already, but I think it needs repeating – the content packs for this (4 extra characters + some skins) are £65 each . That is fucking crazy. Seriously, what the fuck.

  12. Bhazor says:

    So it’s an MMO in the same way as DiabIo 3 which is to say it isn’t.

    • Wynter says:

      What? No, it’s TOO much of an MMO from what the reviewer says. D3 is only multiplayer if you want it to be, this should probably be the same.

      Did you read the article or just come here to side-trash D3 and soothe your wounded soul?

    • Brun says:

      No, this game sounds like it was intended by the developers to be an MMO from the get-go – it’s certainly been advertised as such – but they bungled the execution. D3 had many MMO-like features, and Blizzard certainly wanted it to be that way, but it was never advertised as one and really falls short of a “complete” MMO (it’s more like a co-op game with an MMO economy).

      Still, kind of depressing that people still refuse to accept online ARPGs, even if they’re intended to be MMOs from the start. I understand that it’s poorly done in this case, but seriously, what’s wrong with making an MMO with ARPG combat and loot systems, provided it’s executed properly?

      • Grygus says:

        Not much; reaction to Path of Exile here has been much more positive.

  13. chrisoc says:

    As an Ultimate Pack buyer ($200 way back when I had a bunch of Christmas cash and was drunk) that is enjoying the game, I am shocked at the cost of the characters and costumes. They are priced stupidly high. That said they can and do drop in the game. Like any F2P game if you put in the time you will be rewarded for your efforts. This is harder to notice because you’re waiting on a drop rather than earning points or currency like most other F2P games will offer.

    While many of your concerns about the game are valid (it’s clear Marvel Heroes is not for you and that’s OK!) other than glossing over that it might be possible, you neglected to mention that fact.

    I personally enjoy finding myself in a pile of enemies and suddenly having help arrive. It feels super hero-y. Does that mean there are times that it’s much easier than I’d like? Sure. is that a bad thing? Maybe.

    Also, the story (which you completely dismissed) is very well written. the motion comics add a ton to making the game play seem meaningful. Will it get old playing my 4th toon through? Yep. But so does any and every ARPG. at some point they all become a simple grand fest that you either like looking at or not.

    Speaking of other toons, I do also sort of hate that they all have separate levels, especially since there are so many but I can’t think of any game that allows the account rather than the toon to level. So it’s not really a valid concern unless you mention it about every ARPG and MMO you play.

    The game for me is a solid B-. I am really enjoying it and hope it matures into something better. There is potential for that; however, I believe the game is being run by idiots that have no idea what they got themselves into. The pay store seems designed to gouge a few paying customers rather than encourage many paying customers and they are constantly stabbing themselves in the back with maintenance and their estimates of how long it will take.

    Most recent example of their idiocy. Along with Alienware they gave out an Iron Man skin. Iron Man is a $20 hero. The skin giveaway is something that should entice players to come to your game, try it out, and possibly (ideally) give you money. My guess is no one in their right mind is going to pay $20 to use a free skin. Why they didn’t give out a skin for one of the free characters (or give out a free character all toegther) is beyond me.

    • Brun says:

      That said they can and do drop in the game.

      This is a pretty important detail that the article did indeed leave out, although he may not have played long enough during his review to see that. Does the game give any indication that this can happen, or is your first indication seeing it drop (assuming you haven’t read anything from external sources)?

      • xsikal says:

        I’m not sure if there are other places they tell you that info, but it is one of the splash screen ‘info texts’. You also get a second hero almost immediately (for finishing the prologue) although it’s a random selection from the 5 starter heroes. For example, I finished the prologue with Scarlet Witch and was rewarded Daredevil.

        I’ll also say that the point of having a different hero is not to be ‘the only person playing that hero’ but to have a hero that you like the look of, whose power set and play style work for you. I don’t really care if there are twenty spider-men running around, which is something RPS seems forever hung up on.

        • Brun says:

          Well that is true, but it’s more jarring when you’re playing heroes with predefined backstories and clear, well-established identities (like comic book superheroes). In most MMOs you start off as a “clean slate” whose backstory and identity are either unestablished or have little bearing on the game world and events that take place within it. It requires less suspension of disbelief when you see 10 level 12 Human Warriors clustered around a quest giver than 10 Level 12 Iron Mans (Iron Men?).

