Call To Arms Specular Mapping

The super-secret RPS data-surveillance project OBLONG has been of great boon to us over the years, and most recently snooped the news that a new Call To Arms tech demo video had been released to the “internet”. Having sent our agents in to observe the recording, we can now say that the modernised Men Of War really does now include graphical tricks such as smooth cascade shadows and high-poly baked normals. Underwhelming the though the video is, we are forced to ask: does this constitute a threat to our way of life? If the Men of War games were anything to go by, we would suggest that it does.

Now if only we could see some more gameplay.

Not all that exciting, granted, but I am nevertheless following this with feverish anticipation. The Men Of War games pretty much changed my appreciation of RTS games forever, and these days nothing else seems to fill the gap. If someone could create a sci-fi game – say a sequel to Ground Control – with the same sort of engine fidelity then I would, in fact, be in heaven.


  1. Grey Poupon says:

    It’s sad how little funding this game has gotten, did people really not like Men of War? It depresses me.

    • FrostySprite says:

      Yeah, it’s been half a year, and they’ve only got what, 10% funding? I wonder if it would be different if they put it on Kickstarter instead, though if I remember correctly Kickstarter isn’t available in Europe except for the UK.

      It’s a shame, really. If they just worked on it a bit more (like making resupplying ammo not a pain in the ass) I think it really could have been a spectacular game. Even then Men of War: Assault Squad is my favorite WW2 RTS since 2002.

      • luukdeman111 says:

        I’m always confused about that…. Eventhough I’ve heard that story quite often by people who wanted to start a kickstarter from france or something but couldn’t because of kickstarter’s rules I also know at least 2 cases of a dutch company going to kickstarter…. so I’m not sure what the deal is there.

        And also on the main kickstarter page where it says projects near you I almost always see projects from the netherlands (almost never games but that shouldn’t make a difference i think)… soo… can someone explain that to me perhaps?

        • Chris Kramer says:

          We’ll move to kickstarter at one point. It’s always a lot harder to convince people to use a new website they haven’t used before. Also we don’t have a time limit like kickstarter does, so many don’t feel the need to back it right now, when they can do so tomorrow as well.

          We’ll address those issues though.

          As for kickstarter in Europe, it’s possible if you are a resident of the UK or US, or if you have someone trustworthy from those two countries.

        • Lanfranc says:

          You can register an overseas business in the UK and use that for the Kickstarter. I think you need to have an established company already, and there’s a bit of paperwork involved, of course, but it’s not a big deal.

    • TychoCelchuuu says:

      I adore Men of War but the last thing I want to do is have most of the game held hostage to get the die hard fans to fork over far more than a game in exchange for crummy rewards.

  2. free_meat says:

    A specular shader tech demo? wth?

  3. 65 says:

    It’s got ‘Call’ in its title and it’s military-related, am I sensing another lawsuit?
    It doesn’t seem any more far-fetched than Bethesda’s (The Elder) Scrolls claim.

  4. DaftPunk says:

    This looks really really good.

  5. Gap Gen says:

    Does it have dynamic bee occlusion?

  6. Lanfranc says:

    Dear all people making videos ever: If you absolutely must have music in your videos, please ensure that it is appropriate for the rest of the content. Having pumping-cellos-gothic-male-choir-action-music in a video where literally nothing happens makes you look very silly. Thank you.

    PS: Nice tanks.

  7. MrThingy says:

    Needs a general with a shiny bald head sticking out of the tank. Specular mapping and a massive bloom effect to disorientate the enemy.

  8. foda500 says:

    They should put that Alpha on Steam Early Access.

  9. TT says:

    There isn´t really any info on the game besides – play men-of-war in a modern setting – wish isn´t enough to convince me since I don’t think this engine/ gameplay will translate very well on a modern setting. Staying on the fence
    Would jump in if they went:
    a) realistic with the ww2 setting -> increase ranges with less units on the map
    b) go sci-fi keeping the focus on squad infantry tactics with the occasional support vehicle/ drone.

    or any setting where units are kept between battles and wining is not about counting points for controlling a flag/ area, x time, but rather keeping it.

  10. Stuka_JU87 says:

    As a big MoW fan I have no desire to play this in a modern setting.