Heavy Gear Assault’s Gear Bay Contains Yellow Gear

If you’ve been paying attention to the latest robot-combat news then you will have noted that the Heavy Gear franchise is being reworked via a Kickstarter. Stompy Bot Productions promises both F2P arena combat and – via popular demand – some episodic single-player. They’re showing off the latest part of their project in a new trailer, which illustrates the robots being fitted out in the “Gear Bay”, and the player boarding a nice big yellow robot before battle.

Despite these flourishes, the Kickstarter isn’t doing particularly well right now, and I would be surprised if it made the $800k finishing line. Although it does have twenty days to go. Quite what will happen if it fails to get funding remains to be seen.

Gear is slang for “illegal drugs” in my hood, by the way. Yes, I’m very street.


  1. Zorn says:

    How popular was Heavy Gear anyway back in the days? I was around then, but it never caught my attention. Friends and me where playing Mechwarrior, Mechwarrior Win95 edition, Ghostbear’s Legacy and the magnificent first Mercenaries back and forth to an unhealthy degree.

    There is this vibe of a f2p game with tacked on single-player. And that even just because of demand, not because it’s wanted by the creators.

    • Gnoupi says:

      From what I recall, it was a bit like UT/Q3, you had two groups (though less aggressive).

      In this case, there were the people who liked the simulation aspect of Mechwarrior, and the people who wanted something more dynamic, closer to a Q3 in a mech, like Heavy Gear 2.

      • Jekhar says:

        The first Heavy Gear was basically a Mechwarrior 2 reskin. Same engine, mostly same handling, just different assets. The second game introduced some differences and was probably closer to what Heavy Gear is about. I say probably because i have no HG-related experience with anything but the two games. I was big on Battletech back in the day, but i liked both Heavy Gear games. Same with my friends.

        • The_Great_Skratsby says:

          But Heavy Gear one did have those spectacular FMV cutscenes, C-grade acting and everything. Had a ton of charm for its time.

          • Premium User Badge

            Bluerps says:

            Yeah, I don’t remember much about this game, but I think I liked the story a lot. If I remember correctly, it was a little like Wing Commander with mechs. Your character was a mech pilot stationed on something like an aircraft carrier – only that it moved on land and had mechs instead of fighter planes.

      • notlimahc says:

        I’d say both were simulators, it’s just gears have more agile and human-like movement when compared with mechs.

    • bill says:

      I don’t remember it being that popular, to be honest. I mean, it was popular enuogh to merit a sequel, and I’m sure some people really loved it, but I’ve never heard anyone clamour for a modern sequel or put it on their top 10 games list.

      Then again, I adore Interstate 76, which is basically HG/Mechwarrior in 70s cars. But very few people played that either. Those that did adore it though.

  2. MeestaNob says:

    My feeling is that starting as a multiplayer F2P game, then promising to tack on a single player mode after a sizable backlash has kind of alienated all potential backers.

    A prime example of the importance in getting a Kickstarter pitch right from the start.

    • notlimahc says:

      Single-player was always planned, it’s just they made it the $10 million stretch goal. It was a realistic budget for a single-player game, but an unrealistic goal for crowd-funding. Now they plan to break it down into episodes.

  3. PatrickSwayze says:

    It’s pretty simple, if you don’t back this game, you obviously don’t like fun.

    Most things with stompy robots in are fun.

    Internet, why won’t you help me have fun?

    • Fenixius says:

      Because it’s a F2P competitive multiplayer pvp game. Being kickstarted. That really sums it up, I’m afraid. God, I wanted this to be a thing, too, but I can’t in good conscience back it.

  4. fooga44 says:

    F2P killed this.