          • xsikal says:

            I agree. On the other hand, it’s just a multi-player action RPG. There’s a story, but it’s mainly a vehicle to get you from one stage to another. And your heroes level, pick new abilities, equip new gear, etc., which is not particularly comic book-like either. Basically, I’m saying suspension of disbelief goes out the window before you even reach an area with multiple instances of the same hero. :)

    • Continuum says:

      So… since a new article on the Infinite Crisis linked me back to this review… I have been playing Marvel Heroes for a week now, finished the solo campaign once, and I’m still enjoying it. I paid $10 to pick up Ms. Marvel and some extras, and easily got the same amount of enjoyment time I would out of most remotely current games I pay $20+ to buy. I received character drops at the completion of the prologue mission, which seems to be standard, and at the completion of the campaign. Both character drops were the starter characters, so I now have a character stable of Ms. Marvel, Storm, Hawkeye, and Daredevil.

      It’s very much worth noting that the “starter” characters – the ones you can pick one of for free at the start of the game – are very much NOT gimped characters. They are clearly designed to offer a range of “classes” – ranged single target straight DPS (Hawkeye), melee DPS (Daredevil), ranged AoE/buff/control (Storm), ranged debuffer (Scarlet Witch), and tank/AoE melee (Thing). I have tried everybody but Thing and they are all very effective in combat and serve useful roles in groups. There is no enforced holy trinity (tank/DPS/healer) in the game – every character can toss out a lot of DPS and there are no dedicated healer characters. The obvious tank characters (Thing, Colossus, Hulk, etc.) DO have tank-style taunt abilities at high levels and they certainly have a lot more damage resistance than the unarmored characters, but the game seems fairly agnostic to party makeup. Squishy characters like Storm have a lot of tools to escape or repel enemies (Storm is virtually untouchable with a full power bar and several wind/storm effects firing off).

      I really think the reviews are being way too harsh. Based on all the reviews and previews, I expected this game to be trash and only tried it because it was free and I grew up on Marvel comics. It is what it is – it’s a clickfest ARPG MMO that is focused on capturing Marvel characters and settings. If any aspect of that – action RPG, MMO, or Marvel – doesn’t sound appealing to somebody, I can’t imagine why the game would be fun for them, enough said. If you enjoy the Marvel superheroes, though, this game does a surprisingly good job of bringing their power sets to life and making you feel like a badass Marvel superhero blasting through waves of thugs with your awesome powers. I have been really impressed with how distinct each character feels to play. I mean, yes, there are dozens of Storms running around, which kind of kills immersion, but the actual gameplay really makes you feel like you’re tossing around tornados and lightning and such and that playing Daredevil or Hawkeye is a very different experience, for example.

      Anyway… my updated two cents after a week of gameplay, to hopefully at least provide some alternative overview to balance against the reviewer’s unhappy few hours of gameplay.

  14. mcwill says:

    I sure am glad they decided to go with the release setup. It’s such a simple model – the game instances out thousands of worlds, each an open-world exploration-fest with only one of each hero. The part where the heroes can call in each other via a number of city-wide-visible “Batsignal” type mechanics (Storm’s giant thundercloud, Daredevil’s flares, and so on) was particularly inspired. And of course the ability to take your purchased character into any of these worlds – because there is usually a Spiderman or Iron Man slot open – both makes sightings of those heroes worth the while and, more importantly, makes the expense feel worth it.

    I mean, can you image how terrible it would have been if it was just everyone playing Daredevil and the Thing all in one instance? That would be ridiculous. Who the hell would want to play that?

    • Tacroy says:

      I’m sure a c level exec saw a proposal like that and dismissed it out of hand, saying “nope not massive enough”.

      It’s such an obvious thing to do I came here to post it.

  15. lowprices says:

    Jeez. I was going to at least give this a go, seeing as it’s free. After reading this I think I’ll just save the 11gig of hard drive space.

    • Torguemada says:

      I wouldn’t let one writers hate post stop you from trying it, it’s quite fun and as some one else said i quite like the shared areas as it add to the super hero feel when you suddenly get back-up.
      Also it’s fun to team up with a huge hero group to take out the tought event bosses found on those shared areas,

    • Sarkhan Lol says:

      Let TWO writers hate put you off! This game is terrible. And I usually love terrible games, but this one, it’s like they weren’t even trying.

      • wyrmsine says:

        “Not even trying” should be the subtitle for this game. For example, this is one of the story cutscenes. Compare and contrast with this, from a seven-year-old game.

