Let’s Blather All Over… Xenonauts

Obviously we don’t do video on RPS, because we are Old MenTM.

Only now I’ve done a video, for some reason. It’s in the vein of those Let’s Play things that are all over YouTube, tt’s my first one ever, and I’m well aware it’s pretty shonky on both a content and technical level. I wanted to give this a shot regardless of outcome, to see what it’s like and to see what I can learn. In it, I play one mission from the current build of Goldhawk Interactive’s indie X-COM homage Xenonauts, which is out now on Steam Early Access. I also talk pretty much non-stop for about 17 minutes, which I don’t believe is something I’ve ever done before in my life. My mum’d kill to have a conversation that long with me.

Here you go then. Be kind, if possible, and if you can’t then at least be constructive. If there seems to be an appetite for more of these – both from you lot and from me (i.e. if I do not run off to live in the woods in shame), hopefully I’ll do more. And hopefully I’ll get the audio balance and video quality right next time. No promises, though.



  1. Paul.Power says:

    Pretty decent first effort, you’ve got a listenable voice and a nice measured tone. The “ums” and “ers” could use some work, but that will come with practice and confidence (and/or editing in post ;))

    e: plus you’re already better than 80% of the internet by not screaming your head off every time you see an alien ;).

  2. notevenbotherered says:

    Its awesome to hear your voice, but your lip smack/tutting type sound is very distracting to me. Its no criticism about the content, or you as a person! I just can’t help waiting for the next one, because its at such a different register than the rest of your speech. The ”s’s” in Indiana Jones and last crusade did the same thing so its proabably just me! God I feel awful saying this, sorry Alec!
    Edit: Aaand now I see the comments I didnt read before posting! Still sorry though, being British and all.

  3. dongsweep says:

    This was great, I enjoyed it quite a bit. Put me in the camp of so long as RPS keeps the same content but adds videos I’m very happy.

    Question about the game, is that fog of war the only option? I am all for fog, but when the terrain is completely gone, it bothers me a lot. I prefer a Jagged Alliance style where you can see the whole map, just not anything happening in it.

    Maybe a mod will be released to change it? Surely I am not the only one who dislikes looking at half a screen being black tiles.

  4. thesleeper7 says:

    How dose xenonauts compare to ufo:AI? link to ufoai.org