    • Continuum says:

      Everything the writer said is true, and yet, I spent all day playing it and had a blast. My biggest complaint is the characters are stupidly overpriced. And yet, I dropped $10 for in game cash to pick up Ms. Marvel and some accessories and she’s a blast. The characters vary wildly in cost, from $6 for the “base” characters (Thing/Storm/Hawkeye/etc., you get to pick one for free at launch) to $9 for the next tier, $12 for popular heroes like Wolverine, Thor, etc., and then for some stupid reason Spider-Man, Deadpool, and Iron Man are $20.

      Ignoring the blatant cash grab, you can play for free and not buy anything and it’s still fun. The hordes of superheroes running around is a little surreal, yes. But I was totally sucked in to ARPG clicky loot-lust, chortling with glee when a purple armor piece dropped or I leveled up and could unlock a new power.

      Look, it’s free. If it sounds at all interesting, try it for yourself. Nothing in the game forces you to pay money; as far as I can tell, you can play the entire game with your entry character with no problem. The more expensive characters aren’t inherently more powerful, they’re just more popular. And if you find you hate it, all you lose is some time.

  16. Unrein says:

    …Those graphics look like Neverwinter Nights 1 with modern shaders thrown on.

  17. hitnrun says:

    The model for this looks like a total You’re Doing It Wrong.

    5 free characters? 5?

    Marvel has a historic roster of how many Super Heroes? Five hundred? A thousand? Two thousand?

    Dump the whole stable in there – they’re obviously not very art intensive – and make half of them free to play. Then charge for the ones that everyone wants to play. Hell, write an algorithm that keeps up with demand and charges accordingly. Just plug the dollar amount you want to make into the machine this month and Profit.

    • Torguemada says:

      Every single hero has distinctive skill tree, those take time to do.
      And multiple character models don’t just magically appear out of thin air.

    • Continuum says:

      To be clear, you can only choose ONE of the five free characters. If you want another one of them later, it’s $6. The character pricing is abusive.

      However, it’s also important to understand that Marvel Heroes uses the characters as the equivalent of classes in another ARPG. Storm and Scarlet Witch are controller/ranged attacker. Thing is a tank/melee. Hawkeye is a pure blaster. They each have distinct three power trees you can customize.

      It sucks that it costs a bundle to get additional characters, but it is kind of offset by the fact that you can play the whole game for free. Also note that additional characters and character skins do drop randomly in the game. I received Daredevil pretty quickly, and later a costume drop for the Ms. Marvel character I was playing.

      • chrisoc says:

        To be clear you can only choose ONE of the five free characters. If you want another one of them later, finish the Prologue and you randomly get another for FREE. If you want another after that, THEN it’s $6.

        • Janzir says:

          To be more clear, you get another random hero after completing the storyline. So you’re given three for absolutely nothing.

          So let’s put this F2P into some perspective. How many people would be willing to work for 2-3 years without receiving any payment? Raise your hands? Any takers? Didn’t think so. So why would you ever expect that the gaming industry should do it? Yet, there are plenty people who do expect that exact thing to happen.

          Personally, I think they should have boxed the five starter heroes for $60–the going rate for new release video games–and had all the other available for future purchase or individual DLC content ala Arkham City. Instead, they give you one to start, and two more to follow for nothing, and every hero can be received as a loot drop, no exceptions, and people complain. Somehow they think they’re making sense.

  18. MacTheGeek says:

    I’ve only played for a few hours, but I’ve had fun with it so far. It scratches the twitchy-clicky-oooh-look-at-the-pretty-special-attacks itch.

    That said, it seems pretty clear that the whole thing has been rushed into release. If Gazillion had chosen to take the Path of Exile route — let people “preorder” for several months of closed-beta play, followed by several months of open-beta play (with a fully-functional store to attract more dollars), I think the result would have been much better. As it is, it feels like there’s still a lot of polishing to be done.

    I’m not hooked enough to spend money on the game, but I’m not uninstalling it yet either. I’ll keep playing, for a while at least.

  19. Cruzer says:

    I put ~14 hours into the beta and enjoyed it quite a bit, as much for the story and art as anything else. If you enjoy Marvel comics and have suitably low expectations, you just might have a bit of fun.

  20. Ninja Foodstuff says:

    What happened to there being 8000 characters to pick from?

    • Uthred says:

      The plan is to regularly add new heroes to the game it seems

  21. SpaceDrake says:

    You know what the worst part of this is? Gazillion is the company that gobbled up and then killed Netdevil. Fired the heart of the company and took what resources they could.

    We lost Jumpgate, the potential for Jumpgate Evolution, and a bunch of other neat ideas, for *this*. It breaks the heart.

  22. wyrmsine says:

    Marvel Heroes is quite disappointing. If it’d been made without the benefit of the brand, it’d be uniformly derided as the cynical, uninspired cash-grab it turned out to be.

  23. Flank Sinatra says:

    I feel kinda stupid about it, but I’m a sucker for Marvel Comics and I love Wolverine, so I dropped 20 bucks and got Logan and Ms. Marvel. I’ve spent more money on worse games out of sheer brand loyalty; 20 bucks for this much Marvel content ain’t too bad, bub. The story and dialog are written by Brian Michael Bendis and has a bit of his quirky sense of humor, which I like. And seeing all the other Marvel player characters running around you, even though there are 15 purple Hawkeyes, can be kinda funny sometimes. ” Hey, it’s Captain America! Everyone follow Cap! Hooray!”

    The worst thing about this game so far, for me, is probably the music. Worst soundtrack ever.

    • ffordesoon says:

      The soundtrack is peculiarly awful. It’s the sort of thing you hear in porn parodies of superhero movies. I understand that not everyone can afford a live orchestra, but come on.

  24. Uthred says:

    Purple Hawkeye aka “the ridiculous purple and pink version” has been the standard version for literally decades. Its what the majority of fans likely want/expect. Fractions everyman “costume” felt rather uninspired and doesnt mesh particularly well with the rest of the MarvelU.

    I think complaining about having your new heroes being level 1 misses the point on how new heroes are supposed to work. They arent “palette swaps” they’re like creating a new character, so it makes sense that they start at level 1. If all your heroes levelled at the same time it would kill the standard ARPG “replayability”

    The MMO features are rather hit and miss for me, its annoying and immersion breaking zerging through the overworld with twenty clones of yourself. But the instant grouping feature for dungeons I quite like as partying up makes the dungeon a bit tougher and more enjoyable (though it seems everyone just spams theyre basic attacks so there little synergy to be seen at the moment)

    The game certainly does feel very shoddy/rough around the edges, from the shitty design work on stuff like icons to lack of basic features such as a tutorial (or most infuriating) the ability to sort your inventory. Worst of all is certainly the prices, the heroes are stupidly high but the costumes are just ludicrous, at lest with the heroes youre getting a character but for the costumes (which generally cost more than the hero theyre for) all you’re getting is a palette swap. Though as someone mentioned above you can get both heros and costumes as drops (in fact some costumes are available only as drops)

  25. Arglebargle says:

    An utter disaster. Incredibly poorly designed and run. Just another cash cow avenue for Marvel.

    Not saying you can’t have fun at it (I don’t know how many hours I’ve played MoO3), but this thing is aimed at game neophytes and hardcore Marvel fans. It’s crass, got crappy design, and supporting it is an encouragement to sloppy game developers everywhere.

  26. derbefrier says:

    I tried it on one of its open beta weekends and wasnt impressed the least bit. no way a few patches was gonna fix that. Seems Marvel fanboys love it(for the moment at least, while it still has that new car smell) but as an ARPG? Its somewhere between bad and mediocre. Path of Exile remains king of the F2P ARPGs in my opinion (and of all recent arpgs for that matter).

  27. calendar_man says:

    Played all the way through with Scarlet Witch and a couple of chapters with Hawkeye and I would say some of the mechanics of combat are decent.

    Unfortunately major components of the game are busted. Melee characters are at a massive disadvantage, especially late game, and since defense currently only protects .2 points of damage for every point of defense (so 500 Defense reduces damage by 100 with no scaling) , even well geared “tank” characters like the Hulk get chewed through in seconds by mobs and bosses. Additionally numerous skills don’t work. Cable in particular has broken skills and doesn’t actually gain attribute points like he should.

    The game, as far as bugs and end game goes, is an utter mess. I’m astonished that it took them four years to make this and I’m disgusted that they are okay with charging such exorbitant prices for basic content.

    • Janzir says:

      There was an update for Defense today and it seems to work very well from early looks, anyway.

  28. gwathdring says:

    Pink Hawkeye was the costume used in Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, and that’s an *awesome* show. Hulk and Hawkeye are particular standouts since they aren’t nearly as well done in most of their appearances. They also have an epic bromance.

  29. sgtnintendo says:

    terrible beyond terrible review from a bad reviewer who clearly doesnt know how to enjoy a game.

    i havent spent a dime on this game, and i have 8 heros to play, they all randomly drop from mobs, costumes as well.

    complaining how everyone looks the same? thats every mmo ever. deal with it. joke of a reviewer

    • jrodman says:

      Your comment might seem worthwhile if you drop the first and third paragraph.

      As it is, nope.

  30. jEp89 says:

    Give this game a chance.You’re given decent graphics to add its Free-to-Play what else can you expect. Once more characters are added there will be a variety. This game has great potential its the Marvel Universe!

  31. sinproducer says:

    You don’t have to love the game by any means, but if you intend to create an article on it at least get your information correct. There are so many untrue points where you’ve overlooked the information that was there or jumped to huge conclusions. The comments section here is typical of the the rest of the internet that thinks everything is forced as a price when in fact costumes, heros, keys, potions, everything that is on the cash shop can drop in the game and there are systems in play that ENCOURAGE you to get them yourself. ie: once you’ve gotten all the heroes you want from drops, you can use the duplicate hero cards to charge your ultimate talent…..

    There’s a ton to this game. People just refuse to see it because baww cash shop. Game has been live a whole 3 days and people expect WoW with 9 expansions type delivery for a FREE game.

    I could go down these comments and say WRONG WRONG WRONG too, but no need to get defensive about it. You don’t have to enjoy it, but it’s apparent some people are trying too hard to NOT enjoy it and are horribly misinformed on a lot of details and have jumped to a lot of assumptions.

    • Shezo says:

      Game is trash on it’s own merits, even without cash shop.
      Shop is just icing on the shitcake.

      • sinproducer says:

        You mentioned cash shop twice but still didn’t explain why you thought it was bad. Much like the original article, it serves as no real viable and truthful critique on the game.

        • jrodman says:

          I think the general perspectives on why cash shops lead to unsatisfying game experiences are fairly well established. Our poster wasn’t terribly eloquent, but your only point was that the cash shop isn’t so bad — without addressing the typical unfortunate result in game design — so I’m not sure why you’d expect a lot more in a reply.

          • trjp says:

            You’re really no better – saying that cash shops are generally bad is utter nonsense.

        • fiachsidhe says:

          $20 heroes, $15-20 costumes, $3 respec.

          All of which drop on a beyond unlikely rate, so don’t even try to mention them dropping. No AH or trading means that costumes you get that you’d want or can’t use are worthless for anything than leveling a vender, which you can use anything for anyway.

          The cash shop sucks. Sadly, like D3, its game is built around it. Only the biggest fanboys can’t see it.

          I even like the game. But I hate the cash shop.

          • Janzir says:

            Well let’s see. Four heroes, 2 costumes, 1 pet, and 8 retcons since release. No, no, these things don’t drop ever. On top of that the drop rate was increased with the latest patch.

          • bakudannar says:

            The Respec potions are like the easiest things to obtain. In beta, I used to feed all of them to the crafter. The only drop rate I’ve experienced that was reduced were artifacts. Now, they drop less, but I get a ton of costume cores to feed to vendors which is fine because they’re 250XP each.

            If you’ve ever bought trading cards as a hobby, you’ll understand why it’s better just to play the game and try to drop all the specials.

            The cash shop is there for impatient guys to just buy Spiderman or Iron Man, beat the campaign, and quit. Those guys are not going to impact your experience unless you PVP with them. In PVP, Cable rules. A well leveled and geared Cable can take down an entire team of other heroes. I expect that to be balanced sometime in the near future.

  32. trjp says:

    I gave this another whirl with a different character (Storm, who I found when playing with Hawkeye – who sucked) and it’s – erm

    I like the crafting and shop ideas – I like the way they put side-missions and events into levels and get people together to play – I love that they’ve really layered Marvel lore inches thick on EVERYTHING.

    It’s just the game at the heart of it is a stock/bland/generic ARPG – most of the enemies are fodder for easy kills and bosses are tiresome fight/move/pot/repeat events.

    Also loot – I mean I love loot but HOW MUCH LOOT!? I completed Ch1 and left more loot on the floor than I was carrying (the max amount) – I must have been given about 30 capes in a single level of drops, just comparing all of those is tiresome.

    I also find an MMO which has also no chat, no initial need for any parties (tho it auto-makes them for some levels) and has no auction house – a bit odd.

    Yes, I realise the lack of an AH is to encourage you to keep drops for other characters and then buy them – I realise that, yes, but without the ability to meaningfully trade with other players I may as well be playing solo/offline/Van Helsing ;)

    • sinproducer says:

      Game has chat. You need parties later because the game radically transforms.

      The tons of loot will be appreciated when you realize how much loot you have to donate to the crafter to level them up. Also level 1 loot and level 50 loot give the crafters/vendors the SAME amount of XP. This is so all those lowbie greens still do something for a while.

      People need to understand the initial chapters and the story is only a prefix to the end game.

    • Talesdreamer says:

      The auction house was already announced, we just have to wait.
      Yes, the game is rushed and they still have lots of heroes and content to add, I think they simply finished the founds and hope to grab some cash with the shop for continuing development. Sadly, it’s not going to happen.
      I really hope Gazzilion’s idiotic business plans won’t ruin everything, I’m enjoying this game…

    • Janzir says:

      I have watched Auction Houses ruin game after game after game, and I’m very happy MH doesn’t have one. Costumes and heroes are not tradeable and it’s a wonderful thing. I’m glad I can play a game and I don’t have to hear about everyone’s greed overpowering everything else in the game. So good riddance to the AH; may it never happen in Marvel Heroes.

    • bakudannar says:

      Always pick up loot. They’re all weighted the same in release and you need a ton of it to upgrade your vendors and earn credits. I pick up all Greens and above.

  33. Strabo says:

    For the price of one Spider-Man you can also get The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing, which is more fun and actually a really decent game for the price. Also, no annoying other people.

    • sinproducer says:

      For free you could have read the FAQ to see that Spider-Man can drop in the game and not waste 20 bucks…and still play Marvel Heroes for free…and buy Van Helsing for 20 dollars.

  34. theoriginaled says:

    This is the only game in the past decade to literally crash my PC because of poor programming and it managed that twice during the open beta weekend. On the bright side my four year old superhero obsessed son loves it I guess.

    • Janzir says:

      Yessir, it crashes a lot of people’s computers and the developers have figured out it most often has to do with old drivers on your system. So try updating the drivers and see if that helps.

  35. TheKing says:

    Loved where he was complaining that his other characters weren’t being leveled for him guess he expects games to just level alts for him now.

  36. Fredcat01 says:

    Take this guys review with a grain of salt. He decided to review the game without even getting out of the newbie zones. He could have been to end game in 3-4 day but choose to write his review based on what most people can accomplish in one night. This review is the equivalent of writing a review on WOW based on you experience getting to level 10 in the newbie zone. I’m not saying this game is without fault, but if you want a real assessment of the game read the forum posts of people who have spent hundreds of hours in the game and actually got to end game. This dude never got past the newbie zones. This is a very amateur and unprofessional review.

  37. UPRC says:

    Did the guy who wrote this article even READ anything as he played? So many missed bits of information and misconstrued facts that it seems more like he just wants everyone reading the article to hate the game with him rather than for anyone to make their own judgement.

    I can’t even understand why Steam is linking to this article. This is just written in such a horribly unprofessional manner that it makes my head hurt.

  38. Brize says:

    Well, here’s the thing. The free characters are just as good as the paid characters. (My favorite is Hawkeye and I’m playing him now.) Thing is an absolute beast in the game. There are some 60’s on the forums that haven’t spent a dime.

    As far as drops go, I started on Hawkeye, got Storm at the end of Raft, and then I got Daredevil at end game. So you should really get three. They mentioned in patch notes that the double character drop at the end was a bug and they will replace the dupe with a mystery package containing a new starter hero.

    I ended up finishing the game with Spiderman, mostly because I did his build a lot better than any of my other characters. Hawkeye is coming around nicely though.

    FWIW, I didn’t really like the game when I first started, but then I watched some good players on Twitch and I realized I was doing it wrong. It’s a lot more fun now. It’s a very social game and easy to get in to.


  39. elderman says:

    The astroturfers are out in force for Marvel Heroes. A handful of new accounts (no posting history) created to shill for the game on RPS. For example: sinproducer, TheKing, Fredcat01, UPRC, and Brize.

    [Edit] Similarly aychgee and LargeE. This happens every time RPS publishes an unfavourable review for a big-budget game: a host of new accounts jump in to defend the game. Strangely, this doesn’t happen for independent games. Well, maybe it’s not so strange.

    • slerbal says:

      It does look that way, doesn’t it. Kinda sad.

    • UPRC says:

      I’m here just because I noticed the link on Steam and wanted to express my opinions. Blame Steam for promoting this article rather than one from a major site such as Gamespot, IGN, etc.

  40. Josh W says:

    A paid review aye? They got their money’s worth!

    (To those who may misconstrue as part of their general program, this is not a crack at john, the opposite in fact.)

  41. Xenyph says:

    Great review, they should add Multiple Man as playable character, so it would be logical to see thousands of other you’s around.

    Here are things I want to add;
    – Your inventory space is very limited. So people will actually be forced to buy the extra S.T.A.S.H.(Bank) slots for ridiculous amounts of cash. And crafting items won’t stack. Only conjured elixirs/potions.
    – I play Colossus. The less intelligence you have as statistics, the less experience points you will recieve. Vice versa. Most melee characters have 1 or 2 intelligence, which gives you a penalty to the amount of experience points you will gather. As in compensation melee classes can lift stuff and throw it around. But you cannot walk with the things you lift up. And if you can lift heavy stuff, then you still find it easier to find purple gear then a throwable car.

  42. Kiruvi says:

    I couldn’t agree with this more. I struggled through the first mission (after fighting with the downloaded for three full days) only to end up in some pointless shared area, at which time I nope’d on out of there. “Defiantly multiplayer” is the best description of this game I have yet seen.

  43. Xetelian says:

    link to en.wikipedia.org
    On Tuesday, March 17, 2009, it was revealed that Gazillion Entertainment had signed an exclusive 10-year deal with Marvel games, of which Marvel Universe is one. The game was eventually renamed Marvel Heroes and started being developed as an MMO/ARPG rather than an MMORPG like Marvel Universe had been planned. Gazillion Entertainment has chosen to use Epic Games’s Unreal Engine 3, instead of the Unity 3D engine used for Marvel Super Hero Squad Online, with studio director Jeff Lind stating “We love Unreal Engine 3’s streaming system. It’s made our entire technical approach possible and is easy to work with. We also love the flexibility we get from the actor components, which have empowered us to make all kinds of customizations without sacrificing the built-in features of the engine.”[1] During a live stream session David Brevik further detailed the game’s engine. He noted that while Unreal Engine 3 powers the game’s front end visuals and audio, much of the components that make a massively multiplayer game were written using entirely new code that interfaced with Unreal Engine 3.[10]

    Marvel Universe Online was the original working title of Champions Online.

    Cryptic Studios

    Marvel Universe Online was the original working title of Champions Online. The MMO game was developed by Cryptic Studios and was to be published by Microsoft Game Studios exclusively for Microsoft Windows using a license from Marvel.[7] The project was changed on February 11, 2008 due to what a Microsoft spokesperson referred to as “an inability to compete” with the current MMO marketplace. Less than a week later, Cryptic Studios announced that development would continue using a new IP license related to Champions, a superhero role playing game.[8]

    Confirmation of the project’s cancellation arrived on February 11, 2008, although rumors of the possible cancellation had existed since November of the previous year.[9] Shane Kim, the head of Microsoft Games Studios, stated in an interview that the cancellation was primarily due to the competitive market for subscription-based MMOs, and that while one current MMO was successful, “everything else wouldn’t meet our level or definition of commercial success”.

    Exclusive 10-year deal with Marvel games which is developed as an MMO/ARPG called Marvel Heroes rather than an MMORPG called Marvel Universe that had been planned with Crytpic.

    Will we ever see Marvel Universe? Maybe in 10 years after that exclusive License expires?

  44. aychgee says:

    This reviewer is biased, It sounds like they had a pre-assumed expectation that was unmet so nothing the game did was the “right” way to do it. I hate that there seems to be very few unbiased games reviewers in the media any more. I will just chalk this one up to another unsatisfied fanboy review. I have not played the game personally but for the entry missions in The Raft. I thought it was a nice way to let us play as our favs without making “Clones” like in DCUO or Champions Online.

  45. rudegamer says:

    (there are 3 pages of posts and i didnt read them all so forgive me if i repeat anyone)

    i made an account just to comment on this article. everyone is entitled to their opinion but i swear FOR ME the author hit it SPOT ON.

    i was a closed beta tester for this game and back when it had 7 chapters i ran through it with black widow.. so often i wanted to play other characters but with the threat of an update at any moment which would reset the accounts i pressed on and beat it..

    soon after, chapter 8 was released and i still havent seen the last area where DOOM awaits. even with constantly replenished credits and nearly all characters, as i attempted to give it another go i found no interest in playing through again. besides, i played Xmen Legends 1+2 and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 + 2 and Marvel Heroes is easily a knockoff of those. At least when i played those games the coop was cooperative.

    now i am an avid comic fan and i happen to have 1051 hours logged in DC Universe Online, so when i was chosen to play marvel heroes i was a “true believer” but honestly.. it has NOTHING on F2P/available on steam DCUO… dont believe me? download that game, create a gadgets archer and tell me its not better gameplay. a true MMOARPG

    • Janzir says:

      DCUO an MMOARPG? Really?

      I play DCUO and it’s a good game. At one point I even believed it had the potential to knock World of Wussies of it’s pedestal. Unfortunately, Sony won’t do what it takes to make that happen. They have a very broken game economy, didn’t introduce any new storyline content for the last year until the most recent DLC (which they copied the WoW method for completion of the new content), and they have bugs that are constantly reintroduced into the game and some that haven’t been fixed in over two years. But I digress.

      The point is that you can’t compare a full-blown MMO to an ARPG that has some MMO qualities–a new hybrid genre, by the way–let alone attempt to make the MMO into something it is not. I’m glad you enjoy DCUO it’s a good MMO that could be outstanding. However, Marvel is a good ARPG that can be outstanding as well. Both really depend on where their respective companies take them from here.

      • rudegamer says:

        one bright side to these games is that they are constantly evolving and get better with age. DCUO has had that head start and Marvel has a long way to go. However, taking game engine and gameplay into consideration as well as the flaws that Marvel displays, i just feel that no one should waste their time with Marvel when they could play DCUO and get a better video game/superhero experience. Marvel characters are flying around the DC universe all the time. they couldnt even compete with DC’s multiple story lines which vary the gameplay when u create various characters. marvel just seems so redundant, i wouldnt bother playing such a short game to level up characters to do nothing with them, no ENDGAME, no Raids, no massive enemies, no point in playing.

        i call DCUO an MMOARPG because the controls are left click melee attack, right click range attack with a slew of combos just with the mouse, shift to block with 1-8 for spells and trinkets. IMO as long as you are clicky-clicky with the mouse to kill rather than press 1, 2, 3 for simple attacks, its “action” rpg.

  46. largeE says:

    Don’t have a lot of experience with recent games, but I helped with some of the first online multiplayer tournaments back in the day. Also used to read a number of different marvel titles, two of them being Fantastic Four and Marvel Two-in-One. There used to be a role playing game featuring marvel heroes as well, similar to D&D.

    Went into this with no expectations, and was pleasantly surprised. Have to chuckle at the comment about the number of daredevil and things running around because no one wants to play them. Two of the more solidly written characters in the marvel universe.

    I don’t think this is going to be a regular or long term title for me, but I am definitely going to hop on and smash some things as the thing, or upgrade to the hulk and see how that character works as well. A little more sophisitication, and a little more explantion for crafting and purchasing would make the game a little smoother. Also one-on-one challenges with big bosses or mobs might add some variety. All in all though, a cool game to check out.

  47. Xenoti says:

    For a “reviewer” reviewing a game you left out a key part of the game. EVERYTHING and I mean everything can be dropped in the game off any enemy. SO you dont have to spend a dime if you are willing to hunt it, much like millions of people hunted gear in D2

    • Dunkatron says:

      Gear is not the same as player classes.
      The fact that countless people have bitched about going over 100 hours without finding any new heroes should let any sane person know how geared towards cash shop this is.

      They have the potential to drop, but that potential is insanely low. Hell even if you averaged 80 hours between drops (thats being kind and including the “special item find” stat)
      You’d spend several thousand hours trying to unlock even a quarter of the content.

  48. mattlock says:

    Everyone knows that cash shop MMO’s start prices high and lower them over time. It hasn’t even been out a year yet. And they have already lowered the prices from when this was written. Spider man is just $14.50 and none of them are over $15 anymore. Even the newest hero is just $9 I assure all of you that the prices will keep going down as they make more content. They have promised to make an expansion, higher difficulty levels (heroic and superheroic), and prestige levels where like in MW3 you can reset your heroes max level to 1 if you wish. And this is just what they are talking about for patch (1-1.9)

  49. beepboopbop says:

    Buy Marvel Heroes 2015 Items!

    link to playerauctions